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Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB and present your home improvement tip of the week good money Dominique or -- PR you've heard -- talk about soil -- for some time. Too bad they don't make anymore. But you know what there are some tried and true cleaning products that are still around many old school cleanser is -- more than eye catching retro packaging and formulas. That have stood the test of time they also come with great stories of American ingenuity. Here's a few of those products that have become classics we know and still love today starting with. Bone Miami in the late nineteenth century scarring soaps were made with -- quartz. When the courts with minded the mineral -- speier was discarded his trash now GT Robertson saw an opportunity. To use the softer -- fell -- to make a less abrasive cleanser and NET 86. On Miami was born the product popularity grew the things to. A little check on the label. And one of the earliest successful advertisements slogans. Hasn't scratched yet. Now the next doctor -- honors magic soaps after leaving Germany in 1929. So maker Emanuel Browner. Settled in Milwaukee. In 1948 he started to market and all family recipe. For peppermint soap. It wasn't until 1960. That the soap gaining popularity in part to do with -- friendliness and its quirky. Tight covered labels with quotes from Thomas -- Abraham Lincoln and others more than sixty years later the business is run by the fourth and fifth generations of soap making Roberts. Drill pads aluminum cookware quickly replaced cast iron in the early nineteen hundreds. But the coal fired stole the -- of the day black impact. A Brooklyn New York cookware peddler in jeweler discovered that a mix of Jewelers rouge soap and find will cut through -- -- -- residue. Originally the steel wool -- came with a separate cake of soap. It wasn't -- the 1930s. There -- developed in the method of putting the soap right in the pads. And lastly do you believe. When the original Johnson jubilee kitchen -- hit the market in -- and early 1950s the creamy blend of detergent and wax was touted as a big time -- Combining two steps cleaning and polishing into one. It quickly acquired in this enthusiastic prowling. Male -- products recently licensed jubilee from the SC Johnson company and really dodged it to a flood of positive consumer feedback. Sort of to an end paradigm comes your way from ten to noon we'll take all of your home improvement questions here until the end. Hopefully tip of the week is brought to you by value homes -- -- shopping easy shot value.

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