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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Design Input Sought For Outer Harbor - Dennis Dornan; Pt II

Design Input Sought For Outer Harbor - Dennis Dornan; Pt II

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Public input on Buffalo's outer harbor three workshops are being held this week. Dennis dornin is -- in studio guest this morning project manager with Perkins in will and you were saying Dennis -- Different types of meetings there interactive it is almost like puzzle pieces is that right that people can put on the outer harbor. There are indeed we've designed these open houses to be quite different than. Community events that people who used to seeing in buffalo. That's no big -- upon presentation it's not people's safety -- -- it's an open house Foreman with seven rate different stations. Arranged around the room and people. Could come Wednesday for as long as ours was was they want to take him what to what information is available. So we have a number of stations -- they can I comment on possible uses and different precedent studies that we've been looking at. And then there rather puzzle piece type of games with college planning and we have four tables with groups of about ten people around each table. You can actually. We have a plot outline of the whole site lately plots on the table. And we cut out. That peace is no different types of uses old all drawn to scale. So that you could see them in relationship to each other so for example. A big pockets much bigger. Then. A small housing unit or. We have for water taxis and ferries and all kinds of different uses that people can kind of complaint. And the idea is that over the course of about forty minutes the group of ten people. Debate what usage might be for the -- to hover in the buildup plan and logistical stand to the to the page. And then we say that we scouted we save it we do that over again so a free each of the three community events. And their four tables and two. Two of these planning game so by the end of the week. We have twenty full plans that we take away and and -- -- from that. And use that as kind of a bases along with everything else that we here at the other stations that the community -- which events. To start to develop three alternative consequence for the town there. -- very often when me and developments like this organized high profile companies come in with their plans. How do we know that the public just to play and rank and file guy next door. Is gonna get his -- -- heard her say it one of these meetings and not be overpowered -- qualities a big developers. Well there -- -- developers involved right now we are working directly for empire state development and Erie Canal harbor development corporation. And this is an entirely public process. We came to -- to meet you last night -- no preconceived ideas about Portugal. -- in the on the site. And we -- -- over and over again to everybody who came please you tell us what you think should go out there. And that the you know the whole point of having three meetings this week is to get as many people out. To give everybody that wants to come and options that Telus what -- think we have no preconceived notions. When will we see some some projects starting to move here I mean. Probably be understood Brian Higgins frustration when we were talking with him he says have been five master plans over thirty years and they all say the same thing when we can start to see something going. Well -- processes about four months long -- -- among the Tibet. As soon as we finished workshops this week we're going to go away. Process everything that we Boland and -- is to develop three. Different concept alternatives for the site. And then bring those back to the community at the beginning of August. So the first week in August we haven't set a firm date yet that now will definitely communicate that as soon as we do and for us we can August. People will be invited to -- of the community workshop. Where rules will basically say. We heard you that this is what this is the kind of distillation of everything we and week we've turned that into these three different alternatives. Now please tell us what you think about them. Dennis one more question about access to the -- -- you know lots of people who live here they don't even have a clue. How to get there how could it be because as you mentioned it earlier. That the area was overgrown it was sort of industrial. And there really wasn't any arena for people to go down there could -- be one of the reasons. Not -- reason it's been mostly industrial loans -- -- -- Portland's. -- you know how the development cooperation. Two and a fantastic job of developing look at some point over the past few years that's really -- public -- And people started to mention that take advantage of that. But it is true that is house to get to right now it's a relatively easy to get to on the skyway if you're in a column but it Europe walking on a bicycle. Ohio street. That it take you down towards the tift predictors and and that's an underpass under the and skyway to get to decide which is a very long way round certain tension or crisis enough right now not a very pleasant route. So we will definitely be looking. Act improvements to access possibly with a new bridge in some location. Following on from India to all of which started it's been recently completed. Take it for coming in we've learned a lot. You are welcome and please. Think people come tonight -- today please can tell us what you think. It did next to at the first one was last night the next one is tonight finds thirtieth McCaskey early childhood center and Jefferson avenue. And the third meeting is Saturday 530 at the old first ward community center on -- street that's Dennis -- and he's the project manager with Perkins and well.

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