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7-9 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back to Beijing comedy yes the president has asked congress for three point seven billion dollars. There to help quote unquote the border kids situation. In the 2011. There were 4000 border kids from countries as we mentioned like El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala. This year so far they've they really don't know how to get a handle on about it's at least 40000 I've seen publishers as high as 52000. And it's not showing any signs of letting up horse or stopping and so the federal government according to eight are called that -- -- got. Which I have a transcript of from a from a from a woman whose husband is a retired doctor they're -- -- -- they're telling rush the their parish. In San Bernardino County. As. Been asked by the bishop if they would take in illegals. And they were asked to do this by the federal government the federal government -- -- a Catholic church and said would you take and of these -- immigrants. And you we will reimburse show it should be thirty days. So this is all your money. And they were not happy about it because of some of the health problems coming -- the retired doctor. Stressed that. Among the conversation policy. Russia did you say that the Catholic Church. Maria was asked by the government. And ask for assistance. In the darkness that yes. And and the bishop as you have parishioners that help pay for this but you're not supposed to tell anybody. Which you've just done. And they suggest a what they asked us is not to get the media involved the diocese will reimburse us for any out of pocket expenses. Russia's now wait because you're -- -- BS the house some of them yourself. And say yes are you going to know that's why I'm calling I'm letting people -- this is not in the best interest we have a FEMA. Ed Norton air force base as a designated FEMA camp this is an emergency in need to go there rush said. You know what this frosts me the whole thing about air force base is military base is being turned into day care centers and that's what they're doing. They're using the military bases as daycare centers there reaching out of -- church to bring in of people to live with bam. As -- Now they say thirty days who knows whether that's true or not they say they'll be reimbursed. And good luck getting the money from the government so this is a mess it's an absolute mess. Now the president I think it many -- I got to meet with the Rick Perry the governor of Texas. He's down there really foray political fund raising trip. When asked if he's going to go to the border to actually see it now. Now to busy I think the only way to get there's if you gotta fund raiser at the border. And then maybe he'd show up. But that this is totally irresponsible. We're being invaded essentially. And the invading force. And are carrying weapons. But they are here and there -- they're here in large numbers and some of the money is is amazing that they're talking about. For congress. Five 1000000 in ads. Through Central America and nations discouraging parents from sending their children north. It has been five million dollars telling them -- don't send them north. Hey that's five million dollars 300 million. For these State Department to help central Americans. Improve their security. So we're spending our money to improve their security to keep their people from crossing their borders are coming in here. Why aren't those countries doing it yet money's gonna wind up with all the drug -- talking at -- it's gonna end up the same place the money that went to Haiti ended up. The people are not going to be helped it's going to be drained off organ of the same problem this is a nightmare this is a cluster. Let's go to alert -- Earlier on WB. Highest honor you and I appreciate what that money. And our border to stop them from comment and why can't we got out. Why don't we just -- that way I don't actors -- The loss as the law says now if they're not from Canada. Or Mexico they can't be turned away without a hearing if they're from Canada and Mexico contiguous. Land masses. Then they can be turned away so. They come in they have to be housed and fed and educated while they're waiting for their hearing. And right now we've got a huge backlogs of it to be here for years and years and years waiting for -- -- Yeah if it's just amazing that we're gonna spend money in those countries to advertise. And money in those countries for their border security. And we're not really stopping them while we certainly have the capability to call up the National Guard to get stopped in -- -- but they've been on doing. That they haven't entered Larry setting there are people money anyway keep them well you know. You know it it it's like we were. Just get China and why should -- -- our French I and that is that. It's and it's it's just amazing we're living and I hit into a period in our history where. You can't make it up you just can't make it -- people are gonna look at this. A dumb line and say what was going on during this time period so obviously Carol a you don't think events -- the best idea. No actually. Out there are so many people that are hungry that all these kids -- -- -- a problem and truly if they're kind of money hungry to take it did then they don't hear respect because it's like. And that that. -- that -- out there but somebody I -- late to take it is it. The money adult here. You know I don't wanna get hurt either but it was the Manhattan and -- little vocal. Program. Even -- he was. I don't know what they all know comic illegal aliens and why they called undocumented immigrants want okay so he won a -- like people. And he set out. -- -- -- -- -- I'm in art art or in the world because I'm sorry somebody yet again at our border right and it was L I. I'm sorry I for children there are a lot of years old -- years old. I yet is that walking through Mexico yeah acts that call RR -- more than Nat. I'm sorry. Well you know this. Well you know others as this is like. The way I look at the Trojan horse situation they use the kids because that's their best opportunity not to get a severe backlash from this though from the citizenry here as we all love kids we feel for kids kids that make the choices the adults -- -- -- But once the kids here then they're going to have to let the parents command true. Because they're not gonna get the kids out and many -- and pretty zone the -- day that's the bottom line Carol thank you they're all standing. That's where it is in Russia is a call yesterday. He's talking to a retired doctor named Eddie and Eddie I just read that in some cases. The license so bad you can see them crawling down on the faces of some of these kids. And in the on the woman vote wife chimed in yeah goggle like -- -- -- but it ball well and sold gonorrhea. There's syphilis there's aids there's hepatitis and diphtheria. Situation and polio as well as meningitis. And this new corona virus coming in from the Middle East so this is what we're doing. Were advertising in those countries please don't come here that'll be very effective I'm sure they're easily -- they do we'll do a focus group with them shall wait object please don't come here. And meanwhile they say these are people called coyotes. Here's another thing it's I heard this insidious knows. The CBS reporter said what happens with these coyotes these -- people. That go to homes of now listen closely desperately. Poor. Families. And they say to these desperately poor families. For 101000. Dollars I can get your child into the US. Now -- and held in desperately poor people get 101000 dollars I'd like to be answered that one points. And then they'd bring them and here. They escorted in here because those kids some of them are toddlers says they didn't crawl across Mexico. They were brought here by some adults talk on the adults that are bringing our prosecuted. Instantly. But that would not hearing about that was the last time you heard of any kind of roundup of these people now -- hearing about that. This is orchestrated by Washington. It I don't know if it's a natural a natural phenomenon or one that they say -- well slogans I know again. And there and here than their parents demand there. Then we say now we're getting serious about border security. And we get tired on the borders a week and show that we really take this seriously meanwhile they dribbled back to their countries a few at a time through the immigration hearings. Meanwhile the next thing is all the bleeding starts coming outs and with the collapse. I can't go back to their home countries that must stay and exit will be how can we keep them without their parents their parents have to stay true. And then amnesty. -- And they have a comment -- we must get them state and state is not go out the American lifestyle so. -- -- -- -- -- That's the ticket citizenship and with citizenship. Here as weight Smart vote saying who would vote for. We will be out of the two party business. Once that happens and if the Republicans policy at their idiots. We will be done as the nation with two parties we will be a one party system and if you think is bad now wait for that. Will be back after this yes according to a caller yesterday to Rush Limbaugh she said that her husband was on the line as well he's a retired doctor. They said that they -- church she says she's very active in her church or Catholic. And she said at their church they were asked. By the bishop. Who was contacted. Bishop -- the archdiocese amber Beno Samberg and you know. He was contacted by the federal government asking the bishop to ask the parishioners to take in illegals. Into their home. And they will be reimbursed and they expect the time period -- thirty days. And she said that they were also told not to discuss it. And then we also heard from her husband -- retired doctor and he said doctors have told not to discuss it especially the house situation. A lot of buy health problems -- coming across the border unchecked. And things are coming into this country and though the woman was married to the doctor. Talks about -- bola gonorrhea and syphilis aids hepatitis diphtheria polio meningitis. And the new corona virus coming from the Middle East. And so what are we gonna do we're gonna spend. If if the president gets his way three point seven billion dollars. Two on the appearance that is trying to do something about illegal immigration five million dollars. -- will be spent in the Central America. Discouraging with the ad campaign discouraging parents from sending their kids north. It's an ad campaign designed to sway them how -- something a little more appropriate. How about spending part of five million dollars on -- keep it in your pants program. I think that that would be better don't have children that you can't afford to take -- And let me let me get this straight now we're trying to attract the sensibility. Of people who would send their children across the border. I'm not buying -- I'm I'm simply not buying. A so I'd like to know if you were asked. To keep it quiet but will you take care and illegal immigrants. A yes or no. In a -- 9301806169236. 930. Joseph into Wanda you're on WB Ngo. Just want to express my thoughts that this situation has been initiated in my mind. I find it ironic. And and and a hypocrisy of the Obama administration when. The bishops have asked him to relieve them from the burdens of his obamacare thing regarding the the contraception thing. And now he turns to the Catholic Church has -- -- Good point that's an excellent point and -- I I I just. Can't believe I mean he talked about hypocrisy. I think this is the epitome of hypocrisy remember it was not that long ago only a few months ago he visited with the -- And they're they're seem to be here very well it was -- tenuous. Moments during that many but I think bringing that up Joseph you're absolutely correct thank you thank you very much. So the president. Wants help from people that he wasn't necessarily a agreeing within the India. -- near or distant past. Regarding the obamacare. And institutions. That are -- religious institutions having to provide contraception. And that we just have video of the hobby lobby. Ruling regarding not religious but by the business going the same thing. If if your church ask you would you taken illegal immigrants -- so we have some of his proposal -- -- With lists we do let's see here this is from Cathy she says I wouldn't do it now because of a bad person. But I don't know these children I don't know their backgrounds their beliefs their way of life I can't bring an unknown like that into my home and expose them to my family. Well that's a good point you know I think what they're counting on is they probably wouldn't even try to do this with -- adults okay. But with children it seems like the barriers are down 'cause we have compassion for children. We can say no to adults and say to an adult you made bad choices now you're gonna have to deal. Or in some cases of crimes are committed now you're going to have to suffer for your bad choices. But when you look in the eyes of a child and some of these are toddlers some of them but it -- Milwaukee yet. I've seen pictures of them sitting on the floor playing with toys aren't. You can't tell a child back because the child didn't make any bad choices the child is air child doesn't know what's going on the pro I don't know their home country from a I'm from New York State. So the bottom line is they what they did is they're using the children here we go again. Anybody that tells you it's for the children is usually using the children. We've heard it from a group that teachers unions always need more money for the children to you find out a little of it actually gets have a children. And in this case on all we've got to we're gonna open our hearts and minds and and and wallets and let them at our home because it's for the children. So naturally -- barriers breakdown but the intelligent part of your -- says wait a minute. These a lot of these children are carrying diseases and things and they're not going to be able to run off through health checks before they try and place them. So are you willing to open your door and rolled the dice that some kids from either El Salvador Honduras or Guatemala. It shows up with something you don't even know about yet that might be contagious. I mean I'm not trying to ring the alarm -- -- these are the facts. And the facts are that I think a lot of people would have to say no and I'd like to know if you would say no our -- Say yes. And pop up this. What's up with the government telling good doctors and telling the church. They want your help but they don't want you to talk about it they want you to keep it quiet and especially don't talk about it -- the media. What's that about -- government that doesn't want its own citizenry. The ones that are paying for all of us to know what's going on we'll be back effortless. You're hearing the voice of an awful lot. WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free its star and 930 -- toll free line is 1806169236. Back from Beijing dominate if you are charged ask you would you take in an illegal immigrant. Now this isn't just a question we made up this is a question a real life to a situation. Compartment Russian embargo call yesterday. From a woman who says she's very religious questions as sugar religious says he's very active in the Catholic Church. And there was a town hall type meeting. Apparently the archdiocese of San Bernardino was approached. By the federal government and they said we're going to send. Busloads of illegals. To your area will you would you ask your parishioners to take the men to their own homes. And that they were also told not to discuss it with the press. And then -- later on the doctor says the Doctor Who was married to woman who called and he's retired doctor. He said whereas not to talk to the media there gag orders for both doctors and nurses. And he -- we have a big problem because there are lots of diseases. That can come through this border bringing all kinds of stuff. And they went through it and the rush that I understand and in some cases the lice. On these children is so bad you can see them crawling on the face. Some of the kids and in the doctor's wife commemorating from a transcript here. The otherwise Walt Kelly about a bowl will sold gonorrhea and their syphilis and aids and hepatitis and diphtheria polio. Meningitis. And so we're asking. Would you do -- why is the government secretive about it. In Russia also mentions it presently it's a great idea turning these. Military bases into daycare centers which is what they're doing. So it's just that some amazing situation right now and we've got the wrong guided trying to handle the Rush Limbaugh. And so we're asking the president is asking congress for three point seven billion dollars among that. An advertising campaign for El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala. Telling parents they're not to send their kids so that I'm sure. That would convince them in -- is spot on TV or newspaper -- may be when their reading a Glamour Magazine something in -- I mean just ridiculous. And also. We're finding out that -- some of the money and 300 million dollars. It's got to go to the State Department to -- Central American countries improve their security. So we're paying them not to. It's easily let their people out and -- in this country illegally. Paying them and -- advertising with them about that. Good game plan and bank some asking -- at one end. He has you know it's code through next called Dan and LeRoy and Iran WB again. Warning. Oh epic talk pedestal like under an ad because that was a point -- Right not that. They're trying -- at what that would institutions Bogut and what they're out their beliefs for a -- -- after a quick or do it. Opt not to mention. -- -- Somalia like the recent Supreme Court decision -- forcing you know they had just and the media and liberals -- -- so. Up arms because it is -- that they. -- become the religious organization try to why don't we we need your help we've been met by need we need a. And we don't know if they've reached out. Yeah I don't know if they reached -- be on the Catholic Church one would gas. That there are a lot of bug Catholics. That's their religion. Coming into the country illegally and that's probably why they reach out to the Catholic Church to try and and it talked their parishioners into bringing them into their homes. I'll but they could be reaching out to other churches to we're just not aware of it but that doesn't disturb you true. That they've asked not to talk about it the church has been asked not to do and doctors and nurses as a gag order. Brilliant where the separation of church and state people and that's a point now we have heard that Edward. Yeah and you know adult can be a terrible shall -- outwardly to. What. And it you know that the church is. That part of their mission to help out that the that's a situation as to what government it would now Obama and the liberal government created the problem. You know it's not that. It's not exactly match. -- and big time money even Harry Reid is looking at the three point seven billion dollars. As being quite a mountain to climb so we'll see where that goes an idea I appreciate your room. Your response on this thank you very much. A -- look at this a three point. Seven billion dollars going to different agencies. Health and human services. Department of Homeland Security immigration and customs enforcement's. Yard there that's amazing department of homeland security's Customs and Border Protection. 433. Million State Department and other international programs. The 300 1000000 dollars to help Central American countries improve their security so. That's money money money you're paying for all of a -- -- you -- paying for all of it and that the government is going to pay. Any family that wants to take -- one of these illegals. According to what they said at the town home meeting at the arch arch -- December and -- And the bishop asking people if they would take people into their homes. And meanwhile they've turned as Russia and they've -- some of our military facilities in the daycare centers so you've got not only an influx of people with problems. That we are taking by the by the busload. And now -- some push back I mean you certainly heard about the Southern California pushed back where they met those buses. And made them re routes. And people are getting angry over this as well they should but they're using. The children there's no question they're using the children if these were adults I'm afraid what would happen if there -- -- to be honest with you. You're not going to have much of a physical confrontational with a child shouldn't have any actually. But with an adult with a busload of adults I can see. Several busloads of those I can see that. Turning ugly are really can't and who knows maybe that's part of a plan through. You know you put enough for a tender down there and politics is a spark and pretty soon unifier. And and people will wonder why Americans can be so heartless. And our own president standing on the sideline in Texas by the way. To raise funds for growth for reelection campaign is not resolved but others. So he's in and Texas for a fund raiser but doesn't plan to go to the border. Imagine that your right there and analysts say it amazing yes. I like how Governor Perry said non -- shake your hand at the tarmac I'm not gonna. Posed for a fall apart photo wanna get serious about this come down here let's talk just. Motorola the tarmac as the president walked down the steps of Air Force One was Jan Brewer. A governor of Arizona. Putting her finger did you know Psycho like our mother scolding a child putting your finger right. -- I love that and by the way there's lots of illegals big divorce diverted to her state. Welcome aboard welcome the presidential politics we'll take a -- -- will return after this. President has asked for three point seven billion dollars for this crisis at the border. And even the usual suspects. Are hesitant. The senate majority leader Harry Reid said lawmakers need to be thoughtful about the request put the quotas. How we get there we really don't know. So he's not sure. The Republicans of course are very skeptical but only Nancy Pelosi. As a clear vision of this her quote. Congress should move immediately to meet the president's request for emergency funds. This is while those emergencies that they let develop. This is while those emergencies. That I don't know if they planned it but if they had planned that it -- come out any better for them. To flood. Our country with the illegals and if you start with children. It makes it tougher all the way around. It makes it tougher because their parents are aware of them. Makes -- ever because people can't get angry at a child who made no decision on their own to come here these decisions were made by adults. And also. The things they bring -- the diseases we're not being an -- always say that they are bringing diseases into the country. It and it used to be on a legitimate and it's immigration situations that you had to have a health check. Before you could come into this country and and become a citizen. Well I don't know if their health checking every one of these kids that they find but they're sending them by busloads. Two -- -- places like the archdiocese. Of December Mendocino California. Asking parishioners. Who take in children if they would but don't tell anybody about it and to keep it from the media. And the doctors and the nurses are being told that they are not to talk about it either so we have a secretive government with his hand out. Turning the other turning turning its back on the problems on the border till it got the best. 40000. They estimate so far this year there were only 4000 in all of 2011. And give us money we need to fight it you know it's gonna and the final and we both know what the plan is. Let's go to him Michelle show way and block port Michelle Yeoh on WB again. You have pulled -- taking my call I've been following that really closely because they exist. I'm very interested in what's happening and what does this and they're going to be made and two point one of them may get that according to do I Democrats editor and talk that the senator daylight -- yesterday. The border states have been sending feedback to the federal government and 2012. Of this problem -- 101000 Ahmad. Children in 2012. Bit battered illegally without pay and that number doubled in 2013. -- wanting something Taliban. And now here we are. Only -- debt through June of this spirit but that 39000. They new rules that that's the problem and that they had to do something that federal government that they asked by the board -- to do something and they ignored. The problem though that this humanitarian crisis that never had a cap and upset about a draft -- in 2012. Many other -- Atlanta may equal to where Mexico and -- I mean everybody has to cross the entire country the code to get here why can't day. Doing anything. You know what's amazing and I'm glad you brought that up because the Mexican immigration laws are very strict in order to get here you have to cross into Mexico illegally and then out of Mexico it doesn't seem like they've been much of -- Not saying they're doing nothing -- it out to America Online and the Mac the collar illegally would be jailed or worse. And by the -- Until America -- and I would imagine it's very corrupt local. Jurisdiction and that does -- get paid money and they looked the other way and let them cross back. I did the I'm found that he allowed by being responsible for the federal government it appears can't be responsible. And they are saying we don't have the facilities we don't have the emergency services we don't have the insult teachers. Deadbeat -- dug up and a town in Virginia and they -- allies they had an emergency town meeting with the -- there. And everybody stood up and does that what do you expect that to do they're gonna drop out of the children and head of the band and -- university. And how America in the town. Well I happen -- our own backyard the Fed's one of the grand kind of rule used to be a holiday and they thought it was abandoned. You write it couldn't pick up both on and hold. -- everybody there and have them say that must mean from the daycare. We don't know we think the federal government has all knowing you know because of the NSA and all that stuff and and here they don't even know realize that this hotel has been sold and it is being occupied they didn't even have that information. They cut -- Google com. -- Well at -- and I am hopeful based on the coverage I've -- of that. A lot of the money their asking for is going to go for an entry and and other officials to quickly process the people are based and but I really think we're gonna see that there's such a backlash especially in other Southern California and that it then turning back both bought the three times now I think that the federal government getting it that they can't just made. A local community. Pick up the pieces -- spend thousands of dollars -- -- now. Hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide emergency services. Four that illegal that and I don't mean to call them illegals a person does not illegal they committed it. An illegal act and keep this in mind that we brought you brought up something good as they go through this process of these hearings. They are provided lawyers these are children who have no money they're provided lawyers at our expense so we're paying for every step. Of the way with the debacle. And I also heard that they are trying to match and -- 2000 and it -- That contributes to having the process -- that way little expelled and had to be processed but. I really feel what caused that was all of the talk about the DREAM Act. And amnesty and once that -- the rumor now. And it got down to do all of both can't say that I really think they've found that everyone would be given amnesty -- -- everybody let's go up there. Well it's like if I like this so would Obama care look at how many exemptions were granted you're telling me that law that says that. Would that we can't just turn them away after they come in here if they're not from Mexico or Canada. Of their couldn't be an exemption to that for a period of time some kind of a period until we get things right that congress passed a law they ought to be -- Lopez an exemption. I ain't right I'm hopeful that there are gonna -- things then that they're going to do. We're gonna -- better outcome of that baton. I -- your right I don't I hope your right Michelle thank you very much and are there. -- I mean there. This admit this administration picks and chooses what laws they want to braid. They pick in general is absolutely. Why you know what we can't afford this so where did you steroids -- not in force there. But suddenly -- this law they've got to force. We're not gonna force that that -- of that law that all of that all gonna give you an exemption exemption exemption exemptions but this while we gotta we -- enforce this one. Hot. And and that's that that's the way it is because they don't want to stop. They want it to the doors are open come on down like a price is right well. Will take Kerry -- even triumph glacial and home. Will feature we're -- you'll take care of your medical needs then we'll provide you with a lawyer and 100910203050. Years you may have area. Are hearing and be deported. I think what they should do is return anybody who's here. To the government from which McCain. And let the government pay for the expenses instead now we're picking up the check for everything. And every body thanks to. Barack Obama. No sense in him going to border see the problem. Maybe it'll get in -- in the way of his idol. We'll be back for more -- between governor integrator and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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