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7-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News -- 930 WBA. And. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever I can pick up. Without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do it here. Com hourly and that's what's -- than 200 feet of the school he or she. It's life. It's -- -- -- this -- it's Tom hourly as you know the question. Try to get this much this isn't the real -- knows it wouldn't. And -- -- -- -- So on news radio 930. Everywhere it -- what it meant -- -- things like confidence. What's that matters to close at W. -- Our land Israel I'm thirty WBE. And AirTran into a -- trying to do -- Friday peace would be movie where Allen of the movie bag over. Work Allen is describing. Exactly why he wanted to buy bad giraffe. And explaining to his father. Bad. A -- reminded him of himself. In what. Hole. And some. -- that. Regular network. Friends. But friends -- Picked at random. It is bottom of the fifth your sixth news radio 930 WB the end it may not be an exact quote but that the best I can do at this point. All right. We are talking about some. Do they show for the longest time allergies and if you're just joining us. I used to joke. As allergies. -- the news more and more does get a read a book called you are allergic to everything and are going to die. And I guess I really wasn't that far off. Because folks. It just by a circle of life. You know people who are allergic to shellfish. To the point that they could go into an electric shock and if you don't know what that is it's highly unpleasant. And in the extreme cases can actually kill you because your throat swells so much that you can't breathe that's not usually good thing. Shellfish peanut butter and it's. That's peanuts. Vision but I said something else. And lactose milk. And I discovered in the not too distant past that. I -- lactose intolerant it won't know me but it's not pleasant. And I got to really watch. You know. Otherwise. My co workers tend to avoid. Don't wanna be in the center what. Spent a lot of time alone for ten minutes after six news radio on -- thirty WB the end so to what are you allergic how. Is it. When did you find out and how does -- screw up your life -- one of the first caller we thought was a guy who is allergic to. -- -- pollen from pine trees and the dust from peanut shells were holes. But that he said that the latest research -- to saarc void doses. Indicates that maybe. Radio pat -- in eighty dollar to which is what the doctors would say work -- know what the hell causes. Doctors always come up with fancy words to say we don't know what the hell causes. Still have a chance to get a line look it up but. I would love your calls. If allergies are affecting your life whether it's a tree pollen allergy. All ragweed is the worst if you -- work. -- under a microscope or seen a picture online. Ragweed looks like one of those media evil -- weapons you know like an iron ball which spikes. That they put on a chain attached to handle. -- swing at somebody. With the very bloody result. That's what ragweed looks like just the ball part of that weapon. Let's go to -- Ian actually on a cellphone under Israel a thirty WB and -- hello. Hi I'm I'm actually now -- my almanac the fall. On the OK well first let me let me hit the allergies -- I -- -- and are quite a bit because I actually talked to you back in February and com about are quite that I have. And his mom offered the -- part very very quickly I'm allergic to be in parts swell up like a balloon and I have to have an -- and -- I am allergic to -- -- Last thing rather often sadly because I love for I'm allergic to strawberries I -- allergic to strawberries my entire life. Is it only strawberries. Only eat strawberries I -- I I my mother used to think it was because I touched the yellow let me -- out of it yet he. Okay -- do you remember hold out for just a minute you just brought back a memory from my childhood. Involving playing with Caterpillar's -- were going to brighten elementary school during the Summers -- school wasn't in session good enough school against. And a friend that I picked up and were playing with these caterpillars. On the news the next day there's a story about some kids who -- playing with caterpillars who got really really sick. It I actually do you remember that I think everybody my grandmother was watching these values -- -- capitalism on you're gonna get -- And then you did mention that you weren't sure where she heard oral. We're talking like circa 1970s. So I thought about that years. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- started. Pop up around because we've got to take. Blueberries and strawberries out in the field -- the summertime just something that he kid you know. Have not cool and then -- -- are very charcoal in blue Berry -- -- were very cheap kicker what ever. But at requirement -- -- there -- I would break out in huge rat an epic and I eat that out very I would pretend he crashed damaged. But she did it -- on me what you -- exactly who it was. I reacted exactly as I always had then. And so then from that point oh words my friend my sister and brother would go out Texas for our area I couldn't open the start area. And they had strawberry short what -- mother maybe peach cobbler he struck plea he starts -- Heavier doctors identified why it would be exclusive to strawberries and not other fruit what differentiates the chemical makeup of a strawberry from other fruits which you can actually in jest what single substances in a strawberry that isn't present elsewhere. Well the -- I've really never followed up on bad and I probably should because that and Roland what are we -- -- going back and but my I am a case study for these. -- Jacobs institute in buffalo general. And did their homework on all my allergies and all that sort of thing because I want -- point -- Which -- -- I know is not an allergy because I had and I -- a case study for the area. I was just gonna mention. You know I have been part one need for twenty years now and com. Well originally diagnosed John shortly after my first went on the anniversary in 1994. And it was very immunity discovered in the area but that is its target despite for some reason. Com bowl determined that are going out says. Like -- that and the other is is it basically it's an auto immune to it that he. Well here's here's that you know it's so funny you mention this to go because it's almost like we're looking at the same web sites together you know you have no idea what I'm doing what I'm talking do you. -- Day of the definition from the Mayo -- our -- -- speakers are corridors as. Is the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells in different parts of your body most commonly the lungs lymph nodes eyes and skin. Doctors believes our -- doses results from the body's immune system. Responding to an unknown substance most likely something -- from the year -- to me that's like OK that sounds like an allergy. But then other sites when I read up on -- -- doses it sounds more like as you said an auto immune Cisco Systems situation. Along the lines of lupus. So I guess what it is and its ideology. Is still up work debate. Iraq they actually do not know what caused that what triggers it. -- warrant plaid in 1994. Chain re occurrence is that what I was given your a -- on pregnant that what worked on me. And it's in my it's actually in my right -- and actually what did that is is is it hot iron to the optic nerve. Oh you're eerie out here in my right eye if you -- in my back to. When did I mean I have. It pirating our last fund group might migrate land could be so ridiculously effect because my bad that warrant is actually sick. For that one. And -- got the Heidi index lenses which take down the Coke bottle back. -- you look -- -- -- -- Aaron. It did in my heart and the rest and -- -- What's his first name -- It's so we're talking to your wife are you jealous go ahead. But he always you know he always you are a step on me now whenever I'm you know MacBook and irritated or -- it or something -- his fear that apparently will ask me is everything okay. You know he will keep tab -- -- because. You know he he you know we've got to make sure that we kept Israeli because if we aren't anybody else that you lock it could actually destroyed my apple -- And why aren't you Barack. But he kind I don't want our played in one area that's they've caught the short. He can mandate and major organ in my body at any time during my life -- And -- my mom yeah -- your -- and it could end up you know he could even affect our own. Like gosh so it's not even like shingles were at least when the shingles break out they will be in the same place depending on Dermot folks. And it can happen randomly. All -- good lurid. So. -- You've led to occurrences of it. Obviously tells that you could be very debilitating. And they say on these web sites on visiting which are reputable. Medical web sites. But I usually go to like penthouse -- But they -- reputable website necessary. That it usually is a condition which can be managed effectively in other words there's no cure but there is management you mentioned pride in his own before which I also. Have to keep a supply of were -- my situation. I don't I won't -- boasting an up or general in here in the Jacobs institute. I warm on the list that if I Colin tell them I have a situation and I am I'm having I probably again. Still at the very specific questions they look it she pregnant I can start well -- -- -- -- have me in the office the next step. -- -- -- -- While they're and then when I go and I I have to began their attack. You know I've done it before I have to do mechanical and the color cast including that he up pressed the button when you see her go back somewhere within your -- and an outlet where. All my gosh actually you know there are apps on your cell phone you actually download a -- test for different kinds of color blindness. Oh the other three different kinds of three major kind of color blindness and you can actually downloaded app. American and -- -- -- because I was thinking of are emailing vehicle backing it I be opposed to your paper states. Com there are many young York whenever you're you know many of you aren't great about our white visual very interesting back and February and you know it's -- district that -- Don't like. Well obviously I forgot -- we talked about it because it was a new thing to me and the whole idea of the pine needle pollen and the peanut hole kind of struck me. Up by the way wanna let people know here Tom pocket as you're sent out a text. The buffalo school board has just voted Don Ogilvie as its interim superintendent. Four members abstained or we'll have more coming up on the news 630 with Tom pocket so I don't -- -- crap and this whole thing up. To what else are you allergic. And how most seriously and do you have children and they get by it as well. I'm like yeah I -- southern my husband and I could -- more and mainly my issues is the place. But I am allergic to Cody. I am allergic to anything that has like have -- not like well atrocities are any on this side -- and Madison. -- I am allergic to that surprisingly everybody in my former his allergic to penicillin except for me. I was never -- -- -- on. On elect I you don't wanna get some -- player I think everybody swelled up a little bit and it's really I don't really consider it a big deal but. I scaling the -- and I Staley from the watch Frank Bailey and strawberries and those that -- saying. Gotcha well different people as far as the mosquito and instead -- different people have different reactions. To these -- to mean release a mosquito bites with me. Always turn into. Basically. I I put Benadryl cream on him right away and it really takes way the itch and reduces the swelling significantly and unfortunately. It is true some people tracked stinging insects more than others in particular mosquitoes. I am a mosquito magnet and if you ever have an outside party in the summertime. You should invite me because every mosquito in Western New York will be on my body thus keeping the other guests absolutely bug free. Well I is -- and they don't invite me as well because. I I really and that act applicable to me -- I can go out into a park somewhere with my husband he didn't get it but he wants. Maybe I can help itself there are a relic. Does your mother telling mounted value our work it does not. All right now before I let you go by the color vision thing of it it's kind of cool to have fun -- it's called CV. Simulator see the simulator. Just to an app search work color blindness simulator and the best one I've found is CV. Isn't Charlie Victor simulator and it's -- kind of a fun app to use. Well without you get right now actually. All right thank you very much and by the way have fun fact about color blindness here is I only found -- -- recently from a listener who posted on FaceBook. I did not notice that during World War II. The allies would actually recruit. Color blind guys to fly on reconnaissance missions. Over occupied territory. Because. Camouflage. Does not work as well. When you have color blindness as it does for people who see the full spectrum of color available to the normal human. Did you know that if I didn't know that I wonder if Sarah Nixon knew that former WB and guys now -- you -- 645. Decided he wanted to pension and older against 645 at news radio 930 WB yeah. Black parade man. You'll America being covered in saying. Fifth trip across. Loose guys. Its sales -- in all this. You know. Mean. If Jimmy Buffett -- Understated just imagine Jimmy Buffett that's all it is SX 34 news radio 930 WB. All right -- is a -- -- indicted and I -- get off of -- court doses are at a that the all due respect and everything I don't wanna turn it into these are court doses our. I hope you appreciate that. I'm but I do want to find out. Howell allergies. Messed up your life. Because. It just seems to -- the fact it doesn't seem to me there it's a fact. That in my life and maybe in yours probably. More and more people. Seemed to be allergic to more and more -- now. Somebody -- where every post anything like this company's book the anti GMO. Food crowd comes out. Up folks these things started on the upswing all long time before evil Monsanto's started messing with who. Now am I gonna save it. I know 100%. Bet it's not the reason for recent increases now. But I'm talking about stuff that. I have noticed on the increase work -- twenty units at least so I want to find out. If allergies. Affect you or your loved ones what is the allergy. And how serious is is it something that could kill you. Is -- something for which we have been prescribed an MP -- And some of the most common ones that I hear about our -- he shellfish allergies peanut and peanut butter allergies. Of course -- there every time this comes up there's always the age. Old debate and we brought this up with a -- program that between the right of the kid who's allergic to peanuts to have a peanut butter rezone. And the right of 99% of the other kids who enjoy their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. And I'm not sure exactly how schools are dealing with were what the protocol is in dealing with BP -- reporter allergy situation but you know when you're drawn up I'll -- that nobody was allergic to peanut butter. I'll -- that you never even thought about the concept of European footballer butter allergy. Are horrible first hearing about the late eighties early nineties and since then it's become increasingly. It seems to me now whether this is anecdotal or statistically provable. -- seems to me it has become more and more common. So let's -- shellfish peanut butter other -- good old run of the mill hay fever. Pollen tree pollen in the summer all cottonwood. Is there anybody else who despises. The very word cottonwood. Cottonwood is God's evil joke on all the votes I'm just sent. And then in the fall. Late August September depending on how the climate is that your the rag weed comes out and as I said earlier. When you look at the pictures of the ragweed under electron microscope. The best way I can describe it up close and personal is it looks like one of those media evil masons like one of those big metal balls with the spikes all over it. That's what it looks like me without the handle in the -- that attached to -- to swing around and do some serious damage. You know it can sopranos won ralphie was playing gladiator in the back room VIP party. Except that was really amazed that I'm you know thrilled by a thirty is the opponent for starlet thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB -- You know three all night thirty start 930 at 180616. WB EN a bigger role. Do allergies play in your life by the way in about the last bit there. I didn't even mention. Lactose intolerance. Nor did I mention the wheat or gluten intolerance. Folks I've knocked it domain names I would I would do it but. At this radio station I have known two or three people. With whom either work or who with whom I have worked who are. And they did away with it. And it made -- market and visible improvement in their health and in their lives now the most un usual allergy about which I have ever heard. Is something somebody here at the radio station I would never -- this individual has. We believe it or not at this radio station in hours MacWorld. We cannot. Microwave. Pop. Microwave popcorn is -- balked then at Entercom buffalo why. Because we have one employee. Who the very whip. Up microwave popcorn. Could very well kill her. And we like this person so we don't want this person to end up dead because one of us gets the munchies with popcorn. Seriously. Anybody else out there. Is there I wonder if there's anybody else out there who has experience with -- microwave pop your allergy. And why is microwave pop. Why would that the pop him at the good old fashioned way on the scope. Which by the way is so much better than microwave popcorn microwave popcorn is. That's for 1:30 in the morning when you get the munchies the real pop and his got to -- just a little bit of vegetable oil. And it has to have -- body glob and a half a butter on it generously loaded with salt to qualify as real pop. -- I don't know I don't know movie theater popcorn does not tell. Just Sorrell on the same page that's popcorn now that's acting full. Those are packing peanuts they sell as -- I'm convinced the it'll thrill in my thirty start at 3180616. WB at all and just an aside. Have you seen the movie America. And can you give us a review of the movie. Is it worth the money is going to the movies is not as cheap as it used to be. And if it's going to be a waste of money I don't want my people. Wasting money on a movie they don't need to seek. So if you've seen the movie America. That's the advantage to -- film and you wanna give us your thoughts on it I'd love to hear them. So it's allergies. What are you allergic to or family member how bad how to diagnose it. Will it kill you could it kill you and a completely different topic have you seen the movie American Dinesh D'Souza rush talks about a lot. And would you recommend. Let's go to a ball buck in north title Wanda under Israel a thirty WB Ian -- welcome to show it is short term. I -- yeah -- -- -- probably about being allergic to -- We. -- -- Men who -- stable basically. How old do you live. -- Well to be out of truly are gonna be easier to figure out how to become a barbarian. There was how to actually trigger -- what to eat. Heard it a lot breath -- is a new one on me. Now we use the word conservative Terry in coined by the very late and dear Rachel wells but a breath variant you're gonna have to explain. But what there is someone who live -- problem. And white. And some days here I stared directly at the -- and get my energy directly from the sun. So basically what you're saying basically what you're saying is if you're if you're bitten by a vampire you're screwed. Our opponent and department. I think about these things I try to plan for all contingencies. I memorized my James wood's movies are keep going. So -- But -- problems. We all that stuff. And so I remember -- the -- and we have a eulogy. You'll. There and you'll get on the did talk about this woman in the interviews and wanna discourage future of the -- area. And so I'd typed in Brooklyn area. In the browser which party can do and there are kind to people all over the world. -- production and that they were barbarians. And so roamed out to be barbarians by engaging in I don't know what that was there. And so I type that in a year and there are a whole bunch of people all over. The world or fundraisers and Kurt got to be brought -- so Sunday's. -- -- -- -- -- And it did just make sure that I'm on the same page of not misinterpret and it. You're telling me that you don't eat food that all you do is live on the air and the sun. So not to be growth split you would therefore have no need for any number two bathroom functions. Also produce waste -- much. Very limited compared to what I do or how tall are you. -- -- -- -- -- 130 try to. Okay you're telling me when's the last time getting morsel of what we would consider food in your mouth. Sir. Yeah I was just trying to remember. I had some cherry when they came out and about a week ago and threw for cherries. It's there's -- I like -- and I'm allergic to that obviously. Okay I'm not allergic to food and effective for a made the transition. I was XP pro. I must confess that sounds an awful lot like were venturing into George -- territory and as much as I enjoyed George's show and have an open mind to metaphysical matters and you're mentioning your mentioning. Excuse me -- mentioning yoga and Honda certainly got my attention because he certainly was one of the great spiritual people of eastern mysticism. But I can't quite grasp the idea that you live simply on the year and son. -- I'm just I'm sorry come again. Do you have a computer and in your studio. I have them now as we've been working a regular basis I may have a different answer but yes I have a computer. All -- been -- -- him and -- under the. It will. Well just. Just because. It's on the Internet doesn't make it true but I will. I will. I'll look into it during my next break here and they get back to -- I look at a reason to doubt you but it also found you have to would let it sounds a little far fetched. Well it's for the average person that does what I have been exploring it for many years actuaries and it's very people do it all over the world. Jesus on the fund raiser were there and -- And you know it -- not toward the end of -- she's out. Bob what about thought all was in the fish is on the watch and about the last supper he didn't talk right. An -- -- they've actually done re creations divert the probable cedar dinner that Jesus as a Jew would have beaten. You know what but probably didn't because it was under his. Where's the proof. That had been didn't answer the desert for forty days with no food no water. On Poland spreader I don't know why it. Look I thank you for the call I I don't. I I'm gonna have to look into that. A -- because that. -- have to admit. Is is a little. Strange that. Now sometimes. Strange is true. But. How could you possibly drive past -- which barbecue. And stay abroad that are speakers I couldn't. Just say and a 135 pounds at five foot nine dude. I'm sorry. You're never gonna get -- it is at least by a woman 646 -- news radio 930 WB. Cop. -- right and just try to think about -- 585. About a 135 pounds -- no public. Just about five foot 857 at five it whatever and I got back from the Dominican Republic and I was extremely sick. My weight was in the low 160s. In my doctor said dude you look like. Excrement. You need to gain some weight. So I can't imagine. Being even thirty pounds lighter than -- -- Won't say I put an article on the breath Irian isn't up on by via FaceBook page and make a judgment one way or the other but. The impose up there if you wanna check it out. Let's go to lump. Old parents Jeff says in review forests were talking about allergies. And bit the next assumes his new movie America and whether it's worth sitting. You're on Jeff thank you. Goes to a former tribute grip what so -- class. -- -- America it was movie. My comment is that doubt this week people go. Out. All of -- will -- -- and local Democrats. Of people. -- -- misconception about our apps. Where they'll. Well the offer those who saw what was that 262 in Obama's America. What those are very good movie. Was it on that level. I don't fortunately didn't see that. I missed that one word -- -- wish -- -- -- -- -- -- -- but local back and try to find it will be watch. What. Dennis -- a plot summary if you're good in thirty seconds or less. It's been a lot of misconceptions about. Where liberals are trying to do this country. Based on our. Past history -- oh slavery and an extreme situation and all that. And -- -- -- we don't. Which would -- true. Well what actually -- Recent article about which I didn't know that at one point thrower at many. Blacks -- -- as -- were white label and self. And I never knew that. And Barack Obama actually Sharkey. Man I honestly did not know radiator. On the -- yeah I don't. OK but. When he says I accuse the ads talk about. We know that Obama wants to fundamentally transform America but from what cultured did he spread. How much of it is about Obama's background in the people with whom the associated and how much is about I can't even call the liberal agenda I called the regressive agenda. Yeah okay you're right about there could go single file and also lower Burt -- actually brought up what about street. Set of circumstances -- -- people that they were taught by and he emulated. Throughout their careers. Admit -- started young age. Be a great washed them like somebody. -- -- I call. There were so sure -- it and -- Nobody that they all the ones that want fundamental change our car and that the only way you can do it from inside -- You can't you got to all of so you got to get people went off there's probably see. Our congress that are you got street -- barker they're gonna do. And that's what we're seeing it happen. On a scale of one to ten you would rate Dinesh D'Souza is -- movie America and what. -- really. That good enough. Yeah I personally really like it but I also -- that I don't listen to stop -- You know I I've seen movies. There got horrible abuse and I like that and actually got. You know great reviews like so. But it's unfortunate -- you know -- the people out that are. A certain for me to walk. That people really pitching because it's a role -- -- -- that -- a lot of information about. -- -- -- I'm I. Are you you've inspired me they spent more time talking about it tomorrow I know I put something up my FaceBook page asking for reviews thank you very much I wish I could do another couple of hours to makers for just sometimes isn't enough. Thank you very much and I'm happy to hear from you -- Really wish I could take all the calls I can't I want -- revisit both of these topics at a future date mega thanks mucho thanks to Joseph -- for another job well done. Throughout my whole me John Sherman. -- job very well. We love you Rachel wells. And know yourself. Yeah.

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