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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Zoo Baby Boom - Donna Fernandes

Buffalo Zoo Baby Boom - Donna Fernandes

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Buffalo zoo president Donna Fernandez is with us on the WB -- lifeline one of the big attractions at the buffalo zoo this summer. It is the arrival of their new baby rhino Monica and the camp went on display yesterday for the first time with term. -- how is that Monica doing. Keep doing great -- Really growing fat and actually able to move pretty effectively -- exhibit so she's reliable. About coming and so we can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well she was named after a reproductive endocrinologist. At the Cincinnati's -- who is really responsible for Monica because it was. I've done two artificial insemination. With aim mail right and would actually been deceased for ten years but had his game and preserve. And it sort of prior preservation unit and that doctor Mike Stoops. Was involved with the artificial insemination of passion for this baby. As it's not quite. Seats to have this -- here. What ours can people see her she will be on display all day rain. -- she'll just yet in the mornings from ten until noon up predictably so will be putting her out of the quartet and and breaking her -- just said. It's a big space for a little right -- and so we don't want her to get too excited running around such a big -- social have. Two hours in the big areas and she'll be back confines. Into the holding area. For the rest of the day. It on your share of the big baby boom down there -- those who this year what kinds of other lives of a treasures. Broadly in the world. Three babies be quite cheap. So they're adorable there they're incredibly adept at lining up -- down the mountains. We have still -- a six month old gorilla who'd just sort of becoming more independent and leaving her mother walking around her own we have two sets of -- -- And do we also have a baby reindeer -- -- -- lots of things kind. For the mammals. -- a lot of reasons to come down to Brazil for sure what the summer hours. Well early in July August we do have extended our so we're open. From ten statistics rather didn't despise so he's in that by the elastic extolled the tribe that the closes at six. For the month of July and August -- on Friday night correctly open. A later that with a ferocious Friday's program so you can stay until 8 o'clock it to do. I'm sure a lot of our listeners are wondering how our polar bear cubs looming and colleagues are doing. Well they're big brick at a pretty big this close to 400 pound that -- more like 480 pound. But they're incredibly fun to watch still because there very active -- they're pulling jumping in -- -- and -- around and they. They love to approach the window receive visitors so he'd get a really great chance to take pictures of them are. -- they'll greet you at the windows. Now the -- of the baby rhino. Supported it were what was its weight and birth and it was pretty big right. 144 pound which was that this same week I had at my darkest place I went to a 140 kept us. You know baby rhino came -- but yet incredible that and you know. How big they are when they're born but that you know the mother several thousand pounds so 140 sport compared to several thousand pound mother of that. That big -- deal. What does she -- now. I think if he brought a little bit of weight right after. She was born to block him -- fluid and then she gained up I think she's like 160 now. Maybe a little bit more aptly called a body armor pilots they do look -- like that -- they have all the beautiful that looked just like the body armor but it just very sick again. Violent desperately something to seek done I think for joining us this morning we appreciate it my pleasure aren't that's buffalo -- president Donna Fernandez.

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