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7-10 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate. Land on my desk so I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. -- hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of us. Sports teams and -- life. -- -- It's local provoked this it's Tom -- ask another question. Trying to get this month this isn't real she's tells you wouldn't. It's easily appeared. Now. So on news radio 930. Everywhere and we -- what it meant. -- a -- things feel confident. What's that members coast of. But I can't imagine -- cutting off. Heard a lot today. And it. It's our way sorry I'm not often known for just. Randomly. Is that there ultralight Goldberg. Anyway -- it's WB and good afternoon to you it would -- all that's bibles Ellsbury hits a big -- a two alarm fire and on top of that accident on the so if you are witnessing any of those situations right now lie. One call I would love to hear from you. -- state. Via free cell phone numbers start 93 Euro it is our mind three Euro. I'll line you know 0930. Now the obviously the first priorities is anybody in the house and was Ellsbury. Are they doing any rescue is any light that has been lost anybody's been hurt I have no information on that nobody is and it certainly hope that buffalo firefighters Buffalo's bravest. -- hope that they'll simple and safe and sound. And without incident have reportedly very hard day's work in the blazing sunshine. Folks -- can -- you put on by year probably lose five pounds of water weight. Opera every now you have it here on even with this weather in and it goes up the hotter it becomes in the humid it becomes outside an easy job. That is because the captain of the fire out -- Bell bonds that are I know all. Anyway so he's my VIP along with that military veterans. You're my VIPs. Certain talk show host go to borders -- you Teddy bears the illegal invaders. If I could -- elected not to give veterans neighbors like the equality prosthetics. You know top of the line prosthetics that you user for your service of his country but that perhaps -- different day. If you. Our on the Kensington if you were on the scene near -- as well or all bodes well Anderson what's going on feel free to give you call it Joseph I have to be honest with -- I I kind of was hapless and at the pockets news when he talked about where the closing was on the 33 at the very end. The -- exit on all old she's a lot of people get out there all boy. -- -- it's the Topper entrants on to beat 33. Which would be heading toward number it's torture log is closed yikes. OK guys you'll you'll be doing some navigating -- unfamiliar territory perhaps. To do the 33 thing. Well. As lots of things you could do you know feel comfortable doing that you can get on the one night you take a long way around. But you know whatever you wanna do or wanna get around -- usually the 33 accidents folks. The outside time now this is not official. But generally the voice of experience is usually even the worst accidents on the 33 the buffalo police. In their professionalism. Are usually able to these getaway open where it within about fifteen or twenty minutes even under the worst circumstances. Well. You know patients maybe you here so just wanted to pass it along to you and obviously at a time like -- like your uncle here. Any time -- -- an emergency vehicles in the rearview mirror poll overtook her right. And any time you see your vehicle with flashing lights where it could be a tow truck could be fired trucker polished car. Remember too slow roll dollar. If you can safely do so you're supposed to get into the other -- However there are times you cannot safely so that's a judgment call I don't like the way that law is written at all because it's too open to interpretation. So there have been times -- electric car on the -- and I and I cannot switch I can't let. But what I do do they usually back on the speed too but that 3540 miles an hour at least this is the people behind in the off but you know what ethnic. Because I'll be a marketing industry trooper marketing at some idiot are you can think I mean I'm gonna live with myself. I -- -- squirrel like feel additional. Anyway we have so many things to get into -- really know where to begin first of all I have goodies look original my -- Out. All right but let me Richard in my bag here and oh I have a pair of encountered plazas. To Niagara Falls state park. Value of forty dollars general contest rules apply. And -- nine at 6449875. Will win those 6449875. You can visit Niagara Falls state park dot com for more information and we. We just played that it's so common for people who live near a major worldwide tourist destination to take for granted. You could spend a whole day on the US side of the falls having fun if you wanted to and this would be great way to do. Just say it yet -- the for awhile. You guys get the blast that in a few years back and it was more fun band that was when I was -- -- Beaten. Because I was -- Pensive. Regular network. Friends. Of friends Ellen. Picked at random all right sorry those who think I've lost my mind a I have would be not that case that is from a -- Over par -- now. Ladies and gentlemen I. I am happy I didn't I tell you this now for the longest time I think that just approved of my heart is in the right place I want to congratulate. The president of the United States. President Barack Obama for doing a fabulous job. Now I have to say this deserves. Commendation. President Obama. Has figured out how to close the border and has done it. I know that rush did not have this on his show. I don't think Sean Hannity has it on his but I have it on mine. The president. Has closed the border this you are you're actually hearing this for real this is not a dream. The president of the United States Barack Obama has closed the border. Come. Here here's the bad news. He's closed the border around the camps so the media can't get to what is going on. To show the size and scope of the disaster engendered by this administration. Do you remember how I've been telling you guys you know sometimes my brilliance and adroit is at my job amazes even me. I have to start. If it's it's a funny because. I heard Hannity talking about the great market a bit last night and I put myself. Post constitutional republic. Haven't talked about. Now I can flatter myself that I'm smarter than -- -- and I'm not he's a brilliant brilliant man. But it is I think it's something it's a -- to be on the same page as some of the great minds in America. I don't take it -- an ego thing -- just take -- is that -- must be goes up the right thing. But I have been saying to you. Those of -- who -- Tom why does this happen. And I told the simple answer is because Obama wants it to happen. And so -- bush -- Please to my black Brothers and sisters who you know you always had that little thing about a white guy no matter how enlightened you are as my black brother and sister you always -- -- are gonna wonder hey. He's mostly European with a little bit of -- in him how much of this is -- secret racial animus and the answer is zero. Absolutely zero. Because I think bush. Who proceeded Obama and I think that Jeb Bush. Are equally as culpable in -- Jeb Bush -- used Jeb Bush as a metaphor for the GOP establishment. With his absurd statement that illegal immigration is an act of -- You know that's like saying. I've said this before that rape is -- relic that makes no sense dude. So anyway now illegal immigration is a cry and so is great at the violent crime. Sexual about it it's a crime of violence against usually women sometimes men. But. It's happening because Obama is allowing it to happen why is allowing it to happen because he wants it to happen. Because the president in this administration a program that bay can seal a border when they want to. Folks. This is a huge got a huge Tim -- Do you grasp the significance of bears. The president of the United States has ordered his Department of Homeland Security. To seal off all of these areas where these bore witness. Bar and it's. Light scary disease vector children. Are being warehoused. To be future Democrat voters. The Obama administration. Which promised us Jodi you have a bit of audio requested. I know I ask a lot of you and you always deliver on a regular basis. And then there were things I ask you do on Friday which you could sue me over but I know you won't. Because I have the videos and I would release them but anyway. Juror -- -- President Obama said this. Stop and to open up government that is hard you know because we don't control it would bring them but I can tell you. We have put in place the toughest ethics law the toughest transparency rules of any administration in history. -- below zero -- -- my job at the -- -- -- scandal that does the NSA's scandal and well. He's so transparent. That his administration is using DHS Department of Homeland Security you know the security theater actors and that's it doesn't disrespect for you guys look at coaching gig you gotta do it got to follow orders from Obama's. But I gotta tell is up and -- this disingenuous nature of this man is on display for everybody to see. And if you are one of my black Brothers and sisters or whatever the hell you are racially. A man is a fraud. He is a phony. Transparency. If this was real transparency. Why. -- the media get at. Access to these places so it can report on the humanitarian. Disaster engendered by this administration which knew it was coming. And that which caused it -- -- things happen because those in power want them to have. Happen things like this happen many can't prevent hurricanes although I don't know the George Bush single handedly manipulated. Our Katrina into New Orleans because he doesn't like black people like I remember hearing that at some point along the way. But this president who promised -- transparency. It's keeping at the border is sealed to the media while the borders to illegal invaders are wide open. Can you please put two and two together here can't even my fiercest critics and most bitter enemies agree that I am right. Barack if you can see the border to the media you can certainly seal the border to illegally invading children. And by the way. Folks. I I was repeating myself in laughter today and I shouldn't really admit to doing that because it doesn't really do wonders for ones socialite but I was actually out. I actually -- your what I read the articles today if this is so predictable. It is so oh my gosh folks I did not specifically predict this on the year but. The sympathy ploy tactics are already under way. And the local liberal rag reported on them today. And you know they're trying to convince you now why you should open your heart to all of these illegally invading children who were filled with diseases. You know why. Because there's gang violence in their home countries. Uh huh yeah -- -- -- I will say forget there's gang violence in their home countries that's why we should welcome them to the United States. Folks. How stupid to do the progressives. Think we are. We have a lot of places like Los Angeles. We've -- of places like Detroit. We've heard of the paradise that is Chicago. Where on any given Friday Saturday and Sunday twenty or thirty. Buffalo. Which has a gang problem although less homicidal then the other places. And it's a damn bit -- And folks. How stupid. How naive do you have to be. To swallow. This won't fool of fly covered fecal matter served up as news in the local rag. And all over the country. That we should open our hearts to these children because third gang problems. Which they can't name. Excuse me -- excuse me. I'm gonna still alive from the great city beach I did not just fall off the turnip truck. I keep abreast of of day violence in America. All outlets to weigh in Rochester. Gang violence -- was at its worst in Rochester I think in many ways and this year I haven't seen the metrics but I've talked with people. And it's bad. We're gonna ask you what your messages to Washington DC on this. As we move along today but folks my job is to call out those in power in fact is our great president once said. We need to hold people in power accountable. We need to speak truth to power and that is exactly what I'm doing. Publicly privately I must admit it as Bob Dylan once said. If Mike fought dreams could be seen they'd probably put my head get a -- a team. So on too Smart to share with you my thought dreams. None of which by the way involve anything homicidal -- one point that out. You can read between the lines. All right when traders are in charge of your country. Patriots have got to take over. -- -- -- -- -- 325 news radio 930. Listen to the Roberts Abiola shelled Saturday mornings at 530. Right here on WBN. Sponsored by buffalo hypnosis lose weight. They're being you know. -- -- Maybe. Spin the. Or head who's ready at 930 WB. -- And bat again mad if you have any up photos of the raging blaze on Bozell and you can safely share them seven to newsroom at WB and that cup. You know -- I don't want to mention yesterday and it got away from and this is a great time to mention this. This has saved my bacon on so many occasions if you sell now. Text the word traffic to 39330930. To type the work traffic. That's that two hours and when traffic stuff happens of significance we text it to you. And you also do the same thing with weather text the word whether by the way it's WE. EAA. THE are whether -- to 393030. 930. And finally. News updates folks we we are actually very much in 224 to eight. A technologically -- revolution taking place in this company. And it's a revolution taking place obviously you have throughout the world electronically. And we want it now we want -- fast we wanna quit. And we don't believe it non. Delayed gratification when it comes to one -- latest news. You can text the word news to us 30930. We do promise that we will not clog up your inbox -- -- on the important. Stuff. OK if we sent out attacks is because. It's important. And I found out about sort of breaking news because of our texts on my cell -- As much as I love the listen to sandy and rush and Sean and Michael and George -- can't always be -- doing. So it's nice to know that that back up system that they'll say that's the word of what import your video and talked about it a bumblebee. -- say it was the movie and the book has really FC Manson quite a few occasions. And I think my chances were saving I've gotten some burners compliment so thank you very much. You know what it gave -- a totally got a great asked you've got to be doing something right that's all I'm gonna say thanks Gerri. Anyway -- expect. That it is at 3:36. I am. Coolest conservative area you'll ever meet ladies and gentlemen. Speaking I'll which I'm gonna get back into a confident and and that beef in the meat of the show momentarily. But I do wanna take a moment to tell you bet that I had the opportunity to go too -- Williams bill's old days last night. And I'll -- obviously it was not Woodstock because I where's that -- the three united five years old Woodstock was taking place. And the grounds were my. And people were respectful. As they walk it could have been a quagmire but it really wasn't because people were actually quite respectful. And had a chance to see a terrific country band called. Heritage -- put a picture of the -- up on my FaceBook page Tom dot hourly. I would like to -- year. The guy. Who is one of the lead guitarist for heritage. And he would be. On the right hand side of the stage facing the crowd I would love fifteen year. Him in study used in the last Paul I would love to hear him pick up a strap. Or for some extra high end a six string Rick and Becker because I think that would complement the other guys last Paul beautifully. Because right now well it's based on too much alike. Sorry listen to me mr. music critic hey I worked at a recording studio actually took courses in music production so I like -- or at least try it. Could you guys are great I really I enjoyed the show I right. But I'm always thinking about stuff like hey how the last Paul sound if you play -- -- -- the other guys play at a -- backer or stress. My mind works in very weird ways and those of you listen to the show long enough will eventually realized that I don't think like. Normal people do -- Idea and now I'm a little weird which basically adds to the chart but I could have a chance to meet great people last night -- -- acknowledge them. Their wives a dude from. Another band was going to be playing Ole -- days on Friday night he Gucci. Who last cent below his pictures up on FaceBook I'm sorry it's so dark I did not have a chance to lighten it up at all sorry so I now look black because in that picture. So that's kind of interest bearing had a chance to -- a long time listener named Stephanie long time and thank you very much Stephanie. And I had a chance first of all the first guy ran into -- all -- old days was a guy by the name of Jack comics. Jack is the guy I said I hate. And I said a tongue in cheek because Jack knows every major musician. I have ever really really enjoyed in life. Almost every one of them -- is cell phone. He's got -- chief juries. Cell phone number in his cell phone. He says Jim the C news cellphone number in his cell phone thing. And I can go on and on and on but Jack does a lot of video work when these guys are in town. And the next time -- -- is in town I got the invite. Because Ritchie wants to meet meet. Okay because I wanna me Richie and I'm gonna -- and on the party that's what I really meant to say. But it was nice meeting Jack put a wake up to a video project are for those of you work bands of pogo. You might remember poco Victor last rubric you was. Breakaway. Are crazy -- I was -- -- has been real real big one in a while ago. And that's great behind the scenes video of rusty and -- from poco rehearsing backstage crazy -- That's songs starts out tonight I'm gonna break go away about one -- Anyway I was like that you guys peddled home days and thanks for what you're richer picture up on my FaceBook page and it is it was nice it really. If it was. It was very nice so thank you for saying hello I appreciated. The moment was right as I've said earlier. The moment is never right if I'm watching Ringo Starr in the middle of doing boys -- that's not a good moment but last night was -- moment. All right it is at 340 -- news radio 930 WB the end. I have a question for you and this is pretty simple. What is your message to Washington regarding the illegals what is your message. Now there's a certain talk show host I'm not going to name. Who. Is being very very much misled. And who I believe is going against. The very foundational principles. He holes. By enabling. This criminal desecration of our border. I will not name this man. I don't hear what his motives are the end result is a continued to. What's the occasion of our border and Fuzzy -- our border and there is not one child. Who it is in the United States right now from El Salvador Guatemala Honduras not one of them who is hungry. So all this stuff about I'm eager to feed the hot meal. It is either. A whole injury publicity stunt. Or this guy has really -- trade his own principles. Because you can call me old school Reynolds is calling old school -- regular applying for our right. You either have principles or you don't. And folks it is foundational. It is fundamental. And I it seems like I say this every single day because I love America I love the United States I love what our founding fathers stood for. Am I gonna say we were perfect country. You know the answer to -- On balance our goods so far outweighs our evils as to be beyond serious debate as to whether we are legitimate or illegitimate. And to fall into this guilt trap. Or to use these children as some kind of a tawdry publicity stunt. Is frankly beyond the -- which is why I've had to get a divorce. From this guy formal I have a lot of respect for a long time but this is not a -- -- -- trivial issue to. Because borders are fundamental borders are foundational if you don't have a border you don't have a country and if you enable people were breaking the law I don't care if their children or senior citizens. You are doing your country a disservice. And -- words are -- -- really do if you got money to burn like that mean I strongly suggest that you maybe. Poll. Delivers some hot meals to homeless veterans may be from the Vietnam War and some of them now from Afghanistan any rock. Who got back to the United States who had to wait so long for help from the VA -- Bad they never got it. And somehow somewhere they're living on the streets somewhere trying to deal with PT SD. Maybe falling into some kind of chemical addiction because they couldn't see a doctor to get legally prescribed. And and majored medicine's. That's -- my hard news. But I -- let's put it this way that's going to be spending money. On that got a charitable endeavor. It would be for our veterans. That our government is not taking Kara it would not be. Four children who were here illegally and who ought to be back hole. Now. And if you're just joining the show if -- just be prepared. There's a couple of things for which I want you to be prepared number one. -- continuing. Litany. -- stories designed to get you to feel any emotional sympathy. For these children which will override your rational -- such as today's oldest yet tactic you know this is right out of the playbook folks. Well the children can't go back home. Because Nicaragua and arrived El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala are plagued with gang violence and murder. Folks the fallacy of that. Chicago. Detroit. LA. -- would you like to go further. It is a -- you can drive eight you do you know what you could pull American steam ships McCartney through that kind of hole. Through that kind of a giant gap in logic. Get ready for more of that and Michael Savage. Very prescient. As told us to be aware of something. He says it with the French accent. -- drop pro locker tour. Agent -- I just say agent provide its. These are people who are sent to cause a crisis by doing stupid things. Obligated to that coming up because -- and as a partner and again. -- I agree with their is people always say this to me listen you all the time but I agree with everything you say. I enjoyed Michael -- a two -- agree with everything he says no I think he's very fascinating man and kind of reminds me of me in a lot of ways. Which is why maybe sometimes -- can't listen to much. -- -- -- -- -- a WB alright folks the other thing that is what point are really quickly years. They expect the complete. Litany. Of stories designed to get any emotional visceral -- logical response from you. OK -- -- think my god he's kept police backed Contras are right and violence. What you mean like places like Chicago Detroit. Well okay. Don't fall port number to beat. Alert for somebody. Doing something stupid. Because all it's gonna take is an agent of the administration. Or some legitimate certifiable whack job and -- apologize for that I'm sorry I had some person who is genuinely mentally it'll. Who is not thinking right that's. Proper and I apologize present actor that was wrong. But you gotta look up for somebody doing something stupid that is gonna bring sympathy onto the illegal side. The last thing any of -- wanna see is any of these kids I hate. Because of an act of violence. -- I don't see anybody die because of an act of violence. I'm very very peaceable man -- last push to the point right absolutely have to use physical force or. Who knows maybe deadly physical force let's go to Spencer in Attica on WBM Spencer hello. -- -- Spencer are gonna put junk hole we got to get a better at that telephone connection with you dude cares seriously sounds like -- It sounds awful we got a huge would have better sellers here's bill and -- bill on WBM bill hello. Looked. I don't know anyone has been thinking about this book was something more dangerous than the disease they're rapists murderers and the other sorties that are going to be yeah. Coming overboard there -- -- and a -- act. I mean if they think the -- terrorists aren't you what's going aren't saints well -- jerks but Barack Obama. Well this. I spoke -- years ago old whip Doug Hagman about information. We had. About a situation like that you are describing which was narrowly averted. Many years well about ten years ago right here in the United States. Thanks to. A certain unit. Any certain intelligence agency that got wind of it and caught it just in the nick of time. But you are correct terrorist groups are going to see the wide open border they will use it to infiltrate our country there are reports that a Muslim prayer rug has been found at the border. But again. -- -- Remember -- terrorism is an open the tent it is all inclusive. Not all Muslims are terrorists any more than all gun owners are gonna commit a mass crime. -- so I don't want people misinterpret that but the point is. If you're you're you're so correct and I'll be happy to talk to further what you'd have some work time is going to be talking over here after the news break if you want to hold on I'd be honored street 55 news radio 930 WB Ian.

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