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7-7 Tom Bauerle Hour 1

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's a it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. And repeats Tom -- and it's life. These locals that mark. And being. Third yeah yeah yeah. Not being injured Tom hourly -- facts. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and user fees go up. Okay yeah. OK okay you better double -- -- it is our way under Israeli military WB ENN end to us. Up the way we -- be a poetic I have a pair of and culture passes to Niagara Falls state park value of forty dollars general contest rules applied by the way I. Don't know exactly what happens on an encoder pass it sounds kind of -- debate frankly. I mean I go to Jamaica prevent you guys can just do the false but it's 64498756449875. And don't take the ninth caller I'm sure it's wholesome family fun I should point that out. But the last I saw the word and culture was in a book called the hit by a guy named -- church. And it was about this as so called in total group back in early 1970s. If things were definitely a little strange in the early 1970s. For those who don't know. Now up. If your regular listener to the show. Are up. Idea. I think you know that this is gonna be really difficult show for me to get through. End. You know. I realize that death is a part of life. I don't -- Smart enough to realize that. I guess who isn't right. But as you know somebody. To whom I. Looked up to her much. Politically and personally. Now ladies who founded the word conservative Terry and died over the weekend at the age of fifty and her name was Rachel wells. And I really. Don't wanna turn this into. A maudlin thing because it's bad radio. Then Rachel. Would not a lot of that. I will tell you that she was my best friend. End. -- I guess if you ask yourself. Why. You get into somebody's life. And why somebody gets into your life. And Rachel and I were FaceBook friends you know just FaceBook friends were many many years. And then I started to read more more posts and she just made more and more sense to me. And so then we became. -- FaceBook friends in text friends if you will. And I'm gonna eventually turn this into a topic. Which I never thought I do because I never thought it quite understand it. But. You know if you listen the program. -- The word conservative area and has been a word that has come up here and I think it started about a year ago thereabouts. And I have to tell you that. It is a mix of conservative. And liver Terry. And people would often say a -- to the show and say I'm a conservative area. And I would always give Rachel the credit for having invented that word as the perfect. Summation the perfect. Word to describe where a lot of us were and our political. The original blog for many many years. And I just collided that I was able to. I'll be a part of her life and increased her following. And increase her fan base. And this is where it gets kind of weird. And if you're over certain age you might not understand what I'm talking about. Rachel my best friend. We never hung up. We never hung out. Our communication. Was text our communication was email our communication was FaceBook. It's like we didn't need to hang out. Because it was that kind of a relationship she again we we talk politics we talked. Humor we -- music. She wears -- from me an awful lot. And I was there for her an awful lot. And. Her husband David is a very very very special guy and she loved him very very much. And. It might sound strange. I don't know if you quite relate to Davis. But to have a deep. Friendship. With somebody. Deeper than that which you have maybe with their own family. With somebody that you just never met now Rachel said that we met once at UB back in the eighties back -- Norton cafeteria I don't remember for the life of me I just don't remember. She went to the mount mount Saint Mary's -- she did not go to you can -- otherwise we would have known each other probably back in the day. But. What happened why is. Let's say now this this is weird because you know what is it over the holidays when you're days just got to get confused when -- on holiday falls on Friday. -- So Friday independence there. I had this event. Rather rest Salvatore had downtown. Which was -- late afternoon early evening event. And that day. You know Rachel and I were just texting each other back and forth the usual via S you know the usual political stuff the usual. You know the usual things that friends do the usual but things have friends text each other hey what are you doing today you know what's going on what's happening with your life how is everybody. And Matt. Went in to Saturday. And a senator a couple of text of senator. And there -- response which was very unusual. At least that time of the day it was unusual. Source that are a question mark. And then the ancestors of Smart this question. And the last text I sent to her was. Something along the lines of well well I guess the answer is -- Ohio. And I didn't know it but at the time. She was just arriving at a moms and pops she loved her parents very very much. And she apparently had a massive -- attacker to. -- she went to the hospital and whether she died Saturday around midnight or Sunday just after midnight I don't know. And is immaterial via official -- debt by figures -- July 6 which would have been yesterday's Sunday. But I knew going to -- on Saturday night that she was in a very very very bad way. And I have to tell you something this. Vote those of you who didn't know her personally in the arteries and talking about this. Is because. So many -- you new horror through the show. You went -- page. You became familiar with the word conservative area. And something -- desperately wanted to tell her. And I didn't know. When. I received this tax for Ross Thompson. Rus Thompson talked very much on Saturday. And this would have been after Richie had a heart attack in -- -- in the hospital but nobody none of us know. And -- told a -- the word. Conservatory. You know he was trying to get it on the ballot. And I I was dying to tell Rachel. Because I know how excited she'd be just to know even that her words taken off to the level where people were seriously considering it as a political party option. And I just I just didn't have the chance we just we ran out of time. And you know we we did want to get together we wanted to have dinner. Or just hang out -- -- husband. And me. And just. Don't just hang out. But we just ran out of time. And we just never had the chance. And it is -- -- I started by saying that those -- view of a certain age cannot understand or might not be able understand race. But. What are the questions we get from people there's. Well how could she possibly have been. A best friend when you didn't hang out together. In my answer is she was my best friend because I was always there for her she was always there for me. She was like a rabbi a political. Ideologue. A counselor. She was a Jokester she was sarcastic. Just funny as hell. And we did not need to be in each other's physical presence in order to have the kind of friendship we have. And metric and discussion just before when earlier today was summary along the lines -- well how could somebody how can you also put your best friend when. If you'd ever met. And I said what might not be true we we may have met thirty years ago. But we didn't have to do. We -- -- at some point but both of us don't look. Had different things going on our lives. That needed more immediate attention she was very very. She loved her or her god child her and David Barrett David's got child a little the coach doc. And or are his mom Sarah. Absolutely adored them. And just other you know I guess like kind of got away. It's embarrassing because of the guy who says hey life is short. If you -- former band for -- event if you wanna have a reunion concert from a guy with the guys from your old man have a reunion concert with the guys for your own band because you never know how much time you've got. And I knew Rachel was not in the past of health. But. Not in my wildest dreams. Did I ever think. Bad. When I left the air on Thursday that when I came back earlier today. Bet the lady who came up with conservative Terry and -- and would be dead in the term. And the text messages that we sent back and forth. Friday and Saturday. I just I can't even bring myself to have to look at my I can't look at emails. I can't bring myself to delete her cell phone number I know that it'll never be answered I know that'll never be any good. But you know what it's like in this electronic age. So. Again at the idea at at the arrest of -- How did you watch TV you've seen the ads like four and it just to be perfectly clear partners aren't we did not have a romantic or sexual relationship I mean it would have been really hard since we never really met. So just you know get that crap out of the way. You see those ads for. We fell in love over the computer. Now we talked to each other on the follow. And I just know that she was the -- And again different relationship dynamic entirely. But we didn't have to physically see each other in order to have a close relationship. As friends. And I wonder how many other people there are out there. In this electronic era of email and FaceBook and text messaging -- -- have good friends. Maybe even best friends. But the physical component and by that I don't mean anything -- I just read -- being in the same wrote. Just does not have to be either. I wonder. I wonder how many people find themselves in 24 team. With the same kind of thing that we -- slight or if how do you think we would have Skype. And it was just it was so unnecessary it was so. And illustrators it was it was just it would a bit superfluous. Because we're gonna have to. Basically when we text and it was very short it was very to -- It was very. I guess that is political it is lifestyle it was. If it was just everything that you would have in a normal friendship except the physical proximity to somebody. I know. Like if you're a mother's age you're listening -- your thinking boy that is so we what's wrong with you how can you be friends with somebody and not be with them. My answer would be well do you have loved ones who have thousands of miles away you haven't seen in years do you love them in the US because you haven't seen -- many years Mel. Do you feel any less close to them because you haven't seen them many years no. And that's about the best way I can describe. And her. Legacy is gonna stay on her -- -- period which will be. The Rachel wells FaceBook page will be turned into a memorial page. And you'll be able to go back and read. Many witnesses and Zimmerman -- opinions on things. And reflect upon them. End. It is sold. I gotta tell you something. It's so weird. Because. I'm talking about this lady that you guys know of through this year and you know conservative -- through this year. And there were so many strange. Strange things. Surrounding. Her sudden -- over the weekend. -- I don't even know weird to begin. I'm going to and again I can't span nor nor want to spend all day. I'm their speakers basically she we kicked my ass if she were India is a -- world she would be calling me right now say oh my god enough. But on my desk at home. I -- this is irony for. I have been recently asked Rachel if she would be the exact year of my Wednesday. If you said the should be honored to do. -- the legal paperwork have been drawn up and on my desk is my will. And Rachel wells was to be my exact order of -- well. So thanks a lot -- now I gotta go back and change them again thanks a million. Not literally. But there is also poll. -- the ladies who founded the word conserve its -- Put up as one for last FaceBook posts. And what I read this to -- coming up. Before I get into that topic. I think you're going to be. I think it's going to be one of those moments were chills got to go up your spine. Via phone number WB at 803 all night 38030930. Starlet thirty is free on the cellphone. 180616. WB EM and obviously today's show is dedicated to. A very very special woman and somebody. I am just honored to have been able to call my best friend Rachel wells who died suddenly. At the age of fifty over the weekend. Having just experienced. One of her favorite holidays Independence Day which many of you refer to as the fourth of July. Stay whether -- radio 930 WB EN. It is our lead with 33 -- that news radio I'm thirty WBBM. And thank you for. Indulging me as I pay tribute to a woman many view found out about through my show. Rachel wells who coined the word conservative area and and conserve a terror -- isn't. Died over the weekend suddenly at the age of of just fifty years all. And a lot of good out of Sara it's -- who. Is well who well who will always be. Best girlfriend to Rachel Sarah thanks very much and glad you were able to join us thank you. -- -- Bringing up very well. In her in certain caring and warned them. -- wrote that she tried she tried to tell everybody and he's definitely. Going to be -- And it's -- could cut an -- listening and it's an acute that particular hole. They both start at auction it -- -- we -- elect in your book that we got a week. -- exactly. They use you guys were or were friends and awful and awful long time and your your son Dakota. The god child to what David good Rachel's husband and Rachel. Actually -- on the fourth of July. Well here about. Or how are you and Rachel. -- Do you find it I. I find a couple of ironies. In this well actually 53 arteries -- it -- -- referenced in my last will and testament to maven Rachel was the executive of my estate. Which she considered a great honor and thanks a lot Rachel I have to go have that -- again. And then. The poem she posted by. The day she had a heart attack I realized beat the day for depth and you get -- -- -- she really died as she died late Saturday early Sunday does it really -- she's been one of her west. -- last. Entries on her FaceBook before she said -- on my moms and pops. And was. Was this poem by EE Cummings which are gonna read if I can get through it. It had to go I'm sorry I'm really sorry. Did she have any inkling of Bob. Up anything in her heart because for is often as she would ask me about you know my heart my pacemaker and how I was doing. You know I was a bullet she never she never mentioned anything about her own neck cardiac situation. No -- Ish PL and -- able. If she knew -- at all all match -- anybody out. -- I am looking at -- and and -- at how well. I need acre. More than we. We want it sure. You thought you and I are now carrying that out I yelled at certain -- and ethnic. But the issue here -- Right should it go it will ensure that were you to do your show. You normally would do yourself. And she wouldn't why you why any anybody that -- or anybody that knew her. He would want it sitting around while holding. How many times today if you picked up her phone wanting to text -- are looking to see if she sent you -- text. -- more than me I can count. Yeah yeah I mean that's. -- -- -- Is selfishly that's one of the things are gonna miss is -- even on Thursday when I was doing the Gettysburg. Declaration of independence stuff. You know she sent she sent a few texts and we just it wasn't unusual for to correct something were to. Since simply Sparky or. Or the occasional compliment and I'm gonna miss those one among the year. Obviously the arrangements -- role. -- in the newspaper and put up only gotten my FaceBook page and and yours or you're going to be in charge of by Rachel wells is. Memorial -- Obituary what brought -- on his book and I will no longer because saints so Ali if you knew -- -- -- unwritten Rachel. Put your race there I am glad I didn't want me to be monitoring -- -- there's negative comment and then it will be depleted immediately. Why you know -- the need an outlet. And -- her -- -- it is how she what she meant to people. Remember it it all about somebody. I hope that her old posts are gonna stereo. Nothing could be in that they -- and let her heart and tell me otherwise. On the news. But let -- At eating well he is going should be able to go back a little bit at term like. CE -- old. Tool I can make sure that. We have a country. And everything she did it can be. -- this is the heart thank you ever want to go through. Eight in part. And what you're right. Well. Obviously -- economic talks with through the twelve year old army and I'm fifty on have a hell all the time with this one. And I know you're as well. And it's. We -- What are the the EE Cummings poll she posed to wish America to momentarily. Any thoughts on just -- the irony of that poll being posted just you know literally hours before she lost consciousness. Right -- I bet they believe are. Intact and very. Humbling position admirably and quit and -- Everything happened very. -- that I. -- -- -- You know what I know we're at. -- that they're in and gave him a little short in the she -- He's a hole in it how old is -- looking down -- and Alley not. I Alpert and they act like he got a let -- You are you are correct on that I mean there you really don't have a media alternative. Sarah -- unsure will be in touch or author are quite a bit and I wanna thank you very much were calling yen as well as a person who is I guess who call you the executor of the Rachel wells that memorial page. And I'm really glad to opted to have you on the show thank you very much. And keep your head up. It brought out shout the question you're in your -- -- yeah well that's why we're here today. -- thank you for much you're right there's just no way it's all. I just wanna leave view and by the way viewers joining us one of the words you hear a lot. On this program is conserving terrier and the doctrine of conserve terrorism. And that was great phrase or word that was coined by Rachel wells that I always took great pains when people would credit me with that word to. And I will continue to point out that says it is well -- in nature it is not my own word. But Rachel wells died suddenly over the weekend usually fifty years old. And one of the last post on her FaceBook. Was a poem by EE Cummings called dive for dreams. And it goes something like this and Cummings is is hard to speak and recite as a as he is to as used to read but I'll do my best on this. -- for dreams or slogan may topple you. Trees. Are their roots. And wind is wind trust your heart. If the sees catch fire. And live by love though the stars walked backward honor the past but welcomed the future. And dance your death away at the wedding. Never mind. A world where it's villains or heroes. For good likes girls and tomorrow and the earth. In spite of everything which breeds and moves since doom. With white longest hands needing each Kris. Will smooth entirely. Our minds. Before leaving my room my turn and stopping through the morning. Kiss this -- -- were our heads lived and worked. Silently. If out of not Noble's silently if out of not noble -- utmost nothing. Wonders a little guests. Only which is this world. More my life does not leap in with the mystery. Your smile saying this or. If spiraling is luminous they climb. Oblivion. Voices who were dreams. Lesson to heaven certainly hurts swims and each my deeper depth becomes you were curious. Losing through you. What seemed myself. I find it. Cells unimaginably. Mine. Beyond Soros own Joyce. And hoping this very fears fewer hours is the light. By which my spirits born yours is the darkness of my souls return. You are my son my moon and all my stars. And perhaps the last post's. Rachel wells put up. On her FaceBook. Beside the one that says hey I'm going over to moms and pops. And it's just it's theory. And Sarah was right and that's one of the reasons why Rachel and I were so close is because. Each of us had these bizarre. Experiences which -- won't give in to. Involving you know seemingly things that are unknowable. And she used to love it when I would quote Shakespeare. And I would say that there is more in heaven and earth Horatio that is stripped of in your philosophy. And somehow I think for posting this as one ever final posts on FaceBook. Was. I think it was meaningful on a level that at the time even she may not have understood. And she was very big is I am on the idea of larger forces. And we talked about that quite a bit larger forces and you'll notice that that is entered my lexicon as of late larger forces. And Rachel may not have realized the larger forces moving with him her that stirred her to post bat on the day she would lose consciousness. But that's pretty much how she would have wanted it I think if if she could have planned. Any -- to post. Knowing it would be the last -- she would ever post on FaceBook. It would have been dive for dreams by economics. And the the world is a dark place. On today and you know we all look we all -- -- We all -- ever deaths you have had somebody dear and near to you -- I've had. A lot of people dear and near to me die and I can honestly tell you that even more so than my own father. This one hurts more than anyone. Because with my dad you know Shakespeare was also very big on the notion of his father lost a father who lost a father who lost a father. -- of the natural chain of things is if you live. You die your project he goes on it lives it dies. And to see her struck down at the age of fifty. You know it's if it's marks but again we will all get through this. Man. How many people can actually say they've left a legacy. In a legacy she left was a political called conservative Terry is. And -- one believe it if that for now. I love the topic aren't -- the friendship and a eat French ships as opposed to in person friendships I love that topic. -- part of it is personal part of it is something that I would do anyways as a lifestyle topic is just my take is little different now than it might have been. This time last week. But if you like. Additional information -- -- -- FaceBook page. And that we have a lot of other things were gonna get it through today but there's just no way -- started off the show and not made reference to a woman who again whose word conserve -- and had such a wide impact on so many. People including Ross Thompson and many many others throughout the the listening area. Stay with us this -- news radio 930 WB -- and we do -- very severe thunderstorm watch in effect until. Ten -- you know folks I thank you very much for all of -- -- words you were sent me and I wanted to -- a -- I -- I want -- -- -- Rachel's husband David. In your prayers now. I also wanna tell you that Rachel and David did not have a lot of money. Our. David is working to as far as I know David is working to. And he and I have been in contact and he was obviously well aware of our friendship and he was totally cool -- -- and we would joke back and forth via text through Rachel. About things and to say a prayer for David Wells. Because I think he could use that right about now because I've lost a friend he's lost his soul mate he's lost his wife. And that's something for every special. Now. I wanna see where this topic takes us. Because -- anyways. This is uncharted territory. For me I don't wanna make it about me and I don't wanna make it about Rachel because she would literally come down in kick my past she would ensure that my car would not start. If after work today. If I was maudlin for the rest of the show. But do you have people. With whom you are probably closer. On the Internet or through electronic communications that you are face to face in person. You don't have. A lot of friends I mean when I say I don't have a lot of friends I've got a lot of acquaintances OK I got a lot of people I know. On cops. Big shots politicians. You know I've got them -- acquaintances. As far as close friends. -- break she was pretty much at this point. And she was kind of the same way she was very selective about who she would allow him to her life. And the idea. Would strike I know my grandparents would never get. My mom probably can't understand it. You know I would not have understood it. This time last week I would sit wait and letting us get this straight your best of friends and you don't hang out what the hell kind of friendship is -- But as I look at some of the responses of my FaceBook page. I sing I bet this is not all -- unusual. Many of view and some of the emails are -- Have made reference to the fact that. You can be best friends with somebody. Without actually having to physically be a random. And -- that's the first questions somebody asked me very well how come you say she was your best friend. You didn't hang out -- we didn't happen. Every it was at that level of relationship. If that makes any sense whatsoever and I know what they're just based on some of the responses to my FaceBook. 8030930. Is people -- start 930 on the cell phone 180616. WB. EEN. In this electronic age. Do you find yourself closer on lying to people you've never Matt. Then you do people with whom you have to interact on a daily basis like Joseph Bieber who actually love but I wouldn't call at 3 in the morning to bail me.

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