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7-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB ES. And in them. And just system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tom -- just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You going to do -- -- there and told. Yourself it's live it's local ethnic food you know it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. All right hey it is out hourly news radio and I agree WBM. Sarah. Has used the the word and it frankly it's about it somebody avert stature. Somebody as well -- as she and at one time area vice presidential candidate used the I word. In discussing President Obama. Enough is enough of the years of abuse from this president his unsecured border crisis is the last straw. That makes the battered wife say no busts. For those who don't understand what that means in Spanish it means no more. Without borders there is no nation Obama knows there's opening our borders to a flood of illegal immigrants is deliberate. -- this is his fundamental transformation of America. What of the trip for the past two or three weeks now. And that's just one part of his books. Now both larger question news. And I think we need to ask ourselves in all honesty. Does the constitution of the United States. Matter anymore. Or is it simply words. Words. Words. That is the question. When speaking of the constitution to be or not to see it either is or it is not a valid document. Here is John Williams bill yell out you were on WBM hi. Eight all I want to thank you freedom doing shows like this because this country has abandoned the constitution and the of the principles behind it. And it is absolutely vital that we rediscover both of those Robert survival this stuff. Well isn't it frightening that a two bit second rate talk show host in buffalo sees this stuff and leaders of the Republican Party in Washington are blind. Utley what a lawsuit did -- list and it's ridiculous. Where we -- except you actually have a legislative branch and the legislative. Is the House of Representatives will represent the people and the senate the representatives of the states. Judgment on the president left to represented people and -- conviction would let the representative to the states. What John Boehner want to do you know a lawsuit electors and but the Supreme Court right. Yeah well eventually. Decide. Now you have a court deciding it instead of we the people. -- -- Absolutely wrong but you know what the the biggest thing I've I've been writing to congress from what. To encourage them to start looking into impeachment does you know on all these scandals that we've been talking about so far don't really. There's been no proof that they reached the White House got. Beer is one unquestionably reaches the White House and is you know unquestionably impeachable. You have an American citizen who was killed. Or exercising his free speech rights. It's not an American -- and anyone likes it names on war all a lucky. He was an American citizen of Iraqi descent that moved to Yemen and was in citing people who god. But not taking up arms just talk to -- -- -- Yemen to children. Being -- on sixteen year old went back and focus on. -- Our most basic rights are life or liberty -- to sit -- We have American citizens that were deprived of their lives with no trial. Well certainly not a fan of al-Qaeda. But you have made and others have made by the way a very compelling case to back up what you are sick. Use an American citizen. Why did he received an automatic un appealable sentence. When masterminds of far more calculated. And far more devastating terror attacks are afforded an opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law. That's a fair question. Am not a popular one but a fair one. -- Americans is their output -- deprived of their light ordered liberty without a trial by their peers. Neither one -- -- and you know what even if you are. Even if you wanna -- it was justifiable to kill all the lucky it was not justifiable go back until this. They have not taken up arms on was in a. All right well you know you're not gonna get any traction on that one given the nature of the person who was killed. However look. However compelling argument there is not one politician in America who's gonna stand up with any backbone or any conviction and say. Killing a guy who's planning to kill Americans and who incited others to Jihad was wrong. What else you get. -- -- And sixteen year old student killed to ask an Israeli. Sure -- -- but but didn't look what else do you have because that one but I gotta tell you intellectually yeah I see where you're going with practically. It will go anyway. I think bunch of these yesterday via the abuse of be higher wrestling after Tea Party groups -- Cons of these are impeachable if they can be tried the White House. The problem is is that nothing's -- article also. And no. You wanna talk about -- -- -- did you mention Ben Ghazi ups -- I was somewhat distract and OK the NSA's gamble. Absolutely. Could be traced to the White House you could claim plausible the viability. But every clam has an opening and it's the same thing with the Irish scandals now let me explain to -- the IRS scandal I think would be a great starting point. Because the pure -- ability. Of the defense that has been offered by Louis lowest -- and her henchmen and -- women is so ludicrous. And it is so. Insulting to the intelligence of every American as to demand. A special prosecutor. Be appointed. Well play well for me -- say I would -- you know bigger one. I would question every American if you or government is in the process of collecting the contract of our longer emails. Everyone under -- web pages you visited every phone call. -- you he'd be holding that these for potential future use against you argue even a free people. No no no you're not and I've I've talked about this before I've explained my concerns about this before and you know nobody cared. I think and that's why. I've got to ask you the larger question. Does the constitution. Even matter anymore. Because when we've got John Boehner saying lawsuit. When he should be talking articles of impeachment that also insult my intelligence and it's just one of many reasons why I want nothing to do with the Republican Party or its establishment. -- I'm I'm I'm in -- peripheral lead in politics and I can -- this is there's something secure a little bit -- Is that I talk every single day to people who remember what constitution is and they remember the principal or filed. We have to remember. Well it all we have to remember. After I feel like Joseph dispensed and around forest lawn but where would anyone go to remembered the constitution. We have to but you know people. I gotta tell you the if you ask. 100 people and this would be great research project for somebody up here if you want to ask 100 people at random in Western New York to site. Three. The ten. Amendments of the bill of rights how many people out about 100 do you think could -- even to. I think you'd be lucky if you if you had three who could cite three of the ten of the bill of rights. I would think are -- buddy Jay Leno used to do this all the time. In -- reporters. You know on the Internet YouTube in about a quarter to restrict college campuses. And they'll ask the future leaders of America. Questions about the constitution. And it's embarrassing. And it's frightening. We need to make education on that part of basic school not even waiting actually get a college that's something that you know basic civics. The principle behind the founding of this country the principle behind the constitution wise that things are that are in the -- -- why they're there. That is -- vital that the next generation -- -- coming up to understand those. Well there's an article in the New York Times about Powell. The young people today may grow up into little conservatives. And as much as. That might encourage some people. I have to tell you they're more likely to grow up to be conservative organs because young people today I have news for your. They don't hear her about for the most part on general rising. They don't hear. About gay marriage they don't want politics in social issues they don't want politics. In the bedroom. They want to be their own person. Are right there a lot more accepting of other people's lifestyles. Banned certain members of the conservative movement have been in the past so I. You're it's not going to be a generation of Phyllis Schlafly I've clocked one of young people to know generally where their heads are if they are. Oriented toward conservatism. It is a conservative -- viewpoint it's not standard. Phyllis Schlafly kind of conservatism if you get my drift. -- -- Ron Paul filling auditoriums. Thank you. Thank you that's excellent I wish I -- a lot of you -- for topping the in my own show. I suddenly don't like you all right I'm I'm Kelly hey I'm glad you called thank you very much. On our actors like John and Williams bill. Does the constitution. Even matter anymore. And I putted very very disturbing. That we have a man who ought to know the constitution. Inside and out. Talking about a lawsuit. Constitution doesn't call for litigation. It calls for impeachment. Which is more of a prosecutorial. Thing that it is a loose litigation thing. -- Who would like no light in law school and obviously have no comprehension of the English language let's get back to the calls your stand. Rochester on WB EM. Stand. You're on hello. I. Unfortunately. We have been reduced. 21 political party -- the republic credits. Directed at parties have been reduced to powers minorities. Now the fallout. Well one political party we can start with. Impeachment. Forget it the conservative try to peak. Clinton and get would have been ten Republican candidate -- and Republican senator's -- -- Clinton. Of any wrongdoing. And they held both houses. He went on to become a political icon. Now with the situation. They don't have the power nobody can do it. It was gonna happen. Is it a question of not having the power or is it a question of not having the whistle because the -- -- is near statutorily. But is the will there we're not talking about perjury. As serious a crime is that is we're not talking about a cigar and then in turn we're talking about a continuing pattern. A behavior that frankly reminds me. Of the list indictment if you will Thomas Jefferson lodged against the king of England in that document that allowed us to take last Friday off. The declaration of independence. The problem I have being addicted to -- that would never be good numbers unified. To take them down he's only got a little over two years left time is running out. To stack who didn't could take two years he's been gone so I think yeah I mean that it -- -- think -- all -- nothing. So I mean what I hear you saying then is once the president hits a certain. That old movie -- you know about the a bomb in the plane. -- deadline known that well okay let me use a local example. -- Niagara Falls we have the deadline -- basically anybody caught in the maelstrom you're gonna die. Some is that what you're saying then is. In reality the president has carte Blanche. To screw people out of their rights as long as time is on his side. Okay here's video Obama. Got put you well what he wanted he got obamacare. Is in place nobody fighting it. He demonize Hillary. How he knew -- up how can hit he shored up the endowment for decades. Where do you baby boomers coming up he need to -- Conservative Party to a minority party. Even -- teach -- -- -- you know last election. And border empathy is done animals aged rapidly. You know I know that no guarantee they're gonna -- -- bullets is America what good morning. Her right the larger question stand. Does our constitution. Mean anything anymore I just quoted the section. Recovering impeachment. Does it mean anything. You know I'm afraid the end there there. All we want to know it was electric separate work on television. And it is just it. I can get the most people -- even into articles and that's where we're running by the European. And people I just turned off women -- turned away. I if you. It's not a good situation we got to -- we do make it -- -- -- something -- going to be in trouble -- -- -- The way here's a question. The people who called them today have had something in common. -- Adult women here I mean that's not been my experience doing the show but there are a lot of -- opinion is that women. Who feel as passionately about this as high as passionately as you wanna know where they are it or not they can cookies. Well hope hope hope not simply let I just -- a Hillary Clinton flashback about standing by her man baking cookies. Sir I don't like Hillary Clinton flashbacks. Although truth be told I do harbor secret erotic fantasies about repairing. In hand. Yeah. Yeah. -- okay. Me. Mean DC and. Don't think that tell you what that's about. It is at 635. -- news radio and I'm thirty WB EM and it has hourly and you know. A couple of questions -- undermine number one Sarah Palin. -- -- Using B I were. Impeachment. Hey John Baker uses the L word -- suit. You know folks. The larger issue. Maybe I'm just thinking the wrong language. The larger issue is does the constitution. Even madder. I just want you to think about that does it even matter. Or should we consider ourselves to be as many. Re grass news wish we were note I did not say liberals progressives wish we worked eight post constitutional. Republic. -- Just say you know. The doctor and of conservative organism which I'm still working on it's going to be a hell of a lot more difficult without reaching. But. Is. Very tolerant. Of all. Who support freedom. And individual rights. And I have got to draw a distinction. Between those of you who are liberals. And those of you who are regress -- now they call themselves progressives frankly there's nothing progressive about going back to Stalin's Russia. Okay that's progress and it's regressive. I don't welcome liberals to the conservative Terry and movement. I don't. Because what's the first part of libertarians. LI BE car. What's the first part a liberal well we're just missing the AL. You know there are a -- put a lot of thought to this late. There are areas. Where there actually killed -- synthesis between. A conservative mindset any liberal mindset but that pre assumes. That both. Sides if you will. Have the same goal in mind which is a stronger. America. And eight freer America. And let me go to raised in buffalo WBZ. And up by the way where are my dates. Where are the -- women buy hourly constitution. Toting women. Those of you who keep your 45. In your shoulder holster or if you're really -- in your holster on your belt. And you don't care if it's a fashion accessory or not. By the way agency you know speaking of fashion accessories they are called man purses up anywhere let's go to Raymond Raymond your WB EM -- Dormitory parent deepest most future condolences. Of all sugar different. -- Well it's you know I got to tell you it's it's it's a loss not it gets a personal loss OK but it's it's a loss. Of a great thinker who developed. A following any -- -- Of admiring. Fans and somebody who stirred people's action. And somebody who really had one of the key in this mines I've ever had the pleasure of journeying into. And you know it's it's not just and it's it's not just about. That the personal pain it's about. Losing such a great. Mines. But. Again the affirmative. Com. The affirmative result. Of our friendship. Was the broader outreach override the -- you know and and maybe she'll be a Johnny Apple's street. Of conservative areas so I didn't go on about that go ahead. Well our our note to you rated a deep connection whether and when you lose someone like that. The whole world country so much smaller dome I had to. Actually just seems darker. If if it. -- I'm -- gonna wind -- -- You know it's. Other people have been their two. If if if if Sox but if I were to allow myself to. Who just give vent to grief all the time. I think she would -- Miami SF but anyway go ahead. Our effort or seems to Laura had been mulling over what -- saying and and if they agree review on break point but I I do Erica -- true okay now. Of course theaters. It linguine spine -- what we've all known him to be. On our however. What the would you want -- -- -- -- Okay. -- dig about BR word is is this going to cause. The multitude actually program -- Obama -- weak -- I mean this is -- low information voters they don't operate. But if you talk about anger. He really say anything about that best. Here. Up on the other answer that court does that that quite a few sites. Because it may very well mobilize. People who understand. That this country is standing at the edge of the -- this country is standing at the very precipice. And if we don't watch it we are going to lose it and when I say it I mean our freedoms enshrined in our constitution. Which I'm starting to think nobody gives a rat's ass about it. Why -- you where you can get that impression. However are or are we do air so it does favor at this point and are waiting until after November. Well pretty well these all that much more clear error. This actually. A Republicans on. What. Then I don't know what -- but it does hurt you need to but he in the presidency to. OK time out there's never a wrong time to do the right thing. -- what is the right the question is what is the right thing to do what is the just thing to do. What is the proper remedy for situations like here's what does our constitution says or does it not matter. But again there's never a wrong time to do the right thing. Well you know are when it's a tool that. If we're dealing what with people that had ethics and and add. Some integrity. Talk about the Democrat -- you know when when addiction -- -- -- regret written about them. Okay you resigned because he knew that Republicans were not -- They know they're integrated they look at. -- you're screwed up you know work like -- ago and he had no you know record but the -- story. But Obama doesn't have that. In these people are rocks are part of America you know and and anything. That it brought up against them if you buy onto outrageous or Tea Party years or that same. All of their their one on the same thing in the mass media's might well let let me ask a question and different way women do you have any doubt whatsoever. Bet if a Republican. Was in the White House and again I am not a Republican -- and I can't stand the Republican establishment I load the Republican establishment. But if a Republican was at the White House. All of the circumstances. I have outlined verbally and also on FaceBook. Do you think. In any way shape or form the media would not have a -- Lee drum beat the end result of which would be the whole. Abuse impeachment. All it would be going -- Didn't really sort of epic portrait aren't already. Argument same circumstance. Ample. Yeah -- that's that's an issue with me because what's right is right what's right now what's wrong is wrong or respect. Active whether you like the person in the White House or not. What you are probably -- good players and I error applaud. Your integrity here. Because what you want to do the right thing. Just bought at all OK that's a laudable -- to could be able to do it. Well I'm not really in a position to do anything now. I mean that's I mean I'm not really in that position. Absolutely. Are people here we I didn't you're right we only one coach -- and the the direction of this administration. There's a different -- -- comfortable world. Only way to look at it is well administration the only recourse at this point would be impeachment. And what this. President and Don because he would throw me. In the future and the state of the union he's given it is Evert mentioned the goal beyond his powers. In order to do what you feel is correct. Which is in all I've never I never thought I'd ever Albert. Presidency. Or or what you'd like and don't just sit in prospect especially given the separation well. Well I not only that I eight think back to the bit of audio we play frequently about the president's meeting on health care and this woman actually asking the president of the United States if you would allow her mother to live if he'd allow her mother to get a pacemaker. And mr. caring humanitarian. -- his response was may be sure to take a -- -- good luck getting a pain pill by the way with the idiotic. War on painkillers. That has been going on now I mean you've got people when they. Genuine medical need for pain pills who have been refused by their doctors to what they don't want another getting heroin to ease their pain. We are such. Idiot wind. This is that and like -- -- this is why. When I went to -- Sean Bell. You know -- all be openly. You know administrator only thing to do it would be is it putrid -- Palin that's correct. Sure there aren't -- yet say what is very march. Beltway are -- she did not accurate which should. In India media and -- a -- of people look at things. She carries a great deal of influence as far as you know while fundraising. And as far as. And as far as. Political way bigger arc shaped tripping out she had a lot to do with. Well Sarah Palin's biggest mistake was associating yourself -- John McCain and listening to John McCain's advisors all -- and the fact that McCain's advisors did not properly prepped her for what she was going to be asked it was painful. Well you know huge and never. Who who started out that you would have kitty Kirk good interview for three hours. 83 hours interrogating anybody. Well make them look like there are no doubt a -- and a couple mutual. Well OK let me let you take this. They look during the last campaign and for years I've been saying why -- Republicans allow themselves to go into debates with. Biased media instead of people who would actually be fair to both sides at the table is absolutely. Beyond me. You want a reputable presidential debate a player what put Michael Savage on the questioning board put Sean Hannity they're put Rush Limbaugh there are not together because I don't think that would work I mean. But at least that which savage but put people on there on the board of questioners to even vote. The questions that are asked are both candidates because usually you know. That's the Republicans basically are made to answer questions that have been pre selected to do the most damage to the Republicans and the Democrats for the most part give the soft balls. What I like Candy Crowley was that this there hands. You're right if people are in our own people aren't a right way personality put put Chris Wallace. I mean that they wanted to straight -- you always knew that and it's uses our annual walk blinded even did anybody in the world. And you get -- get him to court -- for being our. -- about playing brought to we're here to question you about all of that but I would take Bill O'Reilly do you and only that a softball and renewal. I would never take Bill O'Reilly. I'm sorry I write I could not I couldn't do it I'm sorry I'd done done with Bill O'Reilly I was told -- years ago. I gotta go -- I'm glad you called. It surely yup I Trulia thank you 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB yeah look I understand the people are always evolving. But when I sense that an evolution is done not out of sincerity but out of some marketing study. I've become very queasy. You know I feel about the whole concept of branding. I was gonna say something but it would be borderline -- And -- take the high road always got to check coming up next we have they really don't go anywhere on WB. By the way -- -- -- told the people on who are in radio -- like to see that behind the scenes nonstop nine cents or put a couple of behind the scenes pictures out to wanna check him out of my FaceBook page. Offensive pictures of John Sherman and Joseph beamer behind the scenes. But -- away until they both are wearing outfits that we can -- -- at once that happens I'll I'll be happy to catch them off now I would never put a picture on FaceBook without somebody's. Pre approval. Pass -- Salvatore said Russ do you mind if I put this on my FaceBook page here's Kathy in Somerset on WB and Kathy -- Eight primary and you said you like that opinionated -- yes you. I'd say impeach him and I'm watching what I say because I could -- other thing. But get it on the races races. Who cares if I is that -- got terrorists I mean. He's finding average terrorist group. There were right now -- manner by our money it's it's just so aggravating. Wait you mean the fact that we're sending let let's just get this straight just to work clearer what you're saying which -- saying -- is this administration is sending weapons to the rebels in Syria. That are being used by people who are fighting our guys elsewhere on the globe. Exactly. Look at all the money you sent to Egypt I mean that ideas and planning the devastation -- well orchestrated the devastation of this country. We aren't even on the practice we've already taken one step over it if we -- around anymore that -- it -- say -- We come November we can't wait we need to get people like payment and it -- just did that mean I mean we. Had a blast I think I hope you -- Allen west although I would like to see the original Batman in the White House for some reason but he's busy as mayor of -- -- right now. All right. I just wanted to give his little eight buried here right and then knocked it it's kind of put that. Put -- put that side. Yell that's acceptable word Joseph after the bet pussy footing it's a common word in common language and nothing vulgar about it. Up Kathy thank you very much appreciate it I love to hear from. Opinionated women. Who sometimes you get away with saying things ID kits. I really would like to go to a couple of hours but I guess I have to leave now thanks to Joseph beaver thanks to. John German. And I will leave you with two words. That are very important no yourself.

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