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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Jim Kelly Football Camp Begins - Tim Banach

Jim Kelly Football Camp Begins - Tim Banach

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we're talking this morning about Jim Kelly who's recovered well enough to attend his football camp that sweet -- high school. Tim Danica is director of operations for Jim Kelly incorporated. He's with us on -- WB in my playing 10 good morning. Great thanks for the time cancer at this camp. There's 340 campers here. Well and this was going to go ahead whether Jim could be there are not right. Absolutely absolutely that was one of the big things were injured guys. And again and diagnosis came man. There was a big question of is the golf tournament gonna go forward as a football. -- forward. You know what it's what you wanna do -- and the first thing that everything happens no matter what. You know you guys have got to do whether I'm there or not but I'm going to be there. Good Jim visited the camp book briefly yesterday talked with the kids and coaches are you looking forward to a possible. The visit every day his health permitting. I think it'll permitting Jim is planning on being here every day. We heard that because. It got pretty emotional for gym yesterday to. Yes you know Lebanese you know again it's his first public appearance sent. He's city really is genuinely overwhelmed by the support alternatives others. The family and fans in the entire buffalo community what New York -- really. You know I'm from Rochester and and everybody that I know everybody that I talk to sentence there which is -- -- way and that's very graphic and a cart Yahoo!. And he read every single one so you know I'm saying those bank used its pretty intact. Tim give us and give our listeners -- You know just a rough idea play by play of one -- like -- and a typical day of Jim Kelly football camp now. This campus usually a who's who of coaches and other cultures from the pro ranks. It was -- this year to work with the skills and what's it like. Well as the staff actually is under the symbol body. Say is domination of chairman of people leading goal as well. Is that you know kind of recruited by the director at camp Jeff Parker this year and rob Gergen and that's such -- From our office has done an amazing job that they always do. Assembling a great collection of coaches see the art school coaches college coaches are people who work where it all level players. He really did you know the after the fact to try to get these kids a crash course and you know -- real immersive. Football experience. So. And then and then there aren't guests today you know every day they try to have a debt. -- a bit more of a celebrity you know somebody who is a pro player or -- Somebody who's respected like that to common and really talk to the acute in -- You know a little bit something extra something that they're not getting an electrical which is a little bit. You know something -- And different perspectives so and particularly. Confirmed. Andre reed Andre reed will be here tomorrow which -- kind of a big deal obviously don't it all fame everybody's -- the Andre. -- and other proprietor that'll pop up throughout -- for the week. Juncture. How long is the campus and just is that this week. You know today's the first day I realized that I really want just registration and says it's today tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday -- at the end of the day Sunday is. -- well must Savannah. And just a great welcome for Jim last night we can only imagine. Yeah an -- earlier it was fantastic for everybody in the stands between him and. And it really was his first public appearance on a couple of interviews that are as we get to -- we get a pre recorded these that we distributed media. -- -- though he ordered a keyword but didn't really want -- whole lot of people. But this is the first time he's actually been out in front of the cameras at a -- met it's great great to see. And one last thing you know a good thing to mention two that this is the the campaign is the main thing. But we also do one day's football clinic in Rochester giants pitcher so the kids there ten this building clinic look at kind of an abbreviated version of the camp. I'm Adobe playing on the field that the bills will be on three days later for training. People for the kids who can't make it about well four. The full game. Yeah you're right that's it that's a great point hey Tim thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate. You're very welcome it and -- good luck there that's -- Danica director of operations. For Jim Kelly incorporated.

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