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Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WB Aaron present your home improvement tip of the week with me down the court tees up a rough does more than shelter at the -- to live beneath that. More even than protect the house rough telltale. About houses and their inhabitants about time and place and about style in every sense of the word. Consider the simple steep late medieval -- of an early American house as that faith in the softer lines of a federal -- dignified -- rough. Then onward to the hobby double slope second empires fell -- answered with multiple door immersed. The flamboyant cones and spires of the late nineteenth century queen and the red tiled roofs of Spanish -- the broad low spread of the bungalow -- and the flat rough. Of a modern house. Each one has a story to tell. Part of that story has to be about the changing materials. From which roughing is made from time. Without measure built houses were topped with natural materials. Wood stone or earth. Tara Conner is literally a translation that means a dearth. Copper and lead reps date back to the classic cart path of Rome and Greece with iron tin and -- added in the nineteenth century. Manmade materials only came into general use in the twentieth century particularly the broad mixes of asphalt. Felt an asbestos as well as modern metal formulations with stainless steel and aluminum. Now in recent past manmade graphene materials have become more common especially those that mimic natural -- at a lower cost. Such as manufactured slate or asphalt -- that resemble what. Today's erupting is available and multiples of materials. Colors shapes forms that maintain that painted to look of the originals. Matching an original -- as closely as possible should always be. Your prime goal in our next report be sure to tune in because we're gonna assess your rough. And we're gonna help you decide. What -- material is right for you to be sure to tune in next Saturday at this time today at 10 AM hammer time comes your way we'll take all of your home improvement questions from ten to noon. The -- tip of the week is brought to you by -- on senators -- easy shot value.

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