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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo School Board Reorganization Today - James Sampson

Buffalo School Board Reorganization Today - James Sampson

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been talking this morning about the new buffalo school board it meets tonight to officially get down to business. Our next guest on the live line as James Sampson mr. Sampson -- the newly elected president of the buffalo school board mr. Sampson and good morning thank you being with us. We're doing good we know that to a former Erie won bossi is superintendent Don Ogilvie. Is the boards. Majority choice to be new bedroom buffalo schools superintendent. Should tell our listeners mr. Sampson. Why mr. Ogilvy is the choice why is he the man to do the job. Well. We we can be very person had him this particular point and which fear and it is. Someone who's cut over forty years of experience as a professional educator. Superintendent. Policies which will -- A number of the school district Western New York she got. Incredible. Actually -- -- the state Education Department which. Really populated districts -- on its enemy and we hope he'll be able to repair some of those damages but he also. Understands. How to manage large complex organization. -- -- good sense -- tell -- how to. -- identify high quality talent can't hold them accountable. So you know we think he's the right person to be able true we are -- to district at this point. He's got a very accurate. Relations -- communities and community leaders. And we think he's gonna bring a sense of purpose and come. And actually much. In 2010. Donald will be sent state education officials his review. A buffalo schools and you can read that and WB and that comfort in your listeners that but like -- Does that give him a leg up does that allow him to come in here in kind of hit the ground running. Well I think so you know he's got that knowledge about all. In part because of that evaluation that he -- but also. You know living here in western new York and knowing what's going on and doing a lot of people. And a lot of it's out observations from four years it will are very consistent with. The observations and a number other people may currently. It and we think a lot of these issues that he and it are continue to persist. Mr. Sampson I'd like -- to a question about the board's new minority. Have they remarked in any way about mr. Ogilvy being the majority choice. Only to the -- media I have not had a communications directly. Or indirectly with any of them. Well you know we did put out a memo that we can that we are gonna advances name. -- I can appreciate what they feel so they were excluded but at the same time. We know for over two months that factor groundless and we -- deputy election and they fixed income July 1 we really intimate. No progress in identifying a more permanent -- -- and every attempt that we had made prior to July 1 to be part of the process and a more collaborative way -- Big bucks so. I can appreciate. They're concerned about. I think what we wanna do is when she starts working which is going to be tomorrow morning. Mr. identifying a common agenda that we can. Hold ourselves accountable to. We're about eight weeks from the start at the next school year. How soon can Donald will be start making an impact. Well I you know I think you're gonna watch him in the next couple of weeks identify issues leadership team. And I would ask her way to watch that too much -- closely. He's gonna be surrounding himself from the district where it's. I killed are people some. Mostly people from currently live in the district but also I think he's gonna identifies -- people from outside the district who bring a great deal values so. You know that's going to be his first. And a test of his leadership capability we're confident he can do that. I would also suggest you know watch him as far as how he starts communicating with various community groups we're critically concerned about. -- high school and promised neighborhood and achieving that wheeled out of that partnership if he can repair that. I'm also. You know he expects to be communicating in a rather -- -- with all board members as a group in an individually. I had to do well on this board she -- minority about it one more question do you shut them all vote no. On the Ogilvy question tonight. I would hope not to you know I. I would like him to go out of the process. The quality of the the person who were dancing but I I would hope. Most of them would vote for him but -- If they don't I will not be -- Mr. Sampson go to talk -- you think you. And Jim Samsung though the newly elected president of the buffalo board of education.

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