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7-10 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If not the what I thought happened here what any one who looked -- minority. The Fed will protect. OK but -- on the board and they're very capable people like no longer -- Okay look at it and hit it but because updated. The and they get they -- our. And it is the big concern that that that's out there that the day particularly since before. Where are we were included in that -- A reminder of that of course were Sharon -- and a Sharon M Melton our common error remind her. That is in the last board the majority was five and the majority of five were black women. The minority of four or white man. Right now it is for black women one white woman and four white men that's it. At what a shame we have to goes goals from this charade. And I'd like to know what they stop them from doing because they not -- -- they gave -- Pamela Rollins golden parachute. -- they also remember the person that was jettison them they hired in the middle of the night to come back. I had a bigger salaries then than the superintendent was making. I'd like to know what they're referring to I don't so I I said as kinda like title for the show. That you have to do is have a hyphenated name and an attitude. And that's generally. I feel about this it's like. It's -- never gold. Paris too big -- -- man and -- Capps C act have an attitude and I like to know what they have done. Where they're tenure on the board. To enhance the buffalo school system. What have they done to earn that attitude as they come up with some miraculous. A new program some way to spend money more efficiently some way to cut down on an unneeded or on one of expenses are just like to know. Or they just sit there and bitch and a recession is that they ago. They're via the designated pitchers they come on and here we gonna complain about this and complain about that instead of adding to it you think that at the beginning of of as a session like this. That you have a little of a combed by Al moment doesn't have to be hugging -- But it can be look we all bring different things to the board in our education our experiences. In our outlook on life. Let's work together yet this thing done. Let's leave any animosity at the door. The buffalo kids deserve a better education and getting the taxpayers deserve. The buffalo kids to get a better education -- they're getting it's a billion dollars a year 80% of accounts in the state about 7% of the constancy. And I'm thinking that. The better the kids are educated the better of the community is the better the community is the better we all are so everybody wins with better education. Nobody wins by trying to use. Defend or stay in a failure chain which is what the buffalo school system has. There are there are hints here and there. Of love -- of advancement but not certainly enough to think that we've made any real progress or any real -- But that isn't what these women -- about. These women -- about self aggrandizing -- And about the fact that anybody against the remember last year the famous that last session famous quote we don't wanna do the bidding of the of the white man. Every year we played it over and over again because that of course is the general consensus and and I mean you can. You can just see it it's dripping out there. I'm Sharon -- and Koppen to acquit and when certainly doesn't need the job I can tell you that you don't own everyone in the community. That's the Larry Quinn was Larry Clinton made -- for. Are you more rubber stamp that says Donald Ogilvie. Know what kind of an insult is that because they wore rubber stamp which is not. How would you answer questions like yes I am a rubber stamp and I don't deserve to be yeah it's a -- interim superintendent. And the big question. It's Ogilvy were black. Would they have said a word. Now. Of course. It's just discouraging. It really is just when you see buffalo start them makes them forward momentum -- little progress you -- were stuck in the La -- TARP it's. Let's go to bill in Lancaster -- you're on WB again. -- particular Georgia writes occurred with. Your comment actually ridiculous. That's what it is here earlier this war and I wasn't sure -- watched an episode beavis and bought -- -- -- here actual. Chewing from the year the group. But I. Eddie of four children it and we don't -- the school's assistant in the last. And cheerleader. And this is just overwhelming. And happy to open the problem because of course there is a question senses -- turning point. I never grow old they'll that's good I like that yeah yeah they are you know what's interesting last night they did not go into executive session I think Larry Quinn suggested. That they you know they keep. Open to the public because now we got a chance to see it. Man I mean knowing about it -- one thing but seeing and hearing is another. I don't have my wife and I we were critical material like for some entertainment we -- won't get -- -- Bobby sir Richard hours. Well does come down certainly hope. Appearance and by the. You cannot make up bill and I'm glad you agree thank you reminds. Yeah I think it was Larry Quinn who suggested. These sessions like what we were treated to last night -- usually an executive session so. Only the board members and whoever else is there lawyers will assume here. I am so glad here's my suggestion. Anything that can be public should be public. I mean there are certain laws that require them to go into executive session. But when those laws do not apply I'm suggesting that everything that the buffalo school board does. Vietnam on -- public session. So that as the last caller -- and so that I feel and I'm sure you do too we can see it right there's one thing air about it is quite another thing to see. These of these women who sees nothing but race. It's all race and all they are they're mad that they lost a couple of elections because now. They can't have that same attitude and and still get things passed they have to actually be part of that team. An effort it's called the board of the board of education the school board. They are members of the board they should work together instead of separating themselves from the board and then complaining that the board is. Separated. You figure that one out. Ignorance. Has no excuse with a sort of finger supposed to be educators. Will be back of -- Beijing company and -- at 930 WB. One of the first things that I need to do is to bring temperatures down. And that is that we know address this problem in after word that is too. Take the way that individual board members that -- -- in the past and projected into this war. Let's go to move this would be bill and Amherst -- you're on WB yen. On good morning thank you taking my call I just won't stay -- and you know don't be on racism and hatred. And evil or level -- Those older tool are uneducated. And amid the bad thing about it is when you tell somebody. You know your mind when you and what does that mean are you -- -- because you're a man and you know that deal you'll miners because. Europe -- light and -- I'm like what are we talking here I mean are they afraid. Somebody -- that it can't or what they're in -- Their fear and ignorance that I think they're afraid of somebody breaking Internet finding out more out of how incompetent they really are. Yeah I can you imagine a board of directors of any company about the hire a CEO saying -- minus and that are you were rubber stamp man. That's a question that even if he wore rubber stamp man he's -- an answer is. And you're gonna have to put in a real effort the assumptions are that -- deadbeat rubber stamp guy who's not gonna put in an effort I think might have how insulting can you get. Yet they're just afraid that what they are. It's just afraid of what's gonna happen. Well I think they have a right to be afraid because there there are not caring -- wait I think that board has to get together and I don't think it's the majority of the border separating them I think it's the minority right now thank you bill. Persian yeah they must be afraid. To go on a job interview especially when you have credentials. I can't imagine me. Sitting in front of a general manager was about the hire me. And having having he -- she asked me of you want to put in a real effort. Or that I'm going to start with a minus. I wouldn't take the job. I'd say screw you Knightley. That's exactly the way it would be a lot bit lucky yeah it was a song. Called Vincent. As the story Vincent van bill okay Don McLean I don't know and it says the Euro much too beautiful for this world basically. And I think I I -- little. Feeling -- there may be old movies a little beautiful for this job because he's a very nice guys soft spoken whatever. I don't think that's a language that those four women are going to appreciate. I I just think there aren't going to be uncomfortable with them because that is that he wasn't there a guy. They didn't even vault. You think. That if somebody was in front of you and you didn't want them on that job you'd at least have the decency. To vote no. Now -- that. They didn't vote yes either. So they have Spain how about that so they're not on record as favoring him or not favoring them -- their vote. So that's how that's how he comes into the system. Now he says he's gonna try and tone down the temperature for the district keep this in mind. He works for the board the board is his boss. Nine the board doesn't work for him he works for the board the board also controls the money. Now I have a list of his abilities here in his contract and they have been doing these sort of typical superintendent would have out. But it's his job. Now according -- on a mission to get the board to work together and be cooler and calmer and get something done. Now if he does that. He should be a major be roundly praised as a saint not a superintendent. Because we've got some people on the board. Who only thought. Is the color there's. That's -- thought that's that's the whole Manila. Yeah if you don't like what they have to say if you disagree with their vote as I've given -- It's not I don't understand orchard coming from a its work on this together you know not that it's 'cause you don't like their skin color. In one could presume. Rightfully so that if you didn't like their skin color you wanted to do things that would hurt the district because most of the kids. Our minority kids. Now why do you think they would take a job to scuttle schools system. It made them you're doing it yourself. You didn't need any help from Larry choir and believe me he didn't need any help from all movie you are doing a good job at doing a lousy job. But you wanna continue that because you're more comfortable -- that. And you can have the the privilege of hiring incompetent people and paying them a ton of money when it. That's that your star maker kingmaker if nobody -- -- money from the taxpayers because of another failure meanwhile your kids. And your your neighbor's kids in your parent your read cousins kids and all that. And gonna have to suffer through rate as an inferior. Education process. And care and you're on the board you should care. Let's go to Jennifer in buffalo Jennifer you're on WB -- Jennifer. Night I kept alive and writing down things but my. Main point that I like to make is the legal costs. Now they're talking about hiring a lawyer. To it. And prevent them. -- that it is a racial issue want to -- it never -- last year he had a lawyer paid by the board of education. The other -- of the board has lawyers on on staff that are paid. But I don't know what she would want a lawyer to represent them on. -- I understand. But might point to -- point being that is a waste of money be going to court education advocates. Each year we have story that teachers that are bringing in supply. And and getting it ready to -- from day one we go to the community to pay act -- -- act for these kids. It did not get the report says. And need to be prepared because the court cannot afford. Two to apply these items. What does not the money legal fees for these pointless. -- And it walked it would. And -- doctor William health care for life doctor Pamela brown. Scotland. While Sharon Belton Kaufman is the one who said I suggest we find an attorney to represent the foremost and of course that would be taxpayer money and there are always complaining about the lack of money. And that's why I've said with a billion dollar budget if they have money like this have been -- money to give a quarter million dollars for the last superintendent a goal way. Then maybe they have too much money and -- certainly not enough is not an issue a good point Jennifer it's taxpayer money it is taxpayer money. And at its stuff. It's com. I can't come up with -- enough words that mean the same thing as well. Ignorant maybe. -- -- you're just don't know the facts dumb is even if you don't know affection process them properly. But that's totally seemed like a totally inappropriate avenue to be traveling winner on the board of education. And -- if they're playing. To their constituents. And other words it's us against Y eighty. Then what are their constituents' thinking because guests who were educating we're educating their constituents children. So if your child is not got a job or is not -- doing while in school. And doesn't have much of a bright outlook for the rest of their lives when they get out of school. Why would you back a school board member whether indeed there against Whitey or not. Mean about it because -- -- race I'm using this term is that term was euros last year. By want of a school board members. So if indeed you have a kid in the buffalo system. And -- board member. Is that dividing the board why would you side with her in this. She's not looking out for your best interest while she is looking out for is your vote. Meanwhile the other cable you have no contact with on a regular basis probably are trying to make your schools better. And -- make your kids better and best make their lives better so why vote for. You're hearing the voice of buffalo. WB ENN that call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 93010 -- toll free line is 18061692368. Understand. And I -- empathy. For anybody that feels like they haven't been -- for -- -- that was not my responsibility my responsibility is today going forward. That's -- Ogilvy seems like a gentle men com cool and collected because. He was told that -- by Barbara seals never gold who was the last. Head of the board that he's starting off with a negative. Even though he had nothing to do with thing he does that make it -- -- and how does nothing she looks at him as as your starting with a negative. That's your question and I figured out another reason why they're so ticked that they are in the minority. -- his contract the end of the employment contract in section one. This says among other things mr. -- shall have the sole authority. Now it says here's the keywords subject to board approval. On the following select and recommend appointment or termination of any employee assigned to the central office staff. Be established job descriptions for central office personnel see a sign or re assign any member of the central office staff. And abolish any position within the central office organization. Now that is those are his that's his assignment. But it's subject to board approval so one would guess that he might find some people in there he either wants the reassigned or dismissed. That might be cronies with people who are on the ball hard. Strangely enough there's four of them there and maybe they have a lot of allegiances and a lot of alliances with people within the system. So that all of a sudden it mr. Ogilvy says that they're not suitable and wants to dismiss them. The board the minority board doesn't have the votes to overturn. Map. Got it. All right so that's what this is all about. It's all about a group self aggrandizing -- being able to protect people within the system that might not be up to up to par up to speed. And it's just minutes ago there really is a joke. I'd Carlin Williams though Karl here on WB yen. They say India I just wanted to ask you. There's any of these -- board members have children or grandchildren. Going to multiple school. I don't I don't -- don't I do not know -- if they have any. Kids or grandchildren go to the school system. You would think that they wouldn't want to make this school system better weather channel these are where they can't live in the city correct. Yeah yeah -- -- yeah yeah you wanna keep it better for everybody. And even if you didn't have kids in there you still wanna be on the board that -- the system around -- on talking about because it looks good and it's a pat on the back trio. Carolina selling is saying though you -- you want a little that that's what I don't get if if they're playing the race card to appease the people that they think voted for them. If those people cared about the education of their own children or their own grandchildren as he just pointed out. They wouldn't vote for somebody that is not in in lockstep with getting the job done. Would you vote for somebody just because you knew them or because you voted for them in the past that they weren't doing the job. And so yeah oh yeah it lousy job my kids are getting a crappy education but you know a lot. She stood up tell Whitey and that's all accounts what may. And that my kids will have to stand up to Y eighty at a house staff I mean it's ridiculous you talk about it -- endless yet. It's a pit of what's the word ignorance just that it's beyond my description. If you want what's best for your kids you don't want to do nothing board members you don't and they talk about rubber stamping. Odd when they asked -- appease the rubber stamp guy. As more rubber stamping then the minorities on that board. Have they ever voted separately I think our interest to find out in in things that they've taken votes war last year they have five black women okay. They voted for -- like to know if they ever voted separately or did they vote away as one -- And if so they should just send one person there and just overall. Signed a proxy you know nonsense and wasting your time by showing up and listening to suggestions that might help your kids or your grandchildren. It's just us against them is and you can tell. When now when Larry. I mean who would have the nerve. Does say you don't ought to. Sharon bell -- -- and the reason I'm hesitating they all have. That are eight miles along I mean really seriously. It's saying Barbara never all that be too -- is Barbara seals never goal is that a saying. Teresa take no at all is Teresa A half hours today is that -- sharing government is Sharon -- Belton Koppen. And then we -- Mary Ruth caps caps the act. They obviously like longer business cards. Because they all have really long names but Sharon Belton Kotchman said the Larry when you don't own everyone in the community. Now I'd like to know what she means by that. That's not show you know a little something a little bias in her attitude toward them. And the fact is I would bet you whatever you want an event that have suddenly. If suddenly Donald will be. As an awakened and found himself to be an African American that they would have loved the choice. And it would have been a unanimous vote. With his credentials with his attitude with his calmness. With the things that he brings to the table it would it would have been nine zip. But because he then there's the assumption Isner. That he must be against us. He's never done anything to show that. -- never run up and then they didn't even have the decency when it starts a job like this. Which is thankless job I mean truly it's got a thirty day vote on the contract which -- A joke being kids and human drive by thirty days. When a guy is willing to take on responsibility like this don't you think he's hoping to have the full support of the board. So that -- I wanna get something done nicely it's gonna get something done instead. For each day is to all that. He's -- before even he gets -- position he's felt -- starting with a minus with us. And are you -- rubber stamp man who has a lot of rubber stamp man. And you're gonna put up a real effort can you imagine them doing the job interview. No wonder they got what they got. If that was the job interview process and think about like best. Off another vote going the other way and that would have been the job interview process that's out that's how tight it is. And it if they think that -- appeasing their constituency. Makes them have to pit white against black they should give up the job. Will be back -- more. -- not the what I thought and hear what any 10 what a minority. The Fed will protect. Okay back or never on the board and they were very capable people -- no longer here. Okay we'll look at it and hit it but because they thought -- -- get me where are. And it the big concern that that that's out there at this that they particularly since the four. Where are -- that included in that -- -- Ogilvy seems to be a class act. In the Buffalo News section lets say here's some quotes does that sound like a guy who wants to get the job done. And is not it doesn't have any agenda. Or any axe to grind. He says I'm blessed with some experience. And some stamina and the ability to work with -- people and get things done. About that. Also he says. As we begin to work together will forge a good relationship. Will make a difference I'm going to show up every day and do something that will improve classroom practices. -- I made how great is that's now I know words aren't aren't actions are not the needs. But certainly sounds like the kind of guy they need -- the private home. Because of the other four women is that he's not black. That's a problem -- that. Making this stuff up that's the problem. It would have been nine -- if he were black but because it isn't and they -- okay. You're starting with a mine as are your rubber stamp guy you're gonna have to put in a real effort. They sell them for crying out loud it's one thing to have a job. Interview and I'm so glad that this was a public session normally this would be executive session in the public wouldn't see it the same thing what happened. But the public wouldn't really know. I think that every time they possibly can and should be open session. As I I think that we have you know what you do your size you shine some light on things and find out what's crawling out of while rock. And I think we'll find out that knows some of the people on the board there top priority is an education. I was code through Jim in Lancaster gem here on WB yeah. Just seeing the users medals for -- parliament in the for an eviction in a real victims here of the young minds it is supposedly trying to. Assist if anybody in the victim and any any circumstance that you really -- rescue whether what you call them skin. Whether ethnic group is. I mean storming these people and our focus is for these four you know minority people is to what the should be thinking of the thinking of themselves and so the children. I like -- worked the word entitlement there it's almost like we're entitled to a black superintendent because we have way. Black student body and that's that many body elsewhere suspicious of that's you're I think you're right I'm glad you brought up that word thank you. OK we had two gyms this is that he another gem and Anjelica -- here on WBN. Or in Belgium. You know I agree with just about -- and so on most it was stamped. It's a lot of -- -- -- program. -- and move that they were voted -- to work we're the other members. Not against them. And it just reminds me of Washington. And unions and things like had to do nothing but bad mouth. The deposition. And then wonder why they don't wanna work with -- That's it they sell friction that's what they sell they sell its us against them and without us you're screwed but I mean that's that that's the motto hasn't. -- if you don't make your negotiating partner you start from behind relates. -- to may I like I go all -- attitude of let's work together we can get this done and he's taking on a big responsibility. His contract is obviously reflects that because got a thirty day out. So to -- he's a guy who's committed to doing the job that we need done thank you Jim. Offer for him to sign that has incredible. I wouldn't sign it. And I wouldn't sign a thirty day out you're kidding me no way. Because we're in a thirty day window. I mean anything can happen especially the first thirty days the first thirty days as you get -- -- -- -- others may get acquainted with -- -- and he got a winner with the systems and -- stuff. It's just one aide to Weezer is a wait too little protection thirty days. My god you get that it'd if you work for six months for somebody you get thirty days state fire Jews though. The bottom line is the board can fire him Marty can fire aboard. Not literally but he couldn't he can leave or they can ask him to leave within thirty days in any thirty day window I assume it's rotating thirty days. So that's -- that's all the protection he has so wasn't like he took this job. As general so they could enrich himself and get a golden parachute in case it didn't work out there is no parachute. Okay there is no door on the plane he's hanging out waiting waiting and seeing if he can do the job he seems like a guy who's competent and has proven in the capacity can. A marker US. Let's go to David Lancaster debut on WB hand. India. You know a lot I would try and it's a pretty steep parallel. -- starting with Coleman Young who at the great white flight. It late sixties and Kwame Kilpatrick -- multiple ballot and that. Sports start date being nice guys generally incompetent they finally elected a white. Mayor Mike in the past go round after that we don't know Detroit. Yeah I'm hitting rock bottom -- it's it's probably -- the most impoverished city the United States. And finally why -- Chocolate over color it was what is supporters were touting and it -- the African American community. A rally around the most qualified candidate not based on the -- -- and and I'm wondering how accurate gentlemen you have gotten that I'll play. Who witnessed African American terribly good -- -- want that. Are running it I think it's -- I'm all for the very Britain and the other African American leader in buffalo. To realize your school that the -- joke it's an actual joke it's getting worse. And you are -- -- -- so. Why are saying you know coming to the forefront it's saying electronic -- you're. Well you know at leaked out only going to operate attitude let's get item to happen over -- Good point and I think that was a good a good slogan for them and let's hope so we have that mind set in buffalo by if you recall. That's exactly right if I am I if I'm a parent of a kid in the school system. I especially if I'm if I'm black parent. I say we've -- -- have well either way initiative but I I we got to have better education and I'm not gonna vote for you on the board just because -- black or just because you point out why ideas I don't want ideas. If Whitey could do a better job for me than the person -- who want that I want Y eighty. If you're -- better than I want your person but it's all about getting results. And so I was disgusted today by what I heard from that school board last night. And now I've got out of my system see that's the advantage of having your own radio show. You can unload right here on the radio -- go enjoy the rest of the day as best I can opera. Ball to him. Check it out tomorrow on those -- and I'm thirty WB. The local rule in which they never had to leave his views.

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