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Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WBM present your home improvement tip of the week would meet Dominic Cortese. In our support we talked about roughing materials and the evolution of such materials. And how they blend into the style and welcome your home and how materials have evolved over the years now let's take a moment to assess your. Do you have an active growth leaks. Well if you do you should parents and immediately. Even if the entire even if you -- rough will need to be replaced in -- in a few in a few months. -- dealer flashing around protrude -- shows signs of breakdown or lose that's. If so these are often the first areas of rough to have a problem. Sort of early warning system examine them carefully and breakdown -- require repair. Now but the first determine whether the rest of the rough is sound. Next in there is there any deterioration they can be traced to design errors in the flashing gutters and leader system. Very good question itself you'll meet two consult. With the -- change the -- -- incorporate better water shedding practices in addition to replacing these elements. Can the existing rough be repaired and maintained. Institute on this there repairs and continue this met a methodically to monetary euros annually. And the death in a very important step now deciding what materials to use. -- ropes are constructed of natural materials in the US led was rarely use for roughing and it's fallen out of favor certainly. It is nonetheless probably the most crop up permanent the ball -- materials. After a few centuries of use it could be removed melted recast put back in place today. Let coated copper remains an option. Copper sheets or rolls have been available since the lady T century and continue production today expensive but long lasting. More than a century really. They are mostly used unmanned -- churches in monument buildings. Tim -- correctly called keep our -- are increasingly popular today generally withstanding seems construction. Various kinds of corrugated and crimped ten -- are most often used in commercial and utility carrying buildings. And asphalt shingles the biggest manufactured -- innovation of the mid nineteenth century was the inner abduction of shingles. And rolls of material composed of -- -- felt and granular coding. Which came into wide use in the early twentieth century because of their low cost. Fire resistant and ease of insulation and they're available in variety of dark colors and shapes. In improved forms they are now the most popular type of roughing generally -- strips of shingles. Tune -- at 10 AM hammer time comes your way we'll take all of your home improvement questions and turn him into answers here until the end. The caller from the tip of the week is brought to -- by value home senators shop easy shock value.

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