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7-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You know look any one what a minority. With that we'll protect. Okay back or never on this board and -- -- very capable people who are no longer -- Okay -- -- it and hit it bogey they thought that there probably get -- where are. And it is that well the big concern that that that's out there that the date particularly that the four. Where are and we were included in that things. While. It says jets it's beyond belief it's beyond description is beyond words unfortunately I'm a talk show host and counsels come up with the right words. And the words that come to mama and her ignorant. Backwards thinking. That's what it is -- say oh let's let's around our little group of people and stand in the way of anything. That might happen to the school district the might be beneficial and just about anything that can happen would be beneficial. All right and it drives me crazy because I'm a logical person. All right -- and let's say when Sharon am Belton hopman. Close spoke the words as she spoke. Inferences you said oh oh why this is a waste my time when their time of the nominating a Donald movie what did you small minority. She says I suggest we find an attorney to rep present before must mean before. Black females on the board that they need an attorney for them. -- also she brought -- skin color of there in the somebody you just heard and it's all about race is all about race. And here is my logical conclusion a -- things drive me crazy. All right. If you think somebody's against -- because of your race and -- races the majority. Of the school district students. Would you think that they want bad things to happen to those -- Well naturally you would you would think that that would go with them as being racist members and being against you because your black. That isn't what the agenda is the agenda is to improve the buffalo school system I might remind GO. That the be preceding superintendent that were chosen did not do a good job. They are the ones that that your your ire should be directed at unfortunately. The last one was black. -- that was black. And the last fall time one before it was black okay so it got black black black. And the school and the school this is going down down down. So why are you pointing fingers at the other members at the table some of whom obviously were on the board at that time. When indeed the selections. Were disasters. -- or failures. So how do you make the case that. That does something went against you because you're black -- and that would seem to be that they want. Stones of minorities. To fail that is what's going on here -- can't you can't bolster that argument. What is. Just as we have. We've seen before -- it's it's it's a club it's a club we we'd like the power. I'll vote overseeing a billion dollar a year budget. In anybody that comes in a -- -- a circle of friends that is and so welcome we have do. We have to denigrate I'm might remind you. That last year the majority were five black women for white man and the votes went that way. And nobody pointed any fingers last. None of the white men stood up and said you're against our ideas because we're white. It's activists are really do I get absolutely sick of it so -- this city moving forward. We're going to be stuck in the -- like that because as I said moving forward is more than building cranes it's more than a company moving here and some jobs. It also the very most important thing is the education. And why would you stand in the way of a possible Lee improved educational system. We have pointless -- and that's all they -- A -- like to hear from you on a couple of issues. The buffalo school board is this a new fresh beginning. Or the same old same old crap and kept the ball hard. -- past race. And you know what. If we can't be disgusted with this let's at least have a little fun -- and here's my suggestion saying that the term just started. A pad and paper. And -- your radio. And TV set and every time race is brought up. During this term I'd like it out check mark there okay. And see who trotted out. And how many times it was brought up so here's what we can -- we can have -- over under just like they do in sports betting or born under a certain number of times during this session that the board will bring up race. And then we can see hope brings it up now that's a suckers that. I can tell you about right now. You're gonna hear race. Brought forth there's an issue from the white members of the of the board. It's not gonna happen. I mean I would be shocked a follow up this chair. If indeed that happened so play on we've got to get some humor out of it for a billion dollar shall wait. -- over under for how many times race as mentioned. And you know and also who's mentioning my bet is it's going to go to Barbara seals never gold who told they know. Acting commissioner. Bet you're already starting out with a minus. And he hadn't even done anything had -- sworn in yet nothing OK you're starting with a minus. OK Barbara seals never gold Teresa Dave Harris take good. Sharon M -- compliment and Mary Ruth cap C act. Of those the last night it seemed like Sharon M Belton continent was the one who had the diarrhea of the mouth. But I'm just I'm just suggesting it could be a fund board game. Don't forget it was one of time we don't know which of the women that sent out an email. That are criticizing. -- -- don't stop doing the bidding of the white. Doing the bidding white man that's exactly would play that over and over and over and if you look at these quotes -- say I mean via the quote Paladino also by the way. Where a disgrace and I think I think he's got a good handle on that because that's all the people see the school board. And if this isn't a psychological tip Sharon belt and comments said to quit until Larry Quinn you don't own everyone in this community. Column -- Ignorance on display. Just visit a school board meeting will be back with more -- company will take your calls -- -- I'm thirty WB yeah. My concerns are quicker to the sport today. It's that blatant disrespect and disenfranchisement. Of the group of people okay now you're equity -- And -- you I'm. Talking to you when you're hot topic and then we'll tell me he's okay. The buffalo school board is -- -- fresh beginning. Or is -- the same old same old crap and can the board get past race. And I want you during this session during this term of the board. To keep track of how many times races brought into a discussion no matter what the discussions about concerning the buffalo school board. And I will see at the end of the term how many times it was brought up and will also check mark hole it was brought up by. As I said last year when it was a consisting of a five black females and in four white men. Wendy for white men at a war on the wrong side of a vote nobody stood up and said it's because we're white. But yet people are Ogilvy was even sworn him. That that was brought up as an issue Sherron Belton Coleman. It's amazing to me can't get past that. Can't get past that even when it's not real. So how Darko leave your life thinking that anybody who doesn't agree with you it's because of your skin color. How pathetic and delusional as that and she's on the board of education shame. Never go forward. And their -- people taking his job to try to make things better. The majority of both students and buffalo are minority the majority or minority get it okay but they are. And these people are taking in the job on this -- do you think Carl Paladino needs the money. Not do you think Larry Quinn needs the oxygen. You think not Ogilvy needs the insults. They're doing it because they know a better school system means a better buffalo. Apparently that message hasn't gotten through to Kotchman and the other clowns who think it's all about race they don't under. And there. Are -- coach who while wade. Wager on WB and what do you think. -- -- Today I don't think waits on the spraying. One through three of their weight. Now where it is not there let's go to build -- and waves build -- you're on W be done. I graduated beyond us with your bill but -- give me your thoughts. It shouldn't you're sure and the fact is you should. Realize that things are never gonna change its those it's it's it's there at the -- you know it. Why don't we just -- scientific studies strictly unbiased. And see what the race issue is this spurs I've seen. I think now and I know that was threads in the cities of buffalo back in the sixties. I think it's worse now and it's it's it's because friends of mine. A black friends of mine are -- -- confirms a minor Puerto Rican Hispanic -- different levels. We're and it's pervasive in the low level moment over the -- -- color bias issue adjust their. And you know -- Sam Bradford who cares about education has endorsed sold will be he's fine -- and he happens to be black. But apparently two enlightened for the other board members. I allowed glare at -- bonds -- -- ever stood up got to give Sam Bradford credit. I mean he stood up many times and spoke -- probably he's called a show a couple of times and wants better education. You know if you market if I am more convinced. That the board members really didn't want what was best. For the buffalo student body. I would be hollering as loudly as anybody else. But there's no logical reason to believe that Carl Paladino. Has put his money where his mouth is. His reputation is fine he wants better education. Four children in buffalo because he knows that makes -- -- -- city. He's a developer the better of -- city the more successful everybody is okay. I'm so he's got no axe -- you think Larry Quinn -- in this job now of course. They goal will be who just retired from both -- -- this job now and he signed a contract by the way that I wouldn't sign. I wouldn't sign it and Amanda in fact I would -- handed back to him and say you're going to be okay when this thing as a thirty day out. Thirty days. If if they don't like him thirty days notice he's gone and no no golden parachute. And it goes the other way too if he doesn't like them he's out in thirty days. So obviously his heart is in the right place and he seems like a really classy guy. He has a good record he's used to dealing with -- Albany -- successful in dealing with -- Albany. But the minority board members didn't even vote for him or against them they abstained. So that's how you start the relationship where. If you don't you know you don't have the votes -- is sucking her thumb. The UR were always made you always made is this guy white what -- at -- of the reason given consult us right. Did anybody. Come out. When the process brought us the last superintendent. Or the one before or the one before and say this is because of race nobody did that because in order to do it it'd have to be. A white board member haven't done it. And that ability to take a chance they hope for the best. And this is what we got. We got a dismal failure is a school system. And -- and we've got a four members of the board -- last night were insulting people I mean can you imagine if your Ogilvy with his reputation. And your asked by one of the minority board members. Are you a rubber stamp man. First of all what do you think he's gonna say to a question like that. He's gonna say and I you know what I'm sorry I am rubber stamp whatever whatever the majority of the board wants I'm going along with a -- it's gonna happen it's not. So he's gonna say he's not a rubber stamp Matt and I don't believe the rubber stamp -- but they apparently have notes and no problem with a rubber stamp votes today. Because last year is our -- most of the votes were 54. In favor of -- Five. -- nor -- they were in the majority but they were minority. Women on the board and they lost an election global. Elections have consequences I didn't make that up Barack Obama did. All right and that's the consequence. But how about it and you know getting behind the new superintendent. At the general superintendent saying. -- we wanna give you a chance let's work together we all have the same common goal we want what's best for the students of buffalo we may not agree on everything. But one we disagree let's disagree on on on the actual proposals but disagree on the effectiveness of what we wanted to do. What schools though we -- close at schools stay open how we're gonna change the curriculum those kind of things. Not just go right to your base card whip it out why doesn't -- -- like a six foot. Big card. You know big playing card it's gonna hang around your neck that says you're against me because I'm black. And give it to the four minority members and just general OK can I don't hear this with -- every every meeting every single -- we're gonna hear this. It's it's it's tiring is ridiculous. And if those people or on the board everybody should be on the board for one reason. To make buffalo schools better. Make those kids more educated. And and make -- so they don't have to leave town. To get a job these these are the important things not the petty bickering. Of mindless dribble. Will be back with more tone to you who bring a point. Yeah I'd just him and gone by what I've heard so far it seems like we're gonna see for the remainder of this term that these forward just going to be in the way. Doubt there's big bombs that's that the disagreed bombs and I think we should keep track of what they're bringing up. -- know what enlightened view lose they have on education. That are being shot down by the big bad. White people on the other side of the table first of all the first thing you should do -- not gone to a board meeting is get a round table. So -- -- exactly equal you know I mean make sure that the lights are the same bought a joy over every single place. Make sure the microphones are set up exactly the same. The only thing we can't change of the people sitting behind those microphones. And boy -- maybe we should change more of them in the last election instead of -- we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169. 9236. You may not connections and seven people have been thought that that is part of our community that is okay continue to disrespect of women at this for. The former. This is now. Allergies is some people have been bought within our community. What community thinks he's talking about. A community. And I take teller that respect is earned. You have to earn respect and what are saying it's not deserved at this point. It's not too late it's not too late to return around. For those of you out there of thinking wow you know this is not good -- global luckily I'm not involved whether it. My kids go to a suburban school where you are involved with a for a lot of different reasons 80% of that one billion dollars a year we always round off. It's approximately a billion dollars 80% of it comes from the state. If you pay taxes in -- state you send money to buffalo only about it's I think around 7%. Is paid for by ball. The biggest majority is the state so you do have a candidate but -- even bigger stake in the money is at stake and the more successful buffalo is. The more successful we are as a as an area. So we would love to see the buffalo school system get its act together produce those students that can compete for good jobs when they leave the school system. And buffalo have a better reputation for education. And I don't know what these so board members especially Barbara seals never gold. Two recent aid Paris today. Sharon M belt and Kotchman and -- -- of Pepsi -- are trying to protect or trying to preserve. Are they trying to preserve the failure chain that we're looking at now and have had for many superintendent. Are they just angry because Donald Ogilvie is not -- black. A candidate to be interim superintendent is that it. Is that it well may I remind him the the last one and the one before that -- one before that -- all black avail failed. So given a chance what's more important to you that's sort of superficial stuff or having the kids in the district get a better education. To me that's -- no -- Let's go to wade and though wager on WB. That's a fairway no -- what do you think about this. Well I'm you know amber is truly amazing to me. That it's seemed like the only. People voting in this country these days the low information voters and they they've put people incompetent. Ignorant people. In every. Position from the from the White House -- and local school boards and. It seems like today it seems like they have an agenda that's more important -- what's good for the people in the community but they're looking for. Achievement. Within a smaller our group of people and it has to be earned it can't just be given and once somebody is against you because. You don't have the qualifications -- the attitude or whatever it's not because. Of your skin color it's because of your qualifications. Exactly and it you know and there's another story that just came out about the yet. Subject -- chemical spill or whatever in the White House you know -- the Washington -- stories of people that. Should be in the White House -- there are playing golf when the occasion I mean there's nobody there's new regulatory and like out anymore. Why the guy you know it's amazing to -- as a virtual news black out for us all the places where their placing these children through one. A lot of the news organizations I think are just -- 38 news organizations. Want for a a more open policy regarding the via of the news. Okay well wait you and I are on the same wave -- -- this one. -- put him in the White House because there's nobody there anyway. Now ignored laws are not on the golf course thank you thank you very much the I mean imagine -- Donald will be first of all we take that. He said that he's not intrusive in that you know full time he's he's going to it's going to be general mentally get somebody. He signed a time for so he has great reputation. Class guy no question about that. Eyes deals in knows how to deal with -- Albany because he does on a regular basis both -- the ball out of both cities for many many years. And though obviously a good qualified guy. He signed a contract. That I wouldn't sign -- who it's a thirty day out contract. I just remember this if that if you remember nothing about contracts just remember this anything that's not guaranteed is speculative. Aren't what it says is if you're there at this time here's what will -- But the only thing that counts on a contract is the guarantees. And there's a thirty day guarantee. Thirty days which means that they can kick him out after thirty days or he can get them out after thirty days and it's all over. So there's a golden parachute in this. When they negotiated his contract it is eight people's contract is not an old will be contract. Is not a board contract it's a people's contracts. Now all these willing to take on this challenge this task and what is -- yet. In exchange. Before he's even buy it on he's asked are you or rubber stamp man. That's by one he's also asked by -- -- or is told by Barbara seals never gold you're starting off with a minus. He doesn't even have up pencil sharpener set up yet. And he's got to minus with horror. And you can tell by her great intellectual prowess. That you want to be on the good academic side of Barbara seals never goal. Because just pearls come out of miles as Sony is as soon as the words come out about the sculptors on mount Rushmore are carving the wars that's us march. Okay -- and Sharon Belton Kotchman obviously. Got up on the wrong side of the bed that day because he she says this is a waste of time. Just ahead and vote already and then she says this. Well I -- before that maybe goes maybe the school system in buffalo has too much money. There are always complaining about we -- our money and money a billion dollar deal a year deal now and maybe they have too much money because here's their quote. I suggest week meaning before minority women on the board. That we find an attorney to represent the four of us. -- that -- guess who'd pay for the attorney. Not the floor of that and Lloyd the taxpayer. One practice get rid of the four women and put an attorney in their place since exactly don't know there which he just said his. We don't know we're doing we need someone else studio we're yelling at somebody to explain exactly what's going on so we can stay home. I mean basically socialists do that and then we heard the sound -- coming out of that last break. This is just amazing to me. Every one of these sound bytes is amazing to me and Wendy's Wendy's does -- -- spotter I'm so angry I can form words that day. Because I wanted to better educational system in buffalo 100 -- as long as we of this. This for members speed bump and that's what it is there's -- an umbrella bring up race all the time is that nothing doing anything but they're gonna keep bringing it up. And and she said just because you've managed. Who by who was an orgy by met a member of our community. Now our community didn't mean buffalo. In the Western New York the -- mean. The stated they -- it meant the black community. This could be any black person who is in favor of better education and willing to give Donald will be a chance that it. They must have been bought off because there's no other way that they would be in favor of that certain -- so the ignorance on display. At the school board unfortunately is is filters down -- and it's trickled down kinda deal we have five people. That seem to want better then we're getting we have four who are you happy with what we got. Totally happy sorry we lost the other elections there last time around because we could've continued hiring incompetent people. And paying for their education get qualifications they had to have when they applied for the job. And given golden parachutes would like to hand out a 100000 dollars a year 200000. Dollars there lifetime health for you when your family. -- we did would Williams 85%. Lifetime health for him and his family. And the last the last one brown. Just got a quarter million dollars. Of doing that stuff handing them out hiring people are comfortable where about how -- the other people on the board when it comes to that now that they've lost two. Members on the board they don't like it. Like it because maybe they won't be able it can't be business as usual anymore. But just maybe. And this is a dream just may be. While the votes are still there they can make the board better name by making the board better they can make the school district better. And by bringing in a guy like Ogilvy. They can make the kids' education better. And then -- care about the winds of four people who obviously should go back into the system and get some education. Before trying to run. Will be back with more wanna hear your opinion. You know mine is a guy generic. I -- inform my sentences today -- saw anger at that point. We -- so ticked off because usually if I'm just ticked off and I'm not behind a microphone all I can form sentences. But their career ending you know I'm talking about as some cases. A consciousness ending. But in front of the microphone I I can have a budget but they have to it has to be selective dodge it up and that's the show that we have today. Hang in there wanna know if you feel the same way I do a new fresh board of education a new beginning or the same old same old crap. -- and the board get past race I know four of them camp will be back after -- -- Is starting off. You understand and minds with their credibility is starting from minds and so -- that that's gonna need some some. We will -- and some real effort. We're talking about ignorance on display and that was at the last the buffalo school board meeting last night. When. Donald Ogilvie was treated very rudely I think. By the minority women and their race was brought into it. -- Instant play out the race card I. Surprise they head to our time to turn the lights get the race card right out there because that's the only reason you can't before us. And who -- for them. Who wants you know how big guy who runs on stage in says. Who wants whiter teeth as they started and commercial. Why doesn't he just -- like who wants lousy education. Ranger ran. And who -- spend a billion dollars for because while the education you ought to be able to get for a lot less than a billion bucks but when you spend a billion marks for. -- education you're guaranteed to get and that's only got now. And they're trying to change that. And the minority members of the board don't like they loved the status school. They love failing Pamela brown and giving your quarter of a million dollars the goal. They love James Williams who also failed give him a 100000 dollars and family healthful life 85%. They love that. And they -- giving a 100000 dollars -- two previous. Personal came in and fail. That's what they love of the status quo so. Happy they're okay with what what we have now but they're not okay -- -- -- anybody coming it was a newfangled ideas or god help somebody who's had success. Why that might upset the apple cart C I don't know what their agenda is beyond race that's a problem. If races there agenda there on the wrong board. They should be on the NAACP -- or -- some civil rights board they shouldn't be on the board of education because that's their focus. And and they stand in the way of people who wanna make it better. If those people really didn't like Q. Are held something against Jew because of your race wouldn't they be out to get out or worst school system that we already have. Why would they want to improve it if they if they didn't like. The majority of the buffalo schools students and it's not even logical. Let's go to Franken is not a lot of frank you're on WBM what do you think about all the stuff. Eight that he can't appropriate. God forbid that we were actually get somebody is shark took off -- school system. We can actually work out our school system well. It's always a pop out. Somebody who escapades. Of minority standard to get around this school system didn't know -- -- the rule out. You know nobody who's really educated. And you know something about your school system. They'll never be -- -- by. And and I was -- of Albany. -- he's been a superintendent. Of a school system that a superintendent of both -- which is also schools -- -- course. And as dealt with the Albany he's been a consultant the guy is classy he's soft spoken he's he seems very mild mannered. But yet before he even started. They estimate these -- rubber stamp man they also said it'll take a real effort from -- Like he would come before the board of prepared not to give a real effort I mean it's just insulting. You talk about it talked about being installed at. I mean you talk about being insulted. You both to be educated people. Ask for somebody. Educated. At the position. Throughout the system. These people like -- little children not getting her way. It's our concern is the reverse discrimination. And it's back. And they want. Belt and Kotchman said I suggest we find an attorney to represent the four of us so they already divided the board into two parts by themselves. And they want a lawyer to represent them in what regard. It's like you know people were actually concerned about. Education system a golf ball. And it -- put a -- would post right. Anti I put -- -- -- it's always this color or they're the big partners and that it awful. This what are everything it's about it's about. Black and white on what you are you and -- see what happened what. -- black educators in charge -- be at it's it's it's worth it hit all week to agree. But it -- -- any comments. If you don't have any -- while riding the system and knowing what's going and why wouldn't doubt it education -- -- somebody who know what. Going back and right. The black you know put -- and doesn't care about who black who's white. A lot work every party along with the people. A lot of people there and the board and put aside all this foolishness about. Black and white who. It's not only black and white it'd socioeconomic. Sharon belt and -- said the Larry Quinn. You don't own everyone in the community I made it just drew reps oh win. I think and they constantly. Divide the board and -- two parts -- in this the only ones that do what the other members of the board don't do what they ever wants that -- do so -- -- dividing the border bank and then complaining that it's a divided board. -- -- -- -- -- -- That Paladino according. Need to be there. Are volunteering their time because they were born in this city awful if you don't -- -- on -- ball. These are also. If you are all part of our part. Our -- are good that it doesn't seem like very isn't as concerned about the students as they are about their own stature in the community and on the board thank you frank I got around frank thank you will be back after this.

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