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7-8 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back -- Beijing government mail or ask gangs and the law that's that they're using in the state of Connecticut has fifteen years old. And Indiana also has that law ability of folks in Connecticut some say -- overusing it. And the other states looking at -- law California and New Jersey and my concern is there's usually a direct line between California and New York. -- -- should this be looked at by New York State so isn't a slippery slope type of law and should New York State. I'll be involved with this right now we are not but we have our. Our New York's a fact but the governor in especially in the mode -- and now. My -- might welcome lawmakers looking into this and just would like European. OK Peter in Ontario you're on WB and Peter. A good night and he really believed that there are people who work -- -- -- Art -- yet he -- democratic. Leader. -- you know neatly you know -- -- well we don't. And currently in New York with a lot of New York work. To me talk you would hurt. Cover up a bit and I believe and you eat. We see it could be worked -- -- -- You can have to be here on board UK is -- -- hundred dollar you can. You know what -- future. Remote media and the when he worked. At an art back -- -- in the back. And -- be pretty armed neighbor come up and -- Result in actual group and I thought he BC. At age now dot com or -- tropical -- like -- short right. In my car and all -- alright. All it's huge up here it is huge and you know and so the -- fear that your caller. A little C card -- -- -- Big Apple might my rearview mirror. And you know anything goes wrong could we have no fault like you guys -- -- the -- thought that there. UK and other screen in front you go to clubs Fox's what would -- interest greed and short film. This isn't made right there and -- you're you know you're you're reinstate got back on point -- that something will solve that. -- -- You know his wallet I -- Everybody in New York these liberal states and if enough. This is another again now. Well as Charlotte back. With the governor's follows the running commercials. Saying here is that it is the straight truth and they show the number of people leaving the states. The number of businesses leaving the states goes -- Cuomo course is beating the drums of people are showing up here I don't know if you saw the film backwards weapon Goran. You know what it's funny you don't need that we see there. The way they're promoted up and added in separate of course we aren't here it compared to got a -- -- government can't look at he went. They're trying to bring these businesses across the border. But that for the attacks. You know that ten years of note. The torque Montag. You know what it -- could not be all you know and that got up one and I'm here a bit and I think he's he pleaded got an -- not by. You know what I -- it's it's it's such a gritty -- new York and let. Beat you up to eighty by eighty. That's a -- New Yorkers in the hands of the of the politicians of New York 'cause it's a beautiful state. We have. You could vacation in New York the rest of your life we have a lot of natural resources. But unfortunately the government we get idea we voted them but we deserve a while ago. I don't want. You. To the charter school. Situation we're watching school like Obama didn't own if you don't worry you don't watch it countdown. Those charters schools that were going so well. Squash a you know. Little decisions like. You know what -- she called them good stop or aren't. Yeah it it has been awful thing. That's a beautiful place to -- what and what you know what the mayor did damage to the street -- York city and all they. You know now that it -- days that they are being out the door and all he's been through to be in the week and the. It would be for ideological and political reasons -- thank you Peter always good doctor you. Thank you very much so Peters suggests guys -- suggests that you put cameras -- house. That show the front yard in the backyard. So that you have definitive proof. In case there was anything going on there that shouldn't be going on there now. Have you guys ever Tony have you ever. Well I think you have an -- -- -- -- regrets now when I was docket -- -- rematch in the UK I guess it's big over there I said it was. But I news that's a little extreme -- I mean. You'd see birds and trees and stuff like that so again things yeah cutesy things that because you know as a child -- -- I -- I used to love to do this he looked up at the -- in and pretend the cloud formations were other thing. And that's a good active imagination. And that's that's a good thing to have is an active imagination. But to back it up cameras really help users they see that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The birds and it's -- yeah exactly. So I don't know armor and go that far. Google arm system on house and Maria. But it would alligators. And one rhino at that as normal. I'm going to be a real Republican. Opt out. Yet at -- -- did you see the pictures of the baby rhino just adorable. Okay. But they should have named it something political look at these -- 90. Okay we -- gotten some good good of feedback from that right a little in all of -- status for rhino is this is a real one. On display at the bubble -- -- I don't think once again -- political. Attacks but I think they'll be fine on the and so are we come back a guy who maybe doesn't agree. That this would be the worst law that we've ever had and his name is John and -- terrible -- on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah. -- followed brings our staff together. Tom -- who just walked in the -- studio. Where Christians are dark and we never -- human. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever except -- his food and it's always see him in there. And radio lipstick -- -- the door and then they'll look around scanned the room you know like one of those cameras that were just argue about. And he'll focus -- is that a styrofoam container. Is there food and there are you going to. IShares some. And then he takes it and he leaves he brings it back to was gave an end and it's that. It's amazing helpful draws people and especially radio it's like it's like we all grow up and famine or something. But what did you make via the bacon yes the bacon from from. Which by the way in this waltzed in and it's good but at least a Tom ought to commend their rule was leading solar right OK as -- brings her. We got a -- meal. Sure get on the oaks and happy meal I think actually -- -- -- every time he comes and have the punch. And that's actually not a male. Now Chris Chris deals with this earlier in the morning and we deal with a second wave so you don't see them quite as it once the food gets here they start showing up. Are pretty much it's not as bad now as he used to be we used to before they used to do the other problem parks all you -- used to have what they were called dining deals. Where our roster I would come in the normal at all not exactly bring the food and either Thursday or Friday. And because of that promotion I -- people here ever week in and I've never seen before and I've never seen cents. Should be able to command -- we don't even know -- yeah yeah I anyway we don't even know what the where they're from without people coming in from from -- eleven. And just third coming of the elevator and coming in Greg reverend vote I can never walked into another studio. And asked for -- I don't like that I think this stage of the is stationed here with a most food is probably WGR -- and I walked -- there and there -- days when I know I'd be welcome -- and I don't like you know -- I need to be invited the I -- to -- and sends me I know c'mon don't enjoy Islam I say nice things about him and you do I -- always a good guy and -- -- -- understandable. -- at least Jeremy White broadest cupcakes when did it in those were going this yeah I don't know where they came from a those words and topics I brought one home. It at a home that was delicious so thank you Germany yes. What it's about what's our MO audits being. Perhaps. According to some critics over used in the state of Connecticut now. It's not the goal is good the mission statement is good they would like to prevent something like the sandy hook shootings. So naturally. You start thinking what could we have done two to prevent it but I don't think this law and would have done enough this has been on the -- fifteen years those while we force and you -- But the law says that if there's an accusation against you. And the judge agrees with -- without. The hearing first without any actual evidence but the judge agrees is enough preliminary. Two going -- guns. He signs he signs an order many police show up and take your guns away. And -- here's a video they have two weeks. It's a scheduling hearing. At the end of hearing they decide it was unfounded here your guns back all our. -- border keep your guns and we thank him for up to a year. Now I'm thinking this is a very slippery slope. Because you're going to be in a position. Of proving. You're not dangerous. I like best how would you probe for instance any charge against you how could you prove your not old wife beater. How could you prove your not a child abuser they would have to bring people in two it is stayed under oath that you wore her. So what happens is this could enter into a neighbor dispute its neighbor to neighbor Israel's domestic disputes a Merrill -- -- It's a thing if you own guns you have something hanging over your head. For fear that somebody's going to point you over a simple discussion or maybe even an argument and the police are gonna come indentured. It's scary thinking you know what goes on when people get divorced and they're really -- use the kids all the time and I mean. They'll use every dirty tactic that they possibly can't this wind prime mature not exactly on the opposite side of the law says if you are a danger to other people but also. A danger to yourself. No one would assume they're talking about suicide. And how do you do you prove that -- you make that accusation. Unless you've said it. In in front of a witness that I you know I think I'm going to end at all. How to prevent. Just because you're depressed. You might be depressed over some lost money in the stock market your favorite team laws that Tony was depressed when the US got beaten in soccer. And what about doctors who routinely will help you through a difficult situation the most extreme example against McGovern is the death of a child. If your child eyes are going to be extremely. Depressed and the doctor might give you something to even out. The the hurt and your heart is the best way I can describe it so is any doctored it gives you that kind of a script. Because you're depressed that it would they be. Obliged to turn you went to the police if you had guns. Because -- being treated for depression. And you could harm yourself I guess anybody could do anything at any time but I think we have to beat. More realistic about it let's go to John and buffaloes to a John has to say thanks for holding -- here on WB again. Basically a long time -- -- -- budget back on what's going on John I have a feeling you don't agree I wanted. I think you're way off base and two point that I just heard there are certain. The first point is the the guns are stolen that are used in crimes that -- not through. Yeah well wait a second hole that all a stolen guns used in crimes -- guns are stolen but most of the underpinning legally lately and you don't. -- let me give you OK let me challenge you have one thing right now yeah because nobody has ever produced. -- crime committed I mean nobody ever gives these statistics of crimes committed with legally registered handguns nobody. Well I'd -- -- -- instead awhile ago that. I don't know I don't remember the exact percentage but it was close to 50% of crying. Gun crimes committed in New York State where would convict came from outside of New York's. What you guys and they usually illegally trafficked by straw purchases. Well well but why wait a second we're talking about illegal guns you can't make a straw purchase and bring it -- in New York State we know that. Not bullet that's what I'm talking about it so -- stolen an illegal to many are interchangeable. Well letters have been different and that's why we need tougher regulations -- they can -- these I I don't. Globally can't. But we can't wait 12 John John we can't. Pass laws that apply to other states we can only pass laws that -- to this state. Well -- -- what I'm saying is I don't have a pistol -- Have gone but I don't have -- -- but I could drive to Georgia by twenty handguns and caught up by mid morning or something come back here and just sell a lot of mystery. Well those OK and you're breaking the law. Yeah OK. But wait a second it's it is illegal guns so there's already a law against that so why why do we need another law when there's already a log -- dot. No important out well from doing appoint as the point a point as the New York can't send people. Through the Carolinas or Ohio or Pennsylvania or wherever is where you want a name that does that where it would sell -- -- They can't enforce laws outside of our own state what do you want us to do. Well I'm just an appropriate adopt new York state laws and federal level -- just talk prologue overall. And the other big point I think there's this whole -- economic history that I talked a lot about this young but overeating. Germany and Canada mr. Hewitt. I mean it's it's. The reason we brought Germany and oh let's have brought it and I was hoping that somebody would is turning in your neighbor that was the focus and you going to find out that. Nobody turned anybody ends of the Nazis. I don't know what do the analysts say about the content but our entire country was disarmed by the treaty -- side. Hitler yet he and he's he really are being. Player country but he just and he was also right wing far right Winger and his Major League and he hated liberals and unions and you just Richard only people aren't worth the far right wing. The bottom line was the use of the expression of neighbor turning a neighbor is legitimate. And how about how about domestic John about how about you John if you're if there's a mrs. John you to have a fight. You have guns you know its use all the time and domestic disputes or divorce proceedings. One side tries and tries to hurt the other side suddenly a party humans that your dangerous they're coming get your guns that make you more angry John. OK I got I got to run thanks effects of Israel as always good -- you John but we can't. Pass laws for other states we you -- -- -- them for ourselves thank you. And we can enforce them in other states we go -- for -- here. -- back activists. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. And we're back we're big company I hope I made by a point where -- Chris the last caller. John -- this is Chris that was John I got a story. A with John the last caller. Because he doesn't differentiate between stolen and the illegal. And he thinks there it's that laws more laws will help all those issues. Maybe I didn't make myself clear but I'll try to now. Stolen you're breaking somebody's houses got married taken -- is yours and I used for crime that's stolen. Illegal. -- which would be illegal to break into the house first the hall -- It illegal to steal the property aren't. Illegal guns. A gun you purchased from somebody. You might buyer from a gang member here give me 200 dollars for this this gun and you're giving the got to give -- 200 dollars okay. That's that's illegal. The laws are already there against those two things. You can't steal a gun that's illegal. And you can't make an illegal purchase of a gun so either way -- any new law isn't going to stop that. If you're buying guns from a gang banger for instance record here if you put a hundred new laws on the books they don't follow what you have now. But it seems like of people or any gun just think the more laws the better they are probably more laws. About though about guns and almost anything I remember when I got my permit here in new Yorker and almost sixteen years ago. I decided I would get the handbook. For the laws of New York State regarding gone hand guns okay. Thought it would be about this -- I'm holding my my fingers about two inches apart I don't know it was a loose leaf binder is this thick and every year there's some new additions to. So there are when he gun laws what we need is a judges who abuse the strictest possible. Aware of any kind of a crime committed with a gun. I think that any crime committed with a gun and -- May already have a law that says this. Should get some mandatory. Minimum sentencing. And a take it very very seriously and that's that. But just to keep hammering legal people people who have never committed a crime in their life there like a bit of a parking ticket. And go after them while the others are out of reach is ridiculous. There are certain niceties and certain things we have to do. -- regarding the laws that prohibit us from going from on the door to door and doing a sweep. And checking everybody's guns that would be too extreme by anybody's standards. But the big cops know those guns are out there. And there's nothing much they can bill until -- -- catch somebody in the act. But illegal. Guns in stolen guns art to me the same thing. Let's go to Diana and buffalo Diane here on WB what about this law do you think we should get a here in New York. -- I don't think -- but what I don't think I had a lot of crime been committed -- -- -- I'm using one drug gangs the people another top. Well yeah beds and iron and have a good idea -- would never hear of anybody. They had killed somebody you know obviously I did -- basic -- you haven't got caught. Well I don't think about like that's a lot of the guns that are use first of all if they do get them. Other serial numbers are five elderly alterations. Are made they have silence or is richer legal. They they might even have full automatic weapons which are illegal emotion over the last three licensed. And so all of these things are. Are under the radar and it's only if they happen to your -- are they're gang members certainly. Who get away with -- stronger it's on course or are by sheer numbers we never catch all of a criminal matter what kind of crimes that are committing. They never attended the other hand you know and and a lot of them you know they're just. You know. Driving around in the probably high and they just you know and the look that good that it was about -- you know the good -- balance of the and then the damn thing about about. Is that people like that I don't. You know and you can't really writing about you know -- -- president of what the country is now protects. You know they have -- guys that want -- you've forgotten you know -- this kind -- stuff like. And I feel bad about because. You know and don't what's happening. Now that's sure it's it's July and I guarantee you -- it happened this Monday and it happens every Monday. -- knows you'll find there was some drive by shootings on the weekend who for exactly what you just said somebody just sitting on the porch minding their own business. Now we wanna go after the guys driving by shooting them not the guys sitting on the porch whomever -- and in his closet for self protection he's the innocent victim here. But there the sweeping laws that they you know talk about would take the of these self protection gone away from the innocent guy and not have any better luck catching the bad guys so that's the law. Yes and Paul are you talking about and they they're complaining it's out might want to have a neighbor and I remember on the planet has life -- And she called the -- and gotta put wind -- that my son pointed the gun at eight world I'm like man pointed the finger. At the -- And he hadn't pointed the gun in my I'm never on because they don't want and what they can -- Oh yeah and video equipment but not -- -- -- -- angry that my country pointed a finger at the cable that can block back. On think of how many and neighborhood disputes or domestic disputes child custody disputes in which somebody could bring up hey. That -- that other person that I am -- having and Stewart has a gun and they threaten me. Well this glad that you -- went to -- for -- While I'm thinking good what are the callers earlier said that if you're forced to defend yourself. And the and you succeed. You should be able to have your legal bills paid by the personal accused and I like that that's -- -- -- Look you know that we could do everything how the traffic on the that there. Well the police when they get a search warrant. The only things that they can bring to court -- things that they were looking for in the warrant for instance suppose. They had a warrant to look for guns and they came in and they found drugs. The million bid not a lawyer but drugs would not be allowed to be you would be allowed to be charged with the drug offense. That a things didn't go -- -- out coxnews. Yeah that this program who aren't stopping and you gotta go -- put everything that they got their account. Well how about going and there was going to Canada sometime. -- or come back here Border Patrol can take your car apart and they are not forced to put it back together like huge set at now thank you. And what didn't put anything. I think that they could just on the hard part yeah. Follow second false accusations have been been around since the beginning -- -- thank you thank you very much will probably go biblical of that is probably. If there's a way to -- It's a global the Bible if you if you typed in false accusations in the Bible pro will be loaded. Chris Wells a debate my guys I was -- I know it's think about it. A husband -- wife having -- custody dispute things and getting nasty husband has guns. -- obviously don't like each other already wife says he's dangerous he threatened to Oregon -- cops coming to begun. Is gonna make a worst economic and add New York State already takes the and then you're in a position. To have to prove you didn't. Try improve the negative is like trying is trying to prove your not there your here. It's it's almost impossible and that's what it would be and that's a -- this of this law would bring neighbor against neighbor husband against wife. Sibling against sibling you could have it in in any dispute and as long as there's to a human beings on earth there will be disputes will be back after it is -- governing. And I'm sandy beach we're talking about. These slippery slope with the Connecticut so law that's been on the books for fifteen years in Indiana has the same law. And then California and and New Jersey are looking at this law and the reason that applies to us is because usually if California does something we're not far behind. In which it says that if there is an accusation against you with a gun owner that you could be a danger to yourself. Or is this somebody else the police go to a judge that judges is a warrant -- you know police come encompass Gator guns. And that's that four they have two weeks ago at a hearing. And then if you have a hearing and you they say it was unjustified gets guns back it was justified they keep your guns were. Up to a year and a they don't say what happens beyond the year. But the bottom line is it's a very slippery slope as we tried to point out. Anybody that has guns are putting themselves in a vulnerable position to have him removed by an accusation by anybody you might have a dispute where. Whether it's your ex wife. Whether it is your neighbor. Whether it's a custody battle who knows somebody points a finger and says they're dangerous and that's the off on the yeah. Offensive side on the someone else or yourself. And that's even harder to judge. Because because somebody is quiet or. Might via. It just an -- kind of say you lost the child and -- and they're very depressed situation. In the doctor gives you who has something to get you through it. It's going to be temporary. Hopefully as far as this medication is needed. Is everybody on any kind of -- ads are really vulnerable because -- doctor. Might turn the man. If they see that there are a danger I don't think the doctors would my own opinion I really don't unless it was over and lets -- Out there to -- absolutely. Threatening I don't think they would because they've if you're Isiah psychologists or psychiatrists. You might have to turn and a lot of people in your practice. So I'm thinking it's a very bad law it's a slippery slope. And we should not join anybody else let's say a couple of a FaceBook post please Chris what do you this one comes from well. Jimmy says the part of this that really scares me is that they just take them based on accusations -- people have to do is present facts to get the guns. Not prove those facts. He got and the point as eyes as an earlier caller said. If you go to a hearing and get your guns back if there or any costs involving how do you calculate the costs of having the guns taken away for two weeks. A what does -- know what have you had the guns and -- house for self protection. And the guns were movement something happened. -- wonder who's liable for of that. You know what if somebody new OK -- guns are on tonight might be a really good night to break again and and a and steal something or cause cause -- bodily harm. I took exempt picking -- the peak of the costs that unfair cost that people have to. A -- hiring lawyers to York to clear their name in the thing as an -- you mentioned this once before. With one of the -- laws that was thrown out there. It's almost like the government wants to make it as uncomfortable as possible for legal gun owners in hoping. That the our citizens of the United States to adjust and get sick and tired to get rid of their guns. -- that's exactly right but nobody knows exactly but the estimates are that there -- 300 million guns in this country 300 million. -- the odds of the government convincing enough people it's too much of a hassle -- have a gun. As the government becomes less and less effective. Of of the of Novo allowing us the notice I didn't say providing us -- that allowing us to have a decent life. Are very well they want to be in control of every aspect of our life and part of it is your in ability. For the most. For the most basic functions self defense. Think about it like this unless -- some martial artists. When the big coming get your guns that's the last. Thing you would have to defend yourself. What if you're older. What if your ex military what if you're -- firm that that's your only chance to defend your house your city which would be Aircastle and yourself. He can't count on the police being there on time depending on where their car czar and you can't count on somebody else helping. When push comes to shove it's just you against the people wanna do you harm. And if they disarmed you you have no defense than your best defense is to whimper cry and -- Guess what. I'm not good at any handles things. And if they took my guns away I would throw a -- germanic Adam I get a pass the -- and animal ahead -- it but I'd be damned if I'd let him just take it. And I think a lot of people feel like that Chris and other. -- -- -- This one comes from Mary she says this -- means that authorities have to get into somebody's had to make conclusions about what they were thinking. And it's simply not possible doesn't seem like you could properly defend yourself against the law like this. Well that's stroke and I don't -- holy picture of a doctor testifying. Against you at a hearing that where they took away your guns. -- -- a psychiatrist psychologist -- whatever -- -- doctors dealing with a with a mental health issue with your depression issue. I want our holy picture of them taking -- -- And and turning UN and testifying against -- at that hearing. Snyder happen unless you're -- less sure you know standing up on the bar like a group and two and Sam and shooting into the air. Doctors aren't gonna do that so -- the doctors don't cooperate who else wouldn't. Cooperate. I think about like best other people but no you I'm not going to return UN if they don't think you're real danger. The sandy hook shooting. The mother was doing her best -- bond with her child her guns were locked up. Locked up and he killed her first basically that's the way that work. But she believed that he was all right such mothers should tournament. And I don't think most mothers would I don't think most fathers would now occasionally someone but not most of them. So all of the natural areas that you would go to. A tool to get that first alarm that first red flag. I'm not gonna show up plus the mental health professionals are always concerned. About people going after the people they have to treat. Because they don't understand. Mental health problems and we don't know you know we don't we we're not trained to have to understand that. So I think there be a big push back from amendment mental health community. Certainly from parents who aren't gonna do it anyway. In what does it do it places police. In more danger than they already are I think there are already in enough danger we don't have to add to it. When they go to a door somebody who's totally -- never done anything wrong in their life never at a parking ticket rang the balance say here we have a warrant which again are your guns away. I don't know if they tell you then who the complaint was yeah I'd -- neighbor Joseph over there yeah right across the -- he said that your danger. Oh really how do you think that's going to help a community relations. Not much. And plus if you do that you better hope that the cops find every gun in your house. And -- would also turn people into scheming lawbreakers. If they know that Barrett chance that was going to happen you'd think they'd keep all guns in one place. They have them and other houses they haven't buried day you and god knows where they should be what they wouldn't albeit one place. So -- it it puts citizen against citizen. Family member against family member neighbor against neighbor the law Sox have for those of you wondering. There -- a 183. Of those guns seizure warrants and in this state of of Connecticut last year twice the number of 2000 intense. So it's getting bigger not smaller. About wraps well I see you tomorrow at 9 AM under Israeli and I thirty WB. The. -- Which they never into music these.

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