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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Taste Of Buffalo - Brian Slomba; Ebenezer Ale House

Taste Of Buffalo - Brian Slomba; Ebenezer Ale House

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is -- is still buffalo preview day number two. And our special guest today are Brian Islam Brian is from the Ebenezer -- house which is on some of the street and main street in the town was on ago. Not far -- Southgate plaza folks he did not bring beer or -- with them this morning. To some people's disappointment but some delectable treats including bacon wrapped shrimp. Also with us and -- of the issues -- of buffalo. Who. Chairperson restore over the Brian. Bacon wrapped shrimp now bacon wrapped shrimp because a lot more to this bacon wrapped -- tell us about it. Or is this is more our favorites we have won awards for this. They're officially known as CL -- angels. They're put on a flat top cook -- -- secret fusion seasonings. Dusted in the come -- line creole mustard which is absolutely out of this world. While. They smell delicious now. This is a rookie year for you guys that's correct this is where this will be our third year in business were coming up on our third birthday. And this is -- for sure that we get a spot in the interest of buffalo it's as exciting you ready do you have any idea what cheering for absolutely not. We're trying to we're trying to get ready hopefully we will and Hackett the -- person for the chase is here doesn't restaurant getting in there actually a. Why lion before January generous 31 is usually are typically you know our deadline and then. You know we review -- meat taste tests -- and that's how they can't. -- you have a board and they sit down and one guy like Brian auction of those bacon wrapped shrimp and you Saddam Hussein. Well actually our restaurant committee they'd they'd go on a couple people get to taste test items how you brought to and empty box -- this morning about. It is going to serve a purpose we understand for folks are walking around the taste of problems right. This actually farms and it's it's going to be flat given to people for free at the ticket -- and it forms -- -- this handy dandy trade that you can you know Graham all the food you can go to the William Hearst is on times. And ends you know eat eat up. -- you -- that's a great idea because I mean having been near you're juggling all the time so a trade is -- perfect. And they are while supplies last so get them on on Saturday and Sunday mornings good good right Brian we're sure location. That. At the -- -- we get up a prime spot Fisher were both number thirty we're going to be rate on the corner of Delaware. Just outside of the circle and from a city hall and Ali at a pro am location like that as a -- my -- of food it's been pretty good. It's -- that's very. And what else do we need to know about the -- this year you know there's a lot on -- definite recommend on on -- buffalo dot com. But we also have this great AT&T DG news music stage so all the families can common come down and dance there we also have our culinary stage. Inside and you Erekat parking lot. And on on Saturday from twelve to two you can see. Salary blue cheese and chicken coming from the buffalo Verizon's there's -- greeting everybody and it's fun. Again Brian for only a managerial approach any unusual. Drink you're going to be serving. Were actually only doing food this year they have separate transfer for -- and now lines and -- throughout the you know. Taste of buffalo or else you know doing your Bavarian pretzel sticks concert with honey mustard dipping sauce and for our healthy choice we have many mad platter. Which is a roasted red pepper comments quote screwed us. And some Peta and other it's it's really good for truly refreshing in place and healthy choice. Everybody at the taste of -- -- -- on the -- so this is that this is really gonna surprise everybody talks where all three sound great. They're they are delicious and alias that they are favorites on the commission on Herman on line. So strict straight from the restaurant made just for just fuhrman's. Okay good luck this weekend Brian and -- any idea who we're gonna talk as tomorrow. I don't these. You know you know what it's at that that's right sound -- yes there that Bob is noted for you and yet here. -- messages and he are you might remember his and a barbecue and obviously you know okay field. Tomorrow things you are -- to buffalo preview the warning goes from day number two and I guess of course and hack of the issues is the buffalo chairperson. And Brian Islam broaden the use of the delicious bacon wrapped shrimps rose to sample from the Ebenezer ale house -- west side.

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