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7-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- all as managing -- and I'm here. -- he's -- criminal work I'm happier than others someday I'm not having some I am very happy but one thing that -- constant whenever I see Tony I get happy. Tony was so excited a few moments ago because it was going through a menu from a local restaurant he set up. And he pointed to meatballs on -- stick. Six did you hit. It. -- -- what a guy who gets really excited over meat balls are on a stick. At 8:30 in the morning which is when he pointed out today. It's going to be a good date Tony. And -- the home because you make meatballs. By some -- put us army ball and then pretend its job meatball lollipop yeah that's -- thought that's not enough to -- Like I'm a little messed with his Oscar and what we gotta sometime maybe on a Friday. When we wanna have a little lighter subject is talk about unusual things you discovered that you like to eat. Like frozen bananas they ever have those dipped in chocolate at all. It's funny because last night that was the conversation we had we were talking because nick is very picky on what he eats. And I was six -- like his brother nano is not like me now if we explain to him how sometimes you just have to try something that he if you show. And I imagined all different kinds of food that when I was decayed. I would I would never spare guests know cauliflower and. Well and -- yeah exactly exactly a lot of things that my mother used to make. That I didn't eat now I don't like but some other things that she made that I didn't like then I still like an electric plant a lot of people love it now loving like Latvia. But. Stuff. Is it turned out if you do try it it's so I ritual like that was a famous commercial to try it you'll like it. But maybe a lot of stick for us saw it doesn't seem like. It's that imaginative. Instead of meatball -- on our plates. Get an -- stick and I think and once you take that first bite it's gonna unbalanced the meat -- the formula you write an apostle pants and less in his really condensed and it's like really -- -- it's like eating an ice cream cone he's going to be able. I mean you buy an ice cream cone on the car and you're eating and you watch other people may have no clue move. They don't. Realize that and why she'll -- around the body comets gonna drip on your shirt I mean what what planet are these people from there looking around adopt them. Movement drip drip and -- look down like it's a surprise they never heard gravity never heard a melting. I mean I was always than it is I would have been quadrant and then you'd -- McCall measure tongue was out there. And Putin's. It looked like the call was surgically reduce like you routed to a fine you know surgeon. Who did their job. I put my face and a watermelon from time to time as aggressive as I get the now you guys not be nice and -- just and that's exactly the way I have to educate the public -- Chris are you good ice cream -- -- I -- unless it's really -- -- ninety degree humid day then it's a race against time and sometimes you can't even get erotic. I like sugar cones. Awful columns -- focus on. A dip in shock alcohol -- well. And you know I had last night and uncle geez what's that paid for by the way just want to stress this this is not a a plug cola. I had rom. A rom reason Sunday I'll rum raisin ice -- they have. Which is great I've never tried all rum raisin listed for. And they always have a -- and uncle Jesus that's near the -- museum it's. -- of counsel local spot the bring the baseball teams there after they play and whatever it's. -- -- rum raisin ice cream is great and last that I had a area. I have a Sunday after. So that was yummy yummy yummy. Meanwhile I'm having a better day -- Justin Bieber although Justin Bieber has all the toys just the -- on. I think I would vote him. Artists that -- most like to see in a tough male prison in -- I mean I would love to see that's. With this little pomp but short haircut you know and his. In his attitude. I was charged Wednesday. In LA -- one count of misdemeanor vandalism. In an egg throwing incident in January he and his neighbor's house -- -- he's a multimillionaire. He drives around in Ferrari's Lambert Cheney's the young girls. The pre pubescent girls screaming go crazy over rom. And yet he was -- a neighbor's house prosecutors spent months considering what charge succumb I've come up with. A detective now keep in mind they had to find a detective to come up -- -- for somebody -- house they needed to use a detective at LA detective. They described Bieber has high five -- his friends. After running. -- and our neighbor's house but they did not get any footage of the egg attack now here's the strangest part about it. Lots of people have had their rubbed their houses and lots of people have had their houses TP where -- -- toilet paper all over the trees and stuff like that. But how many of you can say that if your house was -- the estimate for damage would be. 20000. Dollars what kind of eggs will and that he Faberge Eggs. Seriously how can -- 20000 dollars damage. -- bags on a house I don't know what this what the house was may ago but you know power sprayer. -- have claimed amount would no problem at considerably under 20000 box. But that broke -- my house. He'd be fine that he would ingested a a very difficult manner not from the top but from the bottom up. Believe me to see him tossed an ultimate fighting channel off. Would never grants like a chocolate Jackson and Michael -- and Kenya because he's always taken on guys when he has to burly bodyguards. Standing next on. He's always challenging people now. Now I have -- seen the show make it I'm afraid. I've seen the Promos for it to I was launched a program the other night and -- -- and the idea I've seen it -- by your -- I have seen -- and I think -- -- -- they aren't -- the first thing I'm thinking about would make an -- and -- is. They should allow them to Wear shoes. Because many times there are around coral or there and jungle settings and the first thing the most vulnerable thing. Are their feet. And they're always incapacitated because they stepped on something our -- -- something bit him in the foot they should have feet. But first of -- if you're going to call your show naked and afraid. You can't fake. Naked OK they are naked. But they digitized. Okay now if you -- today if you -- up all your clothes you will not be digitized but it -- make him afraid to will be if you're gonna have a showed negative rate haven't naked. And it's it's a cable so it's it's they could do if they want until. The way we know lol what digitize and does but they they don't. And this is an article about that Danny -- Julian I assume and so are a woman because DA -- how do you prepare. To be a survivalist on naked -- a -- you must be negative of course you start at the bottom work up I walked around barefoot for months is there any Julian. Who spent 21 days undress -- the wilderness. On the popular Discovery Channel reality show. She and three fellow self described survival experts appeared fully clad on a panel Wednesday about summer TV. And that's edit -- I of course when you see the title make him afraid you'll instantly stopped to check it out. But it was it was this appointment. Because I mean what's the point it'd do either. Run with the big dogs stay on the porch that's marketed -- some damage so. Now this is interest thing -- Littlefield Texas. A close detention center is being considered. As they holding facility. For hundreds of illegal children in America. There's been a jail. And welcome to America. Okay you ever right to remain silent you'll ever I mean c'mon this is what it's gotten through wants a crazy guy and I read a column. That somebody said they should send him to Guantanamo. Not not the idea they said most people think Guantanamo. As just the prison setting. Guantanamo is like 42 home a square miles it's big it's it's a base. So that they could be a house there and not in the prison part obviously but so they're looking for places to. To put people up. I would take a break we'll be back with more -- -- -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty W via what differentiates between a bar in a sports bars sports bars -- have more TV sets is that it. You have more sports to core and the well -- Paul is actually the next door neighbor to Bob and John's. -- hacienda that we talked about so eager to gather and it's a fabulous place to. Eat how good are you expecting a free food from man no deterrent and on -- -- no Barton was right Canadians thanks securing the border route would have Texas and and Arizona's tough agency -- the border security neither wanted to bring food in here. Especially in that control room. -- yeah I mean those doors -- priest thirty. And they come crashing through there like like they are of their hot on the trail of hot news tip like the cool aid man -- and I. It's really really incredible. But anyway that's that if you want that check it out. Let's say the soccer or down surely final of James and I don't sense the same model Fiedler as we've had in the past wasn't that the Americans weren't written as long as we're in Hitler. You know going through was soccer fever Aaron and I and I think that's that the biggest part of it I mean -- Gospel -- still. Really into him watching you know watching our team and Chris is leading sportscast -- -- go oh -- via the soccer stories. Yeah when they play -- dates and a couple days off earlier in the week so -- Monday Tuesday and by yesterday. With the Germany game. We Letterman -- I would Argentina Netherlands today as if you really excited sanitary -- I have my. I'm I'm simulating -- you -- the third place game always well and the Netherlands answer while I may not score any goals during regulation and then whatever skull extra time they score what six they actually didn't score an extra time -- -- in -- -- politics of implode. The ninety minutes then an additional thirty and there's no score and via Alex -- I think of it like a shootout -- Okay well I like that yeah that's cool because you're getting you know it's like. If you ask me if I if I like a if I like pork okay I would say yes I'm like pulled pork. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't wanna watch him run -- mountains around a lot of the right now is he scoring so if it's like if it's like penalty shots and hockey. That's the cottonwood that's the best part is that the same way and soccer yeah they don't. Movie database at the the ball out there are certain -- -- top of the goal box children and I I prefer hockey should -- soccer penalty kicks. You're so close that the goalie basically just gases don't dived to one side of salt and it -- saves that he saves in the late Argentina scored on all four of their penalty -- it's 5050 damaged. It's it's becoming a left -- right to shooters will sometimes over think things in the all try to get Q and missed the net. Are OK so we will see where that goes not a warrior in the finals also. I love this story. A Major League batter and a well known name I can't think of right now because I was never sleep when I heard it was in the batting cage okay and -- -- a lot of baseball. In the batting cage warming up. He hit up all of that ricocheted. Off of some kind of medal and came back and hit him. Hit himself in the knows -- the ball broke his nose -- -- to give him another incident this since this just happened like yesterday. Bouquets it. I don't know what it was whether it was the batting cage itself whether or something near the batting cage but the odds are -- -- like the odds of being shot -- your own record shared. Chances are you're shooting straight ahead the ricochet is not gonna come directly back I mean that the odds are pretty strong on that. And I think it's the same here so the -- -- Comes off it obvious. Off of something and comes back and hits the memo. For the what do most think you know of the batters in the batting cage he follows an off behind -- Nichols optic age it comes straight back hits. Goes into the pitching machine rate in the spot where the ball came out and that part right back at him. -- out it was incredible how we've had two incredible baseball stories back to back direct about it I once thought. -- baseballs and -- it's a nice thing that bill we don't play in the rain. And I hit you you sit you get to Wear your hat backwards and hope a rally shows up -- you know nobody's trying to whack him ahead. Until I once had to do a thing down at at that time I was Dunn tire park. And I was going to be on the field so I was standing near the batting cage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I ever give away -- right now I've prepared tickets to see Smokey Robinson everybody's love smoking. And he's going to be here July 25 that they Seneca Niagara events senator. If you'd like to go call 6449875. By random caller will. When the ticket's values ninety dollars and general contest rules applied. Tickets available at the Seneca Niagara casinos dot com and of course. Smoke is one of the founders of the Motown sound you know that's that's why sound. That when I was playing it as of this jockey I wasn't crazy about it I'd like straight rock and roll I wasn't a huge vote -- spent. But I've really grown to like it now. With summaries and and though listen to a so whenever I have a chance -- a lot of stuff. It's on -- on -- mind. And my iPod. And in my brain will take -- right now we come back we go out talk about you know last night was the meeting. Of the Bible school board and we all had high hopes that way -- carry out fresh and stop. I'd get these schools rolling things are gonna be happening. Don Don Ogilvie is going to be nominated for this job on an interim basis he is very well regarded. But of course we didn't count on. Women with hyphenated names with the attitude. Governor good Broadway Show don't you think. Women -- hyphenated names with attitude. Because I think that's that -- you need to get elected to the buffalo school board. Is a hyphenated name. And and added to. But ladies that are in those attitudes you just seem good I am by the bushel will be back out of us. -- home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. -- back where -- got to have sandy beach. Blog talk about today these golf board meeting last night and which Donald Ogilvie. Was to be your nominated for interim superintendent of buffalo school system. Idea I was not there obviously but our news department was there and I saw and read many things about last night and I'm disgusted by. Not by Ogilvy -- up by him at all I think he seems to be from what we know so far pretty got a pretty classy guy. Com low key kind of guy which is something the board might need. However I am really distressed with the fact that. Days. It looks like a major obstacle to getting things done is the buffalo school mr. is the abort. And it doesn't matter what you have high hopes or not. It seems like there's always some kind of problem and they usually. Revolves around somebody wanting their own personal agenda to be a push forward rather than the activity in the success of what's going on on the buffalo school system. It is a huge huge school system it has. A budget of nearly one. Billion with a B dollars a year OK it's approximately. -- via blue municipal budget. Obvious that he is about what 400 million or something like that this is a billion is the billion -- it almost equals what it cost around the country. And because of that there's a lot of vote. A lot of power let's put it that way added a two run for the buffalo school board because anybody that overseas the budget that the billion dollars is in a position. Of authority. However I'm convinced. That all you need to yet on the buffalo school board is a hyphenated name. And an attitude OK and attitude and that's politics. Because if you have a hyphenated name and an attitude. Then you can say and -- almost an outrageous thing you wanted to do and it's taken as okay as part of business you know there. And it's a whole focus. Your life. Is the color of your skin you can't think of everything else that's there. Yeah ice Graeme forget it a ride on about no nothing at all about the color of your skin. And anybody that doesn't agree with you there's only one reason they wouldn't agree with you and that's because the color of your scanned. That's what it's gotten through how disgusting is that. How much like Toledo life like that where nothing can be brought forth that you would approve of if you don't approve of it. The reason is because of the collar bureau scam there out to get you there out to out vote you -- out to out think you and that's the way it is. However you perpetuate. The attitude of somebody who is an out for the good of the children. But -- The -- of themselves. And promoting their own personal agenda. OK the school board last night and of the no one is consisted of James Sampson president. Larry went. A new member Jason McCartney. And -- bowers peers. Which -- three names and equipment. And Menard Carl Paladino all right. We also have Barbara -- never gold former president. We have Theresa -- Harris kid. We have Sharon M Belton a compliment and we have Mary Ruth -- -- okay if you still be eight. There were four are white men and five black women. Now let's say we have one through 34 black -- women one white woman and four white men because it's important. To get this out there simply because if anything goes wrong it's because of skin color. Has nothing to do what I -- -- or education. -- efficient use of funds. Things like that. And as a matter of fact some quotes from last night you want some quotes -- make you lose your eggnog in a hurry aren't. Here are some share arch and open government. I suggest we find an attorney to represent the for a bus these of the four black women on the board. She's suggesting they need and -- me to represent them on the board. You can't make this stuff up she also continued. While we're talking about Ogilvy this is a waste of time. Why don't you just go ahead and vote already. Are good so far she also says though Barbara never gold said. You're starting should just all Ogilvy who just retired as the as the balls -- superintendent. Very well thought of an education seems to me like a very. The individual. Never gold said Ogilvy. You're starting off with a minus. -- He hadn't started off at all he hadn't even been you know -- didn't vote yet you're starting with a minus. Like that how would you like to be -- will be. He's a classy guy he -- his job is to tone down the temperature of the school board. I think a lobotomy is necessary to be honest with you I think I think you have to get a lobotomy or raise your -- -- to get to that point. So here's here's here's Craig direct sound -- From our Sharon belt and -- men and tell me what you think of this for the spirit of unity. The what I -- and hear what any one who looked -- minority. The Fed will detect. Okay back or never on this board and give them very capable people who are no longer here. OK look -- and -- it but because they thought it was a big hit me where are. And it is thought that big concern that that that's out there at this date particularly since before. Where are we were included in that. -- you -- program is because of the color of their skin. How ignorant is this. I mean truly a do you find it not even slightly amusing. That people that are supposed to be involved -- education. Can be so ignorant and public. Usually people literate are trying keep to themselves these people who are ignorance in that boat. Okay here's my thought. Anytime things that go against those it was because of the color of skin and keep this in mind I don't know Sharon figured this out yet. But the last board had a majority there were five black women and four white men. Okay and when they ram rod through some things with a bad superintendent contracts. And bringing back people that have already been let go low. Did you have a quote from any of the white men from last year saying you're doing this because of the color of our -- Yeah one white person on that board say that anything that went against them was because of a color of their skin. It doesn't work that way but it goes it goes the other way and it goes the other way and in Denver area. Difficult manner to get along to work together -- with everybody on the board for the education of their children. Now the the school district is primarily. Minority OK so the kids are mainly minority I'd like to know -- What Sharon belt and Coleman. Wants an insurer and belt and caught Kaufman. General what she's trying to protect. What they're great history of the buffalo school district. The great graduation rate. The fact that people can hardly wait to snatch up a recent graduate from buffalo to bring to their team in commerce what are they trying to say. What are they trying to protect a record of failure. It's a record of failure. You look at the last year and see what we went through what kind of how we went through with Pamela brown and that we gave her -- king's ransom to galway. And before that it was James Williams who was also given a king's ransom to go away I'd like to know what a minority members on the board think they're protecting. And people like Sam Bradford who is very very alert and educated children need for. You don't program. He's on he's on the side of the treadmill aboard some RB a school board them. Voting last night to. Put Ogilvy in the superintendent's job he wasn't favorable will be Ogilvy he seems to be. A quality guy with a quality education. And equality experience to bring I am very happy he accepted that job if you are. Him. And you didn't need this job. Why would you put yourself through. If you hadn't even started on the job and somebody who was one of your -- technically says he is starting off with a minus. -- your reaction -- mine wouldn't have been old movies I can tell you that right now his was classy mine would -- So I'm asking you this before you get into -- meat of -- the buffalo school board is that a no fresh beginning and are the same Ole same -- crap will be back after this I wanna leave this. District I think I can make a difference could have been done in a different way yes I do -- credit. And I don't know missed the right word but I don't wanna do anything that doesn't involve. An. You can obviously tell that I am I agitated by this and you might wonder why. And title line because you know just as things start moving in buffalo in the right direction I I've been in buffalo. On and off since 1960. OK and now finally we're seeing some things moving. It's it's looking a little more positive it's slow but sure and steady and you'll like to see better things happening. And then when you see this school board meeting and the obvious. Lack of credibility. That some members of that school board out where it's not about education it's about race. This is the color of my skin and if you know like my idea it's because of this. It's not that it's allows the idea is not that it is an idea that that has been tried before and just doesn't work. It's not. The fact that we've -- year after year after year after a year of failure. And we wanted to try something different. It's a whole fact is the only reason you -- against anything is because of the color my skin you know how old that is. You know how beat up and worn and tired that is. And the -- that I I get upset I think that the children buffalo deserve better. And I don't know but you know -- is the the enrollment is is mainly. On minority. And if it were a minority parent I would not be happy would they be education my children are getting in buffalo now with few exceptions are some. Some outpost. Of success but most of them are not all right I would want a better deal for my kids. And my question would be if we're spending a billion dollars a year on why -- not getting it. And I don't know one of the minority members of the school board think they're trying to reserve. I'd like to know that all -- a couple of things I'd like to know that I don't know. I'd like to know of any of them ever held a position of authority before about being elected at a school board. I'd like to know what kind of expertise they have they certainly have no manners Sharon belt and -- and said two to Quinn. You don't own everything in this community. -- -- Okay. She's also the one that says it's a color of this and last year and that's the reason that things happen the way they did. It's the color of their -- what she forgot was that there were five minority members in the majority if you pardon the expression there and four of the majority. In the minority. Aren't so they had the voting plurality. And they ram everything through they've hired people that have been my goal. All of that stuff. Was done while they had the majority. And Sharon may I suggest. Dad if you're totally unhappy. That you either step down or heed the words a President Obama. Who once famously said. That elections have consequences. I you know may you may you might wanna think about that. The consequences of this are that may be weak -- gets this school. Situation. A straightened out maybe we can get it up and running and we're lucky to have a guy will have Donald movies credentials and attitude. As the new interim superintendent of schools instead just another failure. Somebody else you want to bring him. -- we got to got to give a 100000 dollars to get out of town. That's just the way it works you know like that you know like a big budget and get that you and get the pick this time when you get to vote and that's why. They didn't vote. And vote all four minority members abstained. So they knew they didn't have enough votes. Two. Two scuttled the nomination. But they didn't wanna vote yes. On a new beginning for buffalo education. They'd rather not vote at all. So I can't Tom patch went attitude wait we're familiar -- from. Washington may be but no what I'm saying is this. If you are eight parent of a kid big goals for the buffalo school system. You would have to scratch your head and her one of these people trying. To preserve. You know it will be one. Thing if this was just a shining example of education. How people were coming here for seminars from other parts of the country how you running your school system boy -- we wish we were there is sufficient. Instead it's a dismal failure you know what I know what the kids know what the parents know. So if you're a parent in the school district that you have to wonder that and you have to also wonder why there would be opposition to something. As straightforward as a quality person. Willing to take the job on an interim basis while also says right away right out front I'm not interest him at -- as they. A full time gig that this is -- it's an idea of contract and has thirty day outs. -- tell you something. I wouldn't sign a contract and a thirty day -- in my wildest imagination I wouldn't sign a contract that but he is well and true. He is willing to come and here and the board can let him go. Or he can quit. In thirty day increments all right. In broadcasting. That would be a laughable contract it would be a contract at all. But he's ended and I have a copy the contracts right there there's -- employment agreement. Now I'd I'd know my way around conference trust me on this he's -- negotiates on them for NBC and also negotiated contracts are made. Of the union aren't no contracts it's a very straightforward contract and it's a contract that if I -- -- will be I would -- side. Because it shows though. That he has faith that he can do the job. And he has faith that the -- they come aboard in thirty days later say get the hell out of town and there's no golden parachute in this thing that's a kitty aren't. When will we let the last several go we had to give -- of boatload of money to goal way. And then some people within the system even threatened to so -- I think that's gone self. But I'm just asking you just when you start to get a little hole. And things can get better in buffalo the key to getting better buffalo is not just the new skyscraper. Or building crane or something like that. It's the hope of the children buffalo being educated to degree where they can step in the good jobs that's what it's about. You tell me why the majority on this board who obviously have the kids if in focus. The wanting to do better for those kids you tell me why the minority members. Of the board are so up in arms about what's going on and hasn't started this is just the new temporary guy. Tell me why I'd like to know what they're trying to protect and I'd like to know where their priorities are. It did you hear any of them mention kids. Know you'll heard -- mentioned skin color though absolutely. Whip that out right away spirit as civic -- and that's it. You are against it because of that. And for a member of the board to say we should consider hiring our own lawyers. Meaning the minority for women there should have a lawyer. To represent them in their abilities as a school board member you can't make this up. Well be back after this -- him.

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