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7-9 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't love that brought over the motive goes I love the motive blues' Justin Hayward voices taunting. And they have two songs that our absolute classics one Ruby Tuesday after known and the other big question I mean they have others. But those -- my two favorites at them -- great concert coming. Coming -- town meanwhile are asking if your church ask you would you take in an illegal immigrant. Because parishioners. In the diocese. Of San Bernardino home. Have been asked by their bishop a during a meeting. If they would take yen. Illegal. Immigrants. And the question is though would you know. Because keep in mind now the government says that they will reimburse people to take command there are also I told not to discuss it publicly. And the doctors and nurses were dealing with -- these situations patrolled. Not to discuss that at all there is a virtual gag order on why. You have to wonder why. This is our government and it's our money that they are spending why can't we know what's going on I I think we we deserved and well. Well these people -- called Rush Limbaugh. Kind of -- beings he's a retired doctor and NG. Mention what's going on there so we're asking if you take one and keep in mind. Your heart will say yeah I want to account for child your intellectuals say this child. Many times carrying diseases from -- Osaka Central American countries. -- Salvador. Honduras Guatemala whatever and we're seeing we're seeing more more about traditional immigration used to ask for a health check. Before you could come into this country now that the borders virtually open in their flooding them. And may be looking at this the wrong way but it kind of bothers me. In taking that all right we want to give Central American country's money to secure their their own borders when you look at a car to a condors will spend. A lot of resource is just to train its national soccer team. So that it can qualify for the World Cup but it's not wanna take care of its own citizens so if you expect a country with that might. Themselves as it's not to happen no it's not gonna happen and I have to laugh really good what's not funny but you have the last. They wanna spend five million dollars for commercials. In Central America and they as Central American nations discouraging parents from sending children north. Always I suggested to keep it in your pants campaign might be more effective. Because of you can't take care of child vision could do the responsible thing but now that's gonna -- -- meanwhile set them up. Disease and all sent a -- because school can say no to a child. This is a Trojan horse event you do know that don't -- the children. Next up the parents next up well we have 20 reunited them so bring the parents and two. Then we're getting serious about border security but all those people are already here. We camp possibly deport tomorrow would be too expensive and time consuming so let's -- day. And you know they can't. We as second class citizens robotic amnesty. Amnesty and amnesty leads to. Voting and voting leads to a one party country we will have given up our two party system once they allow. This sort of thing happen and voting takes place it's over for the Republicans -- -- just go home. Because they'll be no more Republican and a administrations now let's give them free college or instinct -- situation yeah. We do -- now when New York State. We give them the instate tuition. Illegals get the instate tuition. In New York State you could have been oh I don't know Erie Pennsylvania. And you wanna go to UB because it's something there you really wanna learn. And somebody can be in this country illegally. Today. Will get the in state tuition rate for UBU. 08 taxpaying resident of Erie Pennsylvania. Will have to pay full rate. Okay as as they as non resident. And that's considerably higher usually intuition and things like that so so that's the thinking. We had the Mayor Bloomberg invites illegals. From Arizona is that if -- that if you're not comfortable. -- what's going on Arizona come here he actually said we have better health care plans which he's talking about Medicaid. Which we have to pay through the nose for. Remember Georgia number uses an all time that every penny. A property tax collected in Erie county went to Medicaid. And we just keep inviting them inviting inviting -- because the people in authority wanna grow their own voters and that's all it's about. Let's go to Tom thanks for your patience tong here on WBM would you take it one of these children. They're running things behind 73 years old Catholic all my. And I have gone to parochial grammar school Catholic high school a Catholic colleges. My wife and I -- very active in her parish since 1968. The individually had I mean I'm an actor where the guys that collect all the money -- -- -- We had a meeting in June and one of the things I have to Ringo was it wouldn't surprise me. This is before all this invasion was going. They wouldn't surprise me at the picture appear in both or all Catholic bishops recommended a special election be taken up. And I the the guys. And I think I would absolutely refuse to take up that election. I'll -- do it while I was amazed at I woke up and then many other of our organization. Members. Spoke out and agreed with me and -- it yet we would refuse to do that also so we have kind of let our -- but no we don't want to get involved in picking up the special election for these people who are here illegally. And and I would say that anybody. Please don't tell me I am not doing the Christian way because my wife and I were over twenty years -- -- shelter for the homeless for homeless Americans. We're here illegally we look for people. But I don't wanna have to take care of anybody who invaded my country and now we're hearing about all the news that's coming -- And as far as what's going down in California. The Catholic Church is asking people. Don't violate the law. And to put their old Sam is at risk of disease that is law. The good point because it used to be called harboring. -- and abetting. You people work here illegally and you hid them. The deaths that's a crime whether they wanna prosecuted or not is up of them but. We've always been taught that people have broken the log cannot seek refuge with -- or you're in trouble -- Okay I I hear you Tom I hear your passion I appreciate it. Are you are members and if you're harboring a fugitive. All right they may have been a fugitive for a higher level of crime you go to jail so you'd go to jail too so now the government. Federal government is asking you. To bring into your home somebody who has broken the law. And they're asking -- church the Catholic Church to work to -- in as well to use the influence of the church to get you to. Tool also bring in somebody who is here illegally. What's wrong with this picture and I think the big questions should be asked is this the next time somebody actually necessary question of Obama. Why is the federal government asking doctors. And nurses and -- church officials over involved what this. Not to talk about it to stay quiet was the last time you heard a gag order outside of our court situation where lawyers aren't allowed to talk about certain things. But in in just in general discussion. The government tells you to clam up and keep it to yourself what do. Safe to assume that the taxpayers -- -- -- -- dollar hit. Simply by the fact that these kids are gonna have to go to school schools are gonna have to hire and turn reporters and wanted us -- teach these kids Louis and it's gonna slow down the American kids were in class with. That does no good side to this. There's -- besides it is the parents of these kids let him go. All right they let him go and they don't know what faith they they sought and that bleeding heart peace I heard on none. On CBS and o.s are run on this radio station by the way saying that. These coyotes these guys. I'd go to who desperately. Poor families. In El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala and say for 101000 dollars I can bring your child into the US. Now where does 101000 dollars and desperately poor word of a matchup I'd like to know. If you think 101000 dollars is a lot of money for you and it is for me and Tony impressed. What is it for somebody who is allegedly dirt and desperately port where do you get 101000 dollars I'd like to know that you go rob somebody for. How does that happen if you do you smuggle drugs -- how do you get that money. And it's a joke for us to think that we base. These babies get across Mexico. Was there is suddenly there's an influx of babies falling out of the sky right across the line here to the US. You see any highways from Mexico to to the US with babies on side crawling I mean rarely. Ridiculous as what it is it's manmade. It's ridiculous these sort of things don't happen just by happenstance. They're planned they're organized. And Obama is playing both sides of it like a master magician who really is meanwhile. Country's going on the drain and he's doing fundraising in Texas without even going to the border. I think mission of organized a fund raiser at. The border maybe Joseph blow back after it is region company said he beat -- heard Rush Limbaugh yesterday. I have a transcript of conversation he had. A win but a lady and her husband both on the line. Her husband's a retired doctor. And there were asking you using that information if your church asked if you would taken an illegal immigrant would you do it. Because the the sand -- the archdiocese December and you know. Was contacted by the federal government. And they ask the bishop to ask the parishioners if they would house. Illegals. And his government says we will reimburse you for expenses will you house illegals and their -- about thirty days. And they were also told not to discuss it with the press. And then the doctor retired doctor -- on the line with his wife. And said that there's a lot of diseases coming here and the doctors and the nurses have also been told not to discuss it. So here they're trying to Elvis as a league and national security issue as we would normally think of it. But the government is clamping down on the free speech of the doctors. And the nurses. And the people who were sitting in the pews of the church because it doesn't fill out that their bill right now they're like to get this done quietly about how dumb are today. How many people do you think. You're reaching when you're doing this and your -- counting on every one of them keep their mouth shut and why should they keep their Marcia. So this anything's wrong -- this I can't. Let's go to Richard in -- Richard you're on WBM. They Richard I was down and Dunkirk. On Sunday got a great auto show down there or I had a great time. Now -- however it's what you think -- So I spoke with Q what are -- fish are doing all that. And it. Well right trying to. Explain to people. Is. What should be why is. Number one. They're able mr. -- playing. And there are beautiful what I. Can get reduced our armed force. Dramatically. We have. A reserve. We have the active service. And we have done ration. On guard which can be called up by the states. You got -- what is their real mission. There our mission is to check our whole weren't. And its border. Right. If for error baited -- any country there and racial. Issue protect our whole life. And this is a form of invasion I think. Yes exactly. And a coworker or client -- We -- -- in addition National Guard in every curve. Into Iraq and Afghanistan. We would have had an army. International guard where they're doing what they're doing and sort of being able. -- That they -- Why do you think the government has asked the doctors the nurses in the church. To what dumbing up on this and not discuss it publicly while what do you think term their goal is about. Well literature say not to leave that it actually happens you are really. Simple can be job obviously all -- solemn about social media you. And again. And I don't understand it and I am disabled Vietnam that shirt though -- shooters. In the military. Side of the -- Foreign nationals and -- were sure. That was burned in my career but -- virtually with the military. And its obligation. -- at. Churchill. There must there must be very difficult now Richard if you're in the military. And know that your commander in chief is not a big supporter of the military and doesn't doesn't in and use it. In a proper manner when its call for. All I experienced it. I've experienced the you were nurtured reaction when he shared verse thirteen -- troops. I don't know what shall withdraw troops. And I -- -- for a look at 250000. People bottleneck. There were ordered. To go with the -- intact. But right after. If you put your -- one point this year more patience for what sort of. What kind of reaction -- would you have if you were in church and the priest minister -- rabbi whoever would be there. I ask you to consider taking in an illegal. Kind of thoughts would go through your mind. I'm sorry earned run into breaking the law and I raised my children. And they are. They have their own life I'm -- 63 years old. My children -- American economy. For what -- true. Go get it. Well first of all before -- think about before is that a virus because we're short on time while thank you six years in Vietnam you deserve. More than just the pat on the back and a we yeah we thank you for your service Richard thank you remarks. It is a policy. Coming up to 1130 after the break we wanted to talk some more with you about the same question if the church as shooter taken an illegal immigrant would you do it I imagine there's a man and you know I usually use video malign I -- holy picture of something. Holy picture of the church aiding and abetting illegals. And I wanna double holy picture may be why sprain of the government asking them to do it. What does the law and order here does anybody follow the law they'll get you for a road Jay walking. Oh org or getting going through a yellow light. But they allow this on a large scale because billions of dollars for us. I mean what's wrong with this picture it Altria Montreal won it under its excellence -- 96 and 930 and also on -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WD EN -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. We're back the Beijing company does the Catholic Georgia the diocese December and Dino through their bishop had a a meeting. With parishioners asking if they were interested in taking in illegals. For at least a month the government or reimburse them and tell you brought up an excellent point and this is not meant to bash anybody so. Take a deep breath. The Catholic Church right around Christmas time usually has a campaign. Called the campaign for retired religious. In which they talk about the priest who devoted their life to the church. They talk about the nuns who have devoted their life to the church. And at retirement age and they're asking for your support. To help retired priests and nuns on the words the church doesn't do -- And they're asking for you to do. Now for our church not being able to do that for their own priests and nuns who serve the church. We're very minimal. Monetary. Compensations certainly. They can't do that but they're asking you to take in an illegal. Sounds a little strange -- sounds strange American that now I understand compassion. I understand the need of helping those who need help and reaching out but the bottom line is a lot of people that didn't reach out to these kids. Certainly -- parents. Whether you believe that okay the parents. Cast them aside or let them gold because of the promise of a better life you mean if you wanna take that that's fine. -- but the bottom line is how many have you. Would let your child go. To a strange country especially when I'm talking about kids -- talk about some pictures I've seen work they probably having started walking yet. Would you do that. And I don't wanna hear from CBS that these dirt -- families. And that's the term used came up with 101000. Dollars to pay a coyote. To bring their child into the US where -- -- 101000. I'd like to know. If they have access to 101000. Why didn't use it to better the lives of their own family instead of paying somebody to take one of their children. So there's a lot of unanswered questions here the government is complicit there's no question about that. They let this happen and they saw that happening and they let it happen and what they do. They kept they keep bringing and people that day in and in institutions that have goodwill with the public. In other words right now by asking the Catholic church and about this. By asking the Catholic church and we don't know if they -- others by the way this is the only one we know about. Whereas in the Catholic Church. To do this suddenly if you criticize. The whole program you're here you're criticizing the church as well as you are the government. People used to criticizing the government they -- not so used to ignored wannabe. Drug comfortable criticizing the church. So suddenly you've got another ally for the government because nobody wants to seek kid's heart. Or abused or anything else so what they do and I've seen I've seen people do this before they tied themselves to things that that July. They tied themselves to move the military for instance they tied themselves to minorities. Or law enforcement or -- you fill in the blanks but people that would register positive on your scale. Because they figure if there around enough of those things you think positive of them. Now that's pretty easy to see through but that's exactly what the government is doing right now. By bringing him a Catholic Church. By bringing in the Catholic Church oh I'm a Catholic my mother and brother -- Catholics they must be doing the right thing you're criticizing that's why. I don't like that you know I mean it's pretty apparent. The the the program is still a lot of men. And then secure the -- as best that we can and then say they're already here are so we're not going to kick him out. And then after that they're not enjoying the full American. Dream. Bring their bring their parents and have a lot of malls today. Grant them amnesty and then citizenship. The right to vote. And that's when it's over it's over once they can vote. And they're gonna vote Democrat the Democrats are good at what. Handing out lots of your tax dollars. And it's but I it'll be a never ending it'll be you know be like it'll be like the centrifugal force were just keep going and going -- points -- money. Then you'll have the old school Republicans. Sit in their insane you know what we should listen to the Tea Party yeah exactly yeah exactly. So that's where it is it's it's. It's. Ridiculous. As what it is that's the best way to describe it online through this is Gerri at Amherst Gerri thanks for holding -- -- W via. I think they don't listen and think it's like you know really quick 12 days ago was two billion. This morning it's up to four billion you know I had a funny feeling that this is going to be up to 102030500. Billion -- -- -- -- -- -- I think we're on their way out here. We'll leave with a three point seven billion even people like Harry Reid. As say where we're gonna get -- we don't know so that's though little break there. You've been to a -- yeah we all the money that China now. That would just keep -- the point is gonna come down that affect -- we just want you know it will be let's face it. And they're like -- that the disease does that mean who knows what that attended to because they have we did have an epidemic going around here pretty soon. Well that's what the doctors are saying and why do you think the government has told the doctors and nurses -- given -- gag order not to talk about this. Because they don't want the public alarmed. You could tell you guys have been through it I can't believe it's like big city it's like that -- would have liked about four bottles subjective manual. Later and then it's like to. Particularly -- talk to people about some of these things you had a lead that it's impossible to believe well talks the -- companies that twenty I'd use of the members. They would they would -- they would just be so anyway it says. Taylor thanks -- he's at. It yes it well thank you in more ways no one in our treasure and other things as well. The guy he is right if you told some twenty years ago this would happen but if you -- somebody twenty years ago but we're gonna have a president. Like this one. Believe that either remember you said it was not a fundamentally change this country. Did -- put the word bankrupt then there and I missed it. I mean you talk about redistribution of wealth are getting -- and so nobody has anything. You know I don't seem unsympathetic. But I think first of all the obligation to -- -- child rests with their family first. And then -- organizations that help people in need okay. And then governments get involved okay. But our governments that it's -- that I have nothing to do with you oh. Coming to you all for all of us can you imagine -- suddenly we have an influx of Americans going to France. And we all got an aerial legally we all have all kinds of problems would we expect a French people would take care about us and we set our children of rats. And -- suddenly of a French people are going to have to foot the bill for. Their healthcare their education and their clothing whatever. We would never expect that to happen and I I think it's illogical to expect us to take care of the world. While France for just under French were just -- obviously but at least we have good creamy sauces. While we're there. -- the bottom line is. Not just the bottom line is the whole thought process is not like how dare these people who need. Bother us while we're enjoying our -- vicious law on the -- cut. An army. Driven monthly are coming over. Book finishes law on the way to and then we're going to the claw up. Are you wanna make is that the club -- drinks will be aboard the yacht. I'm employees went out like that but the bottom line is there's a limit to what we can do this president is happy to see our treasury depleted. It makes him very happy because he wants to be the guy that transform the United States of America from what he found. To what it's like when he left and does not know pretty picture but I think he likes to think he'd be applauded by Europeans will be back Lamar would be to encompass. We're asking if your church ask you would you take in and illegal immigrant would not just wouldn't just make up the question. The church of the Catholic church of the archdiocese December and you know asked that same question. Two egg a town hall type meeting of their parishioners. Asking if they would do that. Mentioning that they were contacted by the federal government. To pass along this request. And the federal government also passed another request said dumbing up don't discuss this with the press I mean that's amazing and and then the doctor. That indeed. The doctors and the nurses were also told to dummy up for fear that they would put I'm sure. A fear in the the American public of the diseases coming in this country now Chris we had a lot of vote FaceBook today wants to give a scalpel. This one comes from Angela she says I'm a true Roman Catholic I am now without hard. What of people like me have to open their homes and show compassion mercy compassion for people like Nancy Pelosi and the president let them open a barrel. -- Nancy Pelosi by the white Harry Reid. Said. We should give thought. To the request by quote how we get there we really don't know so he's -- he's showing skepticism. New anti people policy which was just mentioned by that. That person congress should move immediately to meet the president's request for emergency funds went -- where mr. colosio another please. This is from injuries -- the situation makes me sick about thirteen years ago I moved here from the UK it took about a year to complete all the forms send in the -- begins here legally. And I have to send the US government another 500 dollars next week jury knew my permanent residency card. This president played -- for a fool and he just people like me -- five grand and an apology. Well I -- field for that resemble leave me how many times have we said. The people who have done at the right way in immigrated to this country legally it it's costly it's cumbersome it's tire some. And it takes a great deal of time but they did at the right way and they are now citizens of this country they have the feel betrayed by this president. Who says come on in disease is a problem. Kids because I won't criticize -- -- kids you know. Kind of like a member of a story of Trojan -- The kids that come in first and their parents after coming to keep. Company with. What you inhumane separating children and an -- their breast. I'll stay here or not there's still many -- deported takes on has took us away. You know they're not enjoying the full American life. Let's grant them. Amnesty because somebody else because the big day word -- not readily accepted this appointment dominant history of this country. And when they get that will move to the next step the final step which would be citizenship. And then they can vote. Wonder who they think they're gonna vote for won a surprise another one Chris. This is from Marilyn she says not a chance I understand that their kids I understand -- their way from the parents but that doesn't mean I should have to take care of them -- and their parents are sending them here and sit on our government for taking the man. Well sad let's go to Kevin and panels and Kevin -- on WB yen. I'm fine journalist what's on -- -- the experience. Account lectures from a bank at a bank at a Catholic Church where I am at about eight degrees -- Catholic but all of that -- so. You can -- it out again and now each yeah let them know. And -- you know it is either way I think after -- -- foremost X sixteen years remember Whitney lowered to get an -- with which the Catholic Church. And because their quarters or six month course or non essential -- never been hurt people. I didn't. I remember that they're supported -- parish who was given our strong and -- -- -- -- Catholic church and its you know. Q reports critic I -- -- under her. -- You watch your money back. Right no I like about I get marriage I didn't current I didn't warmer welcome sense of the Catholic Church. I mean that's so you know a couple of weeks ago you you -- Party you know. Well he described it and I said it would is that streak that that gets what he kept pictures -- -- the treatment by people who. You don't even net. Liberal. -- ideology ever since just like that the guy to leave it there which had a good collection that. -- on this special collection right and I and I and how come as Tony pointed out. The Catholic Church does not take care of their retirees nuns and priests who devote their lives in -- church but they wanna get involved we're taking care of illegals. Yeah exactly. So again another piece of hypocrisy and and it needs you share and that has been. It's been treated by you know a warped -- We think in. And doubt that icy look mobilizing national about every apartment building there in Texas. I think to be doing some reason at the scene the -- -- -- do we need to get it. Well that's where that's exactly right and that's the reason he's there is fundraising keep in mind he can't run again for president I don't know if -- run for something else. But why you build up that war -- -- Amir king maker so after. He's left office he's gonna have an enormous amount of money that he can spread to other candidacies and he and then the party and all that stuff so. He's too busy doing -- preparing for his future. To take care of our visit to the border which might be symbolic but I think very powerful he doesn't wanna do that and its always -- a short co leader is. Yeah exactly and don't forget they're probably because because it's been antsy in school and -- Sarah -- and what -- to looking at -- issued -- right thing impeach. Oh boy what sort of -- I hear you I hit it thank you thank you very much of therapy -- and thanks impeachment is an order. Eyes are gonna happen you can forget about impeachment and are gonna do that -- was and do that. -- thanks all of you I think oh we we like to think of ourselves as people with heart but we also don't like to think of ourselves -- soccer's. We understand that this is basically our plan that did not just come together by. Accidents. They let it happen and remember what I learned in church is sins of commission. Sins of omission are still the same thing that sends and -- and months ago shame on.

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