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7-8 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well hello hello what is region got an AA. I have a feeling today show has got to be nutritionally. Balanced. Yes for breakfast I had copies Jews and a bagel. And my other guys had been. That's the bacon wrapped shrimp. They're perfect breakfast treat prop up the together we have a whole days nutritional needs right near one show them. House that you probably wouldn't eat a big direction of better early in the morning but at regular stations we have clocks all over the place but it. Time doesn't matter. When food comes and -- it as if it's perfectly. The right time to eat bacon wrecked ship now Chris you had some. And that Tony was offered some Hewitt you -- eight or so was it was fantastic and -- too -- instance what you know why got to this 5 in the morning a nuisance not a morning and got up at 330 sort of -- 31 -- -- about lunchtime so that's all right now Tony you were offered bacon -- tribute just got back from vacation rights that you -- not yet which are going to ask you squirreled -- away. You have shrimp in your pocket which isn't the first time ever that our children and so how -- your vacation. As opposed look -- and will go to little boy and a little good yeah a little good good and then oh by the wise solution open there. And shrimp in the newsroom and a 3 o'clock today they'll be shrimp in the studio they're bankers -- ball is not a -- -- and not bacon wrapped our own. I know so who all week long they're bringing in goodies from mom -- the buffalo and that's great but. It's too bad you came back from vacation today you missed yummy Pakistani food yesterday -- and I know you're coming a day earlier is that like your favorites and that's my favorite absolutely. -- are -- doing exciting -- would you -- during your vacation we're working hard of course while you're on and yeah. -- was working hard taking care of nick and Sam -- but we have a lot of fun I took them to a park one day let them run around go on the slides and and things like that cement -- as a fund that's set her free issue screaming at -- oh brother take care grow normally you know on the playground and you have to look after vote I look after ball let's yet they go into their own thing and that was fun all had fun on the fourth of July we went. You with a Robert Moses is between Lewis and enact a few hours ago we watched the fireworks there and that was really -- -- place to watch them yeah. Good fireworks display it was fantastic I I wish I would have thought of it at the end of roll on video on my phone to capture the finale because it was really nice visual post. A lot of stuff and that's how we keep track of where you are yeah no that's not supposed to have you back can we go -- talk about today. Including this out of Madison. -- Madison. Madison Connecticut now I worked in a state that had Madison which is -- capital of Wisconsin but this is Madison Connecticut. A small camera. Hidden and a towel hook. Has been found inside a bath house at a state park -- -- spokesperson for the state park department of energy and environmental protection. -- police were alerted. By the device by a man using a bath house at the campground so. He's not case smog is he camera lenses those small. I mean that he's market and he he put on put. The bath house and put a towel over. So people are now this is like weird now it really is so there it is. And I'm sure somebody's already posted on line Obama and I grew at a bathhouse cameras. -- Everything is online everything there is nothing. In the world that's going on. Every win a man. The women who complain about birth. If they get I guess separately from us guys. You you carry for approximately nine months that I know it's uncomfortable. But did you hear via the stars on the resume. Mama rhino gave birth to -- 144. Problem. Next time you come play pool or lose ten pounds I -- to think about a 144 hour. I'm baby with a hard on the end of it. Yikes it's the pictures and you have ever really cute now. Does it now. Knows by any stretch of the imagination or not but look now no but the babies that -- next to them mom always tool time. Two time may be little -- watchful 1000 pound -- decomposed 862 pounds and still be slim -- know what. I'd. And they all this kind of like armor I mean they're born with it. If you're seeing the pictures in the paper they are there Q. Young animals are -- weasels baby way. -- are Q anything Ciba look at the paper and they started to displaying the baby now at the -- so. -- elected them and of course we have the polar bears which are growing each and every day. Now if you like Pink Floyd I know a guy Mike Emo world loves Pink Floyd. He's going to be happy because twenty years after last released. New material there are coming up of a new album the endless river will be released in October based on -- -- before recording. Plug the division bills that set Pink Floyd back together you guys like me. Yes I'm a Pink Floyd not and I remember I went to see Roger Waters a couple of years ago let's -- it and I just in crap I. We're talk about this a while some occasional kinda hoping. That a little bit of the sound goes back to dark side of the moon in animals albums I get that feel to it I just think David Gill was almost brilliant musicians that's out there. Got some new materials and what about your Chris of electric light pink Floyd's big Floyd is one of those bands that seems to have a heavy influence on almost running out of the picture and a long time period you were not just. You know five years they've been around as long as I remember well let's let's let's those -- some an exciting new venture coming coming on the fall. Meanwhile every -- they were little late because her -- it was on the fourth of July. And though Malia. Obama. You've ever ever had a birthday on the fourth of July so I happy -- video Malia I'm just wondering if mama. Allowed her okay. You know as you know a mama. Says that instead a traditional sugary treats its school. That other things should be used to commemorate the -- such as pencils. I wonder Malia got seven pencils. Or are or -- six thing that you get sixteen pencils and avert a sixteen candles visibly sixteen pencils. Everhart Robert Drew my favorite and -- They make any other pencil except Everhart number true every pencil I've ever seen is. Everhart member Judy got a pencil and there not a malignant and -- -- you don't even have a pandemic and all parents so well let's let's hope that she got a kick. And brought candles and all her dreams and wishes would come true -- dreaming she wishes their father or is a lot of corporate office and so ressam's. All right we'll take a break and will be back -- bore -- -- company under Israeli and I'm thirty WP happy birthday today at 20. Mary Alice Denmark today is Mary Alice -- is -- pages looking as beautiful as usual. I'm sure is it about her is she wants an all time and -- all the time. I've seen her off the set without make up and shoot straight. It's great obviously on TV you and I have -- better she's got a great personality organized person I don't think I've ever spoke in her own person you have a moral beliefs but you showed you know our callers and what -- you where he's bulked up organized. Our -- I want -- -- are at a card dealer. And is she she didn't have any make up on and she looked great. I mean that something is your personalities vital I don't know Dave -- summit he asked that needs a lot of make up to make themselves look great. Mary Alice. She's good ago just the associates he is. Up and coming to out of the -- of saner. But very -- I mean she's the real deal and she's very young and she's going to get better and better all the time which is good now. And as Deseret wiley from channel seven have you ever seen her no I have not she's a very attractive woman and she's very natural. On camera you can tell she doesn't have an -- Smile -- look at the camera she's a burning natural person. And she has natural beauty can tell she -- at the spent a lot of time getting ready. On the set but the she's I mean she's the real deal and she's going to be. A justice who super -- yeah Jericho. Mean -- -- Smokey Robinson rule is a lot. He's not nearly as good looking as -- while I can tell him that he's he's -- it is already an icon. By many times over it's going to be at the Niagara events senator. On Friday July 25. And if you like to go to C Helm of the value of the tickets ninety dollars -- call right now 6449875. General contest rules apply. Now they they would give me a little info. On on what -- -- -- -- for it. I'm a hall of fame this Shockey personality. All these are things I helped make some of these songs. But I'll read it anyway ms. Gloria. C metro Detroit classic that -- after all these years in my estimate that a smoke is going to be -- The innovative Smokey Robinson -- of the miracles while still in high school and proceeded to chart -- first ever number one hit shop around. From there he continued to pin and Ricard. He parodies the -- and I. Wonder if occasionally he may have used a pencil in on our -- number -- we had a never hard number to war. Did have a computer or these their computers weren't out -- -- on most things about. I he penned such classics as crimson. -- second that emotion and tears of a cloud and get your pencil and some -- now. Spent the night with a man whose suspicious imprint on our and bay. Oh it's auspicious as the title. Two days a spacious it's. Imprint on -- left an indelible mark the committee -- today wrote Shakespeare. Literally come on you'll see smoking you know is it Seneca Niagara events that are tickets available there. At Seneca Niagara casinos dot com -- runs. Obvious test a very good and and bury them he's his legs which is very helpful. Because otherwise you follow the statements. That would be and he's been he's been making a silent since the U sixty's so ago blocked a bit like you on the ticket. Now here's the deal we talk on this show. Many times about slippery slopes. -- go what you're worried about is the initial move. Seems to be well we can live -- that is not our favorite thing but we can look bad but then once you've got a little toe hold there than you want a little more. And what your guard Donald further you wants a more. And then pretty soon it's totally out of control and that's what's called slippery slope and I'm afraid that. Trying to solve a radio problem that they're trying to solve is a tremendous slippery slope if we follow the state of Connecticut. -- I used to work in Hartford. A worker for three years like the state of Connecticut -- -- became friends would have the governor while I was -- believe it or not. But and here's the deal. They're trying like most law enforcement officials are trying to figure a way to prevent. Shootings on a mass scale. And we hear about it all the time and in Connecticut. Obviously they're very concerned about it and so they they have a law that's already on the books. And it's been on the books for fifteen years. And what it does he is out there as far as I'm concerned really. Present a slippery slope. And that is the ability to come and confiscate. Your guns. -- any time you see the word confiscate. And determine your guns in the same sentence it should get your attention and got mine. All right conference today your guns on accusations. Now that you have X amount of time. To have a hearing and at that time -- your guns there either. Presented to you. Again and OK yeah it was an accusation but. We feel that unfounded and so -- it comes back or are they can hold your guns for a two year. And so now now we're talking about a slippery slope. Be obvious situation is now we don't want anybody. Who has for instance mental problems. To have God's. It's not a good idea if you're delusional and yard I don't know all the psychiatric terms what -- your delusional. Or if you're only a kind of rock steady when you take your arm heads. Not -- would you having guns but I'm also not throw with the government coming in on an accusation. And grabbing your guns at all let mania but I go over some of us right now and will go over of the rest of it after the break. This is an article by Dave Collins from the AP. They're trying to prevent mass killings obviously like sandy hook. In in a new town and as some states are turning to a gun seizure law pioneered. In Connecticut fifteen years ago. Connecticut's law allows judges to order guns temporarily seized. After police present evidence that a person is a danger to themselves or others. -- keep in mind this is just an accusation. There would be no -- And I think one of -- things as we get through this it's a real hole when the argument is it's going to make an assumption that I don't think they can make. The assumption is. That if somebody in your family or is somebody like that. Is says that's you know what he's acting a little strange -- has guns I'm going to call the police and have them take the guns away aren't. I don't think for instance that the shooter at said he -- mother. Who tried to -- -- who who tried to have a life with him but no he was slow a little strange more than a little strange as it turns out. Would have turned and I'm optimism that aren't so it says that when a person is a danger to themselves or others. The the -- has a right to comment a court hearing must be held within fourteen days to determine whether to return the guns. Or authorize the state to hold them for up to a year now here's a basic concept about this one. -- innocent until proven guilty that's a pretty solid concept. Except for the fact that you obviously if there -- severe mental disturbance. Maybe that would be an ill advised attitude to take. This is not an easy subject. But the confiscation is the absolute bad or worse word when talking to a gun owners is confiscation. I will look. Finish setting this up we'll take your calls it a -- Montreal 10616926. 930. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930 and our toll free line is 1806169236. -- -- -- rock okay doing the show on Friday -- between the year between a rock and oh yes. Look for me there now the the states are looking for ways to help them. Tried to kind of look into the future and see if any potential problems exist with somebody who might have guns. This is the ultimate slippery slope that we're talking about. And in Connecticut obviously. Though we have the shootings down there. There are looking for ways to head that off after sandy hook. And now I don't think that this is the answer but they have a law on the books and it's been on the books for fifteen years. Allowing anybody who is it is an accusation. Via the police go to the judge a judge Gibson okay against an OK they seize your guns. And then you have they have up to a two weeks do you view hearing. If they determine at the hearing that you shouldn't be having the guns for now they can halt the guns up to a year. And so as I said I think it's the ultimate. The ultimate slippery slope and one thing before we get even further into -- that their counting on is for people. Pool would be in the best position perhaps besides the medical personnel. To see what's going on and call the police on you when that would be your family. And I I don't think that would have saved. The shooting at sandy hook. Because the woman there actually -- takers on shooting she was very careful she blocked guns up whatever. And it's still happen. So I think of people over reluctant. To -- and family members I mean it's not unheard of but I don't think it's via. It's the -- world. The nineteen that is not a law the first of its kind in the country it was in response of the 1998. Killing of four. Our managers at the Connecticut lottery headquarters by disgruntled employee with a history of psychiatric problems. Indiana is the only other state that has such a law that was passed in 2005. After an Indianapolis police officer was shot. To death by a mentally ill man California and New Jersey lawmakers are now considering similar statutes. Now here's the deal. This is one of the reasons I'm very nervous about this. New -- seems to be a copycat state. In many many ways if they see somebody else is doing something -- Has the ability to do something there where are not doing -- can't do they seem to jump on the bandwagon. And that's the last thing we need here we already have New York say a it and I just heard them. Chris Christie. And he was talking about they wanted to blow up into an animal -- -- -- to a New York. And get down to X amount of -- bullets in your magazine. And the heat shot that down if you pardon upon I and so that's not gonna happen but he really criticized it. And Dubya but yeah we have it here in New -- and says it is it's it's silly in that isn't doing good and I -- them. He so as we said. Indiana and Connecticut have the -- now California in New Jersey are looking at the lawn now proposed in the wake of killing six people. At the University of California Santa Barbara -- Leo man. -- oftentimes. In and a. Most -- it was sort of looking the most cynical. Perspective. On these kinds of stories and this is the most cynical perspective is that people who want this sort of thing. Obviously they're not in favor of anybody getting shot. You but they are not. Totally. -- -- pleased with the opportunity. To present their case. Oh while video while the story is still made headlines form on in the newspaper and TV and radio whatever because it gives them -- -- just like when Bill Clinton. Was in office every time there was -- shooting of any consequence. You know they set up the card table and -- the a press conference and call for morgue -- laws. On the bottom line is the one number but nobody gives you who wants more gun laws is. How many guns are how many people are shot with people who've gone through the process if the prize it would if it's with a handgun. How many of them have a handgun permit. And are legally licensed to carry a handgun. Probably not many and that's why you're not going to see that statistic I think you'll be very helpful to see that statistic. Now with the other forms of farm shotguns and long rifles and things like that. A different story. But what we can track easily is handguns and and and -- that number. Michael -- Connecticut's undersecretary for criminal justice. Planning and policy believes the State's -- seizure law. Would have prevented the killing of 21 graders and six educators sandy hook and I disagree -- that. Because as you recall only found out about the mother the mother was trying to bond with the -- trying to keep the sun on an even keel. And used to take him shooting. At at the ranges and things like that used to accompany him and and locked up for guns and -- and so she made some. Honest attempts to be a safer she could be. But there are some things that are beyond control of the government and the gun control laws because they're beyond control of individual people. Who obviously sometimes just war are totally out of character sometimes not but those of many times out of character in a song now plus. This is a slippery slope not only. Not only for gun owners but also for the psychiatric community. Because there they have radio a group of people would stand up anytime there's a question about a psychiatric evaluation. A group of people stand up and say out. You know when they're on their Mets or are properly diagnosed there are no more dangerous than anybody else but the key is. If they have been diagnosed and their on their -- what happens when they miss it. Because a lot of times most doctors will tell you and whether or psychiatric or any other kind of ailment. There when you start to feel better you don't think you need them ads anymore. And that's when it gets dangerous. How many times have you gotten a prescription for something that ails you some Tommy ailment is something. And it says on the on the bottle. Be sure to take the full prescription. And it and use them all up that's because its -- as you start to feel a little bit better you throw them -- away because I don't wanna be on these beds. Or I don't wanna get hooked on his drug and that's that that's the thought. But there there's a number of pills and a bottle for a reason. And the reason is that it takes that many to get rid of them that another virus about a biological. Problem you might be having. It's the same thing I think. Would have with people on beds for psychiatric. Considerations. There might there may be a time when they just feel you know what I feel great now. I don't need these anymore but probably the reason they feel great as the Mets. And if you take him off suddenly strange things begin to happen so the slippery slope is more -- gun owners for sure. And people who have mental health concerns. And their family. We come back we'll continue this discussion under is -- 930 we are WB that we're talking about a slippery slope. Now there's there is there legitimate reason to consider things like this but. When you find out what be hidden consequences of -- not so hidden consequences might be. You have to wonder. You how is is going to balance out as we said there is a law that's been on the books for fifteen years in Connecticut also an Indiana. It is not yet in other states but there a couple of states are looking at it and what makes me nervous is that New York usually follows suit. And so that's a that's what the reason -- mom talk about it today. And it says that if if anybody can present to a judge any evidence that you are a danger to yourself or others. And you own firearms the police can confiscate firearms. And then they have to give you -- hearing. And after the hearing today if space if they still decide it's a problem. That indeed they can hold their guns for up to a year. You have fourteen days they have fourteen days to take your guns and before the hearing now one would say in him what other areas. Are you guilty until proven innocent. Usually -- similar round does not end in the. Point is if it's just accusations. Are you going to get the cooperation. Of the family. Are you going to get the cooperation of the doctors say I don't think so. I really don't think so because. What would constitute. The fact that you might be a danger to others or yourself a watch and think about this all right. Suppose you just lost a child. A child of yours has just died. And your anger of family physician gives you some kind of book on medicinal opportunities to come down and relax and whatever. But you couldn't be considered -- -- you know problem to yourself a danger to yourself. Does that mean that the they're -- new wind of the police because they get below Raza -- or anything like that. I don't think so our players pretty common as where you have book something that gets you through it very difficult period. Of the woman whose son did the shooting -- sandy hook. She tried to bring her sons of a range tried to bond with a sheet. She locked up the guns and it's still happen. So I don't think they're gonna get the cooperation from the mental health community I don't think they're gonna get the cooperation from families and if so who else is the judge. What if somebody ordered an ever just says you know he's been acting strangely. I think he's concerned I don't know I know he has guns. Are they going to be able to come and get your guns or is that an overreaction. Until they you have to be proven that -- not a danger to. Others or yourself. This is the kind of thing that. Gets me very nervous. Because I don't think it's effective and that's the whole point so you'll be taking a dramatic a step forward would be C word content. So -- common and take. And confiscate your guns and then they have tool two weeks. To have a hearing and then if they still determined that you could be a danger to yourself Brothers they can keep for up to a year. Now gun rights advocates according to this article oppose gun seizure laws obviously saying they allow police to take people's farms based only on allegations and before the -- -- to present their side of the story to a judge. They say they're concerned that -- violating. Constitutional rights the government taking things away from people is never. A good thing. Is that a gentleman from the Connecticut carrier association. They come take your stuff and give -- fourteen days only hearing would anybody else be okay if they just came and took your car and gave you fourteen days before hearing. A Connecticut lawyer named -- Rachel Baird. Who has represented many gun -- so one of the biggest problems with the State's law is a police are abusing it. She said she had eight clients whose guns were seized by police. Who obtain the required warrants after taking possessions of -- guns it's stretched and it's abused and since it's firearms the -- go along with -- according to her. You wanna make sure that when people are in crisis there is a way to prevent them to get access to firearms those the words of Josh Horwitz. Executive director of the nonprofit education fund to stop gun violence in Washington. Connecticut authorities reported a large increase in the number of guns seizure warrants involving people deemed dangerous to police over the past several years. So they are using it extensively. Police statewide filed an estimated 183. Executed gun seizure warrants with court -- last year more than twice that number in 2010. So there again this is a knee jerk reaction to sandy hook. And the point is I think you need a more substance than this I think the presumption of guilt. Kind of goals against us and on the presumption of we're gonna take your guns away until you -- to us that you are not a danger. It's like it's like trying to un ring the bell. Connecticut police have seized more than 2000 guns using the warrants according to via. Most recent estimate police in south Windsor. Which is around Hartford prices -- appearances -- Say the law was invaluable last year when they seized several guns from the home of a man accused of spray painting graffiti. Referencing mass shootings in a new town and Colorado. On the outside of the school. Now so I'd like -- your opinion. As to how you balances between safety for the community and on respect. For the rights. Of people who have firearms. Because as and -- Anger to key areas I assume would be family. And medical. Bill would have to be involved -- this and I wonder how willingly. The medical was step forward and say yes so and so as a patient of mine and he is a danger to himself. And you know I understand. But the privacy issues here. Where do you draw the line is somebody's depressed because they just lost a loved one. Is suddenly does that mean that the police have the coming get their guns because they might wanna take their -- life whether it doesn't says whether your danger to yourself or others. You have to think about that what about what are people who are perfectly fine on their ads but if they bought their -- and not perfectly fine how do you judge that. So do you go to everybody that's taking methods to Kyra. Bachmann cover the whole area he blanket and take everybody's guns away. Where do you draw the line on this that's what a slippery slope is about and that's what I'm nervous about surely only two states have -- now to other states are looking at a but good news New York. New York is a copycat state when it comes to stuff like this and this is red meat for Governor Cuomo. So I'm just think saying I'm not Gloria comfortable what is happening I'd like your opinions. Is -- a slippery slope and should -- Arctic joined the two other states. It 030930180616926. Start 930.

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