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7-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Welcome to yeah. If they are the extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- -- with an assault rifle. No. It is the time. Com hourly column in the road when the right. Now let everybody -- lending and coming up right welcome. It's lives -- local put them. We'll we'll. Looks like it's huge it's Tom -- remember what happens in Vegas stage and make the trip for her before. And 930 W yeah. Well puts -- pictures that you guys might wanna see these are exclusive. I'll buy hourly pictures. On my FaceBook page. Thanks to -- Thanks to the busters. -- the family a bunch yours Chris -- was nice upset me a whole bunch pictures. Our special forces guys. Landing and the deck of the buffalo fire boat Carter. From a Blackhawk helicopters. Because they needed a moving target on which to practice. Before they dropped onto the -- they practice dropping onto a stationary target at the buffalo naval servicemen spark. So you can see pictures nobody else has by going to FaceBook dot com. Tom dot buy hourly in my name is spelled. Like our Jack Bauer 24 Michelle. BA UER. BA UER. Just at LE to the end and that is the -- -- -- UER. LE. And you wanna go to page. With a fellow with Bea tuxedo that's my professional page I don't maintain a personal page anymore. Because I got sick and tired of the kindergarten drama on done. All right now let's when you secure kindergarten drama on my professional page actually applied to new this -- -- -- -- had nothing that they would mr. Zuckerberg. All right now let's get Specter calls on WBBM. And again folks you gotta keep in mind here via the backdrop and I just again want you to remember that. I called terrorists are called -- weeks ago. The leak in the dike. That was a trickle. Became. A creek creek has become a river. The river is about to become a tsunami. Basically. We under invasion. By an unarmed civilians are. And the -- Shiites the progressives much like the al-Qaeda. Terrorists are using children as human shields. Say because it is say these lice ridden. Diseased children need to go back hole. With they're all damn families somehow you end up looking like the bad guys. Folks. The typical Third World child at the age of 89 or ten. Has more street smarts. And has been exposed to more of the skull of the world than most people when they reached the age of fifty. All right I've been to the Third World places enough to know. Their sleazy. Ridden with disease. And bad behavior. You don't want America to become a Third World country. Obama does so does Hillary Clinton. And if you are stupid enough or naive enough to believe. Bet they're actually going to wait until legally granted the voting franchise before they start voting you should have your head examined. Logic itself tells you that we don't have voter identification laws that are enforceable. Because. The -- Shiites and the progressives again use guilt any emotion. Too -- logically make people believe that although you've got to show ID to buy cigarettes and beer. It even to correct down. That somehow it's racist to have to show a voter ID card for the most important responsibility most Americans will ever have and that is the responsibility. Of voting. So that's that. Now if they've already broken the law to gain entree into the United States and they fought -- -- the -- in fact the administration. As aided and abetted and encouraged it. How naive -- you have to believe that there could be -- to believe that these same people are not going to be. Voting illegally. As they came in illegally. You would have to be naive. To the nth degree. We'll come -- twelve years old liked it matters what difference does it make. You don't have to show widening. Think about it folks. This is the fundamental. Transformation. Of America under way. And I love the United States of America. What has happened under this man in the White House. Is nothing short of treason. And repeated violations. Of our constitution. And this president needs to be impeached and removed from office. But a spineless. Little. You know what did congress. And John Boehner won't do what. The term elections. You're the same people who keep saying that the Republican Party can only be changed from within. And the people like me who say the Republican Party blows. Are somehow destructive up via. The Republican Party diet along time before I went on WB Ian radio. It's decomposing. It's the wig party. There is no difference at this point between the Democrats and Republicans. All right. They're frauds every last one of them frauds and phonies. Our pilots -- give back to the calls on WB EM. Here is job done in the Hamburg John you're on hello. -- your image John there. Tighten your. Yeah over right okay your hamburger Hamburg will -- bird because it's not sure you might remember army. It was a Billy -- average about 1214 years ago clear plastic guys that. -- but after all that. I believe. That we can't take this whole problem out of the government's stance. That -- money where -- botrus. But there -- protests. You go down there were harder but your wallet is say here's somebody on this check back. That -- -- you want them here straight. Put them over in the uptake. The responsibility form. And if -- drop that they're hearing then come after me. -- Number one. Well how how does he -- even begin answers. The only answer here is to send all of them back they are line jumpers who have done it illegally. All of them every last one of these lice ridden disease vector children. Who probably have read more balloons filled with cocaine in their rectum news. Then you can count over the years need to go back -- With their all the people and their all the families. If they are not our responsibility. They -- the responsibility. Of El Salvador Honduras Guatemala and whatever other this -- country whence they came. Very best and that's get the rams saints and here -- I believe. Step for every one person who protest that they should be -- and still have 15100 people with a under box and send them back. You would trust your government -- an extra 100 dollars I wouldn't. Think government won't do it today. -- can -- your particular -- sent him back. Yeah well again -- you know what. When you have a and a rogue government. In power in the executive branch and by the way did you notice the dejected tone in which Obama says better -- we don't control all branches of government. In the sound clip I played before worries that he was gonna have the most transparent administration in American history. The man is a complete -- he's a fraud. And and by the way if you think bush is any better. You should have your head examined to Jeb Bush illegal immigration is an act of law. Really. They're often the same class. They're all the other. You're you're right anybody who votes for any member of the bush Clinton or Obama dynasty or any politician. Who is not an absolute True Blue patriot these to have their heads -- Right. No doubt about but you know the only solutions as well as -- well I -- -- -- If they don't want to I don't wherever you balance but if they don't want to. Take them onions and backbone just take my character I'm back to the border in. -- -- -- -- and let you know what. I I I understand what you say and I get your frustration and just add to that frustration is. Every time you go to Canada and you wait in line at the Lewis in Queens that bridge for an hour an hour and fifteen minutes just realize you are a hall on. In the game of security. Theater that's all it issues. I know that that's why don't do anymore. Well it's it's unfortunate I see right through these phonies and god has given the gift to see through fraudulent people and I use it and people don't like it. That there there is a shame that the only way to where in addition -- participate. Whichever -- we try to do. And. That's also the way to lose. Well me needing us. -- at least wanna get the caprice not at halftime. I'll have -- to call thanks very much nervous wanna get my juice box in my orange slice. It's twenty minutes after five news radio 930 WB EM hourly on the radio on a Thursday. I make no apologies for loving the United States of America. And I also make no apologies for believing that the current administration. Is a rogue. Outlaw criminal government that needs to be impeached and removed from office. For a wide variety of high crimes and misdemeanors. In which somebody other than Sarah Palin. Please have the balls to start doing something about it by the way the same thing I've said about this fraud of -- President Obama. Not wanting to do anything about it that's why this is happening he does he wants it to happen. The same applies to John Boehner and the Republican establishment which is just as guilty as Obama. Just as guilty of -- As Obama. Bitter and the Republicans are letting it happen. Because they want it to happen. And if you really believe. The way to change the Republican Party Thomas from within forget this nonsense about conserve materialism and a third party. I'd like you to tell me. If Ronald Reagan could not change the Republican Party. Who can't because Reagan couldn't do. Forget -- How many times you gonna bang your head into the say cable. Let's go to do. Jerry in well it was built on WBM I Gary. It's well. If you or -- or corrupt administration in you know all these illegals are coming in new look around the country. There's going to be true in most states. That topped your list -- actually. That will gladly. -- and all the circuit events that this country cross border so the big. Anywhere -- states are California and new Yorker -- And there's also I thought -- heading in a different direction you know you know what else you do. You also make sure you locate these illegal Democrat voters in places where they can make a difference to prevent the Republicans from ever gaining -- -- And an electoral chance at victory not that bad even matters because their budget. Well there are a couple of news stories that they were trying to locate some in the old Kmart and brought order and I thought I was. Part of the Grand Island well you know their -- so what I wanted to know is we are -- we're hiding them. Can we -- -- -- information act of -- -- probably not a work over -- I wonder we're hiding them and I don't want have to wait. 46. Months down the road quiet ways that happens in the communities. Because they have a higher propensity for crop. Because there embedded with the other types besides the children. Criminal activity. You don't understand sooner. You don't understand these these little Guatemalan and el salvadorans and and Hondurans there. You're only here because of the gang violence in their home countries because America doesn't have a gang problem with. Crips and bloods and Chicago and Detroit and even buffalo and -- the gang problems -- -- -- in Guatemala we are the land of milk and honey were crime free of games in the United States. That's that's today's that's today's heart strings story get ready for heart string a -- story every single. You go to Chuck Schumer said the local Governor Cuomo right aliens then. That being done that a New York city's yeah it will take this many -- -- And a certain -- -- a certain so called conservative talk show host is no better. Thank you very much nor are the issues not just the Democrats. And it's just it's it's just by -- by what's happening. Pretty sad when a guy vacations in Jamaica is the only one who has principles. -- you know what I don't care what you think about were -- at least African honest about it. I know phony. I know hypocrite. I don't come here and say one thing and they go off and do another thing you know exactly what I do. I really don't tear I don't live to please you are live for myself. Thank you very much. I'll go to my grave a happy man. Filled with all kinds of antibiotics this is Michael Savage and you're listening to Tom -- listened to me tonight ten -- one on W. The heat and. This -- is so old school. People actually standing in line waiting for formal approval to come in the United States already six. It's at 536 -- news radio 930 WBM. I -- the United States I'm outraged by the shirking of responsibility. Of those in power. And do not be naive and stupid enough to make it's only Obama and the old it's Shiites and the progressives. The Republicans are and enablers as well. And it is despicable. And it is loads of no matter who. The source views of this kind of -- reputable dereliction of duty. And ladies and gentlemen it plays them like I said earlier. It's pretty sad that sometimes I feel like I'm the most principled person years. In media way. Because there's one thing you can't say about. That I'm a hypocrite. I -- no hypocrite. And I Wear that like a badge of honor. There's not but I do. That you don't know like do. I don't say one thing publicly and they go often do another thing privately. -- don't know what won't do it has eight no stake in hypocrite. You might not agree with -- and that's fine. But -- no hypocrite. It is. You guys wonder what -- where Jim was by fictional hero in the show deadwood. That's what I loved about minister's words same thing. All right 537 news radio 930 WB ES all right. Freedom. I believe and conserve terror as a conservative from the waist up if you prefer. I believe -- equality. True equality equality of opportunity. I believe in liberty I believe in freedom I believe and consenting adults being able to do what consenting adults wanna do in the privacy of their own halts. I believe in marriage equality I believe in your freedom of speech which is not you come on the radio when you start. Don't be about putts. It's you're able to say what you wanna say without that government coming down and people often do not understand freedom of speech about how many times I explained that they don't get it. Freedom of speech means. You can make a political argument. And in theory the government cannot come down on you for it the reality is. Ladies and gentlemen I think I've said this before on the year. I know some very prominent western New Yorkers and no nobody whose name has come up on my show in the last few years. Do you know what they've told me -- by the way these are not people who see black helicopters who were tin foil hats or. Who you would think -- as anything other than well adjusted normal highly functioning individuals. More than one. Have told me. They want to speak up but they're afraid to speak up why are they afraid they're afraid of repercussions from the government. They're afraid that suddenly everything's going to be audited. They're afraid that suddenly. Things are gonna start happening to impede their lives. And you know what when you look at the IRS scandal. And the NSA scandal. And the tentacles of government ripping apart the bill of rights they have a very good argument. Personally. I don't give a flying -- I don't shot. I won't shut up. I'm gonna keep talker. It's just. -- -- I'm stubborn. For a with a little bit and Asian. To which French it's -- 540 -- read united thirty WB Ian let's get back to the calls. On here is let's see. Who's next who's next who's next -- Carroll in Lancaster. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess if service sounds no thermos on the gonna third grade. My water bottle might metallic water bottle that looks like an artillery shell got on the way -- I feel manly now. Carol -- WB unwelcome. And. I heard you earlier today that they -- people feel that they have no nothing that they can do with individual. And I. People are scared they're gonna take -- there is an element of fear out there in people that if they speak up against this criminal regime. They're gonna start those letters from the IRS and you know what there's a rational basis for that fear any George Noory in -- tin foil -- stuff. I understand you're today but the people have to remember is that the taxpayers ultimately control the government funding. And the financial impact of that stuff like. Good illegal immigrants will be borne by our by with our -- What I have to interrupt you kuril. About whom do you believe politicians -- more. You as a taxpayer whose pocket is being pit. Or a major financial contributor to their campaign so they can be reelected -- do you think has more access and voice. Well I think individual taxpayers would have more -- if they do. The strategy that I've come up with it. I have to before let's go and your strategy let me tell you why I think you're wrong on that. Brian Higgins who is basically lauded as Jesus in buffalo by the Buffalo News. Brian Higgins voted for Obama here. Okay he refused. To have any hearings publicly on Obama here before it was voted upon okay. He pushed it floated away from any public hearing about it. All right. Because he was hiding under Nancy Pelosi spurt yet this man gets kid glove treatment in the local media and he's fondled in words by the Buffalo News and an almost daily basis to the point of ejaculation. Are right that's what the Buffalo News does -- him. The man is not accountable he won a landslide. Over Mike Madigan you -- explain that it may. I I feel your pain on that one we think we scripture has oh my husband and I but. The taxpayers. Fund the government through very content. And the way to make an impression is to cut half the amount of money that the politicians have to give way to other people. And to do that individuals need to change their WTO would holdings so that no. Taxes taken out of their weekly paycheck you claim maximum dependence for minimum with housing. This slows the flow of money to the government immediately by deferring the tax payments to the timeline and content to their fat. And that can be done by employed individuals pensioners people receiving unemployment and Social Security benefits that are cast. I'm not an accountant but I don't think I can do that. I'm a salaried employee a certain amount of my money is going to be withheld irrespective of what I put on the W two W -- -- Well you might want to look into it though because many people get tax refunds. Why in the world would anybody allows the government of free -- of any of their. Right but I -- what I'm saying is I believe the law specifies. With holding of a certain amount so if you can't just every quarter. I mean I umps probably talk about my nether regions here so perhaps an accountant and let me know. But I don't think there's any way of getting out of paying whatever designated percentage of your income is with -- from you. Before you even get to enjoy or seat the fruits of your own labor. But you can minimize it and when you minimize the amount of tax money that goes to the federal government. If enough people do that they'll feel the pants. Although just borrow more from China. As seen here again you said Carol I loved Leo. But your Smart lately you've got to understand this government doesn't care this government will just print more money. It'll just raise the debt ceiling. It there is no such a responsibility. There like sailors and house of ill repute after six months at sea with somebody else's credit card within a limited limit. Well. I was rather graphic wasn't pungent but true. I think that there's America that there's nothing out there that we can do that we're. For people that tried that and it's something at every individual can can do. Rather than -- around and just wringing their hands and saying I can't do anything. Well I would advise. I would honestly advise people to speak with that their accountants are tax advisors before -- attempted to anything such as use suggest. But you know a rush -- made your point is not lost -- because Russia's talked about him as a self employed person or is as a Rush Limbaugh the corporation. He pays quarterly taxes. And he's often said and he's so right. That if people had to write out a check every quarter. To the treasury of the United States of America they would see how this government is screwing them. Out of there money and they be a lot more careful about how it's spent. But I don't disagree with that I get angry with Clinton you know what. Most of everything that rush and I you know I'm sure that he. Guided by it because of the way he paid the taxes but. But there are a lot of people who don't pay quarterly taxes and who can adjust their withholding. And in January. They can apply for an extension and they get a six month extension on battling their taxes which delayed the filing until October 15. What that does is this holds up that money for sixteen months that they didn't they did tomorrow. Your point. Again your point is well taken but I don't think you quite grasp the spirit of profligate seat which prevails in Washington. When it comes to raising debt ceilings and spending other people's money -- Carol you're addressing this as somebody who earns her own money. The people in Washington look at you as nothing but a cash cow and they think nothing. Of deferring bear debt to future generations and kicking the can down the road -- if the young people of today realize how the lives Shiites and the or aggressive is our bowling them for the future. There would be revolution in the streets. I love you Carol look I know what you said you agree -- most of everything rush says. You have to admit I am better right. Well it depends on the day of what you think -- -- You give me that much for so there's that all right thanks Carol I'm glad you called her public. 8030 and I thirty -- radio 930 WB EN. I've said this before. It's like who's the better guitar player. In -- Terry cap or Jimi Hendrix. Well it really counted it depends. Pat Metheny. Or Daryl Hall. Pat Metheny or Barney Kessel. You know existed there at the same level of talent but just different styles. So hopefully I am your cup of team if not hopefully sandy beaches. Worst Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or Michael savages. But I do my own thing. And I don't feel Boehner constricted by allegiance to any political party or any politician I have not. Nobody owns me nobody ever will own. Now nobody would. Let's get back to the calls on WD EN -- here is K in Amherst K you are on the what are we tell. Our government's so called. To do with these illegals. Well I think -- I think. Bad especially in light of the proposed Obama administration. Paul what you love -- Billions of dollars aren't protecting but -- why can't we came alive at a cut in order level -- Would be illegal crossing in the first -- otherwise and shared yet. It be don't do something about it illegal -- -- -- the way you throughout the border yet again. -- -- why do you think. Why do you think this is being allowed to happen there's a simple answer. Well pure intentional either money or some sort of thought. Nothing could get elected or the 26 in election. Well okay that's a very the easy answer is the one that makes most sense I'm going to apply the principles of William of -- OCC AM known as -- comes razor. Which when you try to understand a situation which is incomprehensible. You start with the most likely explanation first and then work your way into the mystical. The obvious answer is it's happening because the Obama administration. Wants it to happen point number two. The Obama administration can -- borders it's done -- Goldman's job keeping media away from these Obama lice cities. This journal. And -- done -- I'm just wondering. What we can do. -- and then but I just -- the -- that the party has already done despite rising up and you know wiping her opinions weren't sure we both like to -- early show about social -- get you off. I think that what has to happen and I wish there was an easy answer progress. I would suggest a reading of the declaration of independence to gain insight from Thomas Jefferson. On what to do in these kinds of situations. And then I would also suggest a thorough consideration. Becoming active. -- -- political movements that actually care about the United States of America as founded and is constituted. And I'd be happy to talk to your further but a lot of time for this arbiter to hold on to be delighted.

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