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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Touring Perry's Ice Cream - WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

Touring Perry's Ice Cream - WBEN's Brian Mazurowski

Jul 11, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All this summer. At the end of every week we chat with WBN's Brian has aroused him because he has the ice cream. Pardon the expression assignment against the visit to a buffalo companies we're focused on products that are made in buffalo. Today Brian is gonna tell -- a while a very interesting visit to a company that we all know about. It's Perry is such -- Brian tell us about your visit while. Let's start off with the first thing you see when you go to Perry's ice cream man and his. The intersection it's my new favorite intersection because you have a street sign that says. Ice cream plants it's almost as good as Maine and pain in Easter or we're gonna Wear his -- I stream located where his country and plaza right in actor in new York and that's for periods has been instances the very beginning the a factory that during right now EU's new work. But -- is always been in Akron now when you drive up to the complex describe it doesn't look like. It is humongous and it's amazing to think on the make there is ice crew. It's gotta be cool going to work every day you see this big building a what are we doing this big building it's now now we do one thing over here wanting -- now this whole thing is dedicated. To making ice -- and it is. I -- Italian walking through this points. The ice -- Amy -- Our -- thumbs up it is great stuff they had meat taste. In ice cream sandwich right off the line and I was thinking you know I've and the ice cream sandwich before. If you've never had an ice cream sandwich right off the assembly line you haven't had it because the ice cream doesn't have time to melts into the cookies so the wafers are still crisp. It's the best that's consumed beverage that's a very high quality product does no doubt about it I guess you Israel screamed out there now water. Yet you can see worth Sarah their dairy shipments come in almost daily and it's. Kinda -- weird. Thing because you have to use that it's not like you can take shipments in store a lot of theory and then use it as you may. They have to order just the right and I -- because it's perishable they need to use all that up and make it into ice cream and send it out. And a very quick amount of time I'm wondering how many flavors. Do they make. At the same time in the course of one day. Well when I was there ice on their sword -- -- being packaged. You can see on our web album online at WB -- dot com there's a row what bats. And inside each one of those there's about twelve of them. Their flavoring in different. Types of ice cream so they have one guy who's going in mixing. The flavors into the ice -- in these events. And they could have all of them running at the same time or when I went there was just a few of them running so varies on what they need to make that day. And a key to their success obviously is consistency because that product. Has to taste exactly the same. When a consumer buys that no matter where they -- right that's right in Paris is 95 years old. But that doesn't mean the equipment to Iran -- is all that old beat when you matching consistency all of that is measured out. Which this state of the art machinery. And the way these machines who worked to move the ice cream from. A curtain filled with nothing but they're. Two cartons filled with ice cream and then taking it on the conveyor belt going from the floor to the roof into the freezer is. Quite -- we're talking with a WBN's Brian has aroused the who visited the Perry's ice cream -- this week. You mentioned 95 years in business what else do you know about the company's beginnings -- and it's -- you know it was originally just Perry's day -- -- And they started by selling milk door to door and milk jugs -- I'm not sure -- -- -- door to door. But -- and then all milk was back then you're so the -- of -- -- those online and I saw those they keep a lot of that stuff in their offices. From the beginning of theories and the ice cream started when no one high school I'm not sure exactly what high school hospital local high school. Called Perry's and they said can you make some ice cream ports. And I guess they had a secret top secret recipe to make some ice -- they made it. For that one high school but then -- -- started to spread and they began to make more more ice cream and that's how Perry's ice cream began and how many flavors do they make today there's about a hundred flavors they don't make them all the same time they're constantly changing there's new flavors coming out every season and sometimes they retire them and I know we have to wrap up and have one -- say one thing when the ice creams -- sent off to the freezer where waits to be shipped its. Held on big pallets. They have to keep it very cold because you don't want the ice cream melting and then re freezing again because then it gets that kind of weird quality you know when you take a -- now the freezer and melts and -- freezes. It's negative twenty degrees. In this freezer. You spend five seconds -- his freezer. And he you're gonna be pretty cold I had to Wear Parker it was like I was getting ready for. Maybe you want your cruises to Alaska all the stuff that I had to we are going in his freezer twenty below that's what they've pulled the ice. Good job Brian thank you. Brian as around scale our -- ago his latest visit is part of our maiden buffalo series the -- western company in Akron New York.

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