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William Fichtner - Will "Shred" the Screen This Summer

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Actor William -- is in our studio this morning. That is from the Dark -- a number of movies that Atlantic there has been around and he's. From -- to want it born on Long Island race in Cheektowaga your Maryville high school graduate right. Merry go classes -- for our rights at play at this pretty excited to have any. Thank you it's good three year old is going to be all what brings you home just -- well. Yeah I still have a you know a lot of -- through my four sisters still live in the Western New York area. So it's always good to be back to see them. It's yeah you know this coming weekend my younger son. Goes to camp in the Berkshire's in western mass and four weekends of the camp this is third week in his dad's weekend. So I found myself up to western new York and I will be to gonna drive tomorrow so I can I can be -- for this -- and at school. Bill when a guy like you grows up enough and Cheektowaga. And those dreams of making it in the -- they where do you begin would you talk to what happens when you get turned down out of all this begin for. Well actually you know it really wasn't a dream when I was in high school. I I went to college with a Sunni farming go for two years and I transferred to Brock ports in April report as criminal justice major. I kind of had to change our college about says the direction of my my life. So the dreams really started when I was about 21 years old working it elegant beach club in the summertime months on Sunday. So it all in all began there and then took a bus right out of the bus station in downtown ball -- of Port Authority in new York and -- waiting tables well. -- everything changed from there yeah for sure okay Armageddon black hawk down perfect storm crashed the Dark Knight. Prison break. Of all those roles all those movies and shows. What's your favorite. -- -- -- It's really tough con and honestly -- You normally I'm a little. Pick here and she easier that I issue event at certain times in my life but you know I don't take things in -- say and they're really like them and non. And so you know when I look back at the things that I work done. Like a lot of you know most of what I've worked on and so as a great experiences for different reasons I mean you know black hawk down. The five months that I spent in Morocco I meant to mind an all time best friends doing that show. You know worked and you know like the perfect storm based that your story elements and some people that are still. Friends of mine Gloucester Massachusetts you know everything everything has something unique about it. The working on a television show and called crossing lines that shoots the home base is in Prague in the Czech Republic and as much as I've enjoyed the show we've done two seasons -- You know my in my life and probably my wife my younger son and in my older one. Visiting. Is you know has been one of the best best experiences of my life we are actually gonna go back in August. Another year. Okay you say your pick a year and shoes a year now than you used to be when it comes to selecting your -- is it easier to give work obviously and once you're established like you're. Well actually you know. A -- I was a little picking and choosing when I didn't have a -- when I needed it. A job. It's. You know as time goes on in I've been around for awhile and on and on what about that first yeah I mean what did you do real answer and reply that Lynette and variety digit what did you do. No no when you first moved to New York you know the first thing you really need to do is just you know you have to trade papers we get out to try to audition for plays you try to get an agent. You send out 250 photos and you know which now I realize that they've you know. 248 of them I'm sure ended up in somebody's waste basket let's have but I did get an agent. And that's what you need you need someone to represent you or at least see you work you believe -- you. You know the steps -- is there not much different for everybody even today. You know everybody you know I've heard the I heard the expression as soon as I moved to New York if there's anything though she wanted to do do it and I get it I get it because. You know agents don't even they can't even get all of their clients jobs right now let alone take on somebody you know it's always a system that's that's built around you know. It doesn't favor young actor starting but that's no reason not to begin the process his if you believe in yourself you gonna keep on. And one of these days the pieces are gonna come together again Regis you know one example one fact of my life I went to New York. I wanted to learn to be a better actor for sure. But. I really wanted to work in film I moved to new York and I was 21 years old and my first almost 36. It's fifteen years have. A lot of and you know always believing and never giving up and then when it when it shifted and I got my first film. You know twenty years later I've done forty so it and it's -- and I found my place. -- You can't but think a lot of people meaning that even known that you did a voice tracks. Four Grand Theft Auto Becton series what is what's that like. Well -- you know I did the voice and and a couple of them inflated small supporting part it's. It's another animal altogether. To do the voice the year. Your intimate with a microphone. You guys know better than most. But a couple of years ago I did call of duty. One other call of duty video games and that was that was difficult because it's it's intense it's loud. I thought I was innocent and -- -- we're gonna need you for five or six workdays. As a group will do and a weakness you know we spread it out over seven weeks. -- -- seven weeks until I went in the first day and worked out for two and a half hours and realized I had no voice after two and a half hours even even warming up. So you needed a week break in order to get your voice -- you could you know do it again that high intensity. It's different you know but very enjoyable. As July in bed at -- thing. You -- accomplish next. Ultimately. Eight have a fine and dominant place in my life for an hour I want -- I want to tell my own stories that I co wrote a little indie film. That's. With the help of the west in your film commission in Western Europe don't commissioner Tim Clark and and and enrich all works for them. And a lot of support from back here in buffalo. You know especially from. You know -- good mayor Byron brown a it's something that I'd like she part of it appeared and in the buffalo area. It was if it was written for the rolling Finger Lakes region here. You know that's what I wanna do one and I co wrote this -- -- starring someone directed. What you're doing a little work on that right now trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. To shoot it next year. And hopefully everything will come together and I'll do that -- you know to answer your question -- For the next the next half of my life as I look at it I. I want to tell stories. You know we look fast forward to seeing what you produce here because that would be great and it's and it's really nice he'd come in this morning -- -- nuclear thanks so -- actor -- -- joining us in studio this morning.

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