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7-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's terrible it's it's that -- so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- -- And repeats Tom hourly. It's life. It's local mark. Being. Third. He had gotten. Not being injured Tom hourly to sex work. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and user fees go up. Okay yeah. OK okay better double. My FaceBook just went down to me. That's very important I have the re log pregnant passwords about a million characters along -- utterly frightening. No matter how good your password is for any thing some eighth grader would Hackett in about five minutes seriously. It is and if you do there's really nothing of great value wonders so back away it is our -- but I wouldn't publicly say anyway. -- news radio 530 WB and -- hourly Joan Rivers master control John Sherman is your call screener and my question to you is what is your message to Washington regarding this Obama plan that sanctioned and approved. Invasion of America by these Berman as children. Now I hate to sound like Ebenezer Scrooge. But. There is a process. By which people are supposed to legally. Come to the United States in fact. I hate to admit that I opened the Buffalo News today but I did it. I it was actually looking at their picnic section. And hidden in depictions -- a bit of -- to the picnic section. Was a tremendous piece by Laurie Bergman. About how brawl. What we're seeing right now all use. I may read it as we move along it's that good I was trying to find it elsewhere is where -- have to credit the Buffalo News but I couldn't. -- they really don't like crediting them. Is now they might have to send reporters to my neighbor again and asked about my character work crediting them. -- that's release arteries. Let's go to love. Bill again and -- bill. Bill I promise you your chance to tell Washington what you would do. About the illegal invasion of America and the touch soon. And it kind of would like you do that -- Do we have built up -- Is bill out talking. Build and uphold our parents are about bet. Let's go to Spencer who hopefully -- -- -- better -- area now Spencer you're on WB Ian welcome to the program. How might have a couple things of that dimension of possible first they were talking about how would cost these children's parents five to 40000 dollars to pay somebody to get them there. Why not. Back. With an invoice for services rendered health care -- gas travel and everything. And have them pay the bill for breaking alive also include instructions. And -- -- their children here legally. In their respective languages so it's politically correct -- doing. That makes first all that makes sense B I need to tell you something that all this nonsense about. We are coming to the United States because of violence in our homeland. That information is on the cheat sheets these kids were given when they were coming into this country what to tell the United States authorities were scared for our lives and our own countries it's the gang violence this is so contrived -- procedure. Separately. As some in the media has failed to mention -- -- that. There's a lot. Of infrastructure buildup in those countries in the in the countries that supposedly were these children are coming from. Oil gas minerals and there are some giant project I'm going -- includes. Trying to connect I believe across the land. On the Atlantic. To the Pacific group in the golf and whatnot. And China is a major investor dumping billions and billions and billions of dollars. Into this project that rocked the countryside. Knowledge I'm not mistaken there's -- certain country that's. Then total is totally in detonated in a -- there's -- that China. And has acted upon that out west. In this country by pointing guns at women and children to seize land for certain politicians. And for Chinese interest in energy companies. I was wondering perhaps maybe people should know about that do little resurgence of that out on the Internet at that could have some. Maybe what you should do is sending -- -- may -- which you should do is send me a late Thomas WB EN dot com so likened disseminated that way to make it easier for people. I can -- that free markets and get at least one if not -- -- Well although multiples may be good in certain circumstances I would ask that -- no more than three. Three links because. Frankly at the age of fifty able -- for three today. Thank you -- it's a magical hold. Are all -- -- report -- Spencer calling in from up points unknown on that WBBM. It was Spencer right. Is calling in from four not force all -- report. Airport I thought it was a Rochester suburb. Does it disappeared from their computers as. People often do they talk about the disappearing people in Argentina under the military -- I think the military -- has taken over our call screen computer because we have people disappearing all the time from it well out. All right let's get back to the calls on WB EM I hope you know that I'm speaking at facetiously and not literally. Up the wave. Of illegal invaders continues to surge into America. By the way the latest is you know they can't comment I told you guys this I told you guys this is just the tip of the iceberg. This is a mess. Illegal invasion of America I've train carrying. 15100. Illegals destined. For the -- of America and its milk filled. Apps let off the rails so the death train riders. Are temporarily stranded in Mexico. And the president of Mexico and the president of Honduras have had conversations. About how to expedite. The transportation. Through Mexico. Are these illegals into the United States. And for those who want to say now. You know on the -- I have a colleague that opera that -- -- -- And you guys are simply -- it against Guatemala and El Salvador and Honduras. And the answer folks is. You wanna talk about people who classify other people as inferior. The Mexicans. Especially the higher end of Mexican society. They look at Guatemalan as el salvadorans Hondurans. As basically untouchables. -- may take a phrase from ancient history like a hundred years ago. They have zero respect for their fellow Latinos. If they are Guatemalan Honduran. El Salvador and see there's a pecking order. In the Latino community have told you guys this before the Cubans they -- are the top of the hill. They don't like the Mexicans all that much -- again I'm speaking in generalities. The Cubans think the Mexican culture is basically AT and a culture. Our act the Mexicans look at the Guatemala Honduras and el salvadorans as untouchables. So popular is crap about how well it's old white white -- more of a problem. No racism is the ugly as part one of the ugliest parts of human nature and it is not exclusive. To any one community or another in fact it can be in your community hate white people. How many times have you heard somebody say. White trash -- and a trailer park. You'd get doesn't happen with caucasians. It lets. It's an ugly stupid part of humanity and my job part of it is to call let's go to love. The city. Buried under an island on WB a very what is your message to Washington. And the president of the United States who manages to seal the borders of the media can't get video of this Obama created disaster. But our borders wide open. It's very you know crazy left clearance -- from Canada with my two older -- Legally. Well there in the country illegally -- might otherwise -- chemistry that shouldn't make too -- Does serve as long as you work from new from land it's okay but if you are new -- we're gonna have to hang up on -- Now on our track in Montreal in this. -- then that's -- everything -- Montreal bit Kennedy all of those places are fine. But supporters -- I you know three point seven billion dollars for people that are illegal. You know can be distributed and so many other places. When I -- I would double idea why not with it why not not withhold it from people's income. People have their money they burned. Right but I do that or other quite good airliner makes. It there. I'm actually shutting -- -- novel idea on site very her lover. Also opened up for this still young. And then twelve -- I do not surrender to a. Concerts have as much as I enjoy it yes my major in music right. I appreciate the call but laser like focus here on the illegal invasion of America and I started off the show folks by a explaining to you that the Obama administration is fully capable of sealing borders they don't want to. I've been saying this from day one of this Obama generated crisis. And the proof folks is the media. The Department of Homeland Security instead of being used to secure our freaking border. Is used now to seek to seal off these camps of squalor. Obama tent cities. From the media this is a mental problems that's the most transparent administration in history. He's also the man who is a consummate liar. Who wouldn't know the truth of a bit of on the right testicle you Barbara what he said about transparency. Tell that to the reporters try to get into those camps. And open up government that is hard you know because we don't control what went right. But I can tell you. We have put in place the toughest ethics laws and toughest transparency rules of any administration in history in -- -- By the way -- the first administration since the founding of the country. All of you can find out who visits the White House. Almighty. I just okay I'm sorry but any more would be a magical to me it would literally make me throw up in my mouth not a little but I mean full fledged hurling projectiles vomit. Let's get back to the calls what is your message to Washington. And folks. Gray Davis even my most bitter critics have got to say I have called this. I have -- I have seen things coming before they eat it and witness. Including the predictable stories about. Why. We should not think rationally about this as Americans but emotionally. And -- logically about it. And by the way. How do you think these so called parents are getting twenty or 30000 dollars -- -- answer they're not. Answer. Drug mules answer prostitution. Answer child trafficking and exploitation. That's what's going on you don't get a free ride. So not only is Obama encouraging the want to an invasion of America. He is also aiding and abetting the abuse of children. Stretch. I don't think so here's Dan on the west side on WB and -- Oh yeah oh yeah I you know -- and I am so discuss that. Because. It is -- I'm multiple local book that there are. First of all I'm always always always concerned about. We -- Discount. Rate. At which it -- -- All of this is a gigantic manipulation. It's aimed at odds but -- these kids that are. Victims -- you know I'm not against the work. And I'm I'm pork or obviously. Stay focused and stay on focus I got a break I got a break I'm gonna heavy on after the -- and regional laser like on focus -- one of those -- I ask you what time and as you tell me how to build a Rolex. I love you Dan you know I love you get special treatment as a caller because I love but -- get you focused. I tell myself the same thing frequently on news radio 930 WB. This for a birdie three of those ready and I Bernie WB. The end that -- -- our lady and I started up the show bias as a repeat robbery briefly the Obama administration has managed to seal the border -- the Obama administration can seal the border if it is them. To -- the order. But it's not the border with Mexico. It's the border separating. The media. From Obama talks Lama. Refugee. Exodus that even the right word. Illegal invader tent cities. The most transparent. Administration. In history. Is not allowing the media to cover this disaster. Doctors are being told to STF you when it comes to talking to the media about how horrific the conditions are. Are right. This administration. Is a tyrannical. Despotic. Rogue criminal administration. Which I believe is also treasonous. What do you do. When the people in power. Are violating their oats. What do you do when their committing high crimes and misdemeanors. On a regular basis. The constitution. Mr. Boehner. Is very clear -- office. Impeachment. Removal from office. High crimes and misdemeanors. Where do you wanna start we did that show just the other day. Treason -- never prosper. What is the reason. For it to prosper. None -- call it -- Backed the ban on the west side on the WB EN -- and you are with us and let's continue with our conversation about what you would tell Washington about the invasion of America it is aiding and about it. Well our -- That's so obviously organize those that aren't and four blocks. End up there like that immediate wants -- will go the other way. Are. But I mean I mean that's that's part of what that remote -- and neck manipulation and -- They go about I'll go you know we'll be scared and -- and and that. Don't go out there you know it on the only. I'm very -- bet the only -- The only people critical will light up like they are are out who -- -- -- -- voted for. Whites get all into that and that. And -- Then you need to switch friends and family unity DNA change. Look I have a Obama lover and my family -- and I -- we're gonna hang out little -- I kind of thought well we are big aren't what they thought it like well I like what -- buy it but but. You know we've got your gut was mostly they are I don't Lotta thought on what Leon. The problem here. Yeah I guess and what I'm saying that all the great not only get it out there and -- only Democrat that but it. I eluding watering down -- of the that it. All of you know bet what do you want I want the -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- even I can't even get the really get it might be an upper Albany the speaker who are -- are by the way all of. I don't know why they went because seaweed we fixed it so you don't need to prove who you are in order to vote. And this is I I think as far as I know I'm the only talk show host who is currently pointing this out and if anybody else does in the future. Unlike a little love I'd like a little respect -- like some props if they were willing to violate. The law. By sneaking into the country illegally. What in the world would make any -- didn't come pool believer actually got to wait to legally vote especially since we've decided is a country that somehow. Voter ID used racially. Motivated argues it's. Well I'm I'm I'm like what people have been wrapped up by a bit of you know that -- BO and brought it. I am -- they're exactly what you percent. But I'm making a larger point here. That this is pulled whenever you see a situation you do not understand you look for the financial interest and you look for the political interest and mark my words the young Hamlet mark my words young prince that if they didn't wait to legally come -- What in the world makes anybody think logically they're gonna wait to legally -- They know who keeps the seats filled with -- milk and those votes are going their way in 26 team. Legal or illegal. -- -- I'm I'm sorry about the conditions here are really I didn't did I thought ought to -- a lot but you know it's just got. We are thought well. -- that I'd like actually I could even hear any distraction in the background so you you're covered it up well. Quite all right thank you were very much. All right it is up our lenders -- in my thirty WB EM. Now up you know I am. Don't usually come on the air and say I see black helicopters -- -- black helicopters but if you're at the waterfront by the -- harbor URC helicopter it may be black I can't tell. But they are those are special forces united states army. And at -- Have been doing drops from the chopper. Onto the proud that. Retired may be vessels at the naval servicemen part. And they also practiced landing onto a moving target which in this case is the fire boat. But culture. And over 100 year old gray lady of the Great Lakes and I will be posting exclusive photographs directly from the deck of the -- Momentarily. On my FaceBook page on WB the end. Now this is not an Obama coup of one point this out this is not in Obama -- This is a training exercise. Involving the Carter -- our special forces guys who actually made an oath. And who keep it. Unlike certain people of whom I compared. Mr. President. It is up for forty news radio 930 WB and you know thrilled -- thirty -- 3180616. WB EM what is your message to Washington. And that as certain talk show host. Is bringing them Teddy bears and hot meals. First of all I'm sorry I guess I didn't get the memo that these kids were starving. We're paying for them and our nickel yet idiot. Number two why would you -- would enable the invasion of the country you -- all out. Sorry it's either a tawdry publicity stunt. Where demand has genuinely. Turned on arts. This is not a -- Reckoned by minor disagreement is a foundational. Issue. Which is why I got my divorce from that of her talk show host. And wanna do the -- hominem thing but Dan. Dan. Tripled it. Let's go to bill on a cell phone on WB and hello bill. Based -- it's simple but I'm. Picture of the Washington fulfill her obligation who finished building and it will all or whatever what they did that it Q2 years ago. I drive around and replace them. -- the ball up and people and going to town -- there. Orders we have those been Marines to help people who built and you -- ultra pastors we could get. You really get the White House -- offense at the White House they have. We do almost seem to protect. And that we don't do it here I just talked -- a protester talked -- -- and I think you brought it into specific relieved when he talked about our borders appear with Canada. We do up here we do it because no shortage of government to protect its people and or not 200 -- I did don't know why don't management and I don't know why we use it and. Which -- we look at this rationally. Bill I wanna I wanna just add to your understanding of the situation. Here's your Smart guy and you know the answer division don't need me to tell yours why are we doing -- why isn't Obama doing it. -- -- -- -- -- -- A 465. People that are out there that should be dominant -- I didn't talk about it every day. But by about that what what if the reason they're not doing anything about it is because they don't want to do anything about not that they can't it's not that the technology doesn't exist it's not that the ability doesn't exist. The will doesn't exist in fact this is Obama as wet dream. Well one minute. You're gonna do it it's if you don't believe try to rationalize this he can't he can't -- I don't know what it's done so there are doing it doesn't make any sense at all and that they're not complete outrage on it is apple and I distinctly we have become. Not. And we become a constant is that the way -- are supposed to be. And I don't know why people don't wake up that Iran in order to leave their elected official right and. This is not up to national issue that hits such an old. It's great here worked out well for -- -- -- the same doctor we have been here -- happening in America. This is the question -- cannot reverse the Mexico and everybody's coming through we want to. And backyards. That we put a book that's. Why don't we do that with the neighboring country where we know that we can -- a society come through every single day. And an earlier answer that because it's part of their agenda. Will somebody -- Stop it because we can't afford it. Everything looked up and -- we get laid off for unemployed is because -- -- -- much more money to make sure that these people have a place to land and I'm colored up. And I -- maybe it's because I'm not as well but sooner or later elected said the 460 unimpressed the United States have to do something about it. And that is why tea parties are created this is why people -- out there aren't enough that the not I don't know that's ever gonna happen again but it's just. If it's a shame because I look at my grandfather's -- -- -- certain WWQ. -- got -- look at this now one under looser for that -- this what we call. Amen brother amen. An and one legitimately pass to wonder. But you must understand that this bit and I I point this out every day. This is not ineptitude. This is about the president failing. This is the president doing exactly what he said he would do fundamentally. Transform America. Okay he comes from a media use. Where people think America is the great Satan of the world. Which only was successful because it blown everybody else out of something. And this is their chance to get even to achieve social justice if only we can turn America into Guatemala -- -- that. I'll bet mr. Bauer -- it will thank you mr. at spaniel our thank you very much I'm glad you call. I love Spanish by the way I mean not that that really matters but you know it's like when I say that English these to be the official language I say that. Not because English is my primary language but because you have to have a language everybody understands or you don't have a country. Being bilingual is a great thing being tri lingual quadra lingual. All of these are magnificent things and achievements and accomplishments for an individual. For a nation being bilingual is a disaster. Because you can have -- nation where. You got 11 group's peak -- what language and other speaking another language and expect to remain a first world nation. India for example has about 200 different languages and variations thereof spoken throughout the subcontinent it has to official languages. -- And English. Believe it or not English is one of the official languages of India and it's not the official language of the United States. England obviously had something to do with that but that's another story. All right it's 446 at news radio 930 WBBM. Your message to Washington. That the Obama agenda again folks. I have no problem saying this at this point eight traitor to his country is the president of the United States. And when the chief executive of your country. Is an oath breaker. What tuition up like you to do what to -- like me to do we don't have any power. I don't have any power. I can have five billion dollars in the bank it would him power. 447 -- WB -- what is your message to. The nation's capital and the people who run it. Regarding this illegal invasion of America which is gaining steam folks. What we have seen now so far. Is just the beginning of trickle. -- water through the hole in the -- And we don't even have a boy over the -- putting his finger in the hole in the dike. We have a man in Washington. Who is watching that -- just get -- and holier holier. Until finally eight tidal waves that is unstoppable. Invades this country that's what he wants. Fundamentally. Transform. America. Folks I told you so years ago I told you I told you I told you unfortunately. So did sandy beach sudden rush so Mitchell. And guess what. Who looks like profits now. We do. That's with a PH by the way not an app although both would be applicable let's get back to the calls on WB here is -- -- Iran -- I'd sound. Lessen my message is so I don't think this -- an act -- -- are right eight. Got a gut feeling that because all the ruckus in different countries of the world especially the Middle East. There are armed forces are going to have to be increased and I think they're gonna reinstate the draft another four or five years and here's a lot of bigger future soldiers. Well all lot of the actually that might not be a bad idea because I think -- if they reinstated the draft are gonna be -- together this problem. It's good speed but you make. It. Given citizenship in their voting when they're old enough -- whatever and -- and maybe say a trip that they do which it Danica feeling it will. There are going to be. Maybe double our armed forces and that's what we're going to be biko's the world Madison. At an optical bird -- be problems generous as -- The wars of tomorrow will not be man power wars. There will be at a minimal they will be. Think bigger I don't I would think they would try to -- Now distribute these people have no interest in serving America that's and again I'm generalize. They're here to sock on our -- They are here to. Get the milk from our apps are not here to contribute. -- here because of free stuff. And they're here because of one political party believes that they are gonna come here and that they are going to vote Democrat and they would. Well OK but if -- That made American citizens I think and get the script does restart make a trip that what choices they run the Canada I don't think they'll get in this nice. Well I'd but first of all I disagree with your premise so because fruitless for me to go any further with that I don't think the draft is gonna be reinstated. And I'm I'm glad you called. I just I just hoping to draft will be reinstated. Might take on it is that. At this point war is more of a video game. -- is the World War II style mass movements of troops. I'm not trying to demean war or soldiers I think you know that. -- but I have to explain myself. But given the technology. It's gonna be more selective. In the future. Barring an all out thermonuclear war in which case nothing else really matters. It is 455 news radio 930 WBB. Dan.

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