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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo School Board Reorganization Today - Bob Bennett

Buffalo School Board Reorganization Today - Bob Bennett

Jul 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest on the WB and -- -- morning. Is Bob Bennett chancellor emeritus at the New York State Board of Regents tonight marks a new era for the buffalo school board -- new majority is expected to appoint former -- one postseason pretended Donald will be. As interim superintendent. -- morning. What do you make of all of this it seems like it's taken a long time to get to this point. Well I think it's a very good choice I first met. And then change -- tour and we support center movement when he was the superintendent and Hamburg. And dark day established -- support center and he believes in enough false communication and in -- -- education which is very. Concern. Is also quite skilled at selecting and nurturing him. Having the proper professional development -- Chelan in in this school district and I think he. Really will focus this board have a data and teaching and learning and I think it's a very very good development. Mr. Bennett as you look back on what's happened here in buffalo especially in the past year. The school board dysfunction at times disagreements criticism over the leadership of superintendent doctor Pamela brown the drive to elect a new board with the majority that -- the objectives of Carl Paladino. When you think about all of this what is going through your mind. Well I think this Tuesday a welcome development try it true because I take it -- and would never considered this Jabber he didn't have a commitment from the board. They will focus of discussion and teaching and learning. And -- used data to do that that's what it is really good and I think there's support here. And -- bottom line is what happened in the classroom and out. So attendance is important. The quality of teaching and their reaction to the latest in professional development still leaders all of those things. Should be the conversation and I think it will be a conversation and I'm. -- I have great expectations. But with the commissioner yesterday overlook them all day today. You don't stand very well these patients are very very good selection although he can -- a get involved that you know -- and -- but now we can certainly provide the guidance that's what everything. Bob does -- superintendent. Set the tone for the district. There's no question about it the school here is the -- person. Just school repeat person is the principal. -- knows said he knows an extremely well. He will not tolerate electric performance or commitment to these children and their families and value will be decisive. Bob you know nobody can accomplish anything. Overnight now what was that said how long might it be before we see some advances. On bettering the public school system in buffalo will have the one year will that -- years. I think I think -- issue which currency sank within the first one. And or two years in terms of the beginning ever turn around and that a lot of it has to do with attitude and expectations. And and setting the stage properly. Well for example the transportation system is is doesn't work anymore what -- take. A nine year old from the west side about vote -- to -- well and vice Versa just like any sense anymore. -- just one indicator of what -- -- really that professional development has occurred. We know that has occurred so I think. There are many indicators and that's -- well insist on. -- -- Big believer in planning and everybody committee. To the planet's a simplified everybody can understand that parents teachers principals such that are. In 2010 Bob -- participated in a state mandated review. Of the buffalo school district. Are you familiar with dad and do you know what he proposed back then for the district. I'm very familiar with that in the schools city reviewed at the request of the district by the way. He did so they're very professional way went into the schools met with the teacher met the students met parents met with the principal. And then make all the throws and it wasn't pretty it was very very toxic. And so they didn't like it very much and not. He had branded it -- the bad guy he brought us bit loose. He brought -- in the troop there's would be dead and so -- -- -- there's -- -- for access by the way didn't -- things I mentioned and I know he believes in. He has a solid relationship with the state. And so I think. Almost immediately -- was Irish courts it was. -- sister and mr. for accountability so that's. Very clear to everybody what to expect that by the federal government and so I think -- yeah yeah -- I'll play that. Hey Bob we're glad you could join us this morning thank you very much. You know that's Bob Bennett he's chancellor emeritus with the New York State Board of Regents.

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