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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Taste of Buffalo: Hillary Collura of Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill

Taste of Buffalo: Hillary Collura of Sidelines Sports Bar & Grill

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is staged a buffalo weekend previewed number four or Susan locked the door before everybody starts coming in here -- some food smells terrific. Let's welcome in studio while -- Jacobs this year as first vice chairperson. Of the trip to buffalo and Hillary -- Laura. But Hillary is -- sidelines sports bar and relishes her future restaurant this morning. So Hillary because honest to god -- -- -- but -- this. Let's talk to your first sidelines sports -- -- you've been on the taste of buffalo this year before this now this pertinent now rookie. -- alternative would -- describe among the things you brought them. There is so what we've all come to know over the past few years as a -- out. This -- is as big as the tree branch this being honest it's this big. It is loaded with everything that looks delicious tell us about what's on the -- Phone that's Aaron -- my summer wrapped their hands. Landis walnuts strawberries. And apples. Chicken. And it has a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Threw around six and if you're healthy choice that's our healthy choice okay what's the NASA helping your plate and that looks great until. I'm never ever turn wings say they're going to be a big hit this year barbecue sauce is homemade. It's touch screen is some merit -- -- sums on them obviously grill those. After their deep fried. I put her trust me blue cheese with that. I'm on the side there we ever chicken Montana's the chance chicken. Cream cheese and how he knows and those are also different there 'cause plans are chili lime sauce which -- guests seemed to laugh when they come into the -- And we also have our deep fried pickles which come with -- -- dipping -- inept read her mind there is has a -- corporate -- that's nice and crispy. Sound laughter. -- you're located on Delaware avenue that you just have to walk out the door for ten -- yeah they're right there -- right there and got a big advantage that having your kitchen area locking. Yeah okay now Laura Jacobs the first vice chairman taste. Is here this morning to what set ups are getting going and hold taste he can't do it like in a couple of hours it takes a long time. What we start setting up tonight actually. Who do we'll be as some of the board and committee members marking the streets. Where all the pencil go so if you try to dot Delaware this evening after work keep an -- form I mean that we'll have not colored vests but. Definitely keep an eye out is -- -- mark in the streets. And then on tomorrow we closed down to Delaware and -- square to inbound traffic starting at 1 o'clock. And then to outbound traffic at 5 PM. And you'll start to see all of the text getting set up with guy you know hundreds of tents going up on the electrical getting wired and everything's so. We're pretty much busy from tomorrow afternoon into early Saturday morning getting ready to learn how big is this event now compared to what it was when it first began. Well it first began I -- around 408 died from what I've heard I delete the service brown makes 1012 restaurants and this year we have sixty. Common we had started on main street and we just -- main street and you know we but it Delaware for I think almost ten years. One of the new things this year is to hand -- channel open longer and sent me. Yeah this year we have our new giant lawn -- style beer -- which will be on -- east. And we have a lives on entertainment that'll be taking place a -- -- on. And on Saturday night it is open until 11 PM. The restaurants will close at nine as they usually do but the beer tent and live entertainment will be happen until eleven. What does Hillary. -- on the sidelines sports bar -- I predict. That your rap is going to do very very well in the competition for -- healthy choice. I wish we're gonna put a picture of the shall WB and I can't we -- it is it is unbelievable. There will tweet it here in just a second and news radio 930 but. Actually all those look great -- and I think you're gonna have a very successful murkier. Okay great thank you for coming into our guests in the studio Hillary -- was sidelined sports bar -- -- she. So sidelines sports -- -- rookie year on the -- of buffalo and or Jacobs is with us to this year's first vice chairperson of the crystal ball. It's Saturday and Sunday in Delaware avenue and Niagara square.

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