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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Taste of Buffalo: Fat Bob's Patrick Ryan & Ann Hackett

Taste of Buffalo: Fat Bob's Patrick Ryan & Ann Hackett

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our in the studio -- looks day three of marches to buffalo preview and Hackett is here -- -- again on the issues chairperson. A visit to buffalo and today's special guest with some -- Patrick Ryan on Arafat Bob's steak house. Good morning to you both and let's begin with you Patrick you're you're a real veteran of the -- to buffalo how many years have done. Eleven years we'll have just ability to an obviously is a great product totals about what you're going to feature this week. I'll have similar signature dishes. Beckett making she's of course. -- mental part. Seen those Park Ridge and then for healthy option we have kicking creel -- which is mixed greens. Peppers onions little bit of blue -- MP kind of sounds great now where are you located at the taste buffalo. We'll be right out front of the stellar. He back to -- no -- of the winners and icy rain and Delaware Andy right near next where they were the breeze comes up. Okay are there any trophy -- says to buffalo two Bob's. Get a taste com injuries. That they have many awards and we want and kids' choice I believe last year children's choice. We will invest mean. Various awards throughout the years it must take an awful lot of preparation. In advance that the say the least yes. Gambler where all hands on knack for and you know the solid. Or five days just probably how people are working how many people here working on this. It's it's aunts uncles cousins what are -- their hands and they come and help us out just next QB than it is. -- -- A busy busy busy week for us but done the reward at the end of the day is. Something special so. Yeah now and Hackett the chair -- the taste of buffalo she's with us again today to -- it kind of get a set you Brian programs today which are like you know. The year it's your road map basically to the taste isn't. Yes that you can map out your schedule for the league and nine come back Saturday and Sunday it contained so much information including. Our sponsors who actually you know they helped bring us the to you know every year if possible but they also bring you some great activities to keep people up it's used all day. And have fun and besides eating. Celek AT&T has charging stations Satan you know charger Arnott there. They have three TVs and to play -- sparks that the -- is can you believe that out and that's what I thought and -- also has this huge -- -- games inside there we have free samples giving a -- that talents giving a free sample that AT&T'S stage as well. Well that's a great thing and other people coming in with a knife on that might be dying you know -- -- they charge you can go to their free and tell us how many people on average. Turnout for the -- to buffalo in any given year yeah we have an average of four iron 50000 actually. It's Kennedy I think TV. Biggest event. It Dan goes on the city of buffalo here. Yeah and it's the largest you'd -- in the country -- you know I was about to rescue those still ranked way out there as well yeah and -- also what's exciting like Chicago is the largest but they are more than two days. But we've -- where I'm not for profit where all volunteer board with our possible coordinator. So it's pretty awesome we gets it you know we just do it does for fun has aboard a. But you really come out on top -- And people really can feel good about common to the taste because were were given back to our restaurants they get to enjoy them. But we also give money back to other charitable organizations and community 250000. Dollars over the years he these programs are they already available yes they are available on top 39 grab money can also download download one on -- it used to -- -- But in every restaurant and -- -- located which is he for a lot of people yes there's the map and then at that smoke house. But it Patrick Ryan. Obviously he's healthy you looked like you are in terrific shape so. We'll check Bob. Well the the business day at restaurants -- in 1989 by a lot counselor there was about. You know we. Got involved. We love everything he did everything and so we've just you know maintain anomalies over the years with different things between. The many union there but down. The core menu was was originally from bouts of. OK good to talk with you both stand we'll see you tomorrow we have been talked to tomorrow actually -- here tomorrow and she's the sidelines on back on Friday. I think our guest tomorrow is going to be sidelines. Sports. -- -- rookies of it is to buffalo this year. Okay thank you both are coming in here and Hackett -- chairperson for the taste of buffalo. And a Patrick Ryan and owner of fat Bob smoke house.

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