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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Kathy Hochul Muted? - Dave Levinthal

Kathy Hochul Muted? - Dave Levinthal

Jul 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest on the WB and landline Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity boarding days. First the immigration crisis the president is to ask congress today for two billion dollars to ease. The situation. Where's that money going. Well that money could go directly to the border situation which by any account whether you agree about immigration policies are going one way or another it's a pretty bad situation -- a lot of police and -- -- Critics at the presents they aren't even Republicans on this issue -- conservative members of his own party. In this weaker when it Democrats -- Liberals were saying situation. Our southern border isn't really about immigration at all about like he he's. About women and children view in some cases are playing extreme violence in countries like Guatemala now. Other -- Honduras. The president really trying to you like -- -- walk. Both sides of the line here lot of Democrats believe the US should be looking to protect its people on the situation not and the fact that that's becoming calm. Op the president opened strong he's saying that -- you know we believe that these -- children. And not many of them really turned out and put an effort day in immigration court they can argue that it's the -- but in the meantime. The secure the border we need to make sure that we get the resources. He likes it really understand that in its people coming -- Mexico from. Central American countries in particular and -- coming into the United States. Again we're also focused on recreational. Marijuana -- morning David does goes on sale the day in Washington State we're wondering of that could possibly be -- next step here in New York State now before this gubernatorial. Election but who knows after that what do you think. I think it's been fired early likely possibility you know whether it says 900 New York State murder. Washington DC for example aware of the issues being discussed it and and with. -- and anarchy and pretty much every state right now. With Colorado being one of the first you have to legalize. Marijuana -- firm out -- recreational purposes. That particular became all the dominoes is whatever metaphor you look like his really only gently that needle work is going to be want the states and having major. -- a discussion about which way the this. Is going to go -- as bad start and very much complaint but that the discussion is probably and how likely that at some point in time whether it's say in the near future. Or little longer is that gonna play out in statehouses all around country. Doesn't represent a cultural shift would you say in this country. The cultural yes but also political shift here you can have a cultural shift and politics are -- be trailing far behind but this is an issue where it it seems is that the cultural shift maybe the state -- so quickly that that the politicians are catching up pretty. Aaron. That it has some economic concerns to the some people make the argument that. Why if you look at it like -- -- if you legalize it it's a way to access between -- that governments are cash strapped that. A little extra money but. It is -- criminal aspect of it as well on a lot of states that it's simply don't wanna be filling up by its scale and using police resources. What would consider to be a pretty low level and so transgressions felt. -- -- -- Some of these arguments more settlements from -- and others but think about all that they're really the overall argument that he. That -- Some people believe that that there should be it sort of liberalization. Laws say it's the same level and the federal level when it comes to marijuana. They've -- on another top regular Richard governor here in New York. We're hearing from another political reporter downstate. But Governor Cuomo may have put a muzzle on who is running -- former congresswoman -- local national vocal. Was once on opposite sides of the fence with Cuomo on the leader actually effect on on giving privileges to illegal immigrants is an unusual. It's not a usual and that and she's been making a few appearances here in the -- with some small groups but. Really am not hurt a lot from having local calls -- you have to. The running a referendum quote but you know I'm -- governors in general but the New York's state. Or any other states are often seen and not hurt or not the ones running for governor there and not the ones are at the top of the ticket. I can't say it away like -- vice president even at a lower level. In the sense that out there and look almost a wide view is that really going to be -- base of this administration of course security is the exit the administration. And important like buffalo in particular Andrew Cuomo wants to endear himself to Western New York you want to talk about the ballclub -- he wants to talk about. A couple of bills and keeping them in -- itself. As a result they get the Opel as a public elated to be seen enough experience going to be hurt from sparingly in and transparently deal that. -- you know definitely has it's -- -- Competent politician in the way you like the politics or don't like the politics. It's somebody who is comparable groups. At least -- app level. I think about it in that sense we will probably a little bit of cover -- -- -- not a whole lot and not nearly as much it is going to be hearing from and and Oklahoma during the straight. Days have a good week thanks. Absolutely it. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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