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7-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate land on my desk. So I can sign -- wherever and whenever. I can take up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Tom hourly and that's what's -- within 200 feet of the storm. Or. It's life. It's local -- this it's Tom hourly as you know the question. Try to get this much this isn't real she's knows it wouldn't. He's -- live here. Now so on news radio 930. Everywhere and we -- what it meant some important moment things a lot of compliments. Was that members coast W. Yeah it. There's a quote -- -- and the hangover -- Jerry and I consider adding this one where -- has a bit of an accident in his pants after watching black -- Meet his demise. And Hector is told by John Goodman Marshall go into the Mexican -- to retrieve some fresh sweat pants for -- And Allen has the balls to turn around and say it's a 44 slim and bring the options. I mean this is a guy whose character after his dad's funeral. Barges through that door his mom's house and says. It's the well it it it it also it is -- said. A lot of people I would have preferred to have died before my father. Like my mother. It's a six series of movies folks there really is but that I -- -- aria I needed some serious brain -- over the weekend. It has hourly WBE. And and on a serious note those commuters getting in your cars. Wondering. What -- -- going on today. First of all I wanna thank you for understanding. -- While I am a professional at what I do. And I've been doing this for a long time. Animals or human -- And I've always been a human being which treasured intimate. Friendships with people as opposed to a lot of acquaintance ships with people. And over the weekend and it wouldn't be talking about it if I had not sheer horror which few. Over the weekend the founder of conservative organism Rachel wells. My best friend. Died suddenly at the age of fifty. Man. It really. It really hurts -- is in the -- Wednesday we were texting back and were all day long. Political stuff funny stuff selling stuff. You know the friends that. And then Saturday a few texts. And she stopped responding. Which was for unusual for her unless it was very late at night which actually slept a couple of years ago. And that I received word from Ross Thompson -- Did you hear about Rachel wells not good. And I think to myself you know I know the local political world in comedy writers there can be you know what what attracted so -- spreading. And it turned out wasn't rushed wannabe you know. Richie and had a heart attack was in the hospital and it was a good. And that is wives meant so much time talking about Rachel. Not only wishing my best friend. But she more importantly point eight firm that has been really means streamed on the buy -- program. As I said earlier. I am so happy. For her husband David that. After years. You know snide remarks about you know -- being the eccentric lady with a computer altered -- around politics all day. That the larger world had a chance to experience Rachel's brilliance and political acumen. Through my share. And and maybe again that was just my destiny in her life. And it was just via a very very deep friendship. And her husband David. Let's put it this -- He worked today as far as -- know he had planned on going to work that. Whether or not they're not a couple that had a lot of money both of them had some health issues and David recently had. Along about a rehabilitation after groceries operation. So I'm beginning with David probably the this coming Sunday. And see what's up with that. But again you know I I got like I've said I've lost my best friend he's lost his sold in the world has lost the great political thinker. And I'm just glad that I was able to play a part in her life. And I'll always be grateful for the part she played in mind. And bird death leaves a the hole when my heart. And in mind soul but it is just it's never gonna. It's never heal because you just make friends. Like that every day. You kind of consider like your other cell. And what -- topic today is. How weird is it because I have to explain this to people on more than one occasion. How can you be best friends with somebody with who you didn't hang out. And I say because we didn't have to have the April equity. We were -- each others' -- that's why. Look at me like I had three -- My mother would never understand it's my grandparents this wouldn't even have been in the world. OK if you're with somebody over play cards with Evan drinks with you an airport with -- Com and it's not like that. And for as much as I bashed social media because we say that I -- the original social media -- show. Three to seven on WB and it's -- beach this station from nine until noon. And by the way you can listens to these best they're actually listened to every show -- that he does and every shall I do. I'd WB yen dot com so it work if our schedules are convenient for you we make it convenient for you at WB and that comes at a great show today on Obama I -- beast is topic in just a little bit you know bring mine's got a mobile like on the state channels. But. Again I really guides. I start up the segment by similar -- human being first in four. -- -- Know myself well up to note that the last thing I should have done today was to stay home. Bawling my eyes out like I've been doing since I got the news that I have had to be -- wasn't here. Rachel would be kicked in by S and for those for those who don't know. There are solely ironies involved and if you're gonna get your car after working until 5 o'clock. On my desk at home. It revised version of my last will and testament I asked Rachel few weeks ago. If she would agree to be the exact your -- In their reasons that I have aspirin. And she said it should be -- took. -- went ahead paperwork changed everything was all set everything was all set to be notarized. And Rachel. Look what you've done so and I gotta go back into that whole thing all over again and by somebody that I trust as much as I trusted her. And the other thing is an -- read again. By whatever final post on FaceBook. Was an EE Cummings poem. Which I have put on my FaceBook page in the one of my postings about Rachel. And Rachel -- are very deeply spiritual side to ever. And as your friends are told she did not believe incidences one of the many things we have in common was they believe that a larger force network. And I'm stunned. Frankly. By. I don't know whether to call -- irony. Precedents. I wouldn't call coincidence. -- -- -- Rachel wells posting. -- Weytman moms and pops. Go I think this team Costa Rica. And that was that was it. And I'm asking you guys question do you have as many friends. As your parents did before you and how weird is it in 2014 because I got to play a bit of some good natured grief from people that. About well how did you really be friends with somebody how can you go on and on and on I'll hurt you are -- and how deeply cared for this woman when you didn't hang out. In my response is very simple that we were we didn't have to hang out physically and we we didn't have to because we were in each other's heads. That's the honest to god truth. And what I wanna find out from you guys is. Do you have friends. Who were your deep personal friends yet you don't hang out you may never have met that. And I'm getting a lot of our response on this on FaceBook my question was. How weird is it to have a best friend without physically being around each other such as our electronic age. Are you close with somebody to the point of being best friends without physically hanging out with them. Twenty years ago the answer to that question would have been probably streams of insults from people. Now it's a lot different. -- series seven responses. On line. And invite you to call in with your response at 8030938030930. Start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN chuck says I have a couple really good friends. That I have never met because of FaceBook. Sam says a rare instance where the virtual world is very real. Sandy says she met a very special friend through FaceBook seems like we've known each other forever she was two years behind me in a high school. Gary asked bridge of the BBC said not weird at ball. And others -- contrary voice from a guy named bill. And I wanna share that with you because I would have agreed with him this time last week. And I'll tell yourself then those. We fell in love before we even met I thought they were such bull baloney. Before -- I honestly I thought oh my god what did they pay these people act this out. But when you have such a commonality of interests. And such a mutual. Range of interests. And similar viewpoints and ideas my goodness it is entirely possible. Now Rachel was -- happily married woman. And I've I've I've told -- -- I lost my best friend David her husband lost to solve it. And that we're gonna get into work and this'll work coming up -- -- you have a great friend even though -- you've never met or you don't really hang out. Bill has -- contrary view. Having electronic friend it while it may seem great to -- is not the same as having a friend in the flash and I don't mean carnal. I am still friends with someone from my childhood from the age of four. We chat on FaceBook occasionally but when we meet for coffee or beer were both provided in a special sense why we need eye to eye contact and interaction that cannot be replaced by FaceBook jets that being said I cannot be true close friend to someone unless I meet them personally. I was said the same thing last week. And the weirdest thing -- -- is. Watching those dating service ads on TV that. I honestly I thought that they were the biggest crock of crap ever. Always tell them. Before we can't. Really. How that even possible that sounds pretty stupid enemy. And I totally get it. I really really really get it. 8030930. Is the phone number I also -- expand. The topics election to get more shall we say national. -- city beach that a program today. On his favorite person in the entire whole wide world president Barack Obama. And whether or not he was up to the job. And basically I found myself nodding my head up and down to everything sandy was -- And I can tell you folks news for those of you like to -- sandy beach for those who view elected bash your humble host. For our opinions. About President Obama -- just remind you that both sandy beach and I both. Paul this guy for what he was when most of the rest of the media which still going god got over Barack Obama. -- -- -- -- -- We don't know enough about this guy. No we are not racist but he is saying some things that are kind of freaky and he's hanging out with some people. -- Who seem to be a reflection of him. And after the election and Rush Limbaugh used to play this clip an awful lot pump -- -- call. And and others were on this national -- was Charlie Rose talking about the fact that. None of them in the mainstream media really knew who Barack Obama -- as -- just got to got behind him. And I'm thinking to myself you talk about eight dereliction of duty. Anybody who wants to trust mainstream media. To assess candidates. And did you guys the real deal you need to be very very skeptical of everybody in mainstream media and that includes me and that includes sandy beach to your old thinking about these things in the case of Barack Obama folks. The case. Was made and could have been made even before the election of 2008. That this man was no good for America that his values were not your values and that he was in fact a dangerous man and no. We were not racists. But. Despite what we said. He was elected in what can best be described as a landslide. Over the Republican sacrificial lamb and a guy who weighs one of the most it with the presidential campaigns I've ever seen. John McCain. 8030930. And I know a thing or -- about it but it's 8030930. Start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB and my question is. What is the greatest threat facing America right now and what would you do. Yeah. That. I had bad head Bennett. By the way what do Rachel's favorite for. Performers that I might head. It is 534. Hours late on the radio on Monday and I've got two questions one of the does have a floppy and the other one is not how to start up what the press 11. I want your thought on the single greatest problem facing the United States of America right now. I will play what I consider would be the greatest single. Issue the greatest single problem facing the country right now and you know what the liberals had a few now that the liberals so. Actually. -- appreciation. For classical American liberals. And they believe it or not folks there is a lot of common ground can be a lot of common ground. Between liberals and conservatives with respect to the size scope and nature of government. When you sit down and analyze physicians and oftentimes. The only difference is. With the trust level of whichever party is in power. You say win the concern after when the -- Republicans are in power liberals hate government. Suddenly government become big bad government. When the liberals are in power. -- liberals. I'm sure that the conservatives. Don't. Basically there's a lot of hypocrisy it and and the the ideas and ideals vary depending on the person in power. And I'd like to see everybody agreed. Met there which is what happened but the single biggest issue problem crisis facing America is not al-Qaeda. It is our own government. And it's over reaching in to our lives. And I will not back down from what I've been saying for years and be regressive setup they would. Well all they had a field day with it. I am more scared of our own government but I am al-Qaeda. Ice ice edit them. I'll restate it now and I will tell you that I have not retreated nor will I -- a single millimeter from that position. And the story. Because who is more power over you the IRS. Where some -- Living in the mountains of Afghanistan. Who has more power over you the MS -- Or some guy living in a cave. In Yemen. The answer is pretty simple your own government can make life a whole lot worse warrior than any terrorist organization can't. And of course they can do it in the name of quote national security. It 030930. So yeah I consider our own government. And it's increasing scope reach power and depth to be this country's biggest enemy and I think the founding fathers would agree with me. Which is why I took the pain and the trouble of going through with the declaration of independence. When I -- just as easily were more easily mailed it in on Thursday before the Independence Day holiday weekend. Let's go to deadly in the middle port on a WBBM. Debbie you you call them with -- arts answer to our serious topic about the friendship isn't serious don't get it wrong but. What do you consider to be the greatest threat facing this country. 923. Days we have to Colin -- Obama and administration. And believe me hand count the days I've gathered on my calendar he is the biggest threat to America. Number one well I have to go let's all about a minute -- -- because I need to find out why you believe he is the biggest threat I have just explain what I consider the government a bigger threat to use that al-Qaeda why do you consider Barack Obama the biggest threat to the United States. Number 11. 33 number one he laughed out five Taliban. That just. Are the most dangerous people in the world -- parade Soledad I. Okay. -- OK number two. You have at being -- plus illegal immigrants coming over here. And please don't tell me -- Al -- because of mayor that there are a bunch of bad apple. And they have 50000. -- that are coming into our country. And now we've got five bed Taliban. Now we've got a bunch of drug cartels probably murderers rapists and everything like that. Come in over the borders and everything like that all and then by the way the third line would be the I arraf wedge and our. Biggest enemy of the world that is called tyranny. There's so where we get to the point you can't trust you go over and anymore and all Obama and letting it happen. 123. I cannot disagree with any thing that you said and let me just take one step further stated -- talked about this this morning and I don't come up on my program before I don't come up on his show before. We'd need a special prosecutor. To investigate the missing IRS. Emails because anybody -- freaking first grader knows emails do not evaporating. You know what -- And if if if Yahoo! or Gmail or Ty Warner was issued a subpoena I. I'd guarantee they could produce every -- and email I've ever sent or received or deleted in my history on the Internet and anybody who believes that email from the six particular people with the IRS were in a position to exercise their power as a form of tyranny over the political opposition is some kind of an accident. Is absolutely. Delusional. And we need a special prosecutor and frankly this president needs to be impeached he needs to be removed from office not just impeached he needs to be. Absolutely thrown out because of high crimes and misdemeanors. Thursday and Friday you'll be very interesting days when the IRS employee he's. Now employers. Employees. The don't younger ones -- ones on the lower lower bottom scale. That are going men and they're gonna get question and Thursday and Friday night to fly you learn how your listeners. Turn now to keep and I am -- because sometimes the lower paid people. Squeals. The concern -- of their job. Well here here's the problem when you do what people law on the totem pole in the real world Betty. You can talk about whistle blower protection all you want in the real world people who squeal against people in power. Sometimes meet with very interesting deaths. We'll be interesting to keep and Diana her. -- thank you thank you thank you very much could not agree anymore but see that's folks you can talk about protecting whistle blowers all you want but. Those people -- taken time to study the Kennedy assassination. And I'm talking about John F. Kennedy got Robert F Kennedy. Those have you taken time you know -- every time there was a serious investigation or so called into the assassination. There were waves of mystery deaths example. 196364. As the war and commissioned the official government body investigating the assassination was convening a whole bunch of people. Died among them guide Bannister who. Would -- troll in my opinion to the assassination conspiracy when Jim Garrison the New Orleans district attorney opened his investigation in 1967. A whole bunch of people started dying including a guy by the name of David theory. And then again the House Select Committee on Assassinations which. Got together a whole bunch of people died including. Johnny Razali. Mobster and a George the more and -- Oswald CIA handler. I mean close friend of Lee Oswald. And folks it just never made any sense that George de -- -- of the Dallas petroleum club. Would be close personal friends with the perpetual loser Lee Harvey Oswald. -- People in government. Our disposable. And people who know too much. Our disposable once they've served their purpose as useful idiots. Let's go to what Jerry is -- -- WBM. Jerry what is the biggest threat facing America and what do we do about it. Well right now law and I am you know I believe that. I believe that it's not the government. It's just the are hundreds gluten hundreds of thousands of people collect our government because. You know all we just keep doing the same thing expect and that results. -- down. You know I I I just don't understand that I think if you know rush rush called low information voters on nine any probably pretty well got it now held. I I don't understand why we can't put some new blood in an error. And try to get this thing turned around you know everybody it but it's funny because everybody look at their own politician. And so they vote for him time and time and time again. It's startle -- lawyers -- in all the old lawyer joke about fact -- -- aged lawyers are their own -- all other. Well everybody lawyers until you need one. Well I'll get everybody hates the ACLU until you need it. It. And I I have to be one of those rare people on my side of the political fence who's glad the ACLU exists now I don't agree in some senses with elevate -- cherry picked. Those causes which -- they will defend it but. Let me say this much that we need somebody who actually is actively looking out for -- civil rights of the American people. I -- hurt them bad but I will also say that I was really shocked and surprised and pleased. With the fact that the Supreme Court because I don't I've been wondering. For bonds who well actions or what nobody was watching more and finally. It's -- like the Supreme Court. And through it were caught all of -- Is we give -- and I'm here now that they are. Brad -- at least stood up dorm. On a miniscule. Gal. But I mean is is somebody. In this -- from -- and emperor. No I'll -- -- if it's anybody in congress had any balls. They would be issuing right now impeached there'd be initiating impeachment proceedings against Barack Obama the I. RS scandal alone should result in him being thrown out of office and convicted. And what are -- gonna get in to what's going on at the border which I consider out and out treason. I I totally agree with everything he's and I'll look another caller have there. No Jerry it's always good to speak what -- genius who agrees with all I said. But Rachel I agree -- all -- set up thanks very much I'm a magical -- 546 news radio 930 WB yet -- folks service this topics is the one you guys want today end that's fine actors haven't -- to get to it. And again I do thank you -- guys from the heart seriously. Thank you for. Allowing me to. Explain why Rachel. Wells. Was so important. And why she was important to you. If she was just somebody that I knew. And you guys never heard ever I would not have done that I probably would come to work today and and let it be you know just let it be a personal thing but. As I've said I'm just honored that I was able introduced her to a wider group of people. And there was a time when some people thought you just some crackpot. You know. Some little bit of some loser crack -- typing away in the Internet articles nobody would ever read. And over the past several years I I take some pride in knowing that. I played every big role in exposing her to -- wider audience and I regret. That I wasn't able -- on the show to talk more about conserve materialism. Because our schedules just you know sometimes it's it's just difficult schedule it's. But. I know that she's looking down upon us and say and or tell you still have gone and it's good for you 547 news radio 930 WB yet but there are out there somewhere giving -- We are asking you the question. What is the biggest danger what is the biggest problem facing America right now and what would you do about it. And it. You know -- a sub question would be. Is Barack Obama opted job I don't even think that's up for debate anymore. Not even. Even the usual suspects are having an increasingly difficult time defending this man child we have in the White House he's churlish he's petulant. He has -- -- deserved air of arrogance about him. I've earned my air organs he has. Let's go to up Michael in black a lot of on WB -- -- Although. You know I'm calling about what I think the number one threat is and that would be in neo con agenda. And I would also say about President Obama it. Be careful what you wish for because his successor. Just might start world war three specially. If his successor is a Republican. Well well first of all I don't know which Republican. I don't think you have to worry about a Republican successor. It's a dead party and I -- democracy Republican president again. So that's number one you can rest easily there will not be a world war so. Sort of put your mind at that so I don't know exactly what the neo con agenda is I've never quite understood. When people talk about neo con. Because what's neo conned him might not be neo con somebody else and every time he used the word -- outward new. It's just I Dodi I don't know what that means. It be got a cup with a different word of the neo con. Come up with a new word that we do it all the time and -- were always doing the knowledge. Here is up mark and WB -- from Hamburg on WB and hello. -- -- my ego but might they make a good thing usually we get. Kind of caught between two different answers there because Obama is the problem in the country. -- -- the the government is the problem but in conjunction with nickel back a couple calls. You want -- He's you don't like because those to let that old. Yeah you have to stand up and brought that they're sleeping and that figure out there. And and you're issues that according fault because if you don't well then keep your mouth shut out of the conversation the kick a ball. Well OK here's here's a question here here's what I wanna ask you there's a thought about this a lot last week OK all these newcomers all these invaders into the United States all the discussion about. Well you know eventually you're gonna want the right to vote since we don't have voter ID laws what's gonna prevent them and 26 team for showing up at the polls and voting anyway since we've already decided the voter ID laws are somehow racist. You're absolutely right that is just one of the war -- -- of hypocrisy that going out because here's cheers. That reminder that doesn't yet to be reminded that all the sort that little information bulk. We have been huge. For that matter. We -- -- job we elected sure and watch it and try and control the poster boy it sure. Ships that Romney was not much as such Iran between -- and -- She was the poster -- exports except to call -- up the ranks. Working hard doing the right making the right decision and becoming -- an example for those of us. Who want to be on a continual like everybody else to -- Well you know Mitt Romney had basically I think Mitt Romney could have won that election. Had he shown the same kind of fire in the second and third debate as he showed in the first debate. Somehow his advisors. Most of convinced him to back off and not be so aggressive and I think it really cost them the election but. You're you're actually right you are absolutely right that that. That's the issue. All right as you know all I've got something else to say but it kind of it's emblematic of what the Republican Party has become a wide I just I can't go longer just it's just that it's just not permit. It is up by 56 news radio 930 WB -- all the -- changed a party from within. All right I've been hearing that since 19761. At what point do you decide if he never happen.

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