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7-8 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Some questions basically as though we told you all about the Connecticut law those fifteen years older they're using now. Is it a slippery slope -- -- New York joined the two other states. My answer is yes it's extremely slippery slope and no New York should not join the to the states. Because as I said that doctors are not going to turn our first call. Doctors don't necessarily -- which -- their patients have guns I know that those some doctors ask. But they don't necessarily know what if they do know are they going to hand over anybody who's on some kind of medication. Maybe it could be a soda simply death of a family member or some horrific accident are some dramatic event. And the doctor give you something to get you through that period they going to turn those people and I don't think so they gonna turn on the turn and the people that. -- Madson as long as there on reds they're okay but a big off the Mets they may not be -- having a drug them and now they're not there's simply not. It would have to be an outlandish. Position I think for them to turn of complacency out. Go after the guns of my patient I don't think that's likely to happen along same with family members family members off -- -- rose colored glasses. Now he's just having a rough time now at what depression and I don't like this. Whatever neighbors as you know my next version visually. Happy jovial person but. He's been very depressed for awhile and I know he has guns does that mean Iran off to a judge and and say he could be a danger to himself. Where does -- -- where does it end that's the cutie. Rambo jam in north on a general on WB yen. Yet aired here you know it's -- the slippery -- But you know it's back to work it is -- gonna work. First of all all of these garden green peppers you know all of our good -- but I've got a -- I don't go to blow you're house now. -- indict. -- women in this country. Which you estimate our military that. Well as a lot but I don't know I don't finance. I mean are huge huge huge number how many of those guys. -- -- pop the side of my. Sure and they might come home after deployment and feel depressed does that mean we're gonna look at their guns. I would recommend. Young women -- not the people that are peaceful. And know what they're doing and urge you to throw it all -- -- tiger law enforcement. Correction of military rhetoric and if we -- Jabber. The guy I mean George -- shall brought up real good point about what's going on in America today. That in a direct quote the politician the congress members are going to be com. More are air become more warm militaristic. And error. To control. The American people are becoming more and more -- -- opposition. Militaristic control. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You want to protect and go forward. The how well we don't want it. See what I'm afraid of is like -- with his confrontation and in a California will be illegal aliens. I I hope nobody does anything rash because what it'll do it'll just reignited all of a gun control people again thank you -- It'll just get him going all it takes is one person. One person to do something dumb and everybody is painted with the same brush but you'll notice that pushed back now. On no on illegal this is no we're talking about with specifically the mayor of LA saying that. He would not to act on any federal orders and so they had judicial review as mayor of Los Angeles this is not small town. I'm -- -- a California mayor this is the mayor of LA. So and Obama as just keeps getting worse and worse. He is about to go to Texas. Four fund raisers. But does not plan. To visit the border. Even though -- Texas governor has invited him to do it. So you tell me -- abouts of putting a stick and somebody's side you're going to Texas to raise money but you don't wanna go and see the problem areas. I mean what the hell does that say about a CEO of the -- of the country. Named Barack Obama who in Texas would donate any money to Obama well I guess there's some secret. I think -- -- might do that most people -- not. Let's go to woods Yemeni sides -- here on WB yen. Tiny things earlier about. What other situation you're guilty until proven innocent you know. The parking authority -- a perfect example. Here in buffalo and Rochester and Albany area parking authorities where they. They -- you anonymously you don't even know -- the officer wasn't -- the ticket. But as far as them taking guns we already have orders of protection there's another example. Where you're guilty until you're proven innocent. If you read any order of protection in New York State making an amount like. Like they're free in -- courts and in criminal courts these orders of protections state clearly that they can come and take your -- We already have this kind of law on New York State that allows for confiscation of guns when there's something -- These are just political laws that are being. That they're considered for for the sake. The other two loosely written as far as I'm concerned because. They go to the judge and I'd like to know at what level of proof they need to get the guns. Doesn't have to be doctor Kenneth B here's say that it can be a neighbor I mean I'd like to know what they have to do to get him because -- got to wait. For up to fourteen days -- hearing. Well it was an order of protection to take your guns in New York State with one of those you don't even have to be present. Anybody can go in front of the judge whether being put -- recorder criminal matter. And simply say I'm concerned. They have guns I'm afraid that they're going to hurt me or they're author might be my children and then. They knock on your door. And get them upload picture -- but I think we need more these laws I really do like I support there's many political laws as we can it'll eventually wake up to people. Also you think -- by overdoing it it's it's well we need to get acquainted with what's really out there thank you and a very much. I think it's the ultimate slippery slope and once you talk about confiscation first off here's another danger of confiscation. All right I think that's the last step that's the last lawful step a lot of people might take. To protect themselves off from having their guns are removed. I think when you go to somebody's door. And remove their guns. I think even a perfectly normal perfectly acceptable person in society who poses no danger. That might be something that so more than they care to deal -- the time and I think it could be a dangerous I really truly do. Where an idea I would love to see him it's not in the article I have here. I would love to see the level of proof they need to go just -- of a judge to get the warrant to go and get the guns. And he it would have to be something meaningful otherwise. I think about this thing about all of a neighbor to neighbor disputes there are there's all kinds lots of people have them. All of a sudden politics is one neighbor to say you know line. -- win or arguing over. Where the leaves fell off the trade already cut down a branch on my tree and I feel like I'm endangering he has guns is that going to be enough. I mean really truly. People come home drunk ave they might act. Some way and and maybe it's the person that doesn't have a -- the strong. And the other neighbor against security you know -- point a finger at the other neighbors because they had a they had a fight or whatever one has guns one doesn't make going to the guns of the person that doesn't mean I don't get this a really don't and the doctors are not gonna do it. They're not gonna do what I mean I'd be very surprised and if we have any mental health. People of -- work with the mentally ill or the mentally challenged or whatever. I would like to hear from you know because I have a feeling it would only be in an extreme case where you would turn and one of your patients. And in here's what's gonna happen here's some of the other push back. The other push back guard the the advocates of people who look out of for the Gordon welfare of the mentally ill. They're they're going to take a position where they're guilty before being proven innocent just by simply being treated. So you got a lot of different factions here. You've got the people. Oh -- a feel that they shouldn't be judged guilty before having to prove their innocence. You've got doctors who -- who confidentiality. Is utmost with them -- course of public safety is more important and -- conditions -- -- -- patient but probably not many of them. You got family who always believed. That there were -- relative -- Are being. But they picked upon or you don't understand. There is very not that bad or whatever how many times have you seen that. Happens all the time so you got all of these different factions. Which say that you know our country is built on innocent until proven guilty. If it looks like it you know it's very likely that it could happen. I might be an applicable law but I think it could be abused to the nth degree rarely do they don't trailed Montreal 1806169236. And start 930. By the way of the usual numbers 80309301806169236. Or 930 and also FaceBook we don't FaceBook page. It'll cause sometimes people go to FaceBook because they don't they don't wanna be on the air for summaries of what they want their point of view read and heard. Then other people get and get online disagree with that or agree -- that go back and forth so it's a different and it's a secondary forum. And for the subject. And we also a pick and choose a certain postings out of their two present different points of -- so. You can do that -- go online. To our FaceBook page and and common the two basic questions. The law in the policy Connecticut and Indiana Connecticut had a for fifteen years. About the slippery slope if somebody goes to a judge and presents evidence that deal may be a danger. To yourself. Or two others and you own firearms the judge to sign a warrant that allows the police they're going confiscate your firearms. They have two weeks ago if you -- hearing. After that obviously of the hearing doesn't turn out in your favor they have they can keep their guns up to a year doesn't say what they do after a year. But Connecticut but Connecticut and Indiana have that law California and New Jersey are looking at at that law. As a possibility for enacting a law themselves and what gets me nervous about this is. The word California. Whenever California does something New York is not far behind we already have a New York safe and I think this is kind of red meat for an Andrew Cuomo tonight. I was so I'm asking. Should New York joined the two other states and how much of a slippery slope business I think we can all agree it's slippery slope. But it how dangerous is this let's go to mark mark you're on WB yen. -- -- -- -- This there's a real big. It's as we've -- It's it is. Who is as -- as it is what is formal right. Think that the London city admitted it was it was as if almost all of and I mean they're. You know. This or -- this I didn't. What -- they have received. While that's probably what they would do they would probably. Hide various firearms in different places inside the house outside the house. At a relative's house whatever. And it would turn people were perfect law abiding. In to work. A scheme works to make sure when the police knock if the police knock on your door. That if they come to get your guns because certainly not all guns are registered so. Even if they search your house they wouldn't be able find them all we shouldn't be doing that the citizenry we should be focusing. On and on via premise that your innocent until proven guilty not just some word of mouth to take your guns away. Oh and I were on the same page that's when their mark thank you. Is that about a slippery slope it's a Major League slippery slope. -- confiscation. Is zone is one is the word I think. That most gun owners the year and as I said before. Where does it and what kind of parameters are there. -- the mental health professionals will say well this is not going to be good for people who should seek treatment because they're going to the fear. Government intrusion in their lives as far as any kind of firearms is concerned. They won't wanna be turned in by their doctor if they think there's even a remote possibility gonna happen. So you got pushed back there. You're not gonna get cooperation from most family members certainly in some situations you might but not what most remember the sandy hook mom. Did nothing wrong I mean she was trying to bond with her son. Trying to in joy. The company over -- integrate to get him to bond with her she locked the guns up and still happen. So hard to say that this law -- order for friend is sandy hook. Is not right simply because mom would never have turned and her son it would never happen. And I don't think most of parents would turn in their kids I don't think most wives would turn and there. Their husbands and it could be yields in the exact wrong way. A suddenly a husband and wife -- having a domestic disputes if this sounds familiar. Wife calls the -- as the out he's a danger to -- he certainly verbally. As the ever produce again nobody has guns and here's where they are and here's what he's got. You don't think that happens. If people are willing to use their children in divorce disputes as a ping pong ball. What do you think they're gonna do with guns of course. They would use it as a chat. On other words that you have a domestic. A discussion. That turns into an argument. 11 part -- runs off and and calls the police and said -- My husband or my wife shouldn't via having guns because we're having problems right now they're coming get your guns makes us. Suddenly his hey why did you call on May you turn me and blah blah blah blah blah. And so I think the meaning of the law would be loss than that we're not talking about public safety now -- we would be talking about using the law. I too tried again and gain an advantage. In your domestic discussions. -- of your husband or wife. Also if you talk about being a danger. To others that's one thing when you talk -- a danger to yourself how do you gauge that. Heady days that how do you know -- somebody -- suppressed has any thoughts of suicide. You think they're going to go over to your house and say you know -- That's not worth living anymore and I have guns and I'm gonna do something about it now and the way it works. Is that you might get an occasional overt action like that most of the time it's -- it's just they thought you you slip into. Into. Into a morass and then suddenly you just -- So I don't think you're going to be saving a lot of lives like that either plus you've made neighbors in the cycle. A Psycho analyst. You made domestic partners. Into the police. You've made doctors into snitches. Although I would use that term but I think that's totally portrayed. And a lot of people. Don't get just the side of this and for what purpose. If they're going to use -- if they're going to use the -- shooting in Connecticut as an example that's a bad example. The sandy hook shooting. We'd like to hear from you don't on the -- up here I don't three 301806. On six -- acoustics aren't third or go to our FaceBook page and post your thoughts will be back after this. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 80309. -- cell calls are free and -- nine -- and our toll free line is 180616. 9236. -- -- -- Beijing company I saw this headline yesterday in the public those stories and the AP by Dave Collins recruited. On the front page above all the news about. Two states that have this law now one of them is using them and some say overusing it. And two states looking at a Connecticut has had this off for fifteen years Indiana also has the same law. California and New Jersey are looking at it and as I said in the slippery slope on this sort of thing is California. -- California goals for something if they have produced the same law your ego will not be far behind and Andrew Cuomo will be. Trumpeting all we have the strictest because he wants of the strictest gun laws in the country what does a -- say the law says that. It allows for confiscation. Of weapons. It would have someone going to a judge and ask -- or presenting some kind of minimal. Evidence allegedly. That you are a danger to yourself or someone else the police can come to your home and confiscate your weapons. They have two weeks of -- hearing. Only hearing OK if you prove you -- -- not a danger. You prove not a danger. What if your guy that has a temper. And you flew off the handle but there's no concern that you would ever use a gun to harm anybody which I'll have you know a moment's. How do you -- -- you're not a danger. How do you -- -- not a danger to yourself. Or anyone else I don't know -- improvement to be honest with you bring other people around say I've known dispersant for years and it's my opinion that not a danger. You realized or a medical opinion. Yes it is my considered opinion that might patient. Is a danger to himself or to others and should not have firearms you think doctors are gonna wind up to do that I doubt it very much if that -- What about neighbors the last thing we need is another. Another thing that neighbors -- India lock horns over. One neighbor as it is true of government. I'm might get heated some time. -- the first neighbors go to the police and say I'm more worried about my next door neighbor. We have a fight on a regular basis I think he could be harmful to me. And that they take his guns away if so what does that do it and neighbor. Does that make you more dangerous that he gets his guns back. What about family members how many family members are gonna turn in their husbands or their sons or their wives. Because of various reasons I don't think that's going to happen. So basically it's a law. That you you would think that they would have thought and -- little more carefully. Simply from the analysis where going through on on on a basis. And what's even tougher I think. It's one thing to bank and try and prove that you're a danger to someone else. But the other side at this point is the law says if you're a danger to yourself. Yeah and a -- they ever get enough proof of that. You -- danger are you depressed. Did you just lose your job as your house being repossessed. Have you ever given thoughts to suicide. If you cannot express those thoughts. How does anyone know what's in your mind as to what would make you a danger to have your own firearms. These questions are all of very troubling. And it would bring I think greater community distress. By having this law as opposed to not having it and it's and I were talking during the break. And he's a good point he says that one of the reasons that and I think he's got a legitimate point here. I think though one of the reasons that a America. Went overboard on soccer because we had something positive to root for. It was a sport we were doing something and when Lawrence -- the duo were doing better. We had a national pride and war in a period now where it's very distrustful to live in this country. And that could add to this law. The suddenly you've got a you know it's political points of view Waring and out verbally. And one -- the -- and that it went over the over the top I mean you have neighborhood dispute political disputes kid disputes. I'm -- parents a beating up coaches. I mean it's it's it's where were at a time. That is not very triangle that's and that's the nicest way to say and because of that this law could make it works. Because it gives. Give something. That's available to people if they wanna use it it's like a poison pill. They say he's a danger he's a danger to me. As opposed to a danger to himself. And they have to take your word for it and you have to go to court and probate your not a danger to somebody how you'd do that I'd like to now. Here's a scary scenario for you I just thought off social media you post something. Well your big -- pro guns during our our our protect -- OK see you post to stop somebody gets ticked off they don't like -- they don't agree with you you know they turn UNC that you have mental problems and you shared it does take. Exactly if you think about it if you read a lot of so social media you can see how next thing you can get out there I mean absolutely nasty. Let's go to a market in Cheektowaga mark what do you think is this too slippery slope thrust the consider. On this indeed -- movement on. But the I your formal copy. They're eagerly. Bit yes again you credit the voice is jumping up say it again Goran. The -- -- -- The movie top gun I absolutely would yeah we have -- -- very popular buried in. I don't. Okay. This actually look at how hard you prove that you're not -- users -- in many public. I'm I'm a long jungle on a partner in the war. I got the mind for you rule. I know I know what you're saying. Basically how do you prove that you're not a danger. As somebody would have to -- it would have to be pretty definitive I would think to seize your guns. But when you go -- that hearing within fourteen days a year agitated because they took your guns already the don't have many more. And -- you might be more agitated because unfounded. So how do you go on their cooling and collected that. Okay what proposed -- sure. Is that what some of the DOT clutched the arm were brought up what were actually demo -- Double your last bone -- -- you what I propose is that they don't want they don't want they want. They weren't nice quiet people. Might this effort wives. And as you know we are tranquilizer nation already and there again if you go too far the other way they could say -- a danger to yourself. Because you're you're used to be full of zest and life and now you seem traumatized by something thank you mark thank you very much. They do want you know. They don't look like peace and quiet but I don't think we all have to be tranquilize. But the point is everybody can be yore Q is there. And they can hold that over your head if if you own guns somebody has something they can hold over your head something that you fear. And new theater confiscation that's the word the -- confiscation. So suddenly they know your vulnerability. They know your weak point and so if you were unjustly. Accused. Of being unsuitable to have guns that's going to get two more agitated. Then you were before. So how does that help it doesn't. In on the other side of the coin. If if you have gone through some traumatic event and and the death of a child a an accident that that is devastated you and your doctor gives you something to get you through that and and doctors that all the time. Does that mean that they give you something and and they have to turn UN because you might be a danger to yourself. Can you be in danger to yourself without spot without the specifying it verbally. That's something you think about a lot of people -- do harm themselves and some even kill themselves. And the people around them know that they weren't exactly the same as they were before but they didn't think they were in danger to its. So this law is so Lucy Lucy. It's so bereft of parameters that I can on the Stan. That I don't think it's about law and the last thing we need is for California to jump on the bandwagon. New Jersey to jump on the bandwagon because especially California if they go New York logo. Because we don't have a lot of creativity. In Albany. We'll be back with more beach company and is rated -- thirty WB yeah my two basic questions. Is this law a very slippery slope I don't think there's much question in my mind that it is. And should New York joined the two other states my fear is that California you'll enact this law. And if they do when not far behind and that's the last thing we need. It will -- and make make angry citizens more angry people who are decent people who would mean armed anyone including themselves. I'm not going to take well to this sort of law. Let's go to word Joseph on a cell phone -- you're on WB yen. Importantly and a great show. My wife and I are both retired from the day he and my wife and I both -- People should trap they both should keep the charge you with fiscal -- would try to block YouTube on. He had that it hurt the now my big concern is that there's like Nazi Germany. -- still -- on your neighbor all day yet initiation its idea that you -- the base but not look them over sixty mile mission Schmidt. You know going up. A -- somewhere rush. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Along with the second and it and it is slippery slope and it's a bad law. And California an accident more on Cuomo is a rubber stamp right through. That it is still cronies that we get the strongest gun laws in the country -- up you should go over paper right. Well I'm glad you brought that up I'll tell -- why I was gonna bring it up of people say hey you bring up for the extreme examples but that's the first thing I thought it was neighbor against neighbor. A saying you know so and so for whatever reason. It has something you're interested in and you call the police so it neighborly disputes could turn into that. And what happens if they knock on your door and -- an innocent person that's gonna get you more angry both that your neighbor and at the people knocking on the door this doesn't have positive results is gonna have negative results. And you -- I'm worried about. Once it's out there is out there. Oh that's right and you're the only guy I know who has his or her -- say it's good for you just hope that's -- let it. That is -- It is greatly -- These numbers have been low lights are not a pistol shot and I. When you said still a -- and I was boarding place that's a lot of fun people haven't done that should drive because it's great. To be good -- and you pretty good at it. I'm not particularly that got a cataract and let -- operate on next week Thursday. Well -- get better. Well I hope you do to what I hope vigil finally out shooter wise they're Joseph stand up for -- guys thank you very much. Yeah and I'm. In Milwaukee they had a quote celebrity. Sporting plays. You know it was a day of fund raiser -- the -- the vote and I never shot that. It and I said sure I'll do it. And it just as an amateur you know it was a lot of fun. It's fun it really truly as the shooting sports for those of you are not familiar whether you on or not is an important. It's whether you enjoy shooting and getting better and accuracy and all of us that. It's a very nice thing to do a lot of people do a lot of people enjoy it and we don't like to be paying it with the brush of the people who steal guns. And -- people for a living and rob stores and banks and but that's what happens all the time. The NRA gets vilified we are the your your minister might -- -- -- your threes that your mother your father who knows who. But we will get tired of that. And this law would make it worse. Now it's -- a law. And it if for fifteen years in Connecticut. I'm glad I was out of Connecticut before this law took took effect let's. We have time -- another call. Yes -- Mike on line three you're on WB MI. Prado and I do believe that a slippery slope. And out what they would like should I don't think whatever happened. -- would beat you put something on the bill that -- -- relation accusation and it turns out of the ball that are responsible for all the fees that are incurred. I like that I really do that's a loser pays they have that in England. If you're right because it's just too easy to point a finger at somebody and have them go through a lot of hassle you and end up having to do defend yourself do you think New York might ever adopt all law likeness. I think -- adopted and just -- -- push toward. Lot of freedom you know. Mean I hear you allow unclear especially in this state thank you very much. -- I'm glad that there have been -- booted caller to callers ago brought that up. Around Nazi Germany. When we try to make a point we use an extreme. Example all right just that prove the absurdity. Of of the of the yeah other argument. But people get angry when you use Nazi Germany but that that appointment via a person -- of turning in your neighbor. Is I mean there are enough neighbor disputes now over dumb things the snow in your yard blue and in my yard. With the win. You're you're truly is is leaning over my side of offense. And in this kind of dumb ass stuff the last thing you need. Is for that short tempered neighbor of yours if you're unfortunate enough to have one. Picks up the phone and other calls cops and said my neighbor has guns. In that we just had a verbal argument and he threatened me that -- threaten me cops ability to judge. Here's the complying judge signs an OK year ago becoming get your guns. What it's gonna happen in their neighborhood relations not not good things I can tell you that and plus it's it makes it more dangerous of a police. How would you like to be the cop knocking on the door of a law abiding citizen. Who has had it with -- -- with these you know restrictive laws and -- never thought an evil or illegal fought their lives and you've got to take their guns away. Not a good thing there really isn't. Especially. On the on the panorama that so much in the United States now is negative so much is is just filled with strife. We'll be back with more beach company and illustrator and I'm thirtieth you can go to our FaceBook page and post your thoughts. On this slippery slope yes or no and should they are joined the other two states who are considering this law.

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