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7-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of what it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- hope Tom hourly. Guess what -- it is. Guess what day is it is -- -- live -- and I know you can hear me it's local it's humps and Tom hourly. On news radio 930 -- WB. Getting another divorce does that put out their -- and I'm Mary well. I have had to divorce Glenn Beck. It was a it was a talk show host. He's got that website -- and I thought that he was avoid common sense in America but there unfortunately. Did go to the bordered on the -- the illegal immigrant children Teddy bears and a hot meals. -- fine let me you can spend your money anyway you want and then who's gonna pay for for the next year who's gonna pay for for the next decade. Look I can't stand it. When talk show host who -- Should be on the same side to take petty attacks on each other this doesn't -- issue to me this is some reckon -- religious matter or spiritual or feel. It's -- opening this goes to the heart of who you are. And what you stand for you understand the law you have to stand for borders or you don't. And Glenn Beck has fallen into this emotional trap that the liberals like to which there -- people on the right -- Because you you know what I. That a -- came up this or this afternoon and I said -- -- Nancy Pelosi Brian Higgins Harry Reid Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. And George Soros are going to the border to give Teddy bears and hot meals to the illegal -- children. -- people African cats get. You guys that have your -- works out but we're supposed to say oh it's Glenn Beck it's okay that. Balls. You either have principles or you are a partisan political hack you either believe in borders or you don't. You -- support people who believe in borders or you don't. And bats were there. If mr. Beck wants to encourage the importation of syphilis gonorrhea. If you want to encourage the importation of lice tight buoyed and all kinds of things that these. Children that are swarming -- Upon invitation to this country by this outlaw regime in Washington. That's why that's why -- ever write to listen to Glenn back. You have a right to be a part of his world. Look I lost listeners because well I mean people said that they would listen anymore it did -- showed in the ratings but. People after my stance in favor of but marriage equality. You know people would send me emails I've never listen to you again you're for those effects. How can you be protects. Those carriers how could you want to men to get married. And I try to explain. Because a conservative area believes. Bet all American citizens ought to have the same rights as any other citizen whether they're gay by transgender straight what ever. It doesn't matter to me it's immaterial to me that people got upset with me -- that and they thought well you've. You know you you're you're you're not we were just not the same boat we're just not the same -- by mr. Bauer. So I have to say goodbye to have mr. back again this it's a deal breaker issues have some pity thing. It's not he likes John Boehner and I don't or I like John Boehner and he doesn't he's not a penny thing it's a huge issue for me. Because I think border security is a major major major major issue it doesn't get any more simpler in my mind anyway. -- Our borders. Our country this is -- this is bears this is yours. Okay that's that's the basis for a country is the basis for an agent -- if you have no borders you have donation. -- this is just elementary common sense. And whether he's doing about -- -- vibe right now is immaterial because guess what. Unless he's willing to adopt each and every one of those children and pay for them for the rest of his life he ought to get back to his radio show you -- -- American homeless people maybe some homeless veterans with his money and -- given Teddy bears out. Maybe he should give up hover around for American veterans who got the legs blown off Barack. No problem and then we're on the same page. But again folks. When you are guided by partisan political hack ideas. And personalities. Instead of principles this is what you fall into you fall into the cult of personality and you get away from the notion of ideas. And you get away from facts. And as you know. And you know all -- the truth. Bet if Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi Brian Higgins Hillary Clinton. And Barack Obama announced they were going to the border to get Teddy bears and war meals. Two illegal invader children you guys would be blowing a gasket and so what I. And the fact that Glenn Beck is a conservative doing it doesn't Alter the fundamental wrongness of it okay. It it it doesn't. And it's it's it's bad -- -- he knows it to somewhere inside well this could be your career shorter. And part of me wonders if I even should mention his name because maybe it's just a publicity stunt given savvy enough to realize sometimes people in the media do things get their name out there to you know propel themselves and the national spotlight. Maybe that's what that is I don't know. But either way. Anyway you slice it it's wrong and it's wrong and every fundamental and basic level and I would suggest that mr. Beck go back and -- of the -- -- this countryside with other countries following the conclusions of wars we have fought over the years he can check the treaty of Paris which -- the revolutionary war the three of debt which under the were -- twelve. He can check the treaty of Guadalupe they -- -- which -- ended the Mexican American war. And he will find something up for himself and I know he's not a dummy when it comes histories or kind of shocks me that he would take such an irresponsible approach to our borders. Bet if you read those treaties you'll find out that a major portion of those treaties involves the link at the litigating. Exactly what you are fighting over. And exactly whose property is suppose it's like it of course. Its like arbitration agreement. Seriously folks I've still very very strongly about that -- as strongly as some are you all felt about marriage equality. And go all the major called me because I. Don't really care what people do in the privacy of their own homes as consenting adult they don't -- And I believe that all Americans ought to be treated equally under the law even transgender bisexual gay and straight Americans. All up by the way. If you have -- coexist bumper sticker. On your Subaru you might want you might wanna buy one and sent it to the people in that group in Iraq called ice this. Because. There's a picture on line of members of crisis. Taking a sledgehammer to the alleged tomb of biblical -- Okay -- is taking a sledgehammer to the alleged to a biblical -- cell co exist they didn't get the memo. All right. So I would suggest that you bison coexist bumper stickers and send them to licensed in care of anywhere Iraq. And see if they can put the you know what they can do they can put the coexist. Bumper sticker on their next backpack bomb. Maybe they could do bet are just a -- about it it can be used as an adhesive. Two COC four. People have been known to do some funny things with -- with bumper stickers. Now a wanna start off actually today. On something that is is local and something that I find rather. -- be Wolverine baffling confusing. And I could feel in any question mark word you wanted and go on and on about it but. The up murder and Orchard Park and a -- Situation. This is such tragedy. Folks I'm I don't know the key it's a lot of people don't know the teens. Embarrassed that anybody who says everything. About the candidates. Now mom. Apparently allegedly. Was known in the neighborhood to be a character. And there's nothing wrong with being gay character in the neighborhood. Dad was a pillar of the community. And the suspect in dad's murder folks. Have you heard anything bad about this kid ever. Let me give an answer. No. When you look at this -- FaceBook page. You don't see. A kid that is. How we -- friends. Whip. Well let me let me let me go back a step. Let me simply say that one of what are his friends the Keenan who is charged with the murder of his -- in Orchard Park. One of his friends. Is somebody who. Could best be described as a pillar of the young Orchard Park community. Well water seeks its own level so if you're hanging out with people who are very well thought of in the community. And you have a good reputation. And you are known for a smiling disposition being helpful playing street hockey. And then one day you kill your father it does lead to the big question mark what happened. Now I'll give you my take which is probably predictable I don't know whether that's a good thing or bad thing but. I'm gonna offer to -- anyway first of all you know I wanna be careful Paula dubious because. The family we're going through hell right now. I mean look folks. We all know what death is life and death as Joseph -- reminds us in the forest lawn adds some deft touches everybody sooner or later. But not all deaths are public and certainly not all deaths -- an alleged criminal act and certainly not all deaths involve the murder of a father allegedly by his son who hither -- has had zero issues with the law. So I got to be really really careful about this out of respect for the -- family. As I would be with anybody's family. I mean unless let's put this where if it was a family with a history of Scott latest -- I might have a different approach. Well though it's human nature but basically. Folks nothing was wrong with this -- I mean unless there was some change that went on. This kid who's now charged with killing his father we've seen the creepy mug shot right. Have we not seeing that mug shot before that we not seen that smile before. On its not normal. It let me let me simply -- Bet you are charged. With murder. You were charged with murdering your own father. And -- is the poll who's in your mug shot. My first thought was oh my god mental illness. That to me this only answered that makes any kind of sense whatsoever. And I frankly have a long history of doing shows about mental illness and -- called mental illness America's number one public health problem. Of course that was before lice. And all kinds of diseases started entering our country illegally to be fed hot -- by Glenn -- but. But mental health I capital believe is the biggest single public health crisis in America. And I wanna go one step further it is not unusual. For severe mental illness to present. In young man who are approximately the age of the suspect in the case. And I want to remind you. Bet it is the duty of the State of New York the people of the State of New York. To prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt it is not. The responsibility of the defense to prove innocence it is the responsibility of the defense to raise reasonable doubt not unreasonable about but reasonable doubt. So that a juror is not swayed by the strength of the State's argument. The state has the duty to convict the state has the duty to present facts witnesses and physical evidence. To convict the individual. It has charged with this kind of and affects. -- right now. That being set. Folks. There is not. I -- checking my email. Usually when stories like this happen. I get email from people saying hey. So and so boy let me tell you a little bit about this pain in the ass when he was eight years -- every did this immigrant would -- 5080 started doing this. I'm not getting any event with young mr. -- not at all. And there is only. One thing. That makes sense if drugs are involved and there's no indication they are. I'm gonna say it again because some people are a little slow there is no indication. That any drug it is involved in this case. Unless that's something that isn't being released to the media the police are gonna show her her whole card. The prosecution will not show its whole card until discovery which is part of the legal process. But. I my own personal feelings on this and it's a feeling which is also based on rational thought. My own thought is it would not surprise me if what we have here is another example. Mental illness. Presenting itself. Suddenly. And in such a way as to result in a fatal outcome for the victim in this case mr. -- Now why would I come up with such an idea and again folks I'm not asking for guilty verdict this is not a trial by media. I I do want you or input ago. And what's your take on it because folks it doesn't get well. It doesn't get any glitzy here and Hillsboro in Orchard Park except maybe Spaulding lake and clearance for Columbia drive in Williamsburg we're cool people. Storage germs I can't help myself sometimes I mean those are the exclusive places in town. Then -- or browse anyway 320 foreigners were reunited thirty WB EN 803 on my thirties via phone numbers start my thirty on the cellphone. 180616. WB EN. My take on this. I'll try to wrap up into a package warrior come on up after the news break my take on this is -- this is mental illness. And it's based on a couple of things are already mentioned but I want to offer a summary are coming up. And the situation -- I don't want it to with the old lady. Killing allegedly her husband -- 183 years old and basically bludgeoned to -- death. What's the worst -- gonna do putter in prison for life. The woman's 83. My suspicion there is not guilty by reason of mental disease or defects but that's just a guest. Breaking news as it happens on air online and on your iPhone news radio 9:30 AM. WD. When I've got the news today. -- you know lines. So -- this time. To go along to. -- -- Didn't feel really -- old. Going home -- landed on us. And watch. Journey to this. It is 333. At news radio 930 WB yen it is -- hourly -- -- -- -- -- -- about the World Cup and that Brazil and trying to figure out they have a landing strip and Brazil or a full fledged airport. With pay runways -- program in the middle. Well for -- Brazil and aviation Obama. But maybe that's just me. Anyway its hourly with you and a lot of talk about their situation and a Orchard Park and I want it does offer a theory. To you and I would love to -- war. About. Sean keep him because. Folks. At this. This. Hitherto little was. Done. No history of any issues with the law. Whatsoever. No issue. No issue at all. And suddenly he's arrested. And his first charge is murder. And you look at the mug shot and you see what can best be described as a maniacal. Smile. And hey here cut that looks like will be gone -- He allegedly used it is father's passport. To try to get across the border. And in so doing basically hacked off the front of this -- and COLT did so he would look older. Well there's no way even Hollywood. Could make a 21 year old look like he's there. On the best of days. And let me just tell you what what I think. And I want your insight because I know that show on. And I'm sure the whole family has a lot of forums. In the year because again this is that this is not a family. We're neighbors it's not the boy and I'm looking I'm I'm trying to find the right words. But if it's not like this is a family that you would do a search for him -- a whole bunch of criminals in the family tree you know -- of sand. It is it is belt. Band. The dead was a pillar of the community. Businessman. Educator. -- made neighborhood character which by the way does not make a bad person by the way -- may. Characters around. And Sean who is now charged with his dad's -- Everybody it -- He's you know what I. He probably doesn't help a lot of friends and I -- and still guts. And my suspicions EU's. Given the fact. -- does not have an existing police or criminal record. Given the fact that this is his first offense and it was. Allegedly. Killing his own father. And given that maniacal. Mug shot which I'm sure you've seen. I will offer the theory. That what we are looking at is somebody who has just presented the with symptoms of a severe mental illness which is not uncommon in people are round at that age. Folks I've Britain or is he told me this. But what are the issues that a lot of the our guidance counselors at colleges face. Is having to call parents at home and report back Haiti's. Your son or daughter has been getting into some situations. On campus and has been behaving rather inappropriately. And we referred him to our university health services -- university psychiatric services. And but we felt with his permission it was important to call you to let you know what is going on with mental health. Because -- mental illnesses particularly. Paranoid schizophrenia. This is. This is a big problem on college campuses. And folks and I'm not trying to trivializes 'cause this is very serious and I think you know seriously a technical analyst and I have since the 1980s. Nobody listens of course but I've still went on that bandwagon. This is. It if it's almost and I hate to say it but it's almost textbook. If my interpretation. Of the data is correct. Then again I mean my sympathies go out to the family. Death is horrible. Murder and sudden death is worse and then. Petra side allegedly. That is obviously a heinous heinous act. And when you see the mug shot in about seeing it on my FaceBook page you can also seated WB EN dot com. When I looked at that mug shot myself for the very first time and I looked -- -- pictures on his FaceBook page it was like wait a minute. Big kid on the FaceBook page looks like a normal healthy fully functioning young men. The young man in the mug shot looks like somebody who is. Very mentally -- While it maybe looks mentally ill -- -- -- judge if he's okay. Dumb mug shot was taken. Because he was charged with allegedly killing his father. You look at that smile all. And where are we seeing that smile before. Come on it if you don't have to be Einstein to figure this out. It is the same kind of facial expression we have seen. In some of the mass murders that have been committed by people who have been mentally. Ill. And -- having said that. You guys might think -- some bleeding heart. And you know what in some respects I am. In some respects. I can mitigate. The most horrible situations. If somebody can prove to me that there is a legitimate mental illness at play. And god forbid if something happened one of my kids or somebody I loved involving something who was involving somebody who is mentally -- being a suspect I hope that I would have the magnanimity. To. Hold tight to my principal. -- the truly mentally ill. Are not. Truly responsible. For acts. Even if they did them. Because if somebody is just not in their right mind they're not in their right mind and I could never understand. Punishing somebody. Who. Is not well and -- when I say not well. Folks I've I've seen. Mental illness and I'm sure you have to. And I've seen it up close and personal I'm sure you have to just walk down a city street some time. And it's a very very horrible thing. And in the early 1970s folks we talked about this before. The process of and a lot more people were exposed face to face to the middle -- now having said that. And I'm not try to defeat or destroy my own argument year. -- to me this just it's smacks of a mental illness situation. Because. This is who could care -- If I I feel kind of ridiculous and here's a guy who is charged with with after aside is a good -- But there's no indication whatsoever. That this young man was in any way shape or form a danger to himself or anybody else. And his friends. Were not apologists -- pockets. And we got water seeks its own level. And I personally. Suspect and I can't prove it. I personally suspect that Sean. Is not really responsible. If he physically. Did the acts. That resulted in his father's -- My suspicion is. That mental illness is responsible. Now in. Britain. And -- -- Barbara folks I'm not a lawyer by the way. I don't play one but obviously I'd read a lot of books and truth be told. At some point I would like to go to law school. -- you wanna be a personal injury lawyer right. You wanna you wanna -- You wanna be you wanna be a personal injury are you ought to be some corporate lawyer right. Now truth be told you know I'd like to -- -- to go to law school and I'd like to represent pro Bono people who can afford quality legal counsel. That's what I'd like to do. Call me a flaming liberal which I'm not. But I do believe. In equality for all and I do think that everybody is entitled to equality legal defense. When the machinery of state prosecutorial. Attorneys. Is lined up against you. So -- a little insight into my mind. Why do I wanna go to law school at some point I'd like to go to law school at some point so that I could represent for free people who otherwise would be stuck with some. Court appointed defense attorney who may or may not be good and I'm not saying the court appointed attorneys are always bad. But unfortunately as we've seen in many cases through history. Sometimes the outcome of your case is contingent upon the amount of money in your wallet and the -- -- legal talent you can afford. So yes folks I don't know that have ever explain that to -- great detail before why I would like to go to law school at some point it's not to be rich I don't care about money. I mean I do all. Only have so far as I wanna be able to pay my bills I wanna be able to keep the wolves from the door. Material possessions I've got everything I've ever wanted and then some that's not even the point. The point is to genuinely help people in their time of need. That's what I would like to be able to do. So that's where I'm coming for. And I always like to remind you guys. That everybody is innocent until and unless proven guilty which is the State's responsibility. In a court of law. The defense does not have to prove the defendant's innocence. It must prove reasonable doubt. In one juror's mind. And I don't think I'm gonna be far off the mark here. Again I've talked with -- enough mental health professionals in my life -- do you do your job. No not in -- cents always. I talked to enough people. I've done enough interviews. I've talked to enough people who work in college mental health situations to know bad. The age of 2118. To 24. It is not unusual. For your young men in particular. To develop paranoid. Schizophrenia. During that's a higher risk time period in your chronology of life. Maybe you're paired up there and you'd like to say hey come right on the mark I got that call from college. I got that call from. -- -- My son's friend's father -- anyway. My son was out camping and you know we started act a little goofy and then goofy turned into sheer madness. I just want you know you're not allow. You are not alone. I wanna give you that comfort you know -- And there is nobody. I don't care where the eleven Hillsborough. Spaulding lake the fruit belt where the Sheridan park -- neighborhood. Mental illness is not a respect her a person's mental illness than give a crap how much money got the bank. No matter whether you drive a ball ball horse show or freak and 72 -- bus doesn't matter. Mental illness. Is a bitch. And I'm here to tell you that I think that -- on here and may very well be a victim of mental illness. And may not be responsible. For. Any physical acts he is charged with having committed. Because there's no indication that he had that in with him you know. There's no indication that he had -- beast inside of him. Ever get. There at the risk of repeating myself. That age period. Young male adulthood. Is a big time. Win the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia in particular start to rear. They're ugly head. That's just my two cents worth I'm not doing trial by radio I'm not doing trial by media. But I would like your take into it and I'd like to hear from people who -- Because there's not. A thing I have read or heard. That would indicate that this was a trouble. Making a young man whatsoever. Which I believe further reinforces my theory that this again is a mental illness situation. And there's something and a British law there's gonna YouTube before it's called of them are bought and rule. At the time. The alleged perpetrators committed the crime. Did he or she know it was wrong. You wanna try to prove or disprove that in the court of law good -- those -- you old enough may remember the trial of John Hinckley. Who shot Ronald Reagan. And frankly. The right verdict was reached John Hinckley was -- not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. He was not in his right mind -- mentally ill. Yet the prosecution presented expert witnesses saying you know damn well what it was doing. And the defense opera expert witnesses equally credentialed. Saying. He wasn't saying. So it's not an exact science. But in any doubt either either way you slice it this that was hurting. And I assure us all the -- a compound anybody's grief are good for them. I I'm I'm looking for your insight that's what I'm looking for. You're. Can anybody relate to the monologue I just did wonders. About the call from college it's -- It 030930. Is the phone number 8030930. -- 3180616. WB EN it is -- I'd like to think a voice of reason. Which is kind of ironic a voice of reason in a world that seems to be swirling. In two. The abusive. Dark madness. Are right up folks and I'm sorry I've done a lot of talking I've talked the hour away. If you're on hold please stay there as they do not feel like talking to myself today on I want your input. Into the -- case in Orchard Park and again folks this is not trial by media. Are right frankly my heart breaks for the family. And I'm concerned about -- Mean his father's -- nothing can bring him back his mom was in Texas taking care for old father. And Sean I don't we'll we'll get into this are coming up but he a lot of friends and equality -- And just to his friends are gonna he's gonna need you more now than ever and please don't turn your back here's teenager.

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