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Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WBM presents your home improvement typically put me down and equities. Well got a lot aluminum height plates laying around maybe a lot of ties were consumed on the fourth of July and you still have the tenth chair of the tens disposable. But that's no reason the pitch yet when the -- -- god try these clever uses a around the house. How about making a bird reflector now you can craft can ornaments from a high plate. To keep feathered friend from striking your windows the your element breaks up the reflection. And the creative design. India you can draw those free hand coming out with ten snaps poked -- of holes with a point of a compass and -- -- paying it with a string. How about using I -- plate. As the mini roller -- -- a high ten is the perfect size to hold small amounts of paint when doing minor touch ups. Preventing melted wax mask placed the tide played under burning candles outside the stop Waxman dripping on your table or patio. About squirrel proof -- food for camping. Poke a hole. In the center of an upside down pie plate and credit with -- Make him not at the underside leaving enough loose and to tie up your food bag. Loop the other and over a tree branch and placed the bag up high. Tie off this growth slide off the wobbly plate before reaching the food -- highlight that on. Here's another good one storing circular tools. Caught a high hand in half in secure the finished edges with staples or duct tape open site up. To use on a workshop while use it to hold saw blades and standing discs. Wesley about protecting your stove. Yep you can use pie plates to -- through the round the F burners or -- -- burners on the electric range cut a hole in the center a large enough. For the burner as needed. And keep -- stole cleaner. And at 10 AM hammer time comes your way. We'll take all of your home improvement questions from -- -- -- here on double -- yen the ultimate tip of the week is brought to you by -- home senators shopping easy. -- --

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