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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>New Buffalo Schools Superintendent Don Ogilvie

New Buffalo Schools Superintendent Don Ogilvie

Jul 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB a lifeline this morning Donald -- new intra buffalo schools superintendent. It was an easy though it was a four hour grilling last night in the -- minority abstained from voting. Mr. Ogilvy congratulations. And thank you -- are you ready for this. I'm a political -- It. Well with all the animosity and everything else is going on there. Well I think last night. Certainly don't we you know we all had to go through that it was a necessary. Activity for the board of education I think I walked into. Conversation and that probably has its roots several weeks if not months ago. So. As it turned out the process was enough of a trigger mechanism to rekindle loans but. -- the meeting progress. And we looked at each other all nine and myself. We recognize each other we knew each other and I think everybody began to. Recognize that I was. My intent will be to work with all of them tend to move forward don't want lead to a rear view mirror. We wanna go forward so. We had to go through that. The board. In their conversation -- the statements they made those were messages back and forth. To them. But certainly they wanted me to be a part of that and so. That over and we'll move on. Down when you think about the challenges ahead it's got to be mind boggling I'm wondering what will be first and foremost do you think. Among the priorities might be trying to work with the teacher's union. Well yes and several levels. You know very aware. The be -- -- gone without a contract for ten years and and there's a lot of implications of that. Certainly. There on the -- resource in the -- instructional program. And it goes beyond that they're the ones that set the tone with the students for what goes on in the schools. But that contract is also -- a very important element of how we will. Provide professional development that will improve skills. It is also the document by which we. Determined. That's where aspect of the culture. -- classrooms in the the school so I am looking forward to that. My focus initially will be construction but I want to make sure that we have. Chief academic officer employees as soon as possible. So that we can begin re viewing with the existing plans and guidelines. How those play out in each of the building. Consistency. Is important saying this is that the intent but consistency of practice everything from the mundane. Attendance taking procedures. Two how we planned lesson than the kinds of activities that every one well engage intent to. Lift the district to the place where it should be. The chief academic officer is set a new position -- resentment. Currently positioned in the schools. I currently positioned in the school there are two key positions that are that have. Been taken one and well I keep both of them the words are the result of the departures of individuals -- -- they would -- be. Newly created positions they may be. Redefined in terms of their functions and they may be given a new title -- the chief academic officer would be the point person. Or all the curriculum instruction and assessment professional development. And the -- the vital programs for English language learners for special education and of course career attack. -- you mentioned not to after the stormy meeting last night you Walt looked at each other view and holiest nine and board members and a you got the feeling that maybe maybe. You might be able to convince these four members who abstained from voting for you that you understand their concerns and have their best interest. And a desire to work them constructively in mind. Yes there would do when you work in and -- The people's business I guess I would describe it you understand that. You people communicate in many levels all at once and that there are there were there at the action and then there's the context that everything proceeds through. I'm very confident in in -- all nine. And -- efforts have already been structured for me to meet. -- of the individuals that really would have the most troubled by the process. And I'll do that do tomorrow. And going forward I think you. You don't want a good relationship she demonstrated. And I think. My intent would be to be the first one to to make that. Outreach to others to engage them make sure that they. All have the same information. But that did the relationships. Oh well there. The same for every board member it don't respect. The individual personalities and needs. There's no question I would much rather work with. Nine strong personalities who are independent thinkers but -- armed individuals of good will. Who are honest and trustworthy but also trusting. -- done we wish the best of luck thank you for joining us this morning. Hey thank you Susan jump. As Donald will be the new interim superintendent a buffalo schools.

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