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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Weck vs. Wings: Bar-Bill Tavern's Clark Crook

Weck vs. Wings: Bar-Bill Tavern's Clark Crook

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We are concentrating on food so let's get right to our next guest. He's Clark crook mr. crook as owner of a very popular restaurant around here the bar bill. On main street just east of the circle mr. Rory ended his folks arguably. The goal to place for beef on way action and which is. And they were on here in Western New York to 1 o'clock or you by the way -- the former mayor to a -- -- aren't. Yes Cindy. But thank you gotten a look at hello -- I hear okay your restaurant serves. Wide variety of roast beef -- is now. And is a terrific grocery sandwich and a a lot of people say it's the very best around here and there's very little competition with you guys. When people order to do they like a rare medium or well done which is the most popular. Well it it is actually pretty -- down down the middle quite frankly I think that that. -- -- are are fairly are are fairly and that's split. This chart that here. Now I know that -- your place does in fact serve both wings and wecht. Which do you think is the buffalo food. You know involved. Again it's. We get mile markers being otherwise but it literally split will do just about the same numbers. Whack and -- on a daily basis. Is that similar expatriate -- about it now. They really want to be able example. Each of the -- favorites. Well -- restaurant Clark serves a wide variety of grade tuna chicken wings and not only wings owner of mild medium hot but you have. Flavored wings. All sorts of different combinations. To people like the plain old basic chicken wings. Or do that like some of these on varieties that you'll shall serve. Well I again it depends I think that that there is what people immense amount of felt like. They like to sample hired her are there are many different flavors but. Our best selling -- -- of their standard medium dot. Which we'll explain. To new post and command is it states very much gently from each perspective that -- -- out its own. But. Close second to -- to -- it's standard medium is that our honey butter our beat you is wildly are popular. But you go hot hot hot too with -- suicidal. It is it is ridiculously. Matter bank quick story we had an out of a group of businesspeople in. Last years of time to -- a date and wing eating. Eat cat. They got out of the final two players they were having it bring out our suicide thoughts. I ain't -- and they where they were drinking it with spoons. -- to determine -- final winner. You know what is the secretly or -- -- on -- my opponent trying to get your secret or your recipe is just that. So many people like and -- of that -- of people waiting in line outside the door to get into the place to get something. To meet. But what is the IOC to. I -- only a little bit yeah. That are built today what it is today was really. The foundation of my wife's uncle Joseph get Bologna and uncle Joseph is a manufacturing engineer at Beal aerospace. And that when he bought that Arbil. Actually closed. That. And -- and the date of the letter to 77. He he's brought manufacturing processes deep if you will adapt as documented process the flow. To the restaurant business that that really created the consistency. That we -- today. But does that include any ingredients and I think you can share about the secret. And damn okay well we thought we'd ask well what such a great grocery shell which Clark -- you guys ever in the case to buffalo. Well I honestly we just we just. I think that was Joseph I was one. Early that was the case that. We just don't have the personnel -- let into places that look. -- pilot Dave and I would volunteer to help you out any time you know while we appreciate. At least with the eating part. A -- like nice talking with you good luck. -- pleasure thank Gary Clark crook our guest on the live line is the owner of the popular bar bill restaurant on main street East Aurora.

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