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7-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate land on my desk so I -- site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of the school he or she. It's life. It's -- -- -- this it's Tom hourly as you know the question try to get this -- this isn't real she's knows it wouldn't. He's Olympia. -- -- So on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- what it meant something we're the only things that a lot of compliments and listen members coast -- W. The -- monologue. Judges did you did you believe me you don't wanna know it was in such horrible taste as to be reprehensible. Actually you probably would like to know and I'll save it for my one man show. Bush eventually over the got a it is -- hourly news radio 930 WB. He and -- And welcome to the program we have this is weird because when I go to work today it was raining cats and dogs I'm not sure that I like that expression but still it was rating ferociously. It was raining with fury it was rating with gusto it was raining like some of up. And know you'll look outside and it's clear. But you also know at the same time that at any moment it could change now you're in traffic. And you wanna let us know where you are in how bad it is and what's going on. You can call us I'll always take traffic calls because I have no life start 930 is the cellphone number in that is an absolutely recall. You can also -- calls on your land line 8030930. If you wanna tell us what weather conditions are doing. Outside your hole I just described -- the weather here has anybody had any significant damage now one of my listeners Tina. -- was nice enough to send a picture of her toppled tree in her backyard in like a lot. I don't know we've done with a picture I haven't had a chance to get to our website yet has -- -- kind of occupied doing the show and stealing things from other people's web sites now. Can I can outside stuff is off tonight there is no canal side activity tonight. So I want you to know that our park is still going ahead with the Boston concert. If that changes and I know it changes. Believe me you'll be the second person to know after pipeline out. I -- it's -- sold out show I know they've been kicking butt in our park with that said sold out shows. Now now my question to you as far as topics do. My question is. Kind of simple. And it goes this way. I'm picking up where left off yesterday. I want you tell me which you considered to be America's. Biggest. Problem. Or problems. And more importantly what you would do to fix them. And I'm gonna throw it one other question since that once seemed to -- over roughly about like breaking wind in church. Should Obama be impeached. Now I'm gonna get to specifics. On that one in just a moment. But for those of you workers that joining the show. I did. Have the opportunity before -- and work to. Pick up paid prayer card for the mother of conservative -- it doesn't. Rachel wells. And the pictures I took are as good as I can get with the equipment I had here. I may be able to get a better scanned when I get all but I know that Rachel had. Not listeners but Rachel -- fans all over the country many of whom also connected here. -- -- I have put that on my FaceBook page for those who cannot make the wake for one reason or another. Now. I wanna get into this whole impeachment idea. And I. Typically have not been a big fan of Sarah Palin -- I just don't think Sarah Palin is electable on a national basis. Not saying that I don't appreciate Sarah Palin I'm not saying -- -- -- -- I'm not saying what I'm saying use. I think that. Her brand has been so tarnished. As to be. Is the name Mitt Romney. Is starting to come up again as a. Probable successor. To Barack Obama. I still. Am not going to go to at this point. Because. You can't beat Santa Claus. And we have already pointed out. That in the real world of politics. We're we decided in this country that you have to ID to buy a pack of smokes you gotta have idea to buy a package -- -- Even my Coke dealer once idea now I mean it's just got out of yeah. Little humor there Joseph I thought to appreciate the inside joke. -- -- everybody wants ID and somehow. Some way that's okay. When it comes to stuff franchise. When it comes to a voting. Just want. Somehow the idea that we should light a fire ourselves and prove we are who we say we are and are eligible to vote somehow that's all stretched. Or -- fair to the disadvantage. Which I think is a big crock of crap. But the Republicans don't stand up and grow a set and ads because that of course they'll be launching a war a war. Clearly the Republicans are scared of the minority vote. I'm all I have an idea and this might be novel especially QA president who traces his continental contiguous United States -- to -- Chicago at least has the interest groups -- to Chicago when he when he wasn't Pakistan. I wanna make sure that people were voting day are alive and B are who they say they are. Oh yeah and see are eligible to vote. And I see nothing wrong and nothing racist and nothing unfair. About. A voter ID card hell yeah punch out. Every year every election don't you got a little cart from the board of elections with your name your party affiliation. How about you take that to the election. And what you vote pay stamp. Or bay take -- front -- -- there's a record that hey this person has already voted beside the book you have to sign. It's laugh. Laughable to me folks and this is all these are all bought that are coming to me is a hearing about Mitt Romney people are taking him seriously again. -- -- You know this wave of illegal invaders into our country. How many of you -- -- easy enough to believe. That many of them are not already being taught how to vote where to vote. And the idea that they don't even need to prove their identity in order to vote. Folks they don't need to go to get it. Need. To have it formally granted to them by law. The idea is ludicrous. Because our country suicidal he has decided. That. Having to prove who you are for an election is somehow racist. So why do you think that people who is very First Act entering the United States. It's a story Jeb Bush called it an act of love. I'm such a big fan of the bush family not. I think there -- big part of the problem too truth be told me when I hear statements like this moron. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's -- it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your -- -- -- -- yeah. And she said it. I don't yet but I really like this even asked. They really got to sounds like something Jim -- would've said in dumb and dumber. When it was entertaining yuppies around the campfire with a fireplace. But. How many do you actually believe. Bet the grown up looking illegal invaders in this country are really gonna wait for formal recognition. Before they show up and start voting Democrat. You're full if you believe that you're a fool and you're naive and it's OK to be foolish and naive. Before now but now that you know and you know that -- actually introduced this thought into your brain you know -- right. If you don't respect the country's laws enough to wait in line and to wait your turn. And two game lawful entrance into the United States what we're suddenly supposed to believe. -- gonna wait until your officially recognized as the franchise voter before you vote. Especially because it's so appropriate who you are because voter ID is not always list. People this is also patently observable. Why am I the only person calling this. I unless savages and I haven't heard Michael Savage. From then until one of -- WB yet. Folks you really think that these people who jumped in line ahead of other people waiting in line are really -- wait their turn. Before they can legally -- well. And you know damn well Republican community or regenerated Democrat community organizers are already say hey you're gonna be settled here here's where you vote and you ought to vote right. -- like the movie gangs of New York it's going to be that kind of scenario. Or the voting seen in the -- were one of the final episodes of the TV showed that -- It's gonna be like that. He's not gonna wait to be formerly citizens of the United States you can. We show them were not serious about enforcing the law. At least. The clowns we have in the attorney general's office in the Oval Office are any more than we have before Obama ones bush. 523. Get news radio 930 WB yet so what is the biggest problem facing. The United States. And again people. I'm gonna -- say this right now for the the slower folks in the audience and I'd assume that with all due respect. You really think that people whose First Act in the United States was to break -- immigration law. Are actually gonna wait in line for their term to vote and be recognized for their vote. Win voter ID laws are fought in litigated every time to put into place. Real. What planet are you for a we all go back to what I've been telling you for years and years and years politics is blood sport it is about power. It's about power who -- rules. And those in power and those who want power. Will do anything to keep that they will do anything to achieve it and I don't care which party they're from they'll do -- If it's immoral amoral classless or -- they'll do it if it means at the end of the -- they win. JFK. Was an illegitimate president Richard Nixon should have been president in 1960. But not Kennedy. And that's you know this throws a lot of people. Can't beat me of all the Kennedys I think JFK was the most honorable. Despite the fact he couldn't keep his pants that. -- You know something about glass houses -- But. He was an illegitimate president and I'm -- a Kennedy to. But I still believe with 99%. Certainty that his assassination was a big conspiracy Oswald was -- But -- activity -- Does that make sense to care about the care about justice even if you're not a fan of somebody. I don't know maybe I'm just a soccer. 525. At news radio 930 WB yet so. What is America's biggest problem and what do we do about it and should Obama be impeached summit to have what Sarah Palin had to say just ahead. Don't go anywhere where you will -- greatness. Well maybe I'll have a really good call on WB. -- -- the news today. I didn't know want to. And so I just -- Home. -- along to. We're now. This is -- handle all you. Given leave you -- really go home. Don't you -- going home so I'm gonna -- The hands yet. You watch. I. Journey to this. Yeah. It is 535 -- news radio I'm thirty WB EN it is -- hourly on the radio precisely where I need to be right now. And I'm glad you're with -- and I hope if your new listener you understand my goal is. A wanna make you laugh -- today. -- wanna teach you something new once a week. -- I do that over the course of a year I would major left over 200 times. And I will have -- you 48 new fix. And then over the course at ten years and you multiply that. And by the way. I am not one of these people who thinks that it all goes downhill. Well good corporate why's it always goes down well. But folks I learn as much from you guys as you do forum for me it's a two way street it's symbiotic. Granted. Well. I -- such districts and phone calls. 8030930. The phone number to always up for what it is the biggest problem facing America what do we do about it and. Sarah. Do you agree with her bad Barack Obama should be impeached. Now no matter what you may think about Sarah Pailin. And look I -- my issues with Sarah Palin over the years. She is not a conservative -- and I am a conservative area. God bless her. For having double faults to speak out. Against these people in the White House. Who have brought this country. To the edge of the abyss of despotism. With an acquiescence and supportive media acting as cheerleaders. And the Republicans in congress. Acting like a -- till live black a budget input that. Oh man. You know John Boehner. Folks. This governor realize how stupid. And how insincere it is for John Boehner to say I think I'm gonna show Barack Obama. Our constitution. There is article two section four. Of our constitution. It doesn't say anything about eight lawsuits. What it says is that each went. This is what you'd tool to get somebody got off lets you impeach them -- you can get them. We have had two other presidents in this country's history impeached Andrew Johnson he was the guy who succeeded Abraham Lincoln upon Lincoln's assassination. The conviction vote failed by one. The guy who voted against removing Johnson from office by the way I was featured in JFK's profiles in courage which Jeff -- and really right. And the other one of course was William Jefferson Clinton Bill Clinton. Folks let me read to you -- this is only a sentence. Let me let me just eggs -- give you a for example of why John Boehner is insincere. And -- Because it's constitution we have a remedy for the cancer in this country right now -- of Barack Obama in this administration. It's called impeachment. Quote the president. Vice president. And all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason. Bribery or other high crimes and the misdemeanors. High crimes and missed the heavy hitters. You wanna start. You wanna start with the NSA. And it's illegal unconstitutional. Invasion of the American people. It's violation of the fourth and first amendment's. Or should we talk about the IRS. A -- laughable. Explanation. That lowest learners emails and the emails of her -- and -- women. Just went mission went that -- major plane vanished. I'm not a computer expert. But I called wolf you know what I call on that folks. I got -- place up if the IRS -- -- government subpoenaed your computer records from AOL. Or Time Warner or Google. All the emails yet ever sent. Would come up every single one of them I won't even get into -- backup services and cloud backup services. The the explanation. That their computer hard drive crash erased emails of the people who most likely would be convicted and imprisoned. Folks it is such a laughable. Situation. It's got to talk about a lawsuit Boehner. And the -- Mean Republicans in congress should be talking about an initiating impeachment. And you know folks I have a hard time believing that there are Democrats with some sense of honor. Who might be willing to join in even at great risk in fact mortal risk of their political careers. Or have all the men and women of integrity vanished. Are they know more. That's a serious question. Are all the men and women of integrity in their graves. Never to be seen again on the landscape of American politics. So you wanna start with the IRS laughingstock. Do you wanna start with the NSA. Do you want us shall we talk about Ben -- You wanna talk about high crimes and misdemeanors. Ben Ghazi and the fact that the survivors -- -- -- have been incommunicado. From the media and in some cases from their own families because this administration does not want the true story of Ben -- to get out. Is something that is also worthy not just of hearings not just of a lecture from Hillary Clinton expected everyday at. It is worthy of a special prosecutor. Maybe we should talk about. The border. And why is it Mr. President. -- in January of this year. You put out a bid for federal contracts for 65000. That are accompanied minor illegal invaders. When the previous totals were like 5000. What did you know how did you know and -- and when did you know. Because folks this smacks. Of foreknowledge. Where where should we start when it comes to impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama. Well Tom that puts Joseph Biden in the White House. Not necessarily. Not if he's found guilty and convicted of the same charges. And you can go right down the list sooner or later I end up president. I'm way down the list. All right -- thrilled I'm thirty let's go to Michael and a lack a lot of Michael what's -- -- couldn't. Well. I think what you have in mind is that true. Impeachment I don't support. Oh no no with a cool is already taken place in its leader was Barack Obama. All right but who do you want to replace Barack Obama be specific I like. Well a little. What if there's there's -- -- there's there's a question of who do I want to replace Barack Obama and constitutionally what would happen constitutionally what would happen is Obama would be convicted removed from office and Joseph Biden would be sworn in as president of the United States to light like that. No but we've got a hold Obama accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors otherwise our constitution doesn't mean squat. But time you said the vice president have to go -- If he is convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors and you keep going down the list you keep going down the list until you find somebody -- integrity. You want Romney to replace. It's not a question of what I want you not listen. It's not about what I want is what the founding fathers said let me just let me just I give a -- plain plain and simple. Here's what the constitution says. I don't know what what's with the air and lack -- but. Article two section for your constitution. Not people's constitution the document that starts off with we the people. Called for this. The president. Vice president. And all civil officers of the United States shall all be. Removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason. Which I happen to think is happening at the border. Bribery. Or other high crimes and misdemeanors. And further amendments to the constitution lists and entire sequence of people who would step into that role. Now in my going to be happy with president Joseph Biden. Doubtful. But you have to stand up yet have to draw a lie. And you have to say. York acts Mr. President. Have risen to the level of impeachable offenses that I just gave -- specific examples. And you have to make him accountable for his actions and remove him from office so what I want does -- matter. It's what the founding fathers called for four exactly situations like this when you have a rogue criminal government in charge. And the idea of a cool. -- state of the union 20148. Barack Hussein Obama addressing congress. Basically took the constitution. To which he swore an old. And did something most on the wholesome too. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families and that's what I'm gonna do. Nobody. In congress -- that I know of called him out on. Folks it doesn't get more obvious. -- well let's put it this way no matter what you might think about Rush Limbaugh. He called back for exactly what it was it was the state of the couple. This administration has staged a coup against the constitution. Not -- right. -- -- But the man in the White House. Now who is going to succeed Obama. My guess is it will be another Democrat. How can you say that -- I say that because demographically. Speaking. And organizationally speaking. Again I'm gonna have to quote rush you don't beat Seneca -- And we have far too many people. Who believe that they are owed something for nothing. And they're gonna vote for the person who promises them the most asked for the least list. And they've been taught that life owes them something. It doesn't. Life doesn't owe you a damned thing. To those who are genuinely disabled. Of course we have to look after. Who's saying otherwise. To those who are. Somehow. Generation after generation after generation. On April I'm sorry unwilling to work. You wanna tell me how our country is served. By enabling that mentality. It's like giving a crack addict -- you do them a favor. Now in the long run you're destroying it. It's 548 at news radio 930 WBS. Should Obama be impeached and removed from office are Sarah Palin says yes. And again folks I laugh every time I hear John Boehner talking about a law suit against Obama. Constitution doesn't call for a lawsuit. It calls for impeachment. Or does as well. Matter anymore added that as the competition just not -- It is the foundational document of American law between that British common law. That is the whole foundation of our legal system and number carrot and the way we do business in America's like the corporate charter. And if we're not gonna pay any attention to it well let's just rip it -- And and if not not even have. -- 803 on -- thirty is the phone Oberstar and I thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB and now we're approaching 555. And I want to. A lot of what you get if you ministers might get a break for the news but. I want to ask you a question. Because. It may be easy. Don't look at this the wrong way. As much as I hate to admit it. The constitution. Is either the foundation of our law. And is to be followed or it doesn't mean anything. So where are -- When we've got John -- talking about lawsuits when the constitution calls for specific remedies. For high crimes. And misdemeanors. Why are we talking about lawsuits. I don't get it. Where is the courage of somebody to stand up and not be afraid of being call. Well you know what -- Beagle.

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