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7-9 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I can't believe it I can't believe it. How unlocking -- mine yesterday I made a huge -- I had Brazil and fine I mean. When somebody says I give you five gold and you remembers LT OJ get a every every penny they're willing to put up. Guess why you'll lose. While gritty effort exciting soccer news. Now I know soccer. Everybody predicted Brazil -- don't get undressed. It is it's amazing that they didn't just leave in tears in fact we saw pictures of vote. Of their fans in tears and a bit loss was seven to one and one to Germany Germany is rolled over. So well how do you guys explain that Arab -- was there was this totally. Unexpected. The act completely unexpected I -- Brazil to win the World Cup I had -- -- Argentina. For the -- title. I thought Germany was fantastic I knew they were going to be trouble in the World Cup. You watch them against de Portugal on the very first game they just looked amazing but that watching them against Ghana and they really struggled. They may have let up did well with the pro has today we got a best soccer team in the world we dominate this Florida away and I take time. Ghana okay Abby gets up for that -- guy has a lot of speed in their trouble with for an bought. I think that's -- housing market. John has a lot of the result is not known for the defense of an -- that's that's the conversation in my crowd we're all talking about Brazil's the parents -- and push you look at Germany basically plays almost perfect style via a Brazilian players have Brazilians. I often wonder how I don't what kind of a little bit wary. Of -- -- -- resilience and that's what I would be concerned. I'm just that it no bee headings after the game not that I know what kind of reggae and since then I mean if you -- have a good soccer game about a be heading. I think they've softened up too much Chris I know you picked Brazil to both of you guys pick Brazil. Yeah I know you are down a couple players but they're still playing at home and there's. -- -- Being down two players and soccer is -- -- was -- players a big deal but to me. It doesn't seem as big deals like if you're without Aaron -- into the -- -- all the it's a low scoring games are gonna go on offense is still at home there's 60000 maniacs and they're cheering for you. And are down five nothing after thirty minutes they're only five goals scored. In the fourth quarter final matches period while and vibrant thirty minutes and that's the kind of explain it. Just amazing. I heard one of the commentators in fact we're playing the sound bytes and words cannot explain. And and that had to be hard for a guy who makes his living with the words if you run out of war that the people of the -- what's going on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Misty made a Mumbai. Well Bob Alice Cooper as you know is in the rock and roll hall of fame. What you may not know he is now in the -- hall of fame yes white castle has their own hall of -- public braver hall of fame and apparently. He was always been addicted bill and addicted to sliders those little like hamburgers. And so he was there at the headquarters a white castle. In Ohio in a 250 people there as he accepted. The the invitation to join the -- hall of fame congratulations to Alice Cooper and there's a picture of Alice Cooper here now. We all know what -- Cooper looks like Mike and make a Brighton if you haven't seen him in awhile. I think he's had too many great -- look at look at the size of Alice -- my old seriously. That's dumb. Even the make up doesn't cover that. So why would think that Dallas copper has bitten -- a little too much so that's that but anyway he's in the great hall of fame and I'm sure he's very. I'm very pleased about that. Every once and allow oh but we talk about them miscarriages. Of justice. I mean this is ridiculous this is out of partly Delaware the state police say they arrested -- Guilfoyle. He's 51 years old. They erected and they arrested him for idealized. Driving under the influence it's either called the W I driving while intoxicated or do you license thing basically. And -- that a no big deal and until you find out it was his ninth arrest nine arrest for driving drunk why is this guy behind the -- he should be in jail Megan license -- Sing live free or die he should be a set up to Maine to make those licensed bullets. It's actually -- So that's it every once in awhile ago wonder what the courts are thinking. Now 7-Eleven. Is marking an anniversary now this'll tell you something usually. They mark. Anniversaries in round numbers it's our 25. What's our fiftieth we've been around forever it's our hundredth anniversary. But when they give you an anniversary that is a lot of -- Like this one there 87 birthday. Of -- not well is that like a milestone on our early shark to 7-Eleven says it's our 87 birthday. Maybe it has to do with the war at number seven I can't figure it out so they're giving away freebies so -- alert our staff. Alan -- we'll probably missed some -- reports when he finds out about this. And the same apartment pockets probably camp down in front of a 7-Eleven now with -- what they're giving away. This Friday a small -- -- so you can get a small slippery for free agents walk -- and then you must have downloaded 7-Eleven app. On Saturday to get the big gulp. On Sunday to get a piece of birthday a candle and cake. On Monday grandma's cookies I thought those were reserved for Graham Bob but I don't know they're giving away grandma's cookies. On Tuesday Hostess Twinkies on Wednesday Snickers. On Thursday Quaker -- yogurt snack bars. On Friday Pillsbury cookie and on Saturday a small school are pretty self congratulations 7-Eleven. And all of you will be enjoying those -- treats. From their 87 -- And it. How are you gonna -- on the 88 that's the big question we'll take a break we'll be back with more would be huge company I heard. CBS report this morning though Johnson was invented just caught me off guard I was not expecting. To hear something. This radical. They CBS report and I'm not making this up. You know one because you can't make up said that -- study has just been concluded now you know when a studies involve. A scientists are usually involved researchers are involved and money is involved so that you and my -- so you can find out exactly what the real truth is. This study revealed shockingly enemy. Bit if you are obese. That you may shorten your lifetime. Fact. That -- -- eight or 900 pounds. And Richard Simmons shows up will live and a big heavy equipment to figure wallow signaled a 7-Eleven against were pretty -- And that may shorten your life. That's just I'm and a -- they came out that when people read this. And found out that and a half and its it's caught everybody by surprise nobody knew that. That have a morbidly a bit obese it's an -- reservoir and but anyway that's why CBS has the breaking knows I'm just so so let me get this straight he wants to put -- -- and -- down exactly. -- -- -- -- -- And I think we Ottawa make sure pocket play is that this afternoon. And a jury hears them. At that recovery gallant play on his car a track on the way home cooked -- Okay here's the story yesterday I was upset about race. First -- you guys aware -- you wanna ring. Getting my kids all got wet you have wet children to bring home. In my eucharist I don't walk the dog. In Iowa now I knew I was gonna get worse or just there this -- steroid does edited on a chance that she's a baby seat. It's in Missouri gets -- out really -- which has been home all day or she wants and -- -- us to get out so I walked in the rain for a little bit and then soon as I got to and it got their like -- him. Well I was angry at the outset July yesterday I was supposed to go and see a car -- -- -- -- now for another car. And when I get like this I -- crazy I don't sleep. You know I don't everything gets drawn out. Because I've got to happen and I must have it now and I've got to see the exact right cholera in the right price and all of these things right so I was supposed to -- won yesterday afternoon. But when I got home it was already raining so it got me mad. But I didn't give up my stage when I called dressed like my Mondays they change in the year ago school closed change in the year in non school clothes right but it. I was dress that I decide -- awaited out I'm not going to get changed his once -- -- and only house. Short of you know Dorothy in total flying by I do not leave the house once and changed. So on air for at least an hour watching the rain pouring down what did I change no. Finally I did change I went upstairs changed into mine non go to work clothes. Guess what the sun came out. But I -- it was too late to go -- the car. You know is not right it's just not fair. I want to do grow hot dogs last night and get your -- -- yeah I want one do that but you know it was a -- too hard or did you wanna grow up I wanted to grow as a slight bit to do in the convection oven. And as soon as they were Don know. And on the -- -- -- I could talk outside sun comes out tide goes out that people gather nominee -- the shout yeah email uncle it's a treat to be your feet on the Mississippi my -- in my shop last rounds and now. That was actually align in a movie. You know we have -- movies are visiting and everybody goes -- the ball touching him of his -- is a really nice guys -- pleasant organize and it's good to -- that like -- a local -- -- -- high school made good absolutely sure is a big flyers stand for married now so it was a good to see him. I don't have a set of tickets to see Smokey Robinson if you would like to -- is he smoking July 25. At the Seneca Niagara events at -- 64 point 975 a random caller will be chosen other. Value is ninety dollars general contest rules apply Smokey Robinson America of course big Motown that number one hit. Four shop around that's started Motown. And he is very well regarded in the music industry if you've never seen him this is a chance to do it. 6449875. And that's the name of that soon. All right we've got some things about today hopefully because it's -- talk Chicago. If we went in to five in a row people would be suspicious and they -- -- in droves. Exe is that -- -- -- strange faces in the rule and we have a they're gonna fix things. They're here to fix something and allegedly. Evaded -- touch and now don't let him touch -- anything now thing okay that are tied into the chair okay. If there's got going on first of all of you heard Rush Limbaugh yesterday I hope you do it. Because there was an amazing called an amazing called him and and I have the transcript. -- call from Rush Limbaugh's show yesterday and we've been talking about illegal immigration for some time now. And want one thing we find out -- the government's working overtly in the government's working Covert. And one of the things where finding out big government -- video president on Tuesday. As for congress to fork over three point seven billion dollars. To help what they term border kids as you know children mysteriously. Have been showing up at the border without their parents some. As young as toddlers. And where amazed because they're from Honduras and in other countries on the other side of Mexico. So if -- over Mexico gets sent him back. Just as we could do if they were from Canada but they're not all right so I guess they crawled all across through Mexico in order to get into Texas or. Or one of the border states and so we've got a problem here. And a -- -- the government getting pushed back on it from the citizens when we come back we'll tell you what are kind of -- record getting. And what that caller was to Rush Limbaugh because it's via. It's really basic part of our showed today. About what the government. Has asked the Catholic Church to do in certain localities -- -- later -- -- thirty WBA. Dear George Noory overnights -- until fives news radio 9:30 AM. WB yen. Backward vision -- a sandy beach well immigration illegal immigration and I want to him I -- stressed that that the immigration problem we're having now is with illegals to get me an idea. Of what's happening it's I don't think it's by accident. That this sort of thing happened we're getting lots and lots of children from El Salvador Honduras and Guatemala. And their coming across the border in rolls how many are there well in fall of 2011. Border people's stopped and detained 4004000. Okay that's all of eleven so far this year and whirling in July. 40000. Ten times the amount for the full year of 2011. And because we have a law that says that. If you are rob is if you coming in from Canada illegally -- turn and turn -- around and send your back. If you come in from Mexico we can turn it around and send you back. But if you don't come in from one of those two countries. Then we have to give you a hearing in the immigration hearings take some time because as a huge backlog. So you can imagine their flooding over an overwhelming. All -- all the people would normally deal with the -- And so be the president has stepped up and as I said this is this is not a coincidence my impression is pretty simple. They purposely. And not the Border Patrol agents but the government itself. Purposely are flooding or allowing. Our shores to be flooded with illegals. Then they'll get serious and they'll say we have too many illegals we must shut down the borders and make sure that people are coming in legally. And then the next breath they will say however those that are here should be able to stay here. And -- that's the first second step is those that are here. That we allowed to stay here should enjoy the full American lives the American way the American experience. So we should grant them amnesty so they can stay for ever. And then of course -- amnesty comes citizenship. And here's the -- now wait for a wait for this is just as much a surprise as when you found out and CBS that fat people don't live as long aren't. After amnesty -- By saying okay guys they've got the Al Letterman and turn your back let a man. You have -- allowed this day yeah I would grant them amnesty they've got to have citizenship and they have to be allowed to vote. And when they vote the two party system in America will be over they will vote for votes that they were members stand up for them. Mainly Democrats and that's the way it's -- ago but Obama is trying to put a face on it. Like we as I've mentioned the other day we've heard stories about ball hard deep for more people have been deported would have Obama. Then with the any other president. Until May -- you find out that they don't tell you how many people came in so as a percentage than ever give you those ever. And so that's the way that is and now the president is trying to make it look like he's serious about illegals OK he's serious about securing the border. And he's asked for three point seven billion dollars you know it would be. And with the usual people. John Boehner and and that crowd. You know are very equal to -- right now but and Harry Reid. Has raised an eyebrow on this when Harry Reid raises an -- people pay attention because he's usually but boy for the president -- just the way -- is okay. But here these B three point 7000000000 -- would be divided up among the different agencies. But just give you an idea. 300 million of it. I would go to the State Department to help Central American countries improve their security situations. -- -- what makes you think that Central America wants to improve their security situation. I mean these low that are coming in illegally are are not the movers and shakers of Central America. These are the ones who don't wanna be there have no jobs many impairing disease and whatever and you think Central America is going no we've got to stop them. If they don't have a job and they're -- disease we must keep them on our country. Like that let me nobody. You've got. So very happy like when Castro released all opened a jails a monologue of Florida. I mean really seriously. But we're gonna spend. Your money. Your 300. Million dollars this is just one aspect of it it goes to other agencies to largest ought to bring this up. Because a really sticks in your in my craw. That we would send money. To El Salvador -- Honduras to Guatemala. To improve their security situations that's the kind of thinking we are going on now. Meanwhile. It's a lot of this is even though this is like a double edged deal. First of all they want you to thank. That they're going to do everything possible to make sure that the laws of this country or obeyed. And they're going to raise money. So that they can expedited hearings. So that they can do this they can do that but it the other side of the issue the other side of the issue. When they reach out quietly they tell of people -- reaching out not to mention not to talk about it. And that's why I got into this thing would Rush Limbaugh yesterday. Rush Limbaugh I have video transcript here and I want to hear this because it's very interest thing. Rush takes on a call and says well we have some interesting news. This is a woman talking my husband Eddie is on the fall -- where abouts we live in Southern California. Where Catholic active Catholics in our community. There was a town hall meeting last evening emergency meeting called by our local parish priest ordered by our bishop. And the archdiocese of San Bernardino. They have made the decision that they're going to absorb the immigrants that are coming through. Because the federal government called the bishop's office on Monday and they're going to be bussing these immigrants to our communities. And asking us to open our homes and housed them for up to a month. So here the federal government calls the Catholic church and says we're busting illegals. Into your community we want -- to house them. She said the church will reimburse us running out of pocket expenses and we were told not. To talk to anybody about it especially the media. I'm not especially happy about a my husband is a retired doctor and he'll share his concern -- you regarding the matter. And give us your thoughts -- that he is her -- her husband. And any -- a retired physician says I'm very concerned about the health care crisis that we're facing and these illegal aliens are coming -- the United States live with health problems doctors are being asked not to talk to the media so here the church is being asked not talk to the media the doctors are being asked not to talk to the media. There on gag orders both doctors and nurses. And we got a big problem because there are a lot of diseases that can come through this border bringing all kinds of stuff. And them. You have allies won't kill you -- bowl oh well this is the doctor and sold gonorrhea and syphilis and aids and hepatitis and diphtheria polio. Meningitis in the new. A -- rock or cork -- corona virus Argus. The way has announced coming in from the Middle East so here are doctors say a retired doctors say. A lot of these people are bringing major health problems with them the government has asked the church to ask their parishioners to take commitment. They're gonna be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses so here's what you're paying for OK this is what you're paying for you're paying for lawyers. To represent these people in in an immigration cases. You're paying for our security. To be beefed up at those countries like El Salvador Honduras Guatemala. You're paying for the transportation. Food clothing education of the illegals. And now you're paying for anything that the church will provide or homeowners will provide a to house them. Now when last I knew these people all broke the law. No I don't know about you I'm no lawyer but I you -- when you how's somebody that has broken the law is that call aiding and abetting. Well it is only if the authorities are looking for these people the authorities aren't looking for them they're looking to place them. They want a place that means they don't wanna they don't send him back. Offerman jail they wanna placed him an individual homes and watching the quiet about it. That's the whole point why would the government held doctors. And in church officials. To be quiet about this whole thing for -- -- -- How dumb are they do they think they could really keep this a secret. It's amazing -- going through an amazing period. In the history of our country and and something that's not very attractive as far as I'm concerned so I have a basic question to ask you. If -- church asked you would you take in an illegal immigrant into your home. All right now I know some of these are children and with children all bets are off you common sense you know those are common sense. But of these children going to be held checked. Are they going to bring something into your home or perhaps you know are brought into your home. And what happens the government says thirty days was the last time the government was held any kind of timetable. Be there for a long. Wrong time and what happens then you're supposed to send them off to school on the bus. He's supposed to provide them breakfast and cook for them and clean them and make sure that whatever they got your keep your kids don't yet. I'll tell you -- you know I ever compassion for kids right. I do what I think I'm a decent person but I wouldn't even consider a really wouldn't but the governments asking you to do. And keep it quiet. Will be back we wanna hear from you if your church asked would you take care and illegal immigrants the people in Southern California being asked to do this. And so who knows where else. Because it's quiet will be back remark with -- and company yes Rush Limbaugh are got a call from a woman and her husband it was a retired doctor. And they said the archdiocese. Of San Bernardino. Has asks them. Aware of it because of a request from the federal government to ask their parishioners to take an illegals. And they expect that they would be passed through tape of him for thirty days they were also asked not to talk about it. So it rule when's the last time. Our government has been that dumb to think they're reaching out of that many people and nobody's gonna know about it -- line. And so this is your government at work. And the president has asked for three point seven billion dollars. To fight this well what I would think there is being called an invasion. Of children that they're not carrying weapons. But they are here and though we now have to take care of them. India among the expenditures. 300 million dollars for the State Department to help Central American countries. Improve their security situation. Now and I'm Imus in the question you really think they want to. Who's leaving certainly not the doctors of Central America and -- not the idea not the pharmacists. Not the rocket scientist. The people are leaving people probably don't have jobs or whatever and this isn't meant as a put down it's just. The fact is that I don't think that use the -- El Salvador. Policy of the El Salvador government is going to be really that that anxious to get -- of them. It -- and -- 301806169236. And started thirty I meant that they're not that anxious to keep them. They're very happy that your rhythm is is the way ago as FaceBook we have three postings -- Chris why don't you give us so one of amendment would rule would get back to the calls. All right this is that from Nancy she says no I wouldn't do it who needs all those extra problems -- taking out a huge potential costs are just now worth it. No I don't either and especially since -- some of the problems could include. Health issues. They're saying that some of the children are coming through and very bad the shape health wise. And in less there have to go to him and visit. The health community before they visit your home one would think you don't want to invite that into your home yes so what's next what they get free obamacare. Or anything and that takes them in what do you think all his money is for this money is for in fact the first chunk of money. Of the three point seven billion is for exactly that. -- housing. Fool all kinds of stuff like that. So essentially we've got to a large group -- mine so far this year they estimate and I don't know how to get these numbers 40000. So far this year in the in the year 2011. For the whole year there were 4000. And right now looking at 40000. Let's go to John in Lancaster John your NW via. And then we find out -- if you are in the -- illegal invaders filing that filling their government. And it would get you know product from those countries was. I would open in that regard the governor should they don't have get a good really really -- -- -- -- and maybe they would try to. And they don't wanna get a boat in the military to curb the problem on their hand. That's good point El Salvador Honduras Guatemala. It would not only are we not building them as best we know when I'm throwing them. A ball where providing. Money. For their border security like they're going to use it I think they'll accept the money. But are you think there in any hurry to keep people from leaving those countries I don't. Well it certainly know where they're going -- whether -- collected out there you have. In either candidate other events that they've bite stuff was that we felt it was that we. You know embargo that -- I mean there's there's not economically it is stable but. I think did you get a bill we voted off. I like your thinking Jon and it's the thinking of an American taxpayer like myself and you thank you thank you so much for that. A yeah they're they're not in any hurry to do this but that's what we're going to do and some of the money is being spent for various things. That -- you would questioned President Obama according to USA today as congress on Tuesday for three point seven billion dollars. To provide better housing for the children while they're in custody here and speed up their deportation. -- of proceedings. That is -- throw you off all by the way because. And that's not going to work that way -- can just tell you that they can say anything they want to. What we get back we'll talk more about it but the federal government. Contacted the Catholic church and the archdiocese December -- on this is just one that we know about they said keep it quiet. Who would you take any illegals. Take end people who were in the country illegally for up to thirty days will pay the expenses. This is getting totally out of hand will be back -- more of bridging company under -- and I'm thirty WB.

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