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7-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome you. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No. And flew. -- ball club. -- hourly. -- -- -- now with everybody. Now lending and Kurt Michael welcome. It's fly its local capital. That's what. We'll -- Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage that day except for -- And -- thirty heavily. And afforded. Horse -- bring me options. It is at ten minutes after four at bat that one -- -- that's -- over three. I just showed on Cinemax until the crack of -- Seriously. That has been my go to movies over the past few days. And nights just to take mine up -- more serious things. And between -- and dumb and dumber and the other two hangover movies and slap shot. We all need that repertoire of things we can just tune through to just have brain dead it laughter. Anyway -- continuing today with what we talked about yesterday. And that is. What is the biggest problem in America but more importantly. What would you do about how are we going to fix the biggest problem in America would term limits be an idea. A lot of people by the way just an aside for a good back Simon and I'm sure you know a lot of people. -- Would be terrific. Leaders. It would be outstanding. In a legislative body or in and executive role. But the world of politics. I told this a zillion times. Pokes its blood sport. Let me repeat that for those who don't get it it's blood sport. Politics is not for the faint hearted. And if you think. That today's politicians are somehow more civilized. Than colleague -- You don't know what the hell you're talking about. Also got to get some people are a little slow. If you'd think that today's politicians or human nature for that matter is any different now that it was during the era of collegial. You need to listen to my show more often. Those who are in the politics and in power to not want to relinquish it and they want to use it. To its maximum effect usually to enrich themselves or others and to screw you. And that hasn't changed and it never will change but our founding fathers tried. We've gotten away from. Now Simon in buffalo by the way whether calls as well now we were absolutely -- illusion with rain about the 1015 minutes ago it has abated somewhat -- outside events are off. They're off and we're still we don't have any word yet from -- park about the Boston show Gerald. No word from our park about Boston. All right I'm sure my friend -- -- will let us know because she knows all welcome to our park I don't know if you noticed. But Murray is kind of a big deal. Simon in buffalo again you're talking about the mass media. And Europe you're right you're Catholic or you're actually correct but are you at all encouraged by the fact that if people want to. There are alternatives now -- I think alternatives I think talk radio. And there's only so much you can do on the Radio One of the things we can do is pull people forward the truth. All prominent check again bank what you said about well Buffalo News and probably. Cult her Eric Holder to resign I think that actually because of shows like yours rushes in other words people are actually trying to disseminate real information into the public. You get that information local -- -- like me. And we end up talking and eventually we create. Public was shall lead the buffalo lynch Shiite Communists used. -- two spot that. Well unnecessarily and decide I have to disagree with you and I'll tell you what. The buffalo lose like any other media outlet has its target audience and it has people that it claims for its market -- And we appeal to a certain segment of the population that I happen to think is the most intelligent informed free thinking bunch of people ever assembled under one roof in mass media. The buffalo knows appeals to the gimme gimme gimme crowd and what's wrong with America and boy they couldn't believe it when Reagan was elected and basically Obama walked -- war. Yeah. Well but there has to be -- explanation as to why they did it they didn't do it. You -- -- but it doesn't come calling for holders resignation. Doesn't go along with their playbook. This well here's here's the guy and I forgot to mention this. They call for holder's resignation. Because of the First Amendment violations in other words -- freedom of speech freedom of the press. When it it was learned that. Reporters who were investigating Obama. We're being targeted by this country's intelligence apparatus that's what the Buffalo News got it's panties in a twist. But it but when politicians go after that Second Amendment that's their whole right to keep and bear arms one then the they think the constitution is disposable. And I will -- get my friend Simon you were included in that bet. I'm consistent on all of the amendments I support every one of them and people don't understand. You know and I say hey I defend religion your right to practice your right to free freely exercise your religion and you're what you're right that yeah. Atheist but that all of those those are your rights as an American. All right -- critical thinker should be a bulletin that. I agree I agree. Did you say critical -- Mel you're just being silly how many of us do you think there -- -- on a whole lot of so Joseph just on clear on this as -- I've got to update the weather Simon hold on there so that the severe thunderstorm warning is still in effect for Erie and Niagara county until 430 add to that is severe thunderstorm warning for southwestern Geary general -- County as well as northwestern McKean county that's in Pennsylvania until 445. And that to my ex wife. Saw Joseph drive safely. Simply -- she's got a super. And no she's not a lesbian now let's get back and she's laughing -- is listening and us get back to assignment against Simon talked to me. Yeah I think any critical but no -- I'm not trying to be humorous I mean all -- that everybody tries to. And use critical but I don't think you know there's some people that are better than others but it. You know. Well -- OK you know what. Here's here's the thing. And I think this is something -- give up on the show yesterday peripheral. One of these shortcomings. In America and one of the reasons why this country is going in the direction in which it is going. Is that we have far too few people who actually believe that the world. And the country existed before they were squirted out of the -- OK they don't. Get the fact that men and women and children sacrificed. To make this land. The land it was for over 200. Years. And for this -- hot Barack Obama to come along. And only see the negative without seeing the good which far outweighs it. And basically say hey I've got the LA kings but I -- turn it into the Buffalo Sabres right now. I think it's so presumptuous it is so arrogant and that I mentioned this -- at least be thrown out of office up for high crimes and misdemeanors. Well we we agree I agree or -- -- yet he wants to change America into. -- World Cup. World group put. And every you know our only major action which lets wait and what you and that happening. Or long -- Well -- -- topic of the second party -- -- yes you know what we do to correct correct that I think the only thing we can you. -- Personally I I'd aren't as many people in my personal life at a this. Information on it that year. Whether or what are usually archery. People over we all become smaller expansion. Basically. It sort of that's a frightening thought in many ways in some ways I'm very honored but I'm -- let me tell you I am delighted that you said that. And it's not again it's not an ego thing it's an idea thing. I mean I don't care if you take my articles in your post and you say you wrote -- I don't care it's about ego with me I mean believe me you know I. I know how good I am what I do I don't need to be told how good idea it's not about that it's about the idea is. That are so important to all of us as Americans black and white straight and gay I transgender lesbian. Asian Hispanic you name it. Freedom is for all of us and a we will how it. To be flushed down the toilet with yesterday's dinner we have committed such a grievous sin against the memories of our ancestors and those men who fought and died and those men and women who fought and died places from. The revolutionary war all the way to present day America we'd -- that such a horrible disservice. Thanks for the that is reluctant by the way and its allies really. You know what I was honored to do that and I got to Daria I'm honored bet that was the last show. General Rachel. Had a chance to a year. I am very grateful for that thank you very much -- Simon appreciated so much. -- folks and and that's another thing I wanna tell an assist as yesterday. Unlike certain people in the media. I encourage you to think critically for yourself if I say something. And you think it sounds like BS to me look it up yourself. Do your own re search. I come to conclusions based upon the best available information. And there's a little asterisk sometimes I change opinions on things well but wait -- information. And that. Facts change is by blunt. Not emotionally. But rationally. I can bifurcated between the heart and the brain very very well maybe except yesterday when talking about Rachel. Might sincere thanks to make my buddies with whom I get to work every day and bad they mean so much to me. And I love them so much as coworkers I don't trust them but I love them so much as co workers Joseph beamer and that John -- I mean I wouldn't. Trust them but they're really cool to work where. And seriously thanks guys and you're busting humps in -- keep an -- all these warnings and everything so thank you. And if the weather's going in the crap where you are to be sure to call us if you can safely do so like Bob and Clarence Bob where are you and how what biblical -- Or are require children now are -- bring a lot lower. And there was okay and then also -- -- -- and there were so Brad your wipers or. That much Richard could Stewart. And that our intrepid -- the proper course pretty well period there were driver of course slower than normal. But there when I got a currently in the lead up its rating -- words but not a veritable lock forward. And and -- you know what you're spot on about the rain it is -- terrain where you can have the wipers twice as fast as they usually go and if you're in one of these -- spots of great downpours it's still would not do -- -- Robert -- still would not do your job. Are used did you see on your drive a lot of tree limbs down because. I have not seen this much tree damage since the October surprise storm that was almost a decade ago. No not yet what I have to -- first -- -- minutes were up. And then a book out again in the operating it was serves. Well you know what this is god chewing his displeasure with Obama. I'm just kidding about that that no you notice it's Obama having a temper tantrum that's what it is better. Are right or mother nature is a hormone. You just said that's misogynist -- our Ivan thanks for the weather report you stay safe okay. Alright -- don't go golfing right now. And also don't go up -- your single engine airplane. Not not a real good idea hell would you feel comfortable -- passenger jet went through this crap right now not landing -- taken off anyway. -- Strip sack -- lady from me. -- -- -- And boom boom. In Kansas ten days harness this. Me being -- but aren't -- it's. He came from her. He lost his passes. Long. I yell and and of course that it's. When it you know who's favorite song it's. It is up for 35 -- news radio 930 WB. EM and by the way I have this straight from the top of art park. The Boston show is on. The Boston show is a ago. So if you are getting in the car and you look at whether you're thinking geez what do we do we what are we not go up there. Straight from the top of art park it will go on as schedule. That is the intention as of right now for 36. On Tuesday. And I know how popular those concerts are the Boston show's been sold out for weeks are right. I could have gone I decided. I was not gonna Bernadine were vacation days for concerts what do might eighteen so. And I actually the answer would be on twelfth but there's just little. But the Boston show is on. So you don't have to turn around you keep on go on and I would suggest figured out your own best back way to go. Sometimes it's a lot easier getting their through the backdoor. It's fun. Anyway why don't why does that make you you know it makes me laugh anyway hey just I have right now. I have -- -- -- I've got a couple of tickets for a pair of and culture -- -- To Niagara Falls state park value is forty dollars general contest rules apply. And -- call -- nine at 64498756449875. And this one of those days where you don't have to go to Niagara Falls to get wet. Lot of people get wet all over the place right now during my program. Especially. As this line of by storms. Goes through Western New York. And if you have a weather related call you wanna tell us what things are doing if they're doing. If -- -- tumultuous where you are still free to call me I that's kind of a given. Even if were in the middle of a discussion on. Illegal. Invaders. If you got nasty clouds staring you right in the lie about the -- -- serious damage to your -- -- owners are you be sure to give us a call okay whether calls are always a given and traffic calls folks. I know that. Frankly. We talked about this before. I think -- -- people drive worse in the rain. Than they do in the snow lately. Seems to me to be that. People don't know how to drive in the rain anymore. It's worse than it's now. The first time I noticed that. Was when we did that live broadcast years ago from the FBI. Shooting range. And it was a Friday. It was a Friday and I remember driving around after that -- In the re not going anywhere. And I don't know it's gonna be like that today or not. But if you are experiencing. -- I mean when I say slower than normal I mean dramatically slow conditions or. Stopped conditions are obviously still free callers on your cell phones are 930. Start 930. And it may go without saying but nonetheless because I just enjoy the sound of my own voice. If you see work and grabbed safely any pictures of weather doing its thing it. Be sure to send them to newsroom at WB EN dot com that's that's the best way to go the direct -- newsroom at. WB EN dot com and if you can't remember that. Usually I'll forward them when people send them to my email account at the radio station which is oddly enough Tom. At WB EN dot com. And a reminder as well that any show I do -- newsmaker interview done by John's second Susan rose and all of sandy beaches outstanding programs. Our on line at your convenience you can listen to us what you want to. At WB EN dot com and by the way you know you can thank for that Joseph -- Joseph Bieber before anybody corporate ever said hey let's do this -- -- and I just kind of said why in the hell are we living like it's 2000. Why are we doing radio like it's 1982. We have the ability Joseph let's just put every hour we do what -- Joseph started the ball rolling. And we brought this up actually -- that meeting with that CEO David Field and since then it's kind of become corporate policy so Joseph Bieber. Joseph you've had an effect on ever come corporate. So. Maybe you get the smoke more than two cigars a month now. And not pay more with health insurance. Just say I had to submit -- apparel and use formed the business office that story heroines not. Well. No it's really. For 48 -- were never six and never -- 06449875. Is the toughest ever but we do have -- winners of those tickets were via. Niagara Falls experience. We are. Getting more people on. On the phone here. As we move along and the by the way to those were just tuning into the show I you know that we. We lost. Our. We lost our -- quote general Rachel wells over the weekend. The founder of the nation's conservative Terry and movement. She's the lady who coined the word not a lie and she was -- and I'm so glad. That I recognized her genius and was able to share it with so many people when she was alive because. I will tell you right now bad. The outpouring of love and support you guys are giving to David her beloved husband. Is really helping him out a lot. And if you go to my FaceBook page I went over to Emma gone. Early today and back -- them again lovely young lady was able to hook me up. Does that sound obscene. She was able to hook me up with a prayer card. But I took a crappy picture of -- put it on line get a better scan of an out later. To you she was a great political mind probably. And to me she was a great political mind and she was also. You know combination best friend priest rabbi counselor idea board. School older comedienne. And many many other things I -- mention. But she will never ever she's an irreplaceable person in my life. And I am so grateful for her for pointing the word to conserve it to area. And I will tell you bet. And I'm smiling right now. I really -- Because. You guys. Knew. A great mind when you read it. You guys knew what a special one she wants. And although her. Popularity. Came. Late in life. It really does my heart good. That. She goes to her rest. As somebody with. A lot of finance. And a lot of people who loved her and who will always lover. And she played that role in my life that I mentioned earlier. And in her life among the now decide the personal stuff. If she was my best for. Well beside the personal stuff. She served as a great. Just a great political -- and I'm just I'm so glad that she finally got. Recognition. From the masses you guys. You know after years of you know well there's the eccentric Rachel -- computer again. Rachel is just a decent decent decent awesome lady. And my thought to their husband David. And moms and pops. Her friend Sarah her girlfriend. And they're -- and David and Rachel's got some little Dakota. Who up by the ways says Obama should be impeached so he's a great mind in trading on the way. It is up for 44 -- news radio 930 WBBM. Now we are talking about and I'm picking upon what we ended the show with yesterday. And I think it's very important and I wanted to intentionally leave it wide open. What is the or what are the greatest problems. Issues facing America. Right now in 24 team and more importantly. What do we do about them. Now we had a lot of people calling -- yesterday with a lot of divergent viewpoints on its. And I wanna continue that today and I'm interested in addition to your name. The problems identifying what has to be changed how do we go about changing it. Now what are the subjects they came up yesterday was term limits I go back and forth until moments because being a political person. It's like any other job folks it's gonna take -- six months just to learn the ropes. It'll take eight months to figure out when they put new toilet paper and the rest were. It'll take in nine months to figure out who to contact when there is no toilet paper in the rest room. Okay and it's like any other job. You know we were like go for the pens and pencils. And I'm kind of leaning toward. Term limits but with longer terms. Right now guys like Brian Higgins and Chris Collins members of congress members of the house. They have to run every two years. Steal a phrase from George Carlin every two years they get the runs. Members of the house of represented the United States senate. Six years. I think that may be congress ought to be six years as well. May be with a two term limit. In other words. You can't serve any more than a total of twelve years in office in the house. Now you could seek other office perhaps in the senate. But if you seek it and don't win it then you'll have to get a job in the real world. And I have to rejoin the workforce which you help to engender during your time is a leader. All that I mentioned also in the -- up yesterday. I would absolutely have a strict law. If you are elected to office and serve in office under no circumstance may you. Or your spouse worked for were being employed by or receive compensation. From any. Lobbying organization. Why. Well does that impinge on one's freedom of speech I suppose you could make that argument. But. Right now we have a situation has pointed out yesterday. Where we get these turkeys we send to Washington. And the minute they get out it out of office what's the first thing they do. Big joy in the very business organizations. Over which they supposedly had some authority. To protect the people when they were in office. Now I happen to think there's something fundamentally flawed with Barack. Just as I think there's something about the fox guarding the chicken -- that doesn't make a lot of cents. It does not pass my smell test it does not pass my common sense test. So part term limits and answer. And I started off the shelf by saying there are certain people I would like to see disappeared not literally but figuratively. Chief among them the clintons. I. Don't wanna hear another word out of Hillary Clinton for the rest of my life. I don't wish ill of her upon her. I just wanted to go away. The clintons bill and Hillary. Are probably the most classless. People we've ever had in power in Washington. They are just trashy classless great Swiss people. You know I had a conversation with somebody today. About about money. And it really it should not shock viewers shouldn't be any big revelation to. Bad. Folks. That you might find this hard to believe depends on where you are in your life. If you -- 100 million dollars in your bank account. Here is what it would really mean for you. He would mean you had 100 billion dollars in your bank account. That's all it means -- you don't have to worry about the in the heat bill. You don't have to worry about making your car payments. But once those things are taken care of your happiness or contentment. Is not gonna come from how many zero's. Are in your bank statement at the end of the month. And there's a reason why. So many wealthy people. Are. Not happy. And get a quote and I'm not you know attribute this war -- I heard. For somebody who basically came into -- lot of money. As a self made person. I used to be -- Now I'm lonely and paranoid. Because once you have that kind of money. You don't know who's coming after you to be Leach and who is sincerely. Interested in you the person. So. For the clintons to go on and on about how broke they are demonstrates to me and immaturity. That I would expect from somebody who is not given a lot of thought. To what's really important in life. We do have by the winner of those falls experience that it gets Debra O'Donnell of west -- yesterday west Seneca. No is there. Room at the end. Yesterday's -- who was Kim -- Monty of Arctic -- I forgot to mention we were busy with that other stuff. Are we are coming up on 5 o'clock at news radio 930 WB yen in other words for 55. In about thirty seconds from right now that will lead us in to be 5 o'clock news with mr. Thomas pocket. And I want your telephone calls. Where we can do ghost stories. But I'm not really in the mood for that at this point. I want your thoughts on. What are America's biggest problems and more importantly what do we do to solve those problems. But you guys totally wants to meet so I'll put my mete out there. And that's my meat now if I gotta go with the the putting. All go Puerto. But how can they have a they put a few wild -- And a Pink Floyd.

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