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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Design Input Sought For Outer Harbor - Dennis Dornan; Pt I

Design Input Sought For Outer Harbor - Dennis Dornan; Pt I

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our in studio guest is Dennis Dornan. Adonis is the project manager -- a firm Perkins and will the company in charge of planning what Buffalo's -- harbor. Eventually is gonna look like a -- -- so welcome thank you for coming in. Running for you having you were up last night's -- -- meeting of sol called the first of three public meetings to get input from people. And others on what this area should look like in the future and you listened to suggestions. From or just plain -- rank and file people from around here of the ones who will eventually be using the outer harbor what did you hear that you like last night. When we had a very content that was impressive went through to see some people interest and and participate you know process. And we've designed to slightly different type of and community event and it's of this particular set of workshops. When it's more of an open house some people get to wander around different stations talk about their ideas. On that but we're planning gave way people can stop to what's on. Different -- together on the side to different combinations. And we had a two of those throughout the course of the evening. And I was -- -- to -- station where we gave everybody twelve green dots and we had about seventy -- possible uses. That might want to -- -- how are -- not recommend and Andy not recommending any particular uses this time which people. Annika -- an indication of what they thought. So we have yet to prove to people all putting that green dots on different uses. And it was very interesting to see the spread. No major surprises really a lot of people -- very interest in an outdoor activities in open space access to the Walter. Pox and those kind of activities. But also. -- restaurants nightlife. Maybe some thousand. So it was very it was encouraging to get a nice kind of spread of different uses people follow appropriate. And because this was over the first three events we. We don't really want to draw any conclusions -- we've gone our way through the whole process and see what me and tonight and in such as well. And that we're going and stopped it takes takes stock of what we've. Are all three of these workshops going to be the same these interactive they are yes you don't need to come to a three it's it's a complete repeat. We just felt let's. If we get three in in one week we would reach a larger broader section of the community to make sure that I'm sure everybody who wants to come. Has a chance to -- that are important you know when a firm like yours comes to buffalo from another city and I usually use them some time in San Francisco. And you're job is to ultimately design something that eventually we are all going to like and enjoy I mean where do you. Actually begin I mean you wanted to sign something that you really -- to attract people. And once someone goes down there you don't want them to just pay one doesn't you want them to keep coming back that you have to take that into consideration to right we do indeed it's simple. To get the right mix of uses down so that -- it is a an asset to buffalo. One thing I heard over and over again last night is. If something of this older. Size and magnitude. -- really has -- regional draw it has three people that senator it's got to be something that would really appeal to a very broad cross section of the community. And be something that the buffalo will embrace and become old neighborhood. For the city now this is the outer harbor this is a long strip of land that starts at the Coast Guard station. Is access going to be an issue. Right now right this is an issue that's really only one way in that. Unless you -- on the skyway. But that's not you know open to pedestrians and bicycles that's costs only. Industry to the only other way in Europe bites galore on a much cooler pedestrian. And that's a very kind of long way round and it delivers you to the foreign and that kind of the south and the site. So one thing we will be doing during this process is looking activity. And considering whether you know additional bridges the -- getting people that made you want to taxes you know all kinds of notes of access will be put out of the hole. And design review process done as have previous developers made some. Big mistake here looking into the future. Well not on this particular site I mean it's been in industrial use ever since it was -- it is a man made piece of land it's excellent well. And it was created -- reports activities in them to know which industry uses. So it's it's largely vacant 171 -- The tease -- particular site. Is over to England so it's kind of just waiting. And waiting to. So you know particularly with the right ideas. Making much -- use of it than that and right now what other what difference have -- done. I think one of the reasons we was selected as the team this project is because we do to a lot of waterfront projects around. The states including Canada. And we right now in in San Francisco completing mission a which is -- 300 acre waterfront property. Which will operate -- is which is entering the final phase of that it's owned construction. It's -- -- mostly in medical campus but it's. Community centers. Retire its neighbor come and excused him. San Francisco. We've just finished a master plan for eighty. The -- eight sites in Ottawa on the river. And we look you right now on. -- lake front property in Toronto.

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