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7-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and and and -- -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. -- it wasn't going to set a world. Tom and our lady just when I think you could possibly be anything October. Having told. Felt when it's live it's local ethnic -- and you hope it's Tom -- Arthur -- news radio 930 -- I guess it is another step before his radio I'm thirty WB and by the way those are you an Orchard Park. You will note the police presence. At two Hillsboro in Orchard Park that is that the quarter of south Freeman. That happens to be Jim Kelly's old neighborhood by the way and -- kind of on the pricey side. Police aren't saying anything but something major happened at the hold at two Hillsboro in Orchard Park. We have tweeted a photo of the house and we are awaiting a comment from Orchard Park police department. And -- use what we have so far. On the record. Now we are. At ten minutes after four news radio 930 WBE end -- wanna ask a question marijuana branches out just a little bit. How many really really really really really really really close friends do you have. Comedy really really really really close friends do you have. Whipped. The passing of Rachel wells. It. It's -- it's pretty bleak. And I it's not an adult. Friendships happen. If you can't make them happen they just happen. And one of the things I will remember about my dad died. It reinforced something that I have believed and known for a long time. Many of us have acquaintances. OK I can call -- Salvatore today and probably get him to give me a 100000 dollars no questions. Seriously I probably got. I can call Paul K every right now say Paul kind of thick what are your vehicles for the weekend no questions asked. Could I call Paul at 3 in the morning and say Paul I need somebody to talk to no I wouldn't do that to what I. And by the way you know. We're getting back to the whole reinforce. My parents. Had a lot of quote unquote friends. But one of the things that I will never forget. About my dad being in the hospital. Here's this guy who had all these quote unquote friends. From softball. It's better. And it. Not one of them. Stopped by to just say hey. Now I realize hospitals can be depressing. I realize that hospitals are not the fun place to be especially in the middle of summer. Do you know who stopped by to talk to my dad and a regular basis I'm gonna tell you. A man by the name of John -- Who is also no longer with us he also died way too young. And jogged like Clinton's father died right around the same time my dad did it and they were actually in very close rooms at -- where mercy hospital. So John Eichmann who was a local musician pedal steel guitar players on Ryder. John which is not a bad -- stop up at 88 she might debt that was like the highlight of my father's life. But as far as all of his so called friends. Not one of them. Not one of them showed. And that was really an eye opening experience for me. -- it because it reinforced what I told all along. Basically a friend will help you move. Our real friend will help you move a body. Now that might be just a bit -- ball list -- But I think you get the point. Idea of maybe shouldn't admit this publicly. But I would. Where I would go away on vacation. Rachel had every one of my computer press reports. And she would basically police my FaceBook page when I was gone. Against the trolls and the tables. If she did it gladly. I've there was another time when I gave -- my personal password and she had to do something else for. I don't trust many people like a trusted Rachel. I don't trust any public interest Rachel with all that stuff because I knew that she was a ball. -- got that expression I'm a vault. From her. But do you have Hollywood really close close friends do you really have. How many people if they're alive do you think they're gonna come see you at a hospital. Comedy. How many people could you call tonight. If god forbid something happened and you needed a ride god forbid something happened and you needed somebody to get you to the hospital so you could see your husband white because the ambulance would -- goal. How many people could you really really call how many people could really really count. And with my dad being in the hospital for so long and seen this guy who always have people around him. You know listening to the stories the jokes all this stuff and that is seen not one of those dudes show up at a hospital. Was. If I would say it was eye opening but it just reinforce something but I -- -- all the law. And I can't speak for a burglary. But I'd rather have. I'd rather have two or three. Close friends. Then. A whole bunch of friends that are basically war to be considered acquaintances. And our topic that's that's one of my topics -- really really close friends do you have. And how weird is it that you consider somebody to be your best friend even though you didn't hang out face to face. And it dawned on me too you know another one is Dennis spoleto I don't even remember if Dennis and I have ever met. I -- We text each -- we text each other all the time. Like Dennis was very kind recently some very very nice text over the weekend. Rust -- now Wisconsin and -- we have for now we obviously we met a few times. More than once probably less than a dozen. He also is somebody that is always there. You know Bobby -- -- somebody I could call 3 in the morning. Dennis the way don't yeah I can call him a three and neither that was pretty as Rachel. But that's -- that's another story altogether. 8030930. Is via phone numbers -- 93180616. WBE NC Rachel isn't the only person that. I consider a close friend without having to hang out with them. Here is -- -- let you log on WB and mark you are with a -- Hello I -- the mind a three year old are your listeners listening to the right guy. And an old soul and all our. You were talking about. Choosing people with precision. Some might not that that depressed -- in cheers and of people around you. Can you were talking about on in China. I'm an old -- I'm one of those that was on chip like when it was like really -- Right before we had social media you would have been on Compuserve chat. -- -- -- Yeah I'm I'm ugly -- -- your prime -- -- Tom and I don't run news from around the world from around the world. Not I actually consider curtains. And that we don't reach out. Different experiences. Different planes and we always stay in -- we always entitled. Com. People around here. I mean you know I'm still in a little ritual but. Just so you know armed. But changing your people with decision. I'm not that broaden your car license. Up to broaden your horizons but the sergeant just sort of explore. Or political lives down in history. We want a new. Well -- equity appropriate equity is one thing. I mean just because somebody is a neighbor does not mean you have a lot in call I mean people can be good neighbors but not really close friends. And you know friendships and close friendships are based on. Not so much -- equity as they're based in in commonality of interest commonality in viewpoints or a certain commonality of it to meshing and relatable personality types. Right OK I personally. -- I personally eat very strong people are on our. Actually turn people aren't the people honor and integrity of the kind of people actually want to associate. Urban -- -- really not like you either like dust in the wind to quarter song. I hired you BB -- I don't know it's it's quite all right the other people -- here's here's a question. The people you know from computer. As you -- from all over the world. Do you know who they really are do you know where they really live. Do you know. Well probably do you know about their family situation. Yeah over the years over the years over the years. I've gotten to know of them intimately. There's certain there's a certain. Misty if you will -- -- word or of their written work. Just tremendous amount of power in the when you've written more. -- tremendous amount of power and shopping search history. Armed and people -- Are there and bear -- now you know problem -- in Qatar -- But Shyamalan. These meters in portable people -- what are incredible people. That are there are continuing. And help being breached these deals speak of international communication. And I am proud to know. Well that day that's excellent. That's very well said mark thank you very much mayor please get if you are afraid of please I mean that's one of the problems. It is human jealousy with -- men and women. He's just Rachel and I had this bond in this connection that was transcend. And her husband obviously knew. And he's a great guy. And we never racial I never formally met after college and even that one I don't remember but. It's not like we felt the need to be in each other's physical presence because it was almost like we're in each other's heads anyway. Does that make any sense or Q are you related to any of us. Kiss my mom is gonna think I'm crazy. Join the club. I eight have to Terry I've not slept very well at all since. Since I got the news. Com that Rachel was I've had a heart attack and was in the hospital and you know that feeling it it's hard to describe. You know when you know that somebody isn't gonna make -- I knew I knew when I woke up Sunday morning and turn on the phone that the first messages -- would receive would be. I'm sorry it's an area but Rachel passed away I didn't nobody had to tell me I just knew. The thunderstorm. I must've fallen asleep. Because that thunderstorm hit was at 5 o'clock this morning I -- we're right where I live. When I -- go to work could not believe all the truths that were down holy crap. I can't be talking about branches talking about some limbs -- actually got knocked down. Mother nature is following service baiting so I just be advised and don't park under a tree tonight. If you have the choice and your street. Gives you get a tree with brutal branches and dollars and you explain that your insurance company its infancy may or may not give -- -- hard times or oh look look -- apart when you go home tonight especially one of those streets and slider were and him as some of these that was buffalo never -- huge trees. What goes up sometimes comes down with the mother nature's blows. Dignity they -- three older I'm thirty is the phone number. My question to you news. And how many of -- some other things year but obviously my mind is a little preoccupied right now with this whole idea of how many friends. Do you as -- -- ball -- that as many friends as your parents -- is I don't. But then again. If I have a friend it's going to be somebody with whom I'm very close as opposed to somebody who is. You know. To -- I don't say this delicately. It's gotta be somebody that you can call at 3 in the morning and say hey I got arrested on a bomb -- to become bail me out. Something like that. Somebody you can say hey. Here's my FaceBook password. And I'm not going to be accessing computers anytime real soon can you scrub my page forming some elect. And is it possible have a friend shipped without actually being in physical proximity with each other. And when I think -- that -- now. And the late great Rachel wells I say absolutely I would have thought that that was insanity. Just you know this time last week. It's funny how experience can sometimes change are your belief system. It all started that time I saw Santa under the Christmas tree and and scarred for life. No -- Rachel wells have a lot of great. Dancer she's loved and ash actually is wanna turn -- to the Ramones and I wanna be said David was my entree into the world of the Ramones thanks to thanks to Rachel. -- joining us and again folks -- she would definitely be ramming a boot up my ass to quote Sean Hannity -- song. If I were to be maudlin. All day the first forty minutes at the ratio. We're very very difficult for me to to get through and I honestly there were times I just. Didn't know and I was going to be able to do it. The founder of conservative realism Rachel wells died. Suddenly. Over the weekend she was fifty. And what makes it really. Tough on me is. We had been texting each other. So frequently on Independence Day before the -- with -- Salvatore. And -- on Saturday a couple of texts and then silence until Ross Thompson. Said the attack saying hey did you hear about Rachel wells not good and here's here's Obama and works this is so unexpected this this -- once. My mind is thinking -- If you are gonna tell me anything nasty about Rachel I am gonna give you -- careful. You know -- did you hear about Rachel wells it's not good I'm thinking to myself. What did you say something -- pissed off somebody. And ice I sit back roster is a simple what question mark. Because she would apply she'll trust. And that when he said she had couple heart attacks and it didn't look good. Ever since that moment I -- I've not in the same end. We're talking about. Two things do you have as many friends as your parents. And what kind of close friends do you have. Now there are close friends you could have -- just their -- levels of friendship okay like Joseph Bieber is a friend. Right and gates is a friend. -- they -- friends of there are other people of my FaceBook page who are friends of -- is a friend of okay. Like I forgive me if I'm gonna other forget some rust is a friend of mine that's the way those referendum. But. Sometimes in life you connect with somebody on such a level. That the only worried that you could really use it is transcendent level we had that with a very very few people. In this life. And I've made efforts to defect before that you know I don't really have a lot of close friends they keep dying on. And I think about guys like Milton plaster for UB who's a very dear friend at a very dear friend a lot of people. There are so many times I wish. -- has been gone for almost thirty years are right. And there are so many times I wish I could just pick up opponents say milk -- take -- watch. You know just a transcendent. Relationship. No sex nothing like that just a transcendent. Spiritual intellectual. Relationship. That you have with somebody and that was the relationship that. That I had with Rachel. And it is it's it's tough to say she was my best friend knowing that there are people who might be jealous of that. But it's you know sometimes you just connect with somebody where you were thinking the same thing at the same time. And where you just have so many things in common politically ideologically spiritually. Bet you don't even need it to communicate sometimes it's almost like that person is or other self. Now here I am. And an -- feeling guilty. Because. You know you're here I am and Horton. You know there's there's -- -- and I'm gonna be hurt for a long time. And her husband David who lost his sold. Receipt they had a transcendent relationship man and woman husband and wife I was a friend and David is a great guy he was totally cool believe it. I actually touched base with David yesterday were going to be getting together next weekend because I wanna make sure he's doing okay. And obviously our common link one is a woman -- -- lot he as a wife and me as my friend. And he knew that. I do that. And he really is just a terrific guy. And I'm looking forward being able to sit down and just share some share some stories but mostly make sure he's okay. But in this world. It is very seldom. That you come across somebody. With whom you just have so much. In common that it's almost like you're dealing with another version of yourself. And had it not been for Richie -- never ever ever would have been the word conservative Terry. For those or new listeners to the show saint conserve a Terry and what the hell is that. Well Rachel and I both came to the conclusion. That a lot of conservatives now pleased to provide Rachel. Was very much a Christian -- not a religious person. Anybody says she was did not know her she was not religious in terms of organized religion. She was however very much a Christian. And she was such a Christian. That she studied Hebrew she studied Latin so that she can get a better understanding. Of the original text and open should ever made it degree. -- but she she was very very much in two into Jesus. Without being judgmental or without looking down on me in any way shape or form because I was very respectful of I I hope everybody's religions as a whole. You are respectful. My papers -- I'm respectful of of -- -- I have a different state. You know I had a different break even and Rachel -- -- you know we people believed. Commonality. -- commonly in a creator. And in the of the divine divinity and a sense Avaya a higher power -- much. But she was also a patriot. And she was. Again the of the irony. Of her dying. You know whether you wanna call it no matter what day you officially call it doesn't matter. At least she got to see independence today. 2014. And I know that she really got off on listening to might depiction of the battle of Gettysburg on the third today. My reading of the declaration of independence. And I am just so honored. That I was able to bring her. In two. Into the limelight. And to expose her to the world that really needed to hear her ideas you know there were a lot of people -- and forgive me for just going on -- for a moment. But there were some people a lot of people. Who kind of regarded Rachel is so much you must be some kind of a crackpot in all she does all based at home and posting things on the Internet and -- doing all this research and writing these articles that nobody ever race. And to me once I started reading what she was actually writing. It I had found this kindred political -- And without her the notion of conservative organism would never have been formulated as such. And the tragedy is. She was gone essentially before I could share the news -- Thompson shared with me over the weekend about the possibility of a conservatory in line. In New York State. -- -- You know that to me I I am proud that I was able to act as a conduit. Between Rachel -- larger audience of people. You guys and I'm glad I am. Maybe that's I don't know maybe that was just part of my destiny with Rachel. Was to just let the world though she wasn't some crackpot. She wasn't some crazy woman who just sat around all day you know on the Internet. She always a vibrant. Passionately intelligent patriotic. Pro Israel pro America pro Jesus nonjudgmental. Individual. And I'm just honored that. Of all of the post I've ever put on FaceBook. The post about Rachel's death has gotten probably as much feedback as anything I've ever put on FaceBook. And if that was my destiny in Rachel's life. To expose her to a wider group of people and to give her ideas exposure to a larger audience. -- she was my personal -- -- All right and equally intelligent. She was smarter than -- by a country mile. And she'd ever put me down. She was correct they secrete a plate. And I am not in the least ashamed to say that I will always. Love her and she's always gonna occupy. A spot in my heart that is just never going to be filled. Because you just don't meet people with whom you share so much. To the point you don't even physically have to be together. And I'm asking you guys how many friends do you really really have. And how do you have friendships where you've never even that person at the other end of the computer or if you have a -- fleet. Like Rachel beating -- at Norton cafeteria at UB which I don't remember a -- believe me. I was probably tired that they are probably would've -- honor. We've always joked about that anyway -- -- his cap the income more on WB and Kathy you're on welcomed the show. Okay I'm actually in the and that -- and -- -- and you're told and remain at each about securing we know we know you know it's there for each other. And an elaborate without law and you don't -- Fermi doesn't matter what I need -- -- it Connor and all and she just American. If -- not a person I have to interrupt because I have to ask is -- the kind of person where you don't see her let's say for two years you sit down you start talking and it's like the conversation never stopped from two years ago. We don't liking your golf I -- it's -- camera equipment Clarence I don't know Clinton at her hand and. Yes that's that's a full twenty minute drive -- -- I'm sorry that the full twenty minute and. Now my daughter there. Are no way. And how is it possible that you've kept that kind of a friendship alive for so long because. Seriously I've lost. The friends that I had like that from my childhood. Don't talk to me anymore because. My politics. You aren't the only eaten -- Maury maverick not cheaper and what did you hear -- I think I know you all children. -- -- don't ever let that -- between. Now that. Work for now are Islam and a party. Is is she married are you Mary what's the story there. Oh. My goodness. My goodness and -- your your husband's respectively understand. When you say hey -- my best friend that would Lorie says hey Kathy my best friend. Do they understand that that's not a slight on them but that you guys just have a relationship that has endured so nobody vicissitudes. And so and basically -- stood the test of time. You know going out there and you think you are apartment are correct on air Food Network and preparing young. Yeah a lot of respect each other and she -- and that we can balance our church is actually an Iraq. Now. And I'm sure you've been hers and that's what makes a friendship because if if one person is always been DD one and the other one is always the rabbi it's not gonna work it's got to be a symbiotic in the out of parasitic thing and for many times as Rachel help may I help Rachel. Right. Now I don't know -- warning illegal leader and our. Felt like it can't hurt our relationship I can't whom you know like they ever got calorie he like get -- Larry -- and I'm like how do whatever you want me. She never steered me -- I mean. I think that's great I mean I wonder how many other people had such long term great friendships. Because. Really I mean I've lost a lot of people. To death. And and and I started you know. I know he's hung out people older than soul and I went through that a lot sooner than most people do. Which some very very good friends who basically you know most of the work cops they retired they live two years and they died. That's why when captain Peter Crist was on a few weeks ago I said -- one of the few guys have known we actually didn't died two years after retiring. Right. I I'm going to -- more Q it's a lot of marriage. Yeah yeah yeah -- are -- and -- -- each other than that and then are you're not in the orange. You're Superman like -- -- actually were you not that you album -- That's beautifully put. May I ask from where you got that. -- True friends are like stars they're always there for you even when you don't see them -- that's beautiful I mean. It's probably it's probably some old cliche of which I never heard before but if it's beautiful. Well there -- no -- no third of people that when you know you need to come off like -- Browner back. -- back and she that they all turn and she looked like crap that she looked like OK -- she came in our men. But -- there won't get it -- thought it meant so much to me why aren't cheap stripped its current. Being opera keeping it safe alternative and I don't -- like a lot and I water would be different. I thought unconscionable that elegant manner it at your feet hurt won't let -- Well I am so happy to hear about that and a when you have a friend like that just hold on to her. For everything it's worth and don't make the stupid ass mistake I did. They'll put off getting together don't put off getting together because I wouldn't give right now. What I wouldn't give right now to have a night out with David and Rachel. ID I'd give anything I have. Well no other option really her in the workable option thank you very much -- and logical. It is -- hourly. Interesting show on friendship is friendship with the electronic age. Do you have friends you never have met or maybe you rarely you rarely see but they're your best friends even though you communicate -- based broker with texts or. Made peace will -- -- As its Skype is a different dynamic because -- a video Paul. We would bet is that bizarre. I want to I commend the Tata Wanda for a -- nominal fireworks display at -- field. And a third was it Thursday nights I'm sorry guys but they've been days I've kind of I think you understand what it's like the -- is gonna meld together I think it was Thursday night -- thought a lot of police did a great job sealing off Coleman. I've dated a great job with courtesy with traffic control. And a job well done -- of the town without a lot of police department and the fireworks display was absolutely. Magnificent. At Kenny field and they were Smart enough to turn off those -- lights that which meant the bugs had no word ago. Anyway it was a job well done in the town they used to do all over by Sheridan park and when your kid if your parents -- Turkey this year and part. If you don't have bug spray you would walk out of there just covered with mosquito bites not one mosquito bite. From this Thursday night and folks the Independence Day weather was it not the past whether you ever could have had it was just warm enough without being too warm. And there was just enough breeze without it being too breezy or to Chile and the humidity was well together it was a breeze in the year but so what. -- otherwise we -- really rode that wave through all the way too early this morning. Of our great great weather in western new York and I hope you had a chance to enjoy it there's as much as I do it. Anyway it is up 454. At news radio 930 WB -- I I have some responses on FaceBook to this topic about eat friends were also keeping an eye on the situation in Orchard Park. Were police are investigating it very serious situation in the Hillsborough area. So and it's a very pricey part of Orchard Park we'll keep you posted on that during the news at five with. Mr. -- And we'll get him as some were a serious stuff coming up as well on the buy -- show and again if you're just joining us sub dedicating this program and palatable to dedicate the entire week. Two. My dear friend Rachel wells who founded. Conservative Terry and -- And I'm just proud that I was able this year Rachel's brilliance. With you guys and act as a conduit to a larger audience for a woman who basically became. Like my other self. In in a weird bizarre awake as we never really it's 455 at WB Ian.

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