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7-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. And -- them. And just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't -- several world com hourly just when I think you put. Wouldn't be anything October. You can go and do something like it's there and -- Yourself it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. -- yeah maybe I don't ever number two comes out with I mean the real Robertson went Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey and I'm looking forward to it despite expected Jim -- politically is it huge I don't know of Jeff Daniels is much better. All the always pointed out before in fact. -- -- Sorry blasphemy. My goodness. It's just a week ago today. I was recounting battle of Gettysburg brigade three. And I cannot believe. Everything that's happened in the in the past week. Since that show a week ago -- the national were in Japan Tuesday. Man. While it is what. You know -- talk about don't need to go there again. No time flies or upbeat as the Romans groups. Sounds like it's dirty relief means for us. It'll thrilled at thirty start at 3180616. WB EN so all. Rush played this during his show. And I wanna just give you have a sample of the fact that. The Americans. Of all stripes. All come our colors all backgrounds. You know what. President Obama has finally. Brought Black America and white America closer to governor. The picnic picnic picnic that. Now -- this depriving yourself on the fact that nobody can legitimately call me a hypocrite that's personal. I also professionally pride myself on the fact. Bet I have done more as a radio talk show host to genuinely. Bring people together. And to be accepting of all in the conservative Terry and movement. Then our president -- until. Now. The president of the United States who is going to unite us has done so not quite in the way. He may have imagined. There is an epic rant I know the word epic use now it's become as cliche as iconic. But. -- Is the best word to describe the rent. Bernadette -- -- went on. She is so upset. That I'm accompanied the children. Are invading our country and are not being sent back home. Instead. They're being put in detention centers and by the way if you notice we're paying for X boxes for the did you know that. There's like three or room where possible and an Xbox were possible. And certain talk show hosts are worried about the giving a hot meal. -- there are a lot more veterans in our country who need and deserve our hot meal sir. But you wanna hear an epic rat Joseph you've you've screen this right as I know that there are some profanity is indeed. Audio that originally posted. And gosh I would sure hate to Sully my reputation. By less than pure use of the English language. Because I have never used any curse word in my entire life. Here it is here's an epic -- Not -- of the wanna be barred from the White House. Get veto them. Didn't put it on Sunday. Not doesn't is that good thing about country all of these kids really. Why can't pick up it I thought everything that the parents are fine boy living conditions out there in the exit -- -- got out of there. I care about what's gone right here in my home bet you are my neighbors and I don't want in this community that I hit -- -- -- the note. I'm bill hello might not fit and a -- then -- I think I had just found my black life. Well I've told you are you know what I. -- ever get married again it's going to be to a black bisexual woman because that would give every shield I would ever need to the fire herbal free. All especially if you -- transgender black bisexual woman I would be still hurt but this is the ramp and we have to hear this again. This woman makes such excellent points this is common sense America folks common sense America. They need to go back to their home countries. Right now -- of the wanna be barred from the White House. Good -- veto them home. And a little bit on Sunday. Not -- the -- a good thing about country all of these kids really. Why can't -- get it out of the army says that the parents are fine boy living conditions are either in the hazard on I got out of there. I care about what's gone right here in my home bet you are not that good -- -- -- in this community that I hit it won't even know. -- -- and right now this comes back then guys. The creator bless you Bernadette cancel them because you my dear is a black lady are on the same page as you know. The whack job right wing talk show host in buffalo. Yes my dear we are philosophical. Twins on this issue. And there's another story that I wanna share with you. And this is what I want you to pay attention to as well. Because. End I have to give credit to Michael Savage. Because there he is the one who brought this up and usually I -- I must tell you bet. My mind is very fassel. And IA usually come up with most of the new ideas you'll hear in my show by myself. And formerly -- had somebody who would. Work in concert with me but she's no one witness. But -- where. A staged. Incident. A staged. Incident. Against and involving. Children. To gin up support for even lower. Illegal invaders into our country this is what I -- does not happen. Because you know how people can be manipulated by a tragedy we saw New York State. Cuomo new Obama knows that the clintons know what they live by this stuff. And for what it's worked. In San Antonio Texas. A militia. All militia is gathering. They're going to deploy to -- radio first and then spread from mayor to other parts of the border with Mexico. One might say the militia is willing to do the job the government will not do. The commander is a guy -- Chris Davis who says we are patriots all across the country. Who were willing to sacrifice their time their money even quit their jobs to come down and fight for freedom liberty and national sovereignty. As predicted that the Obama control Border Patrol people and keep in mind the Border Patrol people folks. DTV. That the people on the field. There -- the ones. Who were changing the diapers there other ones were being exposed. To all kinds of diseases and contagious. And -- race. And all kinds of wretched conditions most of us these guys are trained law enforcement officers and Obama has testified they haven't turned them into nannies. That's what he's done. To the men and women in the field. But the Brett. It's has issued a statement. Customs and Border Protection does not endorse or support and the private group or organization. From taking matters into their own plans as it could have disastrous. Personal and public safety consequences. We appreciate the efforts of concerned citizen as they act as our eyes and ears. Securing our nation's borders can be dangerous. Interdicting narcotics and deterring and apprehending individuals illegally entering the United States requires highly trained law enforcement personnel. That's part of statement issued by the Border Patrol officials I'd like to remind you again. That in law enforcement they're often as a giant gap between what the brass says because they're the politically connected ones -- -- -- And the grunts in the field. I'd like to military. And I assure you. Folks. The men and women of the Border Patrol did not sign up for what is happening right now. They are being completely disrespect. By this administration. Their training and their talents are going to waste. They are looking the other way they've been ordered not to talk about what a disaster Obama has created. Physicians have been told. You keep your mouth shut. And -- I talked before about the atmosphere of growing fear in America over hey I better watch what I say. Because the IRS might make my life a living hell. Folks these things happen. Politics. Say at Whitney is what. Lot of sport. There is nothing. -- animus about pot. Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely this is universal. Truth. And these Border Patrol grunts not the brats. The grunts. These -- the men and women. Who were shot. By a Mexican army helicopter. Just a few days ago. And the reaction from their commander in chief. Was crickets. Nothing. Nada. Not a sound to be heard not even them house. These are the men and women who actually put their asses on the line. To supposedly secure the border. The Mexican military opened fire on them. And the Obama administration. Said nothing. To have the year acts and if you don't think. That that doesn't affect morale in the field in law enforcement. You are so mistaken. Because one of the greatest comforts to any cop in any department. Federal state local. Is knowing that if they're doing the right thing the brass and the commanders have their backs. How in the hell would you feel. If the Mexican army shot you. And the man in charge. Did nothing. You can measure. What the -- like. I have heard stories. They are furious. They are angry. They're disappointed. They feel complete. Disrespect it. And abused. It and the president. And the progress the ask users. They do not have the backs of our Border Patrol grunts in the field. And to those of you guys and ladies in the field with Border Patrol. My thoughts are with you. I'm sure you know friends deployed along the southern border please pass on my respect to those people. And my understanding in my audience's understanding. That they are being forced to work. For a an old war criminal regime. That should be impeached and removed from office. But nobody will stand up and say it who can do anything about it. I note that this force is very effective but it's only very effective and small doses in large doses it would sound like. National. Rate. Or which sounds like he gave phones. So there's there are right let's. Jerry overlap or are let's go to the calls on a WB EM here is. OK in Amherst -- we'll get to holdings along carry -- on -- we're talking about what you tell the nation's our leaders. I think. Yeah I would -- Probably. Tell mr. Obama of the after being. Not Democrat or. A number of years have been like an -- could be. Outcome. The government that can buy or more each day it seemed to be eroding. You know -- like myself. My -- -- direction we're aliens if you look at. A lot of apologies -- Obama is sharp proposing. Is they've been doing much to. Optimize it shouldn't be here and not political system or the economic system. And I don't remember what I called I think I would occur to me -- Was -- -- people would see Trent Green and periods during school betrayed cool thing. Yes -- -- -- that despite my own memory yes I do remember that. Google -- -- eat out because. -- why -- -- -- is beautiful well leak much like Eric. Didn't get into the world -- mortgage. And making -- think well what's gonna be explore for it but can't hear you know I'm out more regular anxious looks pretty boy is on trying to. Of course there's -- okay. This isn't even an issue of liberals have a great respect for classical American liberals and again. We can -- can find common ground is conservative Terry ends with liberals so long as they love America we can find common ground what's in charge now is not a liberal government it is a re aggressive. Call it a Communist government it's regressive it is not progress. When I say re aggressive I mean it's what I would -- ever expected out of Stalin's Soviet Union. Or. I must. -- I must go and I'm glad you ended that with hit the nail on the head because that's what I try to do on a daily basis. Sometimes they hit a cell phone and starts 645 -- WBE. -- Okay. Okay. 634. At news radio 930 WBE and the we're talking about. The invasion of America by -- on the armed army of disease carrying lice ridden on the vaccinated. At street savvy. Often criminal gang sponsored children. In the United States. This was all planned people I mean do I need to go into that thing again about how the government put out a RF IP request for proposals. In January. 465000. Of unaccompanied minor children how to you know in January this was gonna happen. Unless they were behind in some way shape or form. With the previous number was 5000. It's illogical. Unless we're so it is suspected that. You know terror and Reese got in touch with the White House and told them the spirits told her. Sorry -- Greece's local media for those who don't know industry. 635 news radio 930 WBE and let's say how one of one of my -- says you can get zeroed deductions all year. So government gets nothing from the people. My husband prepares taxes he is certainly get -- MBA -- controller of a company for fifteen years. I did not know. I always thought with holding you had to do a certain percentage. Now I wonder if corporate would allow me to do. See that's certainly that's an issue too adult for now that's income taxes. They'd still be taking fight -- right. I'd have to look into it but either way. Could be a way to go. However. That's the normal world. Washington isn't the normal world. What happens when Washington. As it always does spends more money -- has any right to spend what does -- do. It increases its own credit card limit that's what thoughts. And then if you don't go along with that. You are an obstructionist. Where you're not realistic. And then they blamed Republicans for shutting down the government. It's all a game it's a sham and it's a fraud. It is 636. -- news radio 930. WBN. Here's -- and slider on WB and slider high. Time. How many kids have doubted coming up from else stole with a walk and Honduras and Guatemala. Do you think they're trying to stop them from talking the journals from talking to these people and holding senators. Because they don't want them to know how many children have died in this. Democrats war against children. Well I think the best way I can put it thank you by the way proceed to Democrats Warren children that was perfect and I love the irony -- you view our soul mates are. Com I don't know how many children have died. On the progress for that matter how many have been kidnapped along the way and forced into a Mexican drug cartels prostitution side business I have no idea. Don't know how many of them are coming into the country with you know five pounds a coconut balloon in the box I have no idea. But wouldn't could be even more important when this. Create a tragedy. If you know. From my sources I have heard that there's at least a palpable -- eight. Well let's put it this way. More children have died coming here then would have died had they stayed in their own GD countries are sure. In my sure. While operating on on your statement you said a thousand kids have died. -- coming here -- from. -- also -- or whatever coming here by you know. If it did Democrats want them to come. -- it but it stands to reason that if they died in transit if they were in transit. They wouldn't have died in transit. And the bigots that does look at what countries these then they feed them I've been to Mexico I've seen them. -- it to the video and still well they don't deserve to death. Well. Again I mean the -- and I don't know how many stars are there in the sky tonight I have no idea. Nor do I really can't. And honestly sir I don't care because let them stay in their own countries we have are all in the native born underclass that is on -- we don't need these people we have no use for these people. And there jumping in line in front -- everybody else. I agree with you 100%. But would net instead -- trying to be fun -- us or all these wonderful ideas about how we should change its. What was story get Al. That they were dying by the flower -- coming here somebody would take dead as a tragedy and say we gotta stop. Well I don't know I don't know how many of them have died and under what circumstances if any. In any population. Of thousands of people you can expect a certain number of people to die in a certain age bracket between certain times. Which you don't think that would be -- to be Americans were taken his sense of tragedy that in their transit to come up here that. Some of them have died. I think most Americans would say they ought to have stayed with their own families in their own countries and beat up on me that's that's -- it to me that's the common sense answer to -- Exactly. What is better than trying to tell the government to -- on -- You know closed -- this would get the border. Close but he was they don't come anymore nobody's. -- at a mile an ambassador or. Good 250 million dollars they send. Every year down there. Now -- see all due respect you're looking at a the wrong. Big government our government is fully able. If it wanted to to seal the border yeah easy answer is what it doesn't want to. -- Sounds like this is some revelation do have been saying this for weeks. It's bad but they need some reason to do what they won't do it. Because they're coming across most babies are lice they'll do it because of -- -- of them died in transit. No they won't they will do when American patriots stand in the way of buses saying get the hell out of our country and get the hell hole. All right thank you I mean I I think I don't know where. Not maybe speak in the same -- richer I thought -- soul mates and now maybe you know we. Got -- too soon and I I don't know. They don't -- like thirty started 3180616. WB and -- in Amherst -- Hi good evening. First of all. Why were we blind sided by the Grand Island abrupt or -- thing why aren't they giving to communities a chance to. Be aware that this stuff is going on if they hadn't. Why would that. Why would they don't want -- added I look -- I'm not trying to sound like you're an idiot here but. Why would they want to give advance notice to communities to mobilize to stop these leaches from coming in here. Right my question was sort of rhetorical also and it's -- bad days when communities that are about to be burdened. Whereas in -- Problems of multiple levels. They're not being advised to. That at a time so I think it's. Another part of lack of transparency in another way for them to just to give in and say oh look it's too late now we can't take them back. The the other thing is I sent an email a lengthy one to Brian Higgins complaining to him about and you know telling him not in my backyard. And what do you think you are terrified era and still waiting for a reply and I can't really understand that but. You know it and I think. -- in -- the children like this is that they an edge of the wedge. Some of their parents and other relatives may already be here but other ones are waiting for the kids to caddie -- Similar to the anchor babies for on the so you know we're at this -- the beginning of the tide and we've right now are talking about. The end of the process the process began a long time ago. And if we don't secure the border first president Obama's talking about those Wes -- Republicans who won't. And pass a comprehensive. Reform bill well. Let's secure the border first I think you'll find -- more of us Americans are more compassionate but he gets credit for. Once the order they appear well it doesn't wanna do bad. Neither did bush and neither would Jeb Bush considers illegal immigration an act of. So yes I -- ask. But you know until day. Until they do that and why should Republicans pass another bill that Obama's Obama is just kind it could sign another executive order for. That well. -- well you seek you you get it you have to understand what's going on here. And you understand that the world is through we're through the looking glass here. We are Alice in Wonderland the world is upside down black is white white is black and -- the racially of -- report. No I'm not that I am sick of watching the president. Hey you know I'm doing the best I can it's those obstructionists will hold the problem is that they know that it has player of the highway. And they don't like his way. So and how many bill passed the house passed and the senate refuses to pick up because Harry Reid is carrying Obama's water. I don't know the exact number I don't. I will tell you bad there is a lack of will of both. Obvious that published political parties to seal the borders. They're more concerned with Graham go over uncle -- to play bingo then they are with the title wave of illegal skate v.s carrying for -- lice ridden children who don't have any business and our freaking country. Yeah you know one more thing and then I'll I'll hang up but I think just people go to YouTube and is that an advertisement or anything but check out race Stevens. Video come to the US say it's hilarious. Is -- the same guy who did the streak went back in 197374. The political. Sarcasm songs it's one step -- It's wonderful it is great. They stand up op we are the streak though it says they can all industry he. England's Ricky was correct this. Up popped up several dvds at -- But come to the US say it's great. Yeah well my humor tends to be a little more cutting edge been -- Stevens but. -- checked it out you'll appreciate it. I think just you know don't like it you could tell me about it later. All right that's all right Paula I'll check. Actually you know what if you asked me if I even knew ray Stephens was still alive I would said that it I like -- years ago. You know he's not there but he's still making video and most of this stuff now it's all politically oriented. You know are kind of our side of the liners so is it up on the straight and there's a video called Obama money that the deadline until. So just you know. Well I will I'll check it out I'm all hey I -- in desperate need of laughs these days. Well thank you however much I appreciate the heads up I'll check that -- a check out the race Stevens says that's with a -- by the way not a PH. The race Stevens videos online and Hutu I don't mind mentioning thank you. Just don't wake -- my days but -- particular period. If you ever come across an article to say that to me on my email and let me look at it in that if I think it's good enough. I won't put up on line and -- explain the reasons why I operate that way that you guys -- that and you know what thank you for getting. You know 99.9. 99% of the time it works and it really appreciate. Your doing it in some rare cases and make exceptions. To that but. It's the better way. Because basically at the end today. Corporate speak at the end of today going forward let's raise it up the flagpole and see if anybody salutes as we get with the program it has everything -- percent. During business cliches of the eighties or -- monologue on -- But. At the end of today I'm responsible for what's on the page in politics is for one. You know what. To put some link. To some racist website on my page that I don't see. And then buffalo all whack job. Buffalo radio talk show host endorses racism. Which. Currently use laughable. It is 647 news radio 930 WBB. Well I do reverse racism but only if you're talking about NASCAR. And that's a different kind of race so there's there. You're doing. And yeah. I -- I don't know what you guys I cannot stand the new FaceBook layout and all the things of pop up and that he hit a button and end up put stuff popular wanna put up. -- the auto fill in a report Saturday night in and -- you know some band name comes up. Folks IA up I want to share something with you bet I have been doing to assure you all bay. That I think you need the hear -- cars better than anything else. This really really really nails. Everything that you have been trying to say in the -- and try to say and it comes from Lori -- I put a link up on my FaceBook page thank you to the vast difference between arriving legally and illegally. -- Boardman Robert Portman. Our neighborhood is populated with immigrants. We were diverse before diversity was cool. Ileana is for Russia she lives in an apartment complex nearby and walks the sidewalks in our subdivision at least once today sometimes twice. She casually strolls frequently pausing to take in flowers and shrubs. She's happy -- -- ask you about your grand babies and tell you about her son the doctor now living in San Francisco. One blocked out as a couple from Afghanistan the woman came ahead of her husband along with their son. She came with her widowed sister and her sisters for -- I was volunteering helping children find their classrooms on the first day of elementary school. When those little boys arrived on -- -- years ago -- they had identical bugs bigger cuts big brown eyes spoke no English. We're terrified. Our neighbor's son is now a podiatrist. She and her sister became hair stylist. Behind us lives of family who fled Cambodia. The mother wants to tell how she opened a daycare in her home as soon as they arrive. So they're two boys could learn English from other children she a seamstress will also explain the importance of homework and trips to the library. Have children read read read she says then one day they take off her hand shoots into the air like a plane soaring into the sky. One of their sons is now -- doctor the other an engineer a couple from China lives next door. He teaches at the medical school she does medical were search. Their son graduated high school with -- on and went on to earned a doctorate in computer science a man who emigrated from India several years ago. Re upholstered chair -- recently his eyes brimming with tears as he tells of his dream of immigrated to America to be an entrepreneur or he's not cheap but he's very good. All of these friends neighbors and acquaintances immigrated legally some traveled great. This fences to keep appointments undergo interviews and physical exams and obtain required forms and valid passports they waited months or years secured sponsors and promises of employment had petitions filed an acquired visas. It is bewildering. When immigration laws apply to some but not others or the laws are enforced some of the time but not all of the time. 52000. Unaccompanied children that's the old -- have illegally flooded our southern border since October most transported by human smugglers many of these children are under aged and some. Barely old enough to walk having overwhelmed our resources there how -- like an explosion of strays in giant sticky pedals while officials -- for donations of underwear this is no Ellis Island this is not the American dream this is a living nightmare there are pathways for getting here but this isn't one of them. Every government and cartel behind this massive crush of children. Must be held accountable 52000. As the old number with more on the way it is no coincidence parents are responsible to. This situation screams for the wisdom of Solomon. Justice tempered with mercy any nation that uses children as political pawns is a nation without spine or substance dumping children is always an egregious wrong. Can I get and for Laura bored I put that article up on my FaceBook page feel free to share it it's great stuff I wish I had a written. Thanks to Joseph -- thanks to John Sherman thanks to you. And I need to -- year Sean Hannity coming up next than Michael Savage. I leave you with a couple of thoughts. We love you Rachel wells. And know yourself.

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