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7-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's a it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. -- -- And look it's Tom hourly and it's life. It's local mark. Being. Third yeah he had. Not being heard Tom hourly. Effects. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and -- fire -- showed up. Okay yeah. They're getting better double -- It is about our lenders regular thirty WBE Anna and I just want to be real clear here. All right good because that whatever you do a show like this sort of people who send email and -- grams. I can't believe they're doing trial by media trying to help my talk show on no we're not doing a trial here. I'm trying to understand. I'm trying to get it. What happened. In the -- hole. Up at what happened which -- Because I I do know that mean. Life experience has taught me that people who. Are well thought of who have quality friends who are quality people themselves do not get charged with actress side. Under ordinary circumstances. And other ordinary circumstances even if they don't get charged with -- decide they don't look like shall one does in that -- And there's no indication that drugs were involved in any way shape -- form. And that draws me leads me to one conclusion. That this is a situation involving. Say the words you know what's gonna leave my lips even if you just get your car mental illness. Which. I happen to bully. -- responsible for about 90%. Of our country's social ills. In our failure to address mental illness as a public health crisis. Is at our own cost. And as I mentioned earlier. It is not unusual. -- serious mental illness to first present especially in young men. The between the ages of like 1824. Were 1826. That time -- And when it looked at that picture of show on a thought to myself you know what this poor kid I think he's sick. And if your for additional ones. I wanna ask -- -- -- -- right. You probably don't need to be told Burris is holding sooner. Don't turn your back down. See him. Visit him. He needs you now more than ever and I'm and I'm operating on the notion that he's -- I'm not operating on the notion -- some notorious criminal despite the charges he face. So I'm just gonna ask you please don't turn your Beckham. No I have not turned into a bleeding heart liberal my position use. And always has. -- mentally ill people. Who commit acts of violence or were charged with committing acts of violence. I'm marketers say it's a get out of institution card. But. There's a big difference I think in what is appropriate. When referencing somebody who acts. Due to an illness as opposed to somebody who acts because they want the money in your wall. -- Aren't here is. -- beat yet might did they tell your friend of Sean that are really really glad you called up Howard you do an -- not. Yeah I'm all right now -- yeah I knew -- really well armed Q we have tight -- the -- Armor. He's the senior suppression and ER -- -- me. When I was young and had no idea what it during the arm of fifty and I still love her yet. It's just hard -- you weren't. -- it really really good kid like we were all -- marching at the governor made the trumpet like meeting really really could view. And he was. It is what we're asking here is that I remembered about. And who -- an anxious and they're like about -- and will be the year end. What they needed to do. But you don't -- I'm sorry to interrupt you Mike this is this is what I'm hearing from people this is not a bad kid some notorious arch criminal this is not Johnny Oreo. This is not welcome Paul this is a kid who. Was very very well thought out. Yeah man it's. It's parents need to be like an -- or I'm really happy that you're keeping -- I have and it is -- him. Because she needs that right now and I'm really thank you very much. Well everybody look legally speaking. Everybody is considered as innocent as the baby born today until and unless the state can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. And and there are also by the way is a defense not guilty by reason of mental disease or defects. And you know it's the the these so called insanity defense. How what is the last time you had a chance to speak with shall honor you know even communicate with -- via text or FaceBook or whatever. Unfortunately I have I actually haven't artillery about a year I I wish I ate it at -- or -- better get buying new and high school but. Right what are you -- you is one of the greatest kids I know it's exactly would do any thinkers anymore. -- and you know this is what I've been reading about this kid as I've been trolling FaceBook I mean this is you know we're not talking about it would -- eight years old he tortured animals when he was ten years old league beat up my sister is stuff that. What ever hear of Mike is what you're telling me he was a great kid. Here. -- I did go ahead if he. But something happened or it's something we need to be part. I don't know. Pumping market Akron and the crew broke that art. Could he was -- what are we hearing. People person whom he would do anything for anymore. OK but you know what if it if there was a provocation. -- -- Bet you -- where he reasonably believed that he was about to be killed by his father then I suppose the defense would be article 35 the defense of justification. But when I say that when I see the mug shot picture did you -- mug shot picture and you tell you tell me what that says the. -- another method I mean seriously that there. I guess what I'm trying to do here is is is too little bit of real world education. And yeah. End. You know I know you said Jim talked to -- been in touch for about a year but. You know what. I would find out when visiting hours are at the holdings that are I would find out what the policy is. Who can see him. And if you can -- few minutes right now he need you his friends more than he's ever need huge. I'm operating the presumption that he's deal. Thank you okay thank you I'm glad you called me that's again folks I I. Have you ever know somebody to just turn into a murderer overnight. I mean a murderer of a father overnight. Not just a gunshot. -- it wasn't a shooter but a beating to -- and a stabbing to death that's up close and personal. That takes time. It's not like use of a -- and then the shot goes off and it's too late it's not that. And it's a tragedy. There is a truly -- folks that I mean it's always a tragic character Cuban family or. Somebody living in a less than glamorous neighborhood. This hurts. It really really hurts. In the mystery is what I'm trying to get a year. Especially from those of you who know -- And who had recent contact with -- was there a change in behavior. Did people start to notice that you know. It we might wanna talk to somebody you know what do what do your dads might be at doctor moms might be a doctor about this kind of behavior. Because a lot of the younger people listening right now please understand. Bet you who are often the first people who notice that your friends are not acting as the usually. Do. Sometimes it is drugs or alcohol which by the way is -- But a lot of times. It really is the first manifestations. Of a serious mental illness and you don't chastise somebody who's sick you try to get him help. Here's Lisa in Israel on WB Ian Lisa you're on high. Hi I -- -- you. Well I. I'm doing my job. To the best of my ability. I I'm really not calling about -- -- it relates to the topic on hand it's -- -- -- an understanding and I head. Too personal experiences. Where. Friends. Both of my finds it all being mental element. -- timeframe. That you're talking about. And specifically are we talking about paranoid schizophrenic. I'm well. One wasn't paranoid schizophrenic he was eventually diet diagnosed simply as. Bipolar and I am not sure what the diagnosis was made on. The others didn't but. I became involved. And as a parent and because the one. Students my fund had brought Communist front with them and he stayed at our house for the weekend. And his behavior. Started. Strangely and just grew -- Entirely by the time the weekend was over OS. I became. Quite concerned that there's something wrong with him. -- I can understand what I said why what I said earlier really hit home with. You very much dead and I want vote for the points. Dad I called. -- dean of students services. That the war we took him back to college. And that's funny when it was leaving and I guess maybe -- be frosting on the cake for me it was walking into his dorm room. And being. -- -- -- door to his his bat and -- and his -- Plastic or is dealing with photos of himself. It was a just. Now you sound like my FaceBook page. Turner will -- a note of levity. And I it it was just the most desire and it it was a the most bizarre thing man and just the sort of -- -- my instinct for telling. So was the dean of students at this college receptive to what you were saying and did the dean. Refer you to anybody or did they say well you're getting into an area here of hip and we've got to really be careful. Now this is digging -- way. Very responsive and the corporate actions. They thanked me I went and hit them very great DTL the -- Are very much. Aware and and and want to know about this because because of these increasing -- that incidence of violence on campus so. Lisa I wanna talk to him or -- I want to talk to some orbit about operate for traffic a little -- will come out of the carpet start nibbling my ankles and I don't think either of us want that token -- -- hold out. We're talking about the key amendment case in Orchard Park where Sean Keenan 21 years old is charged it. With Patrick side he's charged with killing his debt. And my argument is based on the information we think we know the information that has been reported. My guests and it is an educated guess based on. Pretty good track record called these things is that there is a mental illness situation here. And I am not judging Sean. I think Sean Avery will be a victim of an illness. And and better viewed as a victim then as the perpetrators that's my initial view of this based on what I think we know so far. And I made the point earlier and Lisa from Williams bill is -- -- on WB -- -- the point earlier that. In young men in particular it is not uncommon for the early adult years let's say roughly eighteen to about 2526. Years old. Our real benchmarks. Win serious mental illness may first begin to present itself and -- Had an experience whether young man her son brought home from college. And Lisa it was good enough to know the symptoms in detail. And report back to the college which became proactive in addressing the situation Lisa. Well actually I have I have had two experiences with. And have unfortunately deported -- with two. But the bulk of my son that it has been universities. That the one I I didn't the first one and we were we were disgusting. They became. Very concerned about everything that and I told them by a couple of what I hit witnessed that. And tired and -- a weekend and they've said they're bringing and took action and immediately and might find. Without. Our resident advisor at the time and they're called student life. -- resident advisors to together for a meeting. And at that meeting. They are discussing his behavior that they they put him. -- alert to be watched. 24 hours today. For any unusual and the fire behavior. While the literally within two days have to climb back to college. In this student advisors including my counts finds that up with a this boy they are fresh. Mark I believe it was at the time. And -- he. He believed that if you put your mind to anything. You could do it -- if you wanted to go to the for the dorm and believe that he could jump off the -- of the storm and lands safely or it's. Our trees -- one too many Tony Robbins infomercials. It 88 he could fly hit it clears -- -- he he could do it and. -- police say you have the least secure what I call equality caller and I hate to do -- fear but I got to put -- hold owing to the structure of the show again magic -- will begin to attack -- -- during -- -- break right now so so hold on because folks Lisa is a textbook example of how to do things the right way. And I think it's -- folks not many people are gonna stand up for -- on Q and right now I'm trying my best understand the situation and do the right thing. In a tragic family situation this is Michael Savage and you're listening to Tom -- listened to me tonight ten to one on W. The and you know for a -- was play. It is 435 news radio 930 WBE. And it is hourly on the radio and we're talking about the the -- case in Orchard Park those who may have been out of town for the Independence Day holiday or -- usual schedule. Area 21 year old man -- -- Is accused of having bludgeoned his father did at -- and finishing the job with a knife stabbing his father bet. Okay so what's unusual about well what's unusual about it is you know don't -- and Orchard Park is not exactly what do we consider a major high density crime area. Not a violent crime where. Seoul. In terms of the neighborhood it doesn't get any better -- Number 20. The family itself that they have great guy. Tons of friends very active in the community. Entrepreneur. A terrific example of the American three. Mom. A neighborhood character. Doesn't make her a bad person I think neighborhoods would be boring without neighborhood characters personally but that's just my open. But we get to this and -- she was out of town she was in Texas. If she's not doing too well right now. So it's -- it was a tragedy for her put yourself on her shoes. This poor woman is thousands of miles away. She must've gotten a call saying you need to get hold immediately what happened. Your husband is dead what happened well big picture on killed -- Now I want you to put yourself in the shoes of somebody who is already. Stretched to the Max taken care of an elderly parent. And all of the things that she probably had to put into order back in Texas to get her back to Western New York. Are right then you've got show off. And Sean to me is in -- he's the mystery man in all of office. And I'm trying to do understand. What happened. And there's a big difference between that. And coming out and doing trial by media. OK and I believe I get it and I'm very. Sensitive to that hopefully in all cases. Hopefully. Even during the course of the trial. I was one of the very few people despite my personal feelings on the case to tell you. That I've also had had a lot of good feedback about doctor course the you know -- -- felt about the verdict you know while it felt about Alex you know -- -- about the family. But I'm very proud that I was able to your professional. In the situation. And I remember on many occasions saying it's not like course he was walking around with horror and it was the personification of Satan. Said that an awful lot during that time OK so I've got to a track record of -- I'll be able to respectfully do shows like this without doing trial by media now maybe OJ it was different that's kind of a different situation. Because the trial was actually underway and there's actually stuff about which to talk plus everybody had to take a -- here. Now Sean -- and to me. When I look at his picture and I consider the crime with which is charged and I consider his stellar track record. This -- it was a boy scout I don't know if you was literally but figuratively. -- scout all American boy nicest senior in high school that the guy who called it earlier. Everybody -- -- And folks. Though there the Romans has an expression for. And I won't speak Latin connect forgot these Russian but it goes basically that nobody ever turned bad overnight. Well they may have had a point. But I also know. That one of the issues dealt with by colleges across the country use they are receiving young men and young women and in particular young men. At a time in their life. -- the ages between eighteen and let's say 2526. Where serious mental illness usually. Begins to present itself. And make itself well. And unless somebody says something. All kinds of bad things can happen. And my initial read of this situation based on what we think we know. Is. Given the mug shot picture showing a maniacal smile -- on space. Despite being charged with heading. Killed his -- in such a personal way. In a way that takes time. Folks beating somebody to death and then stabbing them. That takes a series of actions. Which some deliberation. Even in a mind isn't thinking clearly it's still takes time. It's not like a spur them all but here's the shotgun poll a poll what that I just do now. Now when you beat somebody to death were stabbed somebody or bowl. It takes time it's up close it's personal it's dirty it's bloody. All right. And then to have that picture. And I put it up on my FaceBook page. Where he's smiling that smile. My first thought was oh my god this poor kid I think he's mentally ill severely. And. To -- and friends were listening. Just wanted to know something. Whether he'd killed his dad or did not kill his dad is immaterial right now. Whether he is eventually going to be found guilty. Or not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect is immaterial right now. Whether he is ill or not I know that he would appreciate. Knowing that you guys are turning your backs on him now. Okay you may be able to break through whatever. Situation his mind is going through and -- -- maybe help out your friend who may very well be sick and not some arch criminal which he obviously is not. And that's where this disconnect comes comes and and that's why I'm searching for answers and -- just I wanna hear from some assurance friends. Because I'd have a hard time believing. That. There were little things you look back on now and say yeah that wasn't Sean. That wasn't Sean you know we started to note business. That would be my guest. That if you look back on his recent behavior. You probably. Now all -- can think of little things little nuanced differences. That didn't mean anything at the time but now you kind of say oh boy it all adds up now. I'm not trying to put words in your mouth not try to put ideas in your mind. But. I've also done a lot of Reading about this stuff and talk to an awful lot of people were involved in mental health and in law enforcement. And the pattern I've just laid out. Is how these things generally play out. And I'm trying also to be as sympathetic as I can be to the key and family as respectful as I can be. Which hopefully is as respectful as I would be of my own -- In such a situation. -- about not judging the family embodiment judging -- They're going through hell not try to make it worse I'm simply trying to. Get some answers as to. What Sean has been doing lately. And whether it caught your attention and it seems to me to be legitimate and I'm doing it out of concern for shot. I don't want us if he's mentally ill I don't wanna see this kid get thrown in Attica for 25 to life when he ought to be a mental health facility getting better. All the little things in Williams -- on that WB Ian. At least is actually had two experiences. Where she's helped people out Lisa I don't think about during the break. What you would advise other parents or other grown ups. To do whose sons or daughters bring -- people from school and the gradual deterioration. Of sane rational normal behavior is noticed. Well. I think a lot of people are actually. Afraid to get involved or that they are. -- Want to believe they're seeing what they're really seen and IA. Didn't want to be that person I I want it to be a person as -- rock that I was wrong but at least. I had to follow what my heart my -- and where we're telling me. And my advice would be to if you have a gut feeling that something's not right up filing. Ali you're at your instinct. My instinct and that up. Being Iraq as Paris Spain. Do you have saved lives do you understand you may have saved the lives of not only the two mentally ill young people with whom you personally. That experience but people round. I I had I do I didn't know that I mean that my my older on. And the days they did make the decisions that very night I Ayatollah today stayed up with them and -- rights they. Has -- -- in the decision that here's the danger to himself and two other options and they transported him by ambulance immediately to it to the hospital and he didn't. In this psych ward yeah for observation and and his parents are out of town and outside and came minutes. And he was diagnosed -- being bipolar. And the schools are very serious but is diagnosed in as well days day. Did not allow him to come back to school and immediately. It's a one year ask them that your your your put -- and you cannot come back. And so you have a doctor's report saying that you are stable and actually set to. Being back in the college environments. And that makes a lot of sense psychiatry and psychology are not exact sciences but it makes sense I mean from a liability point of view and frankly a moral point of view. To make it. 22 to have a responsibility. On the student who want to return to prove through positions -- psychologists that you know what I'm stabilized now. I'm on beds and I am not a danger to myself or others and here's what my doctors. -- and that particular case. He never did end up going. Back at school he'd he'd changed majors have realized the major it was too much pressure for him. And went into a different area altogether. And he is is doing very very well out my my son has maintained. A long distance FaceBook relationship with him. I am so happy to hear that because that was going to be my next question the young men whose lives you saved. Once they got help and once they receive the proper medications they stabilized. And are now oddly enough productive members of society. My my -- the other and -- with with my other fun. Occurred I was my funds FaceBook page in out of pick and that the made a way communicating with your children when there aren't they are not around and. -- just ignore them. Well but -- you know but -- -- -- I'm gonna have to let you go but the other one is doing OK to. Yeah he he he he is doing okay. -- he he did come back he did come back to school but. You've been very mad at my clients prepare -- for the longest time but then he added up thanking him. And saying thank you you say it. It -- my eyes and my funds state statement that. And he just graduated here. But as -- and this senior year he was that your behind because he was again without a lot of returns at that school is there. Forty year -- come back to their college. My -- I I have to I have to look to go. Winding up here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Desired behavior at at the and what might -- -- -- that they are still Bryant friend and I am still concerned. And both schools took the action that they needed to do. I'm so happy for that and oftentimes you know the doctors will work with the patient obviously two up you know to fine tune the medical cocktail to keep people stable and when somebody's in their twenties that's gonna change every six month -- every year depending on what the doctors' opinions is I also didn't go to medical school but I've talked to enough. People in that field understand how works thank you so much and I think you are a great great person which -- can give you a hug. Somebody who noticed and took action on WB -- Add the -- of other things coming up after 5 o'clock but I just wanna leave view. -- with some books. Number one. I hope. Bat. If -- on Keenan is -- and I believe that he gets. I hope that he is receiving some kind of psychiatric. Help. At the holdings that are maybe through EC MC. I -- If he is deal. Bad. -- is taken into consideration down the line. And I know the show on Keenan. As an awful lot of friends because this was a good kid and it's still it's a good -- Forget about the charges a charge is not a conviction. And sometimes there are exculpatory factors such as not guilty by mental. Buy it right abide by reason of mental disease or defect. -- -- And if you are one -- friends. I know that go into the holding senators probably the last thing you'd planned on doing this week. But. You don't need me tell you that's don't turn your back on now. If you are allowed to visit and have the family gives its okay. Then visit him is he's gonna need your support in your friendship now more than ever. The cars this. Kid had a great reputation before Burris. And forgive me but a really don't think seriously mentally ill people are truly responsible for acts they commit. But -- just.

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