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7-7 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back revision governor and sandy beach had usually. You know who's on what side. Of any issue bigger -- and I'm here. But when they start crossing over as suddenly as saying well maybe there's some serious problems on the other side -- side they were always with. And of people replying to Kirsten Powers column called Obama's executive powers seems imperialistic. And -- occurs empowers. Almost always is on his side of the fence she is a political columnist who writes for the USA today she is also on fox a lot. And she is usually be counter voice. To the voice of Obama's screwing up and so now. When she says that. It's it says something else some of the replies to her I feel sorry for the president he was maybe too idealistic. And now there is frustration now say to me. Idealistic I shouldn't be idealistic and have the wrong ideals. Iowa what's right or wrong well if you're the president you gotta think of a good welfare of the country. That's what you were elected to do your elected also to faithfully execute the laws. That's what you took an oath to do so you have to think like that in in order for -- people line up behind you and say you're doing a great job. And I think idealism usually. We think of it as that is something positive something better. Now idealism can turn into fanaticism. And we've seen that in history to know where somebody has starts off with -- an ideal. And have been becomes fanatical about it and that ideal gets lost and the fanaticism remains. That may be where he is I think he's fanatical about the fact that. America has too much. Ended the rest of the world there is a sections that don't have enough. And you know if he wanted to be that person that's going to solve that if if it requires all of it. He should have been. Energized position relative -- job at the UN or something. Or the Red Cross or you know something else the president United States' disposal look after us and I don't see him doing that. So I would use the word idealism. I'd I'd say that he has his own thoughts. And they might be ideal to hit some but they're not ideal everybody else. Also some local people here's a letter from Jim a man getting. And I love this letter and I wasn't any is that with this show. But it's so good that I I -- a seminar for awhile. It is as -- recent letter writer misses from the problem -- was bemoaning effective they Republicans in congress were blocking quote our. Close -- twice elected sovereign president's agenda I was wondering what rocky crawled out from under. With this failed president's approval rating hovering near their daughter. The writer would do well to get his facts from more reputable source Obama doesn't want to doesn't -- government. He wants his way in only his way a troop president of people works with both sides to compromise and come to an agreement especially when the two houses of congress -- run by different parties. There's no compromise. In Obama's socialist agenda. And if Republicans don't -- he simply -- -- tyrant and uses executive orders. Seeded Jim has run on track with this. Let's not forget the people elected to congress as well to be -- forget that we -- a lot of members of congress. A lot of members of the senate and the house. And -- they were sent there to do a job and the president was elected certainly overseas that. But not to trample on and not to nullify it with the executive orders certainly all presidents have used executive orders we know. About when you use them -- use usable as is the question. Let's not forget the people elected congress as well if he was so concerned about it. Why didn't he simply ram everything through when his party had control both houses remember at the beginning. The party did have control both houses and a indeed that didn't happen the -- mention which reasonable acts I have a few for him. Fast and furious the IRS scandal. -- -- spying Ben Ghazi the release of Taliban operatives in exchange for a possible trader. Here reminds us to put ourselves in the shoes of sergeant the blow. Bird builds a family. How about the families of ambassador Chris Stevens John Smith Tyrone woods and authority. Oh well another round of golf and other fund raiser. At this point what difference that's made great letter. Of course that's that's our take on non Hillary Clinton when asked about Ben Ghazi at this. -- no different -- at asked why can't France as that day as she -- her -- -- so yeah I think that's an excellent letter and he brings a good good reasons. We're not seeing laws. Me when passing laws -- -- laws disobeyed for various reasons we don't have the funding. Now you don't it's argument it's -- -- about funding for extra security. To secure immigrants illegal not immigrant illegal immigrants. The Tug of war funding from Washington to do that and yet why not tighten the border with more funding now. Doesn't doesn't quite know what they want. And I was told that I Meet the Press which I usually don't watch or listen to. They were saying you know. We we want deport them. We really do we we we don't want to be here illegally -- Not sure how we can do it. It's such a fool me I'm not getting off to a another issue what I am saying this that it represents his whole administration. On deport him anymore then a man and remote. He wants them all here. And what I think is gonna happen to have maximum border crossings for a period of time. And then when he's swelled when he is old with the illegal. Immigrants here they'll say. Now we got to get serious now we will close the border of course anybody who's already year. We go -- Wednesday. Did you follow up about turn up truck. I mean really slowly -- not sees that coming I'm not the smartest guy in the -- I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but. Coming actually being disingenuous. I know I ask what I'm saying is it's so obvious. I did because -- poker player. Because you learn to spot these things real I've been playing poker since like ten years ago. And you get the spot these things a mile away and that's way that's the game they're playing now you'll have a maximum in. In flocks of the illegals then they'll get serious about cracking down and then even if they say at that point. The people that are here we'll have to have a hearing. -- that would be the most the drastic during the boom they're more than likely say the people here should realists day here. But even if they go to plan B and say oh we have to have hearings. You know how long it will take. For individual hearings with that many illegals. But that's the game the government's playing right now so it's all part of the Obama regime as -- -- that as rush. A coin -- many years ago. About the bottom line is does he have any respect for the office I don't think so. I don't think he he respects the Oval Office. Shouldn't be attorney general of a big get on board and start -- prosecuting people who deserve to be prosecuted as -- John Boehner said oh. He the president challenged in this poem. Now even though we've only got a couple of years left in the big wheels of justice grind very slowly. I would not mind seeing that but in order to get that -- gonna have to -- goal overly major speed bump called. Department of Justice how does that work I'm not really sure might be some unchartered waters there and the no words banana republic are issued by Douglas turner when he says some of the things happening now in Washington. Our banana republic stuff are guys. And her I mean him and they and their person. And Kirsten. -- point out that he's a great president blah blah blah they do that all the time -- Kirsten Powers now. Says that it's he seems imperialistic. Yeah I took little time to get to the party but maybe she finally realizing. We'll be back -- your calls it a 309301806. On six nights and six are and I'm thirty. I this our commercial -- just. Knock me out because many times commercials over well done but many times or not. And a lot of the times space based strain. To be credible just thinking if you put yourself in this commercial argue would react. It's down in Florida probably -- palm trees there. And there's a walkway were people walking guy. And they have what looks like -- card tables set up and decorated. All right what are they selling this selling the glue used to hold your faults -- And they're on the table. They have like a sample. Of awe of their product and they got a set of false -- and then got a flat board. And what they're doing is there are spreading this stuff on that seat and sticking it to the board. And they're drawing huge crowds going miss -- can read your viewers -- walking by you didn't know they're gonna do that. Being fascinated by that. All like -- They're sticking teeth -- all I've got to watch this maybe I'd like -- He stuck to abort and then Obama honey usually come what -- job saying hey you missed something there aborting false teeth start to our board. I mean you see that kind of stuff where you just don't believe the promise that all who would go and watch something. Like that. It gets out there already talking about stuff like -- or a lot of many cases people are really pleased about certain medications DNA they wanna stand in line to watch or they get really really excited about our. You know there will be do the job as they use on -- to god they act stupid though. The best example I've been targets -- -- Is this one it was an infomercial was a few years ago. Now with from marshals they pump up the crowd if there is ground. They pump up the crowd so that when they start as a high excitement level OK this one starter with a camera shot. From -- backstage. Showing the stage. And then a huge crowd out -- crowd was pumped up like yeah it was a Ritalin festival okay. And there added a goal and now bounding from stage right. But according to the microphone is this guy. Who looks like a mannequin basically he looks at the crowd he points out there with high excitement is as there once it hurts. An end to those -- and thinking. -- -- -- Whiter today. Is there are any better crowd going. You know I'd like you know multi it'll make me stand out because my friends have -- tape and it's a pain on a bland and if you cavities up front I don't -- It it's preposterous. Proposition that you gotta wonder are these people and. But then there and that's the sword. I -- talking about the President Obama. And the resort doing it is because when traditional allies. Like Doug turner or Kirsten Powers come out Kirsten Powers says. A bit GO fines. Him a little imperialistic lately. And that we have a Doug sterner. Oh who says that Obama's home risks disrespect for the office. And some of the things going on in Washington now is banana republic stuff regarding Eric Holder. So these are people who normally could absolutely -- economy and on his side. And they're not sticking my glow. Like the president would like that -- asking does he have respect for the office I don't think so is he presidential. Should John Boehner sent him. I know that would be an ugly spectacle but the president should John Boehner of you know like it's already banner had talked about possible lawsuit because he said. President and I take the same oath. To faithfully execute the laws and he's not -- -- I think most people say he's not doing immigrant whether. So I think what -- like -- or not I think there's legitimate reason to go forward and -- goes from there. Yeah isn't becoming a banana republic -- 3093018061692. V6. And -- 930 let's go to Adam in Amherst Adam here on WB yen. They I worked very hard from Bobby Kennedy and JFK when I was in college. And I contend in this. If Bobby Kennedy were alive right now he would go to the White House and say you have put him minister are to pack your -- And you're gonna get the hell out of there and because there's. Frankly it's since Walter Mondale there hasn't been an honest Democrat in the entire country except me. -- suddenly special. Should accept Jerry Brown music. I respect him. Bobby Kennedy was guy he was very aggressive sometimes yeah. It would oppose there's no Democrat that it has a vivid character and honesty to oppose. This White House and that White House is. Is that a complete lie. There's the man that runs things and it is has that the attitude of the sophomoric. You'll be. And but the power. Imperious Cesar. -- but he doesn't care. Either named hear about it own principles I don't think. But he does care about the lavish noticed. That is dependent. And he likes to Bobbitt or people because he hopes they'll -- back. I hope they're -- meet them. And I -- you know it is last. Saturday at the last time a Democrat. I didn't always agree -- they've supported him was. -- on the Toronto are. Good points Adam thank you very much Joseph Bobby Kennedy as attorney general. I mean it was very aggressive. As Jimmy Hoffa about that and and others. At that time when the Kennedys were there I was very idealistic. I DO rooted for -- JFK's because I wasn't that much in the politics at that time he was from Massachusetts. And I like what he had to say whatever I think JFK if he suddenly emerged today. And look the round would be disgusted. I really do I think you'd be discussed that I also the although think you'd be a Democrat. Really don't I think I don't think -- -- a chance in the world there will be a Democrat you tell me -- Ask not what your country can do three US which you can nuclear country how would that fit in with -- democratic politics today not not neatly I can tell you that. It trailed Montreal 1806169. -- music start -- -- gonna find out of the race for the White House is even beyond Barack Obama it goes. To Michelle Obama and some other things power corrupts from time to time a lot of things tell -- is it. It's going to be one of those things you're gonna say oh come on that really happening is that oh yes. Is we'll be back after this. I if I'm lying I'm dying on the size of this happens so much this happens too much to me. Where I'll be thinking of something and suddenly be on TV right there right then and there. During the commercials upset I was thinking about what I do when I get off the are not alone aren't. And I was thinking oh vote okay this. An act and that I remembered that I have to -- -- to talk to him for -- And as soon as I thought right of a second. The commercial comes on hi this is Deborah Brazil and let. I mean it's like really blue stuff. Saddam us are thinking about Scarlett Johansson and missy maybe -- maybe you know maybe should show up at launches them. Is that -- -- that ever happened to you where it's more than just a coincidence what are the odds of it. I think it does it actually evident here last week we didn't mention an error at all last week that the movies there was going to be on Thursday the and and somebody called up on Wednesday asking were going to do and and you who is soon to -- the fall and announced that on there we didn't tell you yeah I just had a column I didn't know I announced that -- and I'm going about it at all. Maybe I could -- of celebrities golden you know I was on vacation something that we can do about your own version a coast to coast south. Oh man psychic commercial I don't think anybody can get. Their heads I didn't tell you that right now we're asking about the a president with his traditional allies seem to be peeling off from time to time. Now Douglas turner hasn't made it clear. -- cut out of the body is saying. Dead Obama's tone. Wrists disrespect for the job is -- more than risks that it brings us respect to the office because he's saying things like the president doesn't say. It's not talking about the Republicans not acting the way wants is not that they're busy with other stuff. So -- areas he demeans. The Republicans. As long as they're doing nothing he said I'm not going to apologize for doing nothing social Sumi. That is not presidential. At all I -- we understand. That you wanna be a real guy and stuff like that and that's fine but -- the president. If you accept the presidency. You have to accept the fact that we as Americans want our president to act like a president not a child. Okay not a petulant child I think sucking its thumb will be the next thing as right now or at the lot and I'm not a stage with them. Also Eric Holder you talk about their compatriots. In arms that they're polar. And very he's not doing any thing that would cast any kind of a problem to the president he's not they're calling for a special prosecutor for almost Lerner. He didn't want to get involved with any information about basically any information. About it a big guns being brought in to visit our country is part of a sting operation with fast and furious. Basically just stands there and watches the world go by. And because of that. He's being cited here in Doug -- column is saying this is stuff like banana republic. We're not talking about the clothing line we're talking about banana republic as a recess and then -- Kirsten. I'd tell you when I read when I read or persons column. Kirsten Powers. I've always. I'm always amazed because she's very bright woman and she seems always in step with the president. About she says now that Obama's executive powers seem imperialistic. And that's what the best impression that I think he wants to give. Like he is a -- a person who was not just elected he was. Like installed. As president of the United States and there is an area a letter to the buffalo and goes by Jacqueline. Whopper. WOPPERER. One up for her that's hard to say. And it hits exactly what I've just been saying. How misguided. And indeed disturbing that a recent letter. A refers to the president of the United States as a sovereign -- Some definitions of which include having supreme rank or power being above all others and importance power and authority a king. Perhaps he is confused because Obama believes. That if he were -- sovereign and not an elected official who is subject to the rule of law. That being the constitution. Which can only hope that a few other citizens -- the writer's view. But would Obama as president it is important to remind them of the -- and legally limited power of president. Signed a Jacqueline whopper of buffalo and that's exactly. Right. I think about it. Usually. -- what we see at least publicly the public face of what we -- when someone disagrees with someone else and political office. The trial is put on how well okay that's an interesting point of view but I -- a different one not him. -- -- his attitude is on come on. It's you know that I -- Abram. That is the honest to God's gift to the presidency. And believe me -- right now I've never in my life which is. Unfortunately have been extensive but happily it is as of say no less qualified person in that office. And as I said a couple of days ago he is a very sad combination. He rarely is he's arrogant. And can't get the job done that's not good that's not good arrogant and and and incompetent. Don't go together. If your arrogant and your competent or your arrogant and -- ingenious or your arrogant and supreme widget. That's one thing you can get arrogance without -- -- three dose of that would that. But when you can get the job done. And your. Approval numbers are where they are now and people are suffering because it is not the time for arrogance OK it's time for arrogance is long gone. If you wanna stand in front of a classroom. Of of a college students who are basically let's say you're -- or graduate or their seventies. 181920. And 21 pull that stuff you might get away without. But the rest of us here -- grown ups and we recognize the fact that you can't fool us you're not only arrogant belligerent competent. So we know both we've seen both and you you have to have one to have the other and unfortunately you know. So I think it's time to get his act together start working with congress. And start to enforcing laws that were passed -- some well before he ever took office. By strangely enough for congress signed by the president that's how we do things here when -- gonna change it for Barack Obama. I I think you'll find that a lot of Democrats are probably going should. In a couple of years -- Ohio we're glad he's out of office because -- this is something we don't wanna have to do defend this attitude with this lack go vote. Of of getting anything accomplished aren't. And that's sort of sore -- thing. Do you think that he has a lack of respect for his office is he presidential. Should Boehner so my wish banner with -- I'd like to see that happen. Is it becoming a banana republic. And your thoughts and our goal -- throw those in two under is -- and I'm thirty WB yen. That is between governor and one of our favorite callers is on the line it would be Gary from williams' -- Guerrier on WB again. Always good to argue Gary what he got mine today. I'm pondering a couple of questions lately and I wish I could just keep them out there for your consideration. If the president. Breaks the law or does whatever he wants to do whatever he wants to do it. And know when or stopped him. A moot point. Well yeah I think every -- -- exactly and he knows first of all that the attorney general's not gonna do any. All right and he also knows that -- of those little over two years left. That's very short amount of time and in the political cycle rather affect -- -- I seen -- is -- like 26 working days. Left for congress until the election in the fall that's it. And then now you're really on short track he knows that's not gonna happen he plays the race card by knowing that. Nobody is going to impeach the first black president is not gonna happen no matter I -- of committing a crime on live TV but -- is try to get him out of office but he might wanna go out as a mater. As as somebody who tried to do the right thing but face to many obstacles from people who didn't like him because it was a minority. Second question is one that I find more troubling. And Nolan have been able to enter this yet. What happens. If you repeat that story. Well. A good question. I think that that he has gently escort him away by -- you know it is yeah well the police not the -- not the police. I don't how would do it whether it would be Secret Service whether it be federal marshals. It would have to be somebody at a federal level but I. I can't see them pulling out kicking and screaming and dragging his heels. But I. I also think that he's that type is liable to get say hey what's this thing about two terms. Is that -- -- a great job vote for me and the next terms ago. They wouldn't it didn't stop you see this side they are so. -- -- I've often wondered -- that in a comedic opportunity like if you got fired from your job. And you're just showed up and continue to do your job. And like if you had a conspiracy. Like save the program director of fire on nobody keeps coming in a world behind -- so. Even though he's not officially our -- and MO we all say he has so what would they do they call the police and -- -- column oh I don't know I've thought about that. Unfortunately too much. Dragging and kicking and screaming I love that it. -- thank you. Yeah. Because it's OK suppose you've got employees and said this guy's been fired. And we don't want him in the building anymore. And everybody else is what's he talked about as fired. He's our bar us. From no well I mean what happened who knows who's in charge does anybody have a piece of paper. That says I'm in charge and I can fire you. He has that. But he says you have to take the word of the person who says that the person in authority -- person in command. But meanwhile if everybody it's one of those movies where everybody's in cahoots. And it's it's a grand conspiracy. Then the cameras police for instance they don't know who the bosses here. Have no idea. Everything about it Chris it's kind of fun to think about. I've thought about that up for years. On like it's like revealed -- -- he quit his job just -- back to recognize exactly does that -- courts and I think it's the same exact thing nobody has a badge that says boss. On and you might produce a business card that as your name but anybody can make that up. So if you just refused the wave as Gary talked about the president I think Libya. It would be embarrassing. Severe crisis but be fun to watch woman which allowed to see that I'm not going. -- -- Guess who else is in the via his wife. Yeah that's Michelle Obama now we know she wants healthier foods for the securities and does not want them eating junk and I guess that's to be admired. Except when it goes too far. I have a story here's says the First Lady work with federal bureaucrats who strictly limit. What types of food served in school cafeterias across country in order to fight childhood obesity a little -- kids of which I was one. I'm under the budget adult. The federal regulations on meat vegetables salt other aspects of the school lunch at -- met with strong and indignation from students who have strong look -- -- way. That's -- don't want me that they throw away now the Edmonds school district in Washington State. And others are cracking down on birthday cupcakes. And other sugary snacks students bring home under a directive from the federal lunch police according to news reports. Birthday parties in classrooms may be celebrated web. Nonfood treats and favors for students no photos allowed as part of a birthday celebration. Now instead of tasty cupcakes. Students can celebrate birthdays with gifts pencils. Origami. Frogs. An extra recess time. -- -- My birthday I got a free -- oh goody. New federal wellness policies require super intends to monitor and nutritional standards. For unregulated items such as food prepared by parents groups vending machine. Students store offerings and classroom parties. Nationally about seven point 3% of schools banned sugary treats. From classroom parties six point 4% of holiday parties according to the nutrition education and behavior study. It's important for young people to embrace good nutrition. And develop healthy lifestyles. Bad about bureaucrats. Especially. And ones that like ironclad rules. Say that the standards must not be exceeded so there it is you want a cupcake get a pencil. How good is that I mean that's that's what we're going here that's what I mean where idealism. Turns into fanaticism we talked about that earlier. Ideally. It gets. Hey kids. This is good for you do you think the kids want what's good for you or what tastes good let's -- -- You're like a kid like everybody else obviously Kansas cram your face full of sugary treats all day. But in moderation. Just about anything will will suffice but there again taking in the fund squeezing the joy out of life. What more joyful thing and hoping somebody in your class as a birthday so you can have a cup cake instead of a free and -- Pretty soon we'll find out that Everhart number true which is the standard for pencils. Indeed -- will not Prioleau Moscow -- number one. But that's the way it is in America today -- asking you. The basic questions do you feel better off than it did before Obama was president -- on this they know. I don't like Jerry's idea though of the president just refusing to leave. You know maybe locking the door of the oval office on his last day in office thing. I'm not gonna run out -- and now I'm staying. -- -- really bad if you if you is a master -- to open this door I am here for another four years. That's I think that nightmare mine. That about wraps up -- thanks so thanks to all of you and thanks to Chris and Ryan. Ryan did yeoman job while Tony was away Tony will be back and Chris always as a yeoman job too and. -- -- -- I have to say I like crystal blue moon because Christians and mormons and -- -- -- -- say he's -- army at the last day. Anyway thanks I'll do -- see you tomorrow. At 9 AM on those later and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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