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Made in WNY: Perry's Ice Cream

Jul 10, 2014|

Brian Mazurowski sits down with Eva Balazs of Perry's Ice Cream to learn how the business was founded, and what has made them a WNY favorite.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We just celebrated our ninth and fifth anniversary the company was established in 1918. And we started making ice cream and 32. And local high school asked us for it and since then we've been making its. So it was just random request almost that started what we see here today is carries scoring. Yes -- and that they are in business it was a delivers around. From eighteen until late I I -- it's time. Based on that initial request from the school year Nolan Batman did they have the equipment to make ice cream what was involved in making ice cream -- in the news just kind of know maybe cheese other dairy products and also underestimate my screen -- known for before did they -- -- ask. I'm not sure. If they had known about the recipe that our founders mother had and that's the one that was used. To be made entice him on the kitchen stove. So that could be the origin maybe the community didn't know about her recipe. Since then in those 95 years can you talk a little bit about that growth and how do you go from someone who's making ice cream for a high school one day to. All these years later sending ice cream all across the US clients started. -- it started with just to school but as word got around more and more people are demanding Perry's ice cream because it was a high quality. I seem just as it is today. And slowly distribution started to develop and with the technology obviously. Freezer space as it got more prevalent. We were able to ship it further and further. Talking about that process of making the ice -- How many steps are there are from making ice cream where do you get the dairy products from and then all the way to what we see in the stores how much goes into that process of making nice. It is quite an elaborate process and we do get 98%. Of modern theory. From local farms within about fifteen miles from here and would receive. There products almost daily. We. Make them -- first of that is really. Now most important part of our ice cream. We made carries and -- and then once. That is ready it will. Get -- and then he solutions are added to which we like to add quite a few. And then once it's packaged it goes through the heart winner. Gets -- ties and -- it ends up in the freezer from where we -- When you get that dairy product and there's obviously shelf life to it how much -- -- is kind of a rush to make sure you're able to turn out all the ice cream before any of this starts to a go bad and off we received only one we need. To make. And makes so we always use fresh. And then once we put it through our custom -- process which is. Unique to Perry's we don't use that for any other. Friendly manufacture. It gets -- really fast. -- dimension after nine to five years even though you're still kind of expanding. You know how much dairy product you need to take in exactly how much yes and it's all figured out before. Absolutely we schedule. To what is needed and that's what we receive because the freshest and now the freshest cream yields and yesterday's and we. Like to do it when people think of Ares. I think they just think of awful it says made here in western new York and it's. Eaten here in Western New York but -- is really all over -- -- our distribution for the Perry's brand itself. Is really why dinners and chest list in New York but not necessarily as alive as we would like it to view our people believe. We distribute to. Buffalo Rochester and Syracuse markets. And then also. With limited distribution. Through Pittsburgh area and New England we -- -- and distributors who. Sell our products all the way down to the city. That the area. How hard was it to kind of push into those markets it's one thing when -- me right and somebody's backyard but when -- kind of an unfamiliar name NC Syracuse is a little hard to catch on her once people taste it they know -- -- gonna come back. Typically we like to penetrate that market with our that Stan product could be ice creams and product three young tops. That's the easiest to that distributes and then once people tasted and an ice creams and -- your risk. Is lower you are just fine one -- if you don't like you know -- -- Then they start demanding it from grocers and it's easier for us to establish distribution in this. Horses you mentioned when you made. When you make the mixes you like to add a lot of things into the -- and I think carries is known for a lot of flavors a lot of unique flavors can you tell us about some of the flavors you have what are your favorite flavors and where these ideas come from. Well we sure have a lot of flavors we have. Over 85 items. But the ideas come from a wide variety of sources they can come from our research and develop. And team. They can come from a marketing -- always scanning the market. Lucky even that other categories not just ice cream. They can come from our vendors from our flavor and include commanders they may bring us a piece of property that they just developed and or. They bring us knots and different pieces and anything under the sun and they think is suitable for an ice cream application. And we get suggestions from consumers from our team members. Pretty -- from everything. Some of the year things we seem right here I -- cupcake at the Syracuse. Branded ice cream I know there is sabres bills so all sorts of things. Absolutely we need to consider lots. This specific team or institution stands for when we develop the flavor and in case this one here. Syracuse flavor. Obviously you're looking at the Syracuse collars everybody knows who aren't so we were trying to incorporate. At least the orange color obviously who is a little bit harder we -- that way it's true to the blue which is you beef flavor we have a -- piece in there and it's actually a pretzel. Blue pretzel ball is that something you had -- come up with specifically for that ice cream did you have it lying around thinking what can we use this -- pretzel -- No we actually source that -- specifically for the flavor we reached out to all our vendors and asked them what do you have Andrew. We tried some concepts -- blue fairy gets them. Sauces but they just didn't look as good and so then we came across this blue pretzel law and the -- it was four. Looking forward now to the future Ares army hoping for more expansion. More of the same more great flavors so what do you see it's been 95 years he could look into the future for the next 95 years ago what do you think lies in store. For the next 95 years obviously we. Lofty goals we would like to see the -- friends old and why -- markets. But it is difficult to establish distribution and hat. Our own stack because we like to control project from. The manufacturing. Side all the way to stores it's the best quality control when you know -- has been verses. Handing it over to. Why distributors -- may not take good care. So we are definitely going to -- create. More flavors -- again and that's. Annually and for us we have new flavors each season. And where taking a slow approach to grow so we're penetrate markets with our that's an ice cream. Product. And as people get to know there is better. -- -- mostly at the end and some of those groceries -- him. We know it's born in Western Europe below what does it mean to this company to you to still be after all these years -- need here in Western New York is a matter of great pride to our owners and they are the -- generation. Running the business here in Akron where it was established. We did outgrow our initial facility. And now this new facility was built in 92 but days. Stayed true to their roots. They like their heritage here and they support the community have everybody knows that everybody knows everybody here in Akron is like a big family. We employ a lot of the community. So it is very good feeling to be. Deeply -- and --