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7-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of what it's it's it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. It's Tom our lady -- it's live. These local mark. Being either. Third -- yeah. Not being very Tom hourly -- facts. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and user fees go up. Okay yeah. They're getting better and double move. Today's weather word is Armageddon. And I hear that correctly. No probably not but that's what it seems like basically every two seconds we're getting a different warning from the National Weather Service and you know I as much as I'd like to pass on every single morning -- -- the terrible suspicion of my did that the all I do all very long. The weather is unsettled. And if it is particularly bad where you are. And you can safely call us and report on traffic or report on the Volkswagen sized hail but that's the forecast. No space shuttle size -- Maybe falling beach who. Just realize how horrible in bad taste that may have -- But anyway who. Anyway. -- really mean it that way -- it came out I was thinking space shuttle -- -- something really really big that you expect in the sky and I forgot about the two we lost. It's. Anyway you. We a lot of things were litigants sue and the weather was. I've got to rely on -- to let me know when and where it is really really bad and also which heavier weather radar Lincoln WBBM dot com. And a recurrent question. That keeps coming up in an email on my FaceBook is hey Tom we miss such and such girl could you send me a -- they. And the answer is -- but you can make your own CD's all you have to do is go to WB and -- -- and -- you know how to burn the CD author of that. -- teenager because they'll be able to walk you through it and show you how to do yet. Frankly that I I wish I could offers such a service in charge port because I'd. Well I just had a business idea. To keep that -- myself. Don't think America would approve. Have to be done. On the sly. -- -- bootleg copy in my own shell. Probably legally not because even though it's my show the corporation owns the work product. I caught them Red Sox even Hitchcock got 30000 dollars an episode for sure oh yeah that was back with 30000 dollars Michelle met up. Of course -- make far more and every tablet come on the year. But I broke I can't get a mortgage. On the Americans may. Okay which politician that I just remind you. Yeah Hillary Clinton. Good to greet you can't suit wearing phony fraudulent bitch would you just go away. Please go all the way. Hi and the world can you beat the most of the most intelligent woman who has ever. Walked the face of the earth and not figure out how to get a mortgage. Folks I'm sorry. But. I shouldn't admit this I don't make as much money is the clintons do -- I know that might surprise you but I don't. And I'm sure the bill and Hillary have consistently earned more than I have annually for a long time. And for them to bitch about not being able to get a mortgage. Hillary as Drudge puts it doubling down on broke. I think is it's an insult to me it's an insult to you. And it is so disingenuous. And these these people can not go away fast enough for me but the clintons remind me of herpes. And I I don't have herpes but I know people who do whatever he's it's like they're always bear and you just never know when they're gonna break out. Like shingles. Seriously. Would they please just go away. And stay gone playing. Eighties and take Chuck Schumer went to -- you know what if there's -- what Brian Higgins in the car. There's some people I am just so sick of hearing up at about oh yeah and Kathy vocal she. Politically yes it's not personal -- its political. Big difference I. Like her as a person politically I think she is as bad as any politician. Good. But don't bash is another story altogether for a different date we many things are in two which are we are going to go. This afternoon I'm -- WBBM. -- about that that Hillary story about oh we're so broke we couldn't get a mortgage all NG. For Iraq or idea if you can't afford a mortgage on a whole home in Spaulding lake. Take out a mortgage and get -- hold insured park side. Saying that that's what most people -- the right hey if you can afford a clear expansion. Think about -- -- If that's beneath you think about Hawthorn avenue -- about the fact Calvin Clark well I grew up. -- what oh what sets you got to live in some big top of the hill top of the heap all. I don't get it and these folks do understand implications here. You've got a woman we've been told and brainwashed for years just like we heard with Barack Obama you know the smartest guy ever to walk since Jesus. Put on sandals. -- where it could Wear sandals not Jesus were -- views I'm sorry in ninety. But the -- I know he told in a vision but -- But it Tibetans say. We need to run around the country. In a minute when I get this straight a woman who can't manage her own damn finance is any better than that. We're gonna put her in charge of approving a budget from congress you can. I don't think so. And I I am personally insulted by that I'm offended by it I think it's preposterous to suggest. And not issue suggesting it she said it. Well we we couldn't get a mortgage oh cry me a freaking river tell you what live within your means and you'd be amazed how far you can make your dollar stretch -- people make a lot less than they've ever made who somehow have managed to stretch a penny to the mood oh yes answer particular -- through college. But let's not be. Let's not be mean and nasty because after all if you don't like Hillary that means you must hate women because remember Barack Obama has the black shield. It's almost like it should be a cartoon got it out. It to the next real bad but you can't touch me I -- touch me because I haven't action. You get -- it you get anything bad about a gear up if it's a rocket to protect I'll pull back. Off the shield I've been back and you warrior and sisters my hero. And Hillary's got the vagina shield. Are you can't say that the Bob Herbert is automatically. Today. You're misogynist and you hit women. -- I hate women so much and it's it's obvious it's legendary in Western New York how much I despise -- -- You're misogynist. And no one else all -- you're let's -- somehow. Envious that a woman in the is advancing further than you are in York courier. And that's the only reason you wouldn't want to see Hillary as president. Racing this is just warped. Illogical thinking especially coming from the same people who had nothing good to say about Sarah Palin -- Or Condoleezza Rice -- they didn't have the -- shield damage she'll only works if you've got to the F you're in it. The winner Hillary Clinton. I. But. Our secretary expecting it. Oh but not the words the -- the adjectives to bounce off she'll. She's got -- -- -- further deepen her absolute should listeners classless -- By talking about -- broke shears. Folks. I don't even know what to say. You vote for her for president unafraid. All the all. She seems to agree uncharacteristically. For a Clinton didn't her own political grave. And it's a metaphor not a threat. I'm saying that she seems to be digging her own grave politically. Yeah well. -- early in two human psychology I applaud you guys on a cultural anthropologist it's what I do. I observe people try to analyze their behavior. And no I have yet to figure out my own behavior -- visual wonder but I wonder if Hillary. Is still so stung. By the fact that Obama took the crowd away from horror. Our act like Richard the third took it away from his nephews. That subconsciously. She doesn't want it to happen again in 26 team. And she's almost psychologically looking for a way out now. So she doesn't have to declare. And lose out again to -- all Jesse Jackson. Or Michelle Obama. Or somebody else get a -- what I'm saying she may be sabotaging. Subconsciously. Her all the political aspirations. Because of the bitterness that is still inside of her because she is not President Obama right now. And that is so the most brilliant analysis you'll ever hear on the radio. Why. Because. I'm more than just another pretty face it is ninety minutes after three. That picture of John -- thirty WB EM. I'm up pretty well filled with fire today. No not the fire has spoken of in South Park bigger longer uncut. And that Terrence and as his body -- and fill up not that kind of fire but that I just fire. -- asses of fire for those who don't know all but just yeah just a fire to. -- Basically say WTO up America. I wish I could use the words and some they'll be able do. WTF. Seriously. How many times okay. Here's my discussed meters and I wanna see if this applies to you how many times have you set yourself lately are you serious. Usually I say that with usually shall we say an F bomb thrown somewhere in there are you serious. That is what I have been saying more and more when it comes to this administration when it comes to the heir apparent or the error. -- pants suits Hillary Clinton. Are you. Kidding. At what they get a way it is just it's mind boggling. On -- you understand the media and it's realistic to my show I think you give it. Yes to read what do we have trolls on FaceBook of course we do. Do we have people who listen every single day waiting for religious take that one step over the line. So they can call for -- cot which they've done before which never works because my sponsors loved me because oddly enough I'd make a lot of money for. Our -- the game is played boys watch or. I don't think any one sponsor has ever caved in to a point. And my deal is always once they do what ever talk to them again that's one thing I've -- had to put that in the plays I don't think have ever had to put that in the place. Guys you're either with me. Or to not let the and I got a hold my head high I gotta have a sense of pride and dignity. Well I've mentioned Terrance and Phillip and ashes of fire doesn't either. But anyway it before I get -- it too far off the political -- then. Some of this is personal and you know I mentioned this yesterday it. And I want to mention it again today. And I think you know about whom I am going to speak. The founder of the nascent conservative Terry and movement. -- and my best friend Rachel wells. Died over the weekend. IE. Have -- -- it and and it basically all of them this morning has been all Rachel all day. Had a chance to work argue or were her friend as Sarah's place and I've just tried my best to do whatever it can. And make what it offers of support a camp for her husband David who is a great great guy by the way. And now we're going to work that in addition talk with the Samir but. David and I are gonna go to force law and her recovery soon after Rachel's. Is is laid to rest and will pay our final -- on our final but we will pay our respects to her. Together her as her husband went over and be as. As your friends. And I'm looking forward to that very very much and on behalf of David Wells. Rachel wells whose husband. You know folks I can't thank you enough on David's behalf. For all of the support you have sent to Rachel's page all the support -- sent to my page for him. And you know there were people. Who considered Rachel wells to be the eccentric one. Rachel. At all she is the crazy a lot of expense taller to the computer to political stuff. And I think the greatest honor that I have and I suspect David is with me on this. I think the greatest honor that I have and the greatest thing in the world for David Wells is knowing. That his beautiful wife. Who I am going to -- Like I would miss my right arm and he will miss as he misses a soul mate. Basically. Rachel left such. A mark. On this world. As few people outside of mainstream media can do. I think David I have to -- area. My suspicion is very strong. That David is pleasantly. Awestruck. By. Rachel's legion. Of fans. And I am just so honored. That I was able to be her friend and to be as close as we were without ever touch. Before so many for so many years. And that I was able to propel. Her into the spotlight on my show so he she could pick up followers and preach on. The doctorate of conservative areas in which she -- That that is an honor I it will Wear proudly for as long as I am in public life or as long as I am on the planet. Because I -- I find it and I think David finds it absolutely. Hilarious and heart warming at the same time that the crazy eccentric one. Left this world with a lot of lot. And left this world leaving a mark. And for those who. Have heard me talking about Rachel I'm not -- break down today I promised myself I would not it's it's not fair do you. You know what's in my heart regarding her. Nobody and nothing can ever replace her. In my life nothing -- well. She was a very very. Special different. And what David is going through right now and I guess the whole point of this soliloquy is. He just wants to thank each and every one of for letting him know what Rachel meant to you. And letting him David Wells now. The impact. His beautiful wife had. On. Your political thinking in your view on why. She was a warrior. It without having served in the military. She was in general and put that in quotes like cigar Dave the general. And we're gonna march -- It's gonna be tough without her especially to those of us who. We're very very close worker but we have to otherwise. She would kick our ass from the other. And I wanna think Kristen at Emma gone funeral home. For pro. Fighting me with an advance copy of the prayer card. They'll be at the wake. And what I did is -- photographed it as best I could that. With a cellphone camera. And I did put it on my FaceBook page when I get hold of got a nice dinner almost in in a better copy of it because you have friends all over the country. Who obviously can't make it to pay respects in personal pay our respects privately with her husband at her grave site. It is a 327. At that news radio 930 WB EM. And you know it's. I'm smiling. I'm smiling. Because. I know lol. You know listening to me. Have made Rachel's sudden unexpected death. You have given it an affirmative meaning to the man she loved David Wells. And I'm just honored to have played a part in bringing -- Rachel took the spotlight after all those years of being quote the eccentric one. She had or common sense more dignity and more class than 99.9. 9% of the multi billionaires have ever met in my life. And I'm gonna miss that hell -- It is 328 -- news radio 930 WB. Go out. I. IE I think it is. Its interest. Is it not. That. Win. Someone you love dies. Certain songs. Just keep going through your head. And that one has been pulling through and I freaking. Since Saturday. And I just find that and I'm sure you found this to. That songs that you took for granted before -- never really paid any any attention to them at all you know when -- have a loved one dies suddenly it it just. If it means something at a different level. You know like peeling back the proverbial onion or seeing the proverbial iceberg and you're you only see what's on the surface and only later you realize the sub it -- sub wave enormity of it. And that's -- does what music and that's why music. Provoke such strong emotions. Up by the way I would be remiss if I did not mention that in Jerusalem. Very air raid sirens are going off and there has been as you probably know if you get any -- whatsoever on the Middle East. A bunch of Palestinian. Thugs terrorists kidnapped a bunch of my teen aged Jewish boys murdered them. And because they're such nice people. They even stole the ambulances bringing their. Richard bodies. Back to their families. And in retaliation. A bunch of by Jewish thugs killed Aniston Palestinian. And on and on it goes. And now Jerusalem is under rocket attack. And it's not the first time. And I am sure that Israel will get back at those responsible it may take some time. But if you there's some things I think is playing right now -- scan -- -- or HBO. And it is called Munich. And those of you old enough to remember the 1972. Olympic Games. Will remember the black September terrorist organization taking over the compound in which the Israeli athletes were housed at Munich. -- the symbolism of it happening in -- Munich. Germany. Given what happened in Germany to Jews during the Hitler regime. Was not lost. And basically the Israeli Olympic team a number of they're great athletes were butchered by these terrorists. And it took the massage which is Israel's intelligence agencies like our CIA. And that these guys are -- while the other is tough as our guys. Hand. No matter what happens. Today in Jerusalem. I can't say with almost 100% certainty that whoever is behind the kidnapping and murder of those boys. And whoever is perpetrating these rocket attacks right now of actually will be hunted down and systematically -- And good for Israelis. By the way they also did a number on Iran's nuclear scientists that out of your aware there's but. Targeted. Assassination. As opposed to a mass conflagration. And just a mess so anyway we'll keep you posted there now locally folks our weather is I can I really wanna use the word Armageddon. President Armageddon out of here but I can't get out of here -- about -- here and there -- a severe thunderstorm warning for Erie and Niagara county until 430. Now a severe thunderstorm warning its watch it's a war that means they're either happening or they're just about to break loose. So the advice and if you are experiencing. Horrific weather conditions. Or traffic problems as a result of those conditions. I would love it if you would today call me start -- thirty is the free call on your cell phone 8030930. Is free and your. That's their landline phone programs -- 803 old I'm thirty MB 800 number which is free is 180616. WBD. End. If by you have all hell breaking lose weather wise and up by the way if there's a lightning storm happening where you are. -- pick up the land line to call me it doesn't happen frequently. But I know that sometimes there have been extremely rare incidences. Where people have actually been fried or severely injured talking on the phone and lightning -- just the right place at you know just you know maybe a bit of insulation was chewed up by squirrels -- something again that you end up by getting quite frankly the shock of your life. So don't don't send me pictures and don't call me unless you can do so with absolute safety. -- in your -- and in -- analysis of the situation in which you find yourself okay. But there is a severe thunderstorm warning for Erie and Niagara county until 4:30 PM so please be advised and frankly earlier -- intermittently. And has been -- rate. All of a law sometimes furiously and sometimes morbid rippling effect men over fifty know what I speak but that's a different story altogether. 8030930. Start at 93180616. W beat the end. I call this the Rachel wells -- attribute rainstorm. Because their rates she and I we both loved a good. Thunderstorm no not damage not injury. But just the majesty. And the power unleashed by nature. End and fronts colliding. So. -- -- back on track here. Not that we ever left track because. All thoughts run together like Robert Redford's a river runs through in the end everything seems to merge into one. I wanna pick up where we left off yesterday. Because folks. I'm sensing. A lot of discontent. Out here. And frankly a lot of people who are beyond fed up with what is going. In this administration. And frankly stuff that pre dates this administration. And I want you to listen to what I'm about to say very very carefully I've said it before but I have to say it again. Because. What you need to understand. All of the nonsense happening now started a long time before Barack Obama was president of the United States. It would be unconscionable. Of me more importantly it would be an act. Accurate of me to say that Barack Obama is the sole cause of all of the mayhem that is happening right now in this country. At the same time -- will tell you that he's stepped on the accelerator. And made it a zillion times worse I think the man is in so far over his head. He is. Not the right man for the job he never. In the right man for the job. How can you be the right man to be the chief executive of a country where you look at the country and you say hey it's so screwed up that only I Barack Obama can put it on the right track. I can fundamentally changes and yesterday I used to sports analogy would be like the guys -- were on the LA kings. They want a couple of Stanley cups it would be like those guys saying hey let's. Simulate the Buffalo Sabres. It would be like the New England Patriots. Perennial winners I don't even when this year but it would be like -- ourselves a -- You know what. We got to be more like the Buffalo Bills. That's what Obama did what America. Basically here's a guy who in his heart thinks we -- -- like Pakistan. We got to be more like Honduras will be more like all these this -- countries that have gone nowhere are going no war. Because fundamentally in many have said this before I have said that the man is a chip on his shoulder at a high hard one. Over the United States he only sees the evil done by the United States he does not see the good done by the United States and as I said the day before independence today. And as I've said on many occasions before a band folks it would be third grade patriotism of me to say well the United States has never witnessed it. The United States has always been an honorable country and all of its dealings domestic important because -- -- -- But what you put in one hand the evils we have done or -- had done in our name on the other hand. The good we have brought to this planet the good so far outweighs the bad. That the idea that we somehow need to be the Buffalo Bills as opposed to the patriots or the sabres instead of the kings is absolutely ludicrous and it's laugh. Affable. And folks you another -- George Bush is unemployment rate was under 4% the media tried its best to create the idea that we were in this horrible recession. The real unemployment number right now is so far out of whack and you can't even you know what. They screw with the statistics so much you even know what the real unemployment number is at this point. All all I -- -- folks -- help a lot of people who are either under employed working jobs that. Frankly they do a lot better at if there was a burgeoning economy. Or they are on -- employed they just can't get a job and no it's not like Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels and dumbed down Thursday -- our jobs in this town. He -- the publisher wanna work forty hours a week. Not like that meters are. You'll remember that line Joseph usually when a -- quote dumbed down or you're right there with me laughing. You bastard. All right it is at 349. -- ready at 930 W via here's a question of the pick up where we left off yesterday because I love yesterday's question. What is or are the biggest problems facing the United States and more importantly how do we correct them. That's correct not collect other -- correct them. On WBE. Let's go to Simon in buffalo on WB Ian Simon I've got about a minute to get you started talked -- -- I think it's I felt like all the bullets PI and not a lot of column Communist. But it is being mainstream media which I think is the worst enemy. Of the country more so than Barack Obama because they continue to cover up is -- Well here's here's the thing. They cannot claim ignorance and I love pointing out the fact. That the Buffalo News which is one of the most liberal newspapers in the entire country gets a laughingstock most of the time to meet frankly and some of that credit is personal for the hatchet job they did a part of a personal but I about it and H -- for the Buffalo News for a while. Because of its political bias he's. Even bay called for the resignation of Eric Holder now they wants had a Republican president like Richard Nixon beat. Editorials calling for holder's resignation I guess they felt it necessary to perform at the early go on the record with -- about a year ago calling for Eric Holder to resign I -- -- a recent editorial reiterating that position because god knows if it were a Republican I'm not a fan of the Republican Party got but we've established that. It would be an every day drumbeat and my friend I want to hold on because I've got a break severe thunderstorm warning is in effect please be advised. Don't go into the middle of the golf course and raise your potter. It's not that you wanted to.

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