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7-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest over the because the guys out for a walk when -- decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a our lady and I don't know how to put this. Mind. People know and it's live it's local. It's Tom how early. They're wet I'd quit net news radio yeah. I heard that rush today somebody offered. President Obama a joy. He turned it down. -- That is just played a role. To offer President Obama a joint. There is something fundamentally. Wrong. I mean it's bad etiquette. It is bad form. And it is demeaning. To the president of the United States Barack Obama. To offer him a joint. Proper behavior would have called for offering of a joint at a couple lines of blow. It is -- ten minutes after five hole at news radio 930 WB EM. Anyway you don't get to be with your. And I'm just getting better as I get older. So let's think about middle age great gift of it is indifference. Tip many thanks. That everything unfortunately. Oh ought to do a topic that has been. Just eating me alive. For a while like I gotta do it I got to do I gotta do. And circumstances happened where now I have a good reason to do. But before I go this year. I just want to comment on the previous. Two hours of the show dealing with the work. She did the murder in the -- -- a section of Orchard Park and a -- and import. I tried to do it and I think I did it. In a way that was Europe circumspect. And a genuine search for. Answers. I don't think Sean is an arch criminals I think Sean is built. Now prosecutors are gonna say -- a -- -- hourly. He consciously made an effort to flee to Canada. Somebody in their right mind would make a better attempt to disguise themselves -- the flow Beagle on wild Erica. Okay. You'll look at the mug shot. You can talk all you want about an attempt to flee demonstrating an awareness that what he did was wrong and he -- the time he was doing it. I look at the mug shot and I see young man who's mentally up. But my sympathies. Very much who -- to keep him fairway and -- to every family who's had a violent crime. Tear up the family. Mom. Is just devastated. His brother who works with prison and it inmates. Is obviously going to be affected by this. And if you have been over the years friends of the -- family. You know what they need you now more than ever not not just not just -- in the holding -- but his mom and his brother. You know that this is -- time when they they just need you and I and a whole. I hope that that came through loud and clear during the previous two hours. And it must. Because I I did not get one complaint about the whole of the show. I did not get any complaints in email. Accusing me of trial by radio trial by media. Occurs I I can only remember doing that with OJ Simpson. But thank you for the previous two hours I appreciate very much. And again. Sympathies to -- and then I can't imagine what you're going through. And I hope that your true friends are here for you even now. We the people wanna talk about this now when I was gonna switch topics. Now switch topics. I just did my summation now I'm gonna introduce new evidence now let's let's switch topics here this topic that I've been dying to do. I used to say this goes back twenty years ago someday I'm gonna write a book you are allergic to everything and you're going to die. Have a question for you. Allergies. Is everybody allergic to something a 2014 and everybody. Now there was a time. When I was growing up when dinosaurs roamed the earth. And the Wright Brothers hadn't even been born yet to have that flight at kitty hawk. There was a time. When you thought allergies equaled hay fever seasonal allergies pollen all polyps a bitch ragweed in the fall. Those were quote unquote normal allergies. Now. How many people in your family. Have come down with allergies or sensitivities. -- stuff. We've ever -- think you're about. I was that an independent state party. And there was a pasta dish. And the young lady with whom I was in attendance. Took a bite of the pasta dish. And there. Shoot it and said. All. Experimental work. I said he's I think is pretty good no. -- shrimp in here. And then it hit me like a ton of bricks OMG. She's allergic to shellfish. Now. Independence the top of Templeton land. Traffic everywhere. Chances of being able to find a drug store to buy Benadryl. Or an epi -- for an emergency. Zero. So. Lord of the short of it is that god. She did not have an awful accidents in nothing swelled up she didn't start to each wheels didn't form and or skin. But I will play as she was nervous for good 1015 minutes. About what might happen because spurred shellfish allergies pretty severe. People are allergic to shellfish. People how many people do you know when your life have gluten sensitivities. Or selling acts. I haven't left you with silly -- in fact his mom. I just put a caller my ex sister in law Tina. She actually has a line of baked goods. And I think she's opened the local restaurants. Gluten free stuff for people with so PX. Like peanut butter cookies that are out of this world walls that are out of this world. She learned how to do baking for somebody with a sensitivity. I hear her son. So we've got people with gluten allergies. Now recently. I told you about this. I'm going to be very blunt with you. We had an issue with objects. For many years. I what I say issue can't talk and can't fighters in blazing saddles. -- at GM -- probably. But I know that some people have never part of their entire lives. Like my -- never not -- But. No no no not even after the colonoscopy no never anyway. Sorry mom I love you anyway. I discovered. What was causing the problem you know once. Lactose pilots. It was lactose intolerance. Just what game. You're gonna love this. One of my all time favorite foods. Well as you know I consider pie and baked goods to be the foundation of any food pyramid. But what are my other favorite foods is ice cream. I can't do it any. Without -- Which is spiritual opening the people take when there susceptible to lactose intolerance. A very well known doctor. I know you know we always joke about we can't even go out for nice tree because it would just destroyers. For awhile. So I found out you know by process of elimination open attended. By process of elimination that I don't elect -- sensitivity. And now there's really no ask issue whatsoever people can actually covered the studio and -- Which is very helpful when you have guests. And what I say raunchy I mean light. Literally who died. Seriously it was bat. TMI. Anyway it used to be fought with -- new people. They come to work and we had a practical joke Joseph you know it was right. Up. We we would immediately first first -- the job. I'd I'd -- some crisis and and motion for the new kid to come into the studio. That was their introduction to the show and if they couldn't handle that we knew that they wouldn't be right for the program. And it. It's a -- back. At a anyway. I'm joking about it but lactose intolerance is it's a problem for a lot of people. Now what else is there new carpet -- How many have you have had new carpeting put him. And a bit later your -- You're you're you're -- girl dry throat. And you start -- in the back your throat. I was at a doctor's office this week as they were picking. Up more receptionist. Folks. She and I wanted to tell her sweetheart you've got to go hole. You unit that takes something for this because the fragrance from the fresh it was driving her throat crazy. So let's see lactose intolerance. Gluten intolerance silly acts. New carpet all fragrances. There's another one. Sydney beach and I and you know what a surprising number of people with whom I've worked in radio. We don't Wear Cologne. In fact we can't stand it when other people Wear Cologne and or perfume any artificial fragrances whatsoever. In fact my sector activity to fragrances is such. To all those acts ads on TV a few years back a exceed. And they show the balls I mean literally balls like soccer balls up and added I guess the message was not really ovitz to -- -- but. My son went through this phase where he weighs just quietly not this axe body spray. And I literally one day said you can -- in the power. Why because I can't breathe I am likely to pass out and die of an apple execs. Before we get Anderson's. Soul. People well people who know me know no perfume no Cologne I can't I can't handle city beach is the same way. Well I -- we could actually die if somebody came in here with a perfume or Cologne so here's my question to you guys. -- right I know personally so many people who are allergic to everything I just mentioned one of the big ones I forgot about. Peanut butter. Folks there's a time. Went ate peanut butter and jelly sandwich was an innocent thing jam with peanut butter and Brett. Preferably cut sideways and not diagonally in a straight across as opposed to I never. You know people got sent sandwiches diagonally to grow up to be serial killers -- just wanted to know that but peanut butter. Suddenly became arch villain number one sometime around the 1980s. So my question as to what are you allergic how bad is it for you and how did you figure it out. And I will also tell you one other thing. -- Because of the allergy I have to. Certain flowers and grass. And pollen. I was getting allergy shots. Allergy shots for those who don't know what happens -- an allergy shot is they put a little bit of that to which you are allergic into your system. In an attempt to bolster your own body's immune response to it. Our -- so they got to give -- a little of what you don't like what you can't handle to stimulate your immune system so it can't. Well. Went for an allergy shot I told this story on the here twenty years ago when it happened. -- for an allergy shot about four hours later I was at my parents' house. And I wanted to couple -- for them. I went into the rod started up the ball or no more in the water and suddenly I'm. I notice that I'm a scratchy and itching and I look at my hands and and see these Welch raising up to my arm and I realize. HFFs. These are wheels which is an allergy symptom not the things on your car. And there was just no extinguishing the itch. I call the allergist office thank god it was five minutes away from a base that mister -- -- get here now. Sell hot I literally through our kids in the car. I shook my daughter which put put your brother of the car seat we got to get to the doctor now. -- but so anyway lord -- short. We've made excursion to the doctor's office in record time. And immediately that -- -- shot of adrenaline Benadryl. And a few other things too. Prevent my throat from closing. So I've had one experience with ample axis. And I got to play at the time I didn't realize how serious it what's. A really good. But folks if you have that kind of their reaction. That's not a good thing. Right now I need to break for the news but we're gonna start getting calls on this after 53 -- dying to do the show for a long time. Allergies to what are you allergic how bad is it and a -- you figure it out. -- news radio on I thirty WB EN you can pay for yesterday's news in print Morgan today's news free just used WB and dot com. Ask -- about big guys. Cellphones being with -- got -- -- a -- about personal business as you know there's been a rather hectic week for me and that was a great song don't get me wrong but there are usually don't play them that long but I'm sure Rodney Crowell appreciates the royalties. Anyway it is up 535 news radio 930 W. Be the end seat sometimes don't you wish you kind of -- yourself thought -- -- does do that a sexually reproduce. I I didn't do really well and biology but I've been practicing really hard as a grown up. But I forget which of these organisms. Like divide and reproduce that way -- Wish I could do that you have to meet mr. -- just about the use hey Joseph if I can do that I actually have a friend. But again I probably trigger -- -- weekend at the end. All right let's surrogate to the calls are talking about allergies. I'm not a doctor. I'm not a doctor. Mail actually yes on board certified plastic surgeon neurosurgeon and a brain surgeon -- that I choose to work in corporate radio because I'm insane as well. No I'm not a doctor but we are talking about what you are allergic to either you or family member. And you know something else what kind of a crap does that put in your lifestyle. I'm thinking about. Independent study. And -- today. Downtown. And the fact that. Somebody -- -- -- -- because they shellfish allergies. About that for a minute holy crap. Let's get to the calls it Richard bunker WB -- old Dick welcome to the hourly show it is you. -- -- -- -- -- physicians serve -- word shall I call you -- in the same -- wire her preferred to Doc -- Cool but what -- the Doc Holliday is friends so thank you I'd go to what are you allergic so cursor. Okay. -- situation here a few years in the military. -- who had to leave because. And allergic reaction. Already launched. From 100 -- united -- In actual condition. 2138. Powell Ashcroft who terribly I couldn't keep anything down to -- foreign crises. Patiently to. Are emerging as you -- election -- century military. There are actually -- -- immediately ambulance should they -- potential general hospital in Germany. Not -- virtually motionless holding me only catch -- Sloan slipped. Are the doctor there. Who social and general currently social position. This shorten the amount -- technical Walter Reed hospital. Like of the cost of my family. -- very. There I've done a biopsy and determine what it -- Rocket Richard I need -- can wrap this -- a lot of people wanna talk about this what what was the diagnosis. I I do not understand what you said. But. I've never even heard of that that's an allergy. Very rarely shares crossbar and I don't from Poodle. And dashed -- the holes -- Cuba -- Good lord I can you spell it for me because I looked up. Our. Who aren't. -- I'll be end. Com and okay. Here's okay well I wanna ask him another week now that we know that that's the kind of allergy it was how does this affect your life now I'm I'm guessing go to buffalo brew -- out of the question. Well I am not aware -- repression in addition able world. Two veteran administration. Service connected. And Vietnam and post a -- Are not -- but -- -- there's no known cause. Wait a minute soap peanut holes and pine needle hard did not cause this are pointed stuff. I flew from our NATO and the -- From the holes so commercial. And. I'll -- -- -- up when I have a moment bill off the year and I'm really sorry man that socks up. I do commend your service thank you very much Jeff for serving the United States -- Well. Not. But you do you deserve every bit of it and then some thank you so much and hate and -- Richard good luck. Yeah well I guess it's even better to an alternative which isn't terribly appealing. Well it while you have a pleasant day and that would be doctor orders. All right thank you are there were Dick doc. Thank you very much which is actually what my great grandfather was it is. No actually he was if Clark francs or. It is 540 news radio 930 WB EN it is -- with you. We're talking about allergies I've got to look that one up I never even heard of that one. But if the doctors today don't know what causes it and we really caught call it an allergy I don't wanna get into semantics here. But there are so many things to which people arsenal allergic and it seems to be a growing pop up problem. Here is Richard in port meant to -- in a -- Richard hello. It does to me yes -- I'm allergic to corn. Corn ingredients. Which are in everything. He does they're putting corn into medicine. My chance in Madison. I can't I can't -- to watch what look I have a page before. Four pages of -- ingredients. That I have to look at or people or anybody from. Well are you familiar sir with -- com pounding of prescriptions. Yes I'm man I'm doing that. OK excellent because there are compound to pharmacies around -- one of which is a client of ours which will personally make medicines for -- -- -- -- -- exactly. Those kinds of allergic reactions to ingredients in the mass produced -- so I'm glad that your where -- I'm so you obviously that you can't eat corn on the cob bathed and butter. No no it can't. Dude. Mine I go in my can avoid that. And avoid it would -- quicker corners ingredients and then. If you go fast food. We know what to call up Burger King onion -- have nine Corning reviews and them. I have a stupid question. And forgive my ignorance but when you fill up your car with gasoline which has at the old derived from corn you have to be extra careful. -- that's -- from -- -- me only ingesting view those as food. Got it well and hopefully you're not doing that with gasoline -- would be doing a different shell. Up when did you first realize that you were allergic to court. And -- related 1985. Start having a migraine attic in the sixties. When the Cuban crisis and they wished to corn syrup. And I didn't fall but took me until the 1980. I want to win well that in doctor. And environmental allergens not serve. More injected me with corn and my handle up. Oh good grief. You mentioned the Cuban crisis had a -- come into play. One. The they start buying improvement. Pure sugar. Cane sugar. And which was cheaper than coroner. Got to our wolf thank you. Thank you for filling in the blank spot in my historical knowledge or appreciate. That's very interesting I had never heard a record allergy we've got the first -- calls right out of the box have been new ones Sunday. Thank you very much Richard I'm glad you call and I'm sorry that you can't enjoy corn bread that. Or you've got to be extra extra extra careful with anything you eat because it might contain and probably does Tuesday's court. Good lord thank you very very much wow. And guys that's split up and issue. -- dietitians. Especially given our obesity epidemic in America. The effect of foreign and corn products on it look you know I -- everything in moderation. Everything in moderation. But some of you can't even touch corn or peanut butter. Let's go to -- -- on WB yet this is fascinating to what are you allergic how bad and what when did you are recognized -- Our -- doing it's actually my five year old son -- key is being allergic to. -- entry you know. Thankfully we didn't find out the traditional way you wondering you know -- and statements -- the by the -- My wife was working at a clinic -- goal are masters. In it was during a Swine Flu time. It and anyone working at medical clinic -- like that word you know what's required secure that it H1N1 virus. On which article does quite -- and regular flu actually. -- might try to work is what and after the trying it and we had to take him in the make sure. He would not allergic base because flu shots -- -- -- they -- -- And -- -- happen would be that he was superior regular entry. And hand -- we're going to an electric shocks with security very. And then whether it's everywhere we go at. You know I don't think it is as many. He agreed to coordinate the guy that calls for reform he put -- and everything. Are you brought up a good point like before the July we wanted to for the important to -- a very -- strong candidates cupcakes. Where they can make any kind of cookies. Aren't even glitch made cookies -- that I -- agree that there could be mixed with a you know -- retreat out the ability. Sort than it's been really really strange. The that this fatally. I can imagine. Mike what does this do now of course he'd at. And his point in life have you made pre arrangements with his school. Oh yeah yeah she just finished curriculum will be going in the kindergarten in the all what you that we ethical. -- -- from the actor or an upbeat than explain to a nurse it and the teacher that he had a peanut allergy. So old other teacher who was unbelievable arm and I agree an island where we senator kit. -- -- Basically sent a letter to all the families saying you know you cannot cook everything it has to be package and she won't be able to read the labels Scioscia actually went through read all the label. I made sure that nothing contain peanut or tree not. Possibly yeah that school -- at an upbeat -- in every one news. But very important as school known as -- everybody who has an allergy proper court today actually that they ingested or -- -- -- -- Yeah. Now like I'm no longer allowed within 500 feet of school. Or to refugees. Or Turkey -- but when I was at a cafeteria at a local school recently. I saw a table that was reserved. For people with peanut allergies I don't wanna ask you about that coming up because you know here we get into the debate between. You're right as a parent of a kid who's allergic to peanuts and tree nuts. And the right of the other five year old to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I wanna get your take on -- Mike I'm sure you've got some thoughts and WB yeah. It's Wednesday -- -- hump day. -- I have read you know. They were talking about something happened. We show London's allergies. Can -- the number of people. Who have allergies. When I was growing up it wasn't like that's all you have the kid every now and again in the neighborhood -- it hay fever but that was about. Now it's like everybody is allergic to something. I don't know but technically call an allergy I mean up to me that the pollen thing it's just more of a pain in the -- the ragweed is kind of you know. It's an annoyance I wouldn't consider -- an illness is just one of those minor little thanks. The the lactose intolerance. However. Is not a lot of fun. And it also like to thank the Dominican Republic were further destroying my innards all I will never forgive the Dominican Republic no. Well let's go to. An -- Mike's son is. Going to kindergarten in the fall he's allergic to peanuts and a tree nuts. And Mike the question is does this is come up until auction house. The right of your son to a peanut free zone. Verses the right of the other children to enjoy peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch with your -- I can think -- considerable side. These forward we're at the urgency -- -- Here and there are severely allergic I was like. The same way and school. Haven't. You. What. We're. If it. Actually at school were my son will be a school on his appeal freak so. The whole school old. School -- can can -- and on the -- Utopian streak to build a -- Obviously that it's not an issue but not Mike here's a question to which I do not know the answer -- though the question. The doctors say your son will ever outgrow. Peanut allergies retreat -- allergies. When we first got I don't know the doctors said that he would have about a 20% chance to vote growing and we've gone back every year. Arm and he's tested positive for. Our -- either market you know he asks everybody every time and won't give them anything cricket vehicle a quarter. And we do is two year old sister as being upstream speed upstream. But they -- really good about it. But be prepared for the school point time I agree I don't I think it's durable goods -- -- do -- beat reporter Joey. Give -- -- old school but I think. What you said before -- went to the break about you know actually putting kids at another table are segregated I would promote -- to be singled out like that are well. All I know that it's interesting. Yeah I gotta get some other callers Mike I'm sure this is gonna come up with other callers in the next hour or so I hope you'll stay listen thank you. There were a tourniquet dude I was already authorities say goodbye. We're talking about something that is an increasing issue allergies.

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