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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Design Input Sought For Outer Harbor -Brian Higgins & Dennis Dornan

Design Input Sought For Outer Harbor -Brian Higgins & Dennis Dornan

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We now have congressman Brian Higgins on the WB and live line and we'll continue our discussion about development of the buffalo -- -- congressman good morning morning. Finally you have your own particular and special concerns about how the outer harbor should be developed and how little ultimately it looked like tell us about this. Well we have. Five master plan to the other hurdles the past thirty years in -- said the same thing remove the barriers to access that infrastructure improvements can create. Generous quality public access to the water's edge. I think you you know the caution is to avoid. Board densely developed outer harbor because we don't need to create publicity out there what we need is attractive outer harper to compliment. The good cities that we have a good growing -- that we have. Congressman news suggests enemy we don't need these these current workshops that are under way that they the ideas of -- to come forth. Well I think that the idea is to come forth through a public process and I think they're refinement of those plans is certainly necessary because they have been developed over thirty years. But I think what those plans really you speak to us 222 people looking at 222 to implement team to construct. And I also think -- the big infrastructure pieces -- our preparation is spending. Environmental review with your account harbor development corporation for a couple of peers that's a big big piece because we're looking -- That all important connection to -- more densely developed downtown buffalo piece here Herbert account size project. Two you know more generous compliment Parkland at the other harper and have parades is going to be pedestrian bicycle friendly. And that will make that all important historical connection. Two between the inner harbor and the other harper that's been missing for for decades. And -- -- congressman we hear all this talk about public input being needed to develop the outer harbor. Will the public really be listened to will organizers and planners really pay attention. But that's clearly the plan and I think that's where these folks that are here and -- -- -- retained and that's you know that's the clear clear objective. The the original corporate development corporation which which exceed. The last couple of years the transmission of Buffalo's waterfront but it's growing up organically. It's coming from within buffalo -- from the outside -- historically been the problem with buffalo. You know -- zone or any of these projects -- -- -- projects that were coming from the outside I think. Buffalo would certainly capable. A plan for its own future in India including especially the waterfront. Brian we have Dennis dornin in studio with us he's the project manager with Perkins and Willis and Dennis let me bring you an -- -- did -- -- was just talking about this new bridge. Is this a part of your planning assists is this one the idea -- it's that's on the table or suggest a talking point. No it's definitely one of it is we just finished basically about a month follow what we call existing conditions analysis where we we as a team learn as much as we can about. Besides ten in the history and all of -- previous projects is on. And you wanna go one of the reports that we have to read from cover to cover it was. The bridge -- -- -- to -- the Harvard study from the bridge other two locations proposed. -- right now there's no recommendation as to which one of those locations might be more appropriate. Because they're waiting to see the conclusions of our process in terms of you know what the development might be where it went -- different -- may be located. And therefore what would be the best way to get out to admit that whether a new connection. So. We will definitely looking act of war one or both of those connections. As possible we that we may look at the connections as well but certainly. We will be taking title bulletins and as a significant -- Master planned concept. Okay are in studio guesses that the others stored on the project manager of as we study -- development of -- buffaloes are harbor -- also thinker congressman Brian Higgins for joining us thanks Brian thank you record.

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