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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo School Board Reorganization Today - Larry Quinn

Buffalo School Board Reorganization Today - Larry Quinn

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo school board member new member Larry Quinn is with us on the WB and might find Larry good morning. Good morning thanks for the time former policy super done -- will be expected to be appointed interim buffalo school superintendent tonight. Larry I know you're -- at last week but you've been in on all these discussions what is it about Donald will be that allowed his name to float to the top. I can remember things I think for our leadership. He he runs true very big schools and I think his knowledge about you know he's brought in by the screen years ago to do with valuation districts so it's not -- He's got a tremendous relationship with state Education Department which on the -- in particular school budget so there near record. Wouldn't cause or are there. You know the -- districts so I think all those things put together some well most local terrain knows the district. Great relationship with this TP great measure of -- leaders such great company. Larry we realize once she is elected and sworn in as interim superintendent mr. Ogilvy will officially unveil some of those plans. To turn around failing buffalo schools but. Transporting. Kids out of there neighborhoods busing them to other schools in the city do expect. This to be among the issues mister Ogilvie on the board we'll tackle the coming school year. Yeah I think it's important issue. You know unfortunately you know that we don't have a great system. And the longer we don't have to solicit true neighbor's system but I think we are we make greater improvement. -- You know hundred parking lot turned around the city. Not only -- -- being transport and other neighborhood he can within the -- parameter being transported to different ends of the cities here. Terror is you know one child who spoke on and so on on the west side which should very typical. Process now he couldn't children but for the -- so. I think -- we'll certainly try to address -- issues that Kia Kosher. This new school board has its work cut out for them how soon Larry do you think that Donald will be and the new school board. We'll begin to make an impact I mean is there's early as tonight. -- think about it that. You know I think. Focus has to be. Didn't recruit school here -- a lot of definition to wrestle it to the organization. Expert. You know -- I think. That their school districts suffered from some very serious structural problems and also suffered from. Some very serious management problem tonight in dynamo -- -- give -- results from the management and structural stuff will take some time there has to. Couldn't bargain per teachers in new relationship with them that -- professional but you know professional call. And that will take some time building trust and building in the agreement. In Palestinian in this profession that you local level each be elevated to an app that does. We talked earlier we talked earlier with the board's new president -- Sampson and we asked them a question about the board's new minority. And I'd like to ask you the same question Hillary. The board's new minority do you expect all of them tonight to vote no on mr. Ogilvy. Well personalize don't think of them as the new minority a secret starting fresh board. You know I categories anybody and any different camp I think that we present. I could be used to I'm people not try it -- who -- actually we're all played a terrible lot of confidence that it may not be. Has divided the orders people want to speculate so. I won't speculate or I'm -- out all the polls out. -- we hope your right Larry we appreciate your time this morning thank you for joining us and we hope will talk more in the future. That's Larry Quinn new member of the buffalo school board.

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