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Jul 7, 2014|

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It's time for buffalo means business with -- -- on news radio 930 WB EN. The only radio show devoted to local business and the people who make it happen. Brought you by the Amherst chamber of commerce to health insurance resource for small business and vice dean follows forward and -- follows shedding Buick Cadillac. Try to assure them that this team follow umbrella handle law office of around zero rebuild the team that's on your side -- -- New York court. Now your host. Buffalo radio veteran. AM local business advocate -- Shula. Welcome back to buffalo meets business our news radio 930 WB ENN my name is what he -- happy fourth of July weekend TU we have a great show. If you're in a local business this is where you want to be we're here with Steve Desmond. Who's the CEO of Webber's mustered what named do you think of both of mustard rather than Webber -- -- -- people think about as Webber's roster especially in the summertime -- Steve are you don't buy the Euro pro at this you know we've had -- before. But but so tell us what's going on a -- -- Certificate is finally did a nice. Advertising campaign last year with in Rochester buffalo Syracuse. And all of a sudden of course it's started at the beginning of monster season when Marty. Buried with work we got major expansion through wegmans and Wal-Mart and all of a sudden my mistakes and squeeze monster Wal-Mart takes from pellets. And within the first three weeks of the season primary fight for respect -- So that's great. We are were had about 12% for the first quarter which I think is phenomenal but. In the food industry and are now frustrated over whoever's. The symbolism. He just never know in the food industry if what monsters into big in sales and what isn't and it is is a summer usually the biggest month for countenance RS seasoned stars roughly six weeks before Easter. And it seems to me like August 15 it stops and that you go through labor David -- from the start of mustard -- refrigerator and it. I'm hoping with what's going on right now in our Syracuse sales that we've been pumped into Syracuse -- to Syracuse events -- -- things -- I'm hoping that we can extend this season in the middle of September. And now all of a sudden Pepperidge Union College or start to grow our name is finally getting out there -- -- -- -- -- -- 256000. Dollars a month the temperature in your house. Animal and as we carry -- where October November December -- -- seasons are relishing this season -- his -- Muster seasons though continues because the around but -- to the coverage -- out products are really gonna start. Giving us here around pace that we can you handle. Just come a little closer to the -- microphone here. So it's that we can on here yeah I'll hear you great. So tell me how old is it to be in a monster business and do people caught up to you. I mean you know -- is kind of a big game of awful so he's kind of cool having. -- we're the only Muster company. Believes some emotion came from the house in Rochester small one of reboot we're the only. Manufacturing mustard facility and non near state of of our size. And you're right people come up to us and we're proud to Wear jackets at the supermarket shares. A couple years ago was on the golf course for a fund raiser and down. The younger guy and it's great when younger people and to I really turn around our products. Maybe twenty mid twenties look you know between you marks of yours and the Barney goes what do you for living say Iran -- monster he looks in his mouth his floor because. He that you and Kelly of life and like the -- Our company he said you know we just. People people love our company I mean they just can't -- everybody has the story about -- so. They know what outside of buffalo. Or Armenia -- state because they -- your growing in places like Syracuse and Rochester. What about out of state. We've got we've got about twenty. Independent accounts scattered around the country. In the last couple months had Branson numbers between all the city Mays and buffalo food stack common Webber's -- dot com and other sites that were we have a companies Boris is enormous on. I ran a calculation and I figure there's 60000 dollars whoever's going how mail order. Or more a year through all these sites so why it's been quoted in newspapers and I firmly believe that -- is Buffalo's number one export. -- hit camp that's very cute do you think that. Do you think that a lot of people will leave buffalo for a little while it may be snow birds or people work out for -- they order a lot of -- on line. Because it just you know Chris -- sponsor it's kind of addictive backs three have to have all buffalo kind of things right. On the back all the gift all the parts companies support asides that made him buffalo boxes -- -- -- premieres basket but. We've tracked orders for seventeen years afterwards and well pretty much for the seventeen years still to this day. 40% are orders that are coming in mail order we only ship cases or -- cases. Our first time mustard. Our first time buyers so all I can attribute that is is our core consumer transplants have an interest -- -- to their new friends neighbors. And the sky's the limit and it's it's just it's just a wonderful field what is different about -- and competition. Classic -- You go to the supermarket story and find. Flavored monsters aren't browns are -- year -- and I really firmly believe 92 years this company's survived because we are one of the few classic deal -- posters. And there's a differences taste difference to us a taste difference I think. People think at least not some most people think of our -- mustard -- in -- Their stadium mustard in Cleveland Ohio. Should be voted number the stadium mustard and Cleveland Ohio which is a great and chunky but that's the number one -- of Cleveland. And it is just I think he's just. -- best thing about buffalo -- supports a local homegrown companies they've always done it and I think we're gonna survive forever at least in this region just because we are homegrown in -- We're gonna bring in -- our chairman of retreat western new York and also marketing here -- and our commandant Paul works closely now with few Steve. Including with a single that if you guys just everything's better with Webber's on it. Right and I think you know you're talking to move out of the fact that I think -- averages is growing because people like more spice to what they they expect from. Their foods sold with Webber's horseradish mustard even analysts like ninety some years old. It's now -- because you know people have have gotten used to -- slows and all these other spicy foods. And you just want more than just the of the bland old mustard that you might have had -- ago from -- with that little. Jar with the flag and at that I'm not gonna say when it is put you can we all know what it is. It's just very bland you get a -- Webber's and you really it it's a better Muster an action that took us to the jingle that's why we came up with. Webber's better if there's a little bit about almost a -- to and put it it it really is it's. It's so more of -- gourmet type of product even though it's priced. Every day price. And -- There are saying about the spies in the heat that's true everybody's wanting powder products of the problem is how hard we want and those peppers from a few years ago they're gone now. But the -- the situation in right now news we've we will go on national talk on the moment but I'm. We're making and rotating making and shipping -- parkinson's please I've finally got a two or three regardless rotation. Now I get the calls from people. Can we have the other -- -- it's too hot. So my assistant general -- -- -- phonies like I don't wanna say this because most companies want to use more the product it's just too high if you use less -- -- hot -- After it is just don't uses it just don't look -- -- or you just a little goes a long way type of thing -- what -- items were running. Higher quality product right now brushed. Than we ever -- and it's only natural let's talk about that all match. In 1991. -- I'm sorry in 2001. New York State came to me and sent you have to put preserves your Muster. One of our secret ingredients that only three people in the world and yes that's something that they wanted to sports -- -- times when conservatives. I fought like crazy. And they and they want it requires once they tell us we have to we do. So I picture collapsing where testing done there about six months ago. Petitioned the state ends three months we were certified on natural. So we can not taken all the preservatives all the garbage out of -- gonna take a couple years to -- novel labels right squeezes changed attorneys will be changed another month and the other ones will slowly. -- -- -- Whatever source fresh roster how garlic mustard you know if you -- our own natural products. It discernible -- the effect that you don't have sodium -- -- it and it. It will will keep you stable tell all without hitters it more just the feeling that it's natural. The one ingredient -- changed it to to make this work and I went went on natural ingredient as one of our -- super. Found the recipe. Actually. Has changed the flavor chest and extra hair. Give it a little more kick in the little more flavor Kraft which I think while people are gonna gonna be harder pressure on future catch aren't you but. I'm really proud because more and more stores more more supermarkets accounts are wanting all natural. And because New York State made this requirement we've been stuck for last twelve. Is that because you've defended its so well right. Now you now you got that. Right monkey off your back with a statement so I'm wanna make sure everybody's -- say that we are all natural let me ask if this -- war for -- here with Steve Desmond CEO Webber's -- buffalo tradition. Let's talk about the products what are people fine right now. It's summer finally kicked in last few weeks. We've been a little to slow this year on the relishes that optical he relishes my personal favorite product -- goes from -- Charlie. But finally we're getting sales start to build on the -- Texas passed the faculty the -- relished the relish products which are seasonal but the more of your warm weather grilling her products. The Webber's mustard. It's sold more Webber's mustard in the last two months I've been canceled in years. And it's -- Webber's horseradish must ensure attribution that your reflection front -- when anybody says and when a case of mustard -- -- and we -- issues at Webber's horseradish. So that's the yellow mustard rest of us about it. The one that I'm looking at here around on your website at that red label red cap on it and her -- a squeeze bottle it's got the -- -- always a red cap you look for with. With your products for Webber's race. Right we have a mile mustard -- mild but we saw about a hundred cases that he hear some of the depends to take its good mustered just founders' original recipe. But. -- source fresh mustered just 38000 cases a year that's our number one for a. Good for. What about there's a new flavor coming on actually a throwback to old flavor can we talk about the and kicking it around and I got a potential supplier -- we're gonna -- local and to deal local suppliers but. The honey mustard -- discontinued about three years ago. I'm in the process of really seriously at bringing it back and got the labels and got the products and it's a great product it is more -- -- more of a marinated our dressing for salads chicken nuggets chicken fingers and what is gone sweet -- is always known been known for spicy. The party horseradish mustard is a sweet with -- Patrick and searched. Snipes that's a great idea I think. I actually never try to put it I just if that you know feeling that it's -- with that type displace unit. -- like that taste to Webber's -- you one little sweet to it which will be great for periods food slickers and pretzels perhaps dipped. A great -- that it would be used for. As well as in recipes and you know that the marinades and that'll be great. So it as. Image to -- chances just talked about kind of what if you wanna talk about here with the company. There are so many questions that I can ask you about Webber's -- and the what is a really important for people to know. Well I think in small business with the bureau talking about it before reader on the air India and the other two companies are talking to today and horse farms. Small businesses small business. Small business owners are not rich we've worked our tails off at seven days a week 24 hours -- -- chemical. I know were living in a world were. It's about the stock -- about to hear about the millionaires and people making millions and millions of dollars from the greed in this world. Buffalo means business and what you've done with buffalo means business and the company's product and we're real people. We get dressed and in the more in the same way we've -- about the same way we just have 24 hours a day of headaches on her shoulders about business and I'm so proud of -- because Webber's is still about -- we -- -- Susanna myself it may whoever's at about the awful. I built a team of six a staff of only sex but -- staff does the other four years. It's had the best you've ever had -- improves efficiency by 6070%. We can do anything anybody can throw anything at list of blocked us getting the -- out. And we -- -- is it calling cutting the mustard colored then cutting the mustard cutting the mustard on them to fill our attitude and it's about how it's about how well about that I there's other things we talk about cutting at the most effective and much of a monster. At. Well not everybody comes to work though in what he's wearing -- to get -- -- here because if you can see him he's got a neon yellow. Jacket and he also has a red. That matches the product colors the the red church. It's part of the force her. You've got to enjoy Richard don't -- if -- tell -- -- employees to go to work eight hours a day when they realized and journalists. Steve Desmond CEO Webber's mustard pleasure having you on the show today for. We thought we watch -- go to Webber's -- that comets website correct you -- order if you're listening online from anywhere in the world you can order. It's fine buffalo tradition especially this -- fourth of July weekend. You know whatever you're doing grab Webber's mustard when you walk in your local grocery store you know. Pick something that that is not only better but it's it's a local you know it's local employees of awful thing he Webber's -- can -- fourth of July without itself against Steve thanks for being on the show today here -- WB and are you going thank you and Paul Bauer thank is my partner crime thanks level we read back with our. Second segment of buffalo means business on news radio 930 WP yen. You're listening to buffalo means business with -- -- shall -- powered by blue rock energy stop. Think switch in saves with blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business he would like -- call -- at 8430167. Or email be -- that are come dot com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WBE. And hello my name's -- -- -- -- He's a wise choice for the most choices and the most experience in family friendly orthodox -- boom. Boom Cowell or the -- -- That's too. I have. Okay. -- -- From traditional techniques to newly disallowing braces let doctor Wright and his team helping the wife sister or -- don't -- choice for your individual smile be wise why -- Why why this book your free consultation today complete with three X rays. With the western New York's most experienced a third generation orthodontist -- call 83 to 1515. For the wise choice. -- not. 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After -- accident if you've been hit that I don't wait to call eight degree rendered don't waste. Call eight Tivo. Don't waste called and put the power forward car accident experience its focus to work review we can help. Costly on Barnes now don't wait call eight. Street buffalo. They've hit head on. Really ended fourteen -- the moments after any car crash are critical. Don't waste -- call me every day he attorneys it's only environs are focused on car accidents or car accident lawyers are available 24/7. Answered your questions don't wait -- call me -- We're back to buffalo means business with -- -- on news radio 930 WBA. And the powered by blue rock energy -- thinks which can save -- blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to buffalo means business and is ready at 930 W the yen mining is putting -- here with Tom Lauren CEO of -- mobility. In Clarence on a personal note. I have a stepson that his disabled stand we have gotten many products on my wife and my family that have helped my stepson. Thanks to a tolerance and mean mobility Celtics are and -- -- and I'm good I'm good and we got a lot to talk about first of all. You know everybody knows me -- mobility they've heard of the name what. So that you do. The sum it up we take vehicles and make them accessible. And to the general audience out that he might think -- what is that it. For anybody out there that he has some type of -- An issue where they kick it in -- out of vehicles are in a wheelchair -- have a broken laying. Amputated limb. And then having a difficult time using the vehicle. This we come and play and we work with cars vans pickup trucks and with an assessor ranks pretty much any vehicle to fit your specific need. And in case of your stepson he's a wheelchair so we could provide -- vehicle that -- touch a button door opens up ramp comes out and bring your son -- Secure improperly. In in in his wheelchair none of Buchanan when you go. What about what about the elderly people people who just they can't kid and they can't get out they find it hard to walk how how I want. How does that make any difference. Zero just we we on. We we think about our elderly and what they're driving and typically they're gonna go -- there knew that Lincoln Cadillac Lexus. And then they figure out what am I gonna do because sometimes I'm bringing a schoolgirl on the walker along and -- to put. And I think most people still don't know how. That is accessible vehicles actually how stylish he really are so it's now like a stigma like -- -- -- if I can accessible vehicle what does it look like. We can take a brand new Toyota -- loaded that -- a lot of -- interior of the dvd players and dress -- up but the nice thing is if you are one of those individuals it occasionally take -- -- But right now back and it's it's 123 to subordinates and Aaron waigel and these things you do now to up to these vehicles. I mean there's -- -- -- some of the new technologies that are out there with me mobility. Well that build one the latest things out their offer for longest time we were. Really modifying many -- because again the size was appropriate their front wheel drive force can be cut lowered. So there was a lot we can do with it recently we've got products now we can take a brand new Chevy pickup truck. And -- been cut an altar and four wheel drive pickup and the whole site. Vehicle will be either driver -- you're depending on where you need to be positioned. We'll slide open the big drawer opens up floor lowers the ground. You vacuum wheelchair rating and raise you up and you're either a where they they don't have the independence anymore like they used to but it's hard to believe we. Talk to people and regular basis that will tell us they haven't done more -- haven't gone out independently. For 1015 years. And once they see these products that -- I had no idea it was that simple to be able to just do something like this and regained independence. You know Thomas's fourth of July weekend. And there's a subject I know that's near and dear to your -- that -- talking about veterans and some of the programs -- mean mobility fights for war veterans. You like you like you say. You know they served us I mean mobility is proud to serve. The veterans tell us. What veteran should know right now for me company because its interest in most. Veterans are not even aware that if you've had a service related injury. All the mobility modifications were talking about right now will be covered -- percent. And for the first time using the program through the VA. Federal government program they will give you up to 191000 dollars towards the purchase of the chance. So it's it's amazing how little money they have to spend to get a brand new vehicle. Totally equipped. For the transport needs do they know -- -- veterans know that they can they -- that they can get this money that they can get these grants. And you know I would like to say. You know if he really did research it out there but it's sometimes hard to find. It's not something that the VA hospital is out there putting on billboards saying hey you know you need to come get it so. If he stopped into our Herschel woman on main street across from Cruz high school. We've got all kinds of the forms and programs that we can discuss with them to see if we are eligible and who they need to talk to. Locally we do a lot of work with the buffalo VA has -- to keep -- VA hospital. So basically somebody would maybe either stop in to the main street Clarence location if you are a veteran listening right now. And you're interested in for some reason you're not as mobile as he used to be and it was something related to -- your service. Stop but the main mobility go to the web saying thank you got a great area here for veterans on the website at -- mobility dot com. Or you can call them directly schedule an appointment right so what could call you directly in just. It's an appointment on 7596811. Again 7596811. Main mobility. In Clarence -- Tom Lorenz who's the CEO and your slogan for me immobility by the way you've been around thirty years. So not only if you provided me with two vehicles that that we could do without but I'm sure a lot of other people westerners -- getting old body. Everyone is like wooden -- people who all the sudden can't be independent. And then they found out about your products in your services. And the whole life has got to change quick story. Tony we had a gentleman come and one time with a brand new pickup truck. Yet she came into having access to put that we're putting running boards. In this new pickup truck and I haven't managed to rationalize is one beautiful struck -- Can shrug your shoulders and those that. He said you know -- lord who every option he says but I don't know what good is that he said I can't -- it. And he was walking around and our partners national prominence as we mean you can't because. I have a prosthetic Writely is and I can't drive -- vehicle. So I look at -- like I said Jim you gambling man he -- -- mean this is what if I told he could drag this pickup truck home today. We -- -- what's in these kidney patient. The challenger -- did do and we installed a simple device it's a -- for the solar panel -- your floor. It catches rates of food factory guest on and horseshoes over and which are left foot you operate your salary and still he's actually break. And it's as simple and quick release a new poll. -- comes right out so anybody else stagnant vehicle it's very protective effect respects. So he was -- -- that he -- I can't believe this you know and this product was 350 dollars at the time installing. And I won't even batteries are you serious form right here you have to be bought a brand Ford pickup truck. I said Phyllis form out scented -- to Ford and guess what they're gonna pay for -- for so cost him nothing. And for fifteen years didn't -- if you drove honorable -- that day out of their feed off it I mean an -- here's what happened. But 23 days later I get a phone call from his wife. And says I just gotta tell you something he is an entirely different man. We know we can. Go -- play cards with his buddies and I don't have to drive on there he doesn't feel embarrassed or anywhere we go he'd go with the guys and hang out now. And he is a 100% and and. With people with some disabilities or some handicaps or even -- what have you seen what. What kind of things does your company helped them overcome what kind of disabilities because you were telling me out there that people can even drive now with. Her head yes I mean they just they don't use any arms or legs or just drive -- there had I mean what. I don't think he's in Western New York is very behind the scenes with is is the on the agency's out of network with these. Particular individuals. Are not up on all the high tech products. So we kind of have a saying. -- provided you have the cognitive skills to drive that means you know you don't have dimension you're not and medications that cause seizures or blackouts are. Fallen asleep so you have all your cognitive skills I've yet to come across a client with any other form of disability. That what we haven't been able to put together a product that would allow them to drive. So there's also activation you sit behind it the that you're steering wheel and you you literally talk to a command center and say the Oakland park. Turn signal left air conditioning and medium or high and you're talking to these commands or we have. Looks just like a laptop. And just Richard knuckle you can just touch through the scroll through anything and -- and he would normally do where you're you're flipping switches and levers you just have us a touch sensitive -- that we control. So what we will offer agreement I was in May mobility a couple weeks ago. And -- for him showroom in their few holes you have fans that are all up dude all equipped. With things to help people with handicaps and disabilities so it is he had -- one part that's just like to show world. And what I also notice is that you have a team of professionals. Doing just about. Everything service vehicles you you build the vehicles you do everything you got a good staff there. One American and our best kept secrets is. We are manufacturing plant nobody by the nuclear arsenals but we we can build upwards to 250 to 300 full -- -- transit -- We are General Motors through Chevrolet we are their largest converter of mobility modified vehicles. Our clients are our agencies like people think -- clad all here -- senators. What's New York independent living and they use these vehicles to. Pick up and take their clients to work programs. To doctor visits and that. But again people can go directly to you is well 41 on one. If your interest into one of these veterans programs even if you're interested in just buying a vehicle if you like you actually have a great selection. Vehicles ready to goal right on the -- is like a regular car dealership. One thing we focus on as we don't want to appear like a typical car sales dealership. We really wanna show you that this product is gonna work. And I ate my motto here is if it doesn't work it does -- value so whether you were paying for out of your own money. Where the VA hospitals paying four or one of the many state programs for children or for individuals that are eighteen to 55 like access via our. Whether they're paying the whole villainous. If it doesn't work. It doesn't value we had a young man come in one time and end the institute could use our facilities just test point a company came in with this high tech. Wheelchair -- looked like a bulldozer which tracks added to the guy came in and pulls it off the trailer and bring an end and he's telling the young man racist. Look he's -- this -- you go over twelve a slog goes into fifteen inches of mud you know on. And I can just step back -- in this whole thing and he's gonna fire girls and it's going to be wheelchairs can -- -- Senegal. Can I ask you why your. Picking this particular wheelchair. She goes looking for free it's 35000 dollars ago. If your son takes -- a school. And he knew about -- looks like he's driving a bulldozer and the pace that he needs one -- little tiny sporty -- he's -- -- spin on the diamond. And they said their light as if he ever -- -- -- told C a crush on. I said don't look at it is how much it cost. Is it gonna suit your needs a civility and -- house had never thought it's. I Serena I'll tell you is too wide that many of the hence we have here so I don't know he would do with this. Now there's a purpose for. Have you had forty acres of land and you're never hunter Fisher you wanna go on your back property by all means that's a great product at all. But for everyday use would have been the wrong product. She listened to us she actually got to correct -- the wheelchair. We and it finger of accessible the end and she's happy as can be and so as the young Fella that using it. Folks do yourself a favor are right if you wanna gain mobility again if you wanna be able to travel to places to ought to be able to do things on your own. You have to see -- and there's a special section on your website just ask Tom if you have questions. Go to the website -- mobile leader Tom call Tom Lawrence directly. At 7596811. Or again main mobility which is right on main street. In clearance you can't miss it you'll be doing yourself a favor by at least. Checking to see for yourself what these what these vehicles. Can do for you and in terms of regaining your independence which again it's what you talked so much about. It mean mobility and veterans can't say enough first of all thank you. But we wanna take even more by may help and you get some of these things are entitled to so the veterans can -- he was well. And you can start helping them with these things this -- 7596811. Is a phone number. And now what people come in we only have a couple seconds left but that you racing them a song to write down. Tough talk for couples and a mouth to sing. Really they get king with a little perk has a full stage you know and for thirty years I played bit the bait and switch relieved attitude to The Beatles shall we get a lot of gear up there and we have some. Pretty neat after -- parties in their of unknown number of fundraisers -- -- -- apparently is one market. Number of organizations. Are coming down and and using a facility for just a wonderful evening but -- -- have often Special Olympics. This just three years and her role. I was chairman for the opening ceremonies UV. That was an out of -- do that it is now moving -- -- Probably will not return to the buffalo area for me another ten years. Well again thanks -- you do you're gonna be a regular guest on our show here in buffalo means business in Florida so tolerant CEO main mobility. Pocket 7596811. War mean mobility -- coming street in Clarence check them out. Thanks a lot I think anybody. You're listening to buffalo means business with -- -- -- powered by blue rock energy stopped. Think switch in saves with blue rock energy go to blue rock energy dot com if there's a business -- would like -- -- -- at 8430167. Or email being -- that are -- dot com. Buffalo means business only on news radio 930 WDE and. Sometimes when it comes to your loved ones health care but still nursing facility is the best option. And when it comes to where you want you know want to resides. You have a choice. You can choose the quality environmental five star rated facilities. 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Hi this is what he -- a host of buffalo means businesses you know here to talk about a great local business. -- com networks in buffalo or your one stop technology source you're. On call IT department. You have a business you're moving yet. Or Gary -- warriors who got -- computers you got only security systems you don't know what to do you don't know how you're gonna get the stuff from one place to another without -- everything you have. In your business technology is a tricky thing. Not for silicon networks this is exactly what they do they are here to assist York company with anything. With a wider you can call limit 839. 5011. That's 8395011. -- just go to the website anything with a wired dot com cynic Tom networks is like your company's. I'm call IT department you know a lot of companies especially small companies media companies can't afford to have a full time. IT department this is worse -- -- networks comes to play the right here in Western New York they're like you're on call IT department still to anything if you're moving from one office to another office. They will set up anything you'll miss nothing maybe you have an office right now when you think -- not maximizing and enough when it comes technology. Silicon networks can help you with this again 839. 5011. Let's talk about security systems. They do their fire and intrusion alarms axis control if you want a security system. If you need one installed a few while one moved silicon networks can do it closed circuit television for video surveillance. Thermal imaging cameras or about computer rooms Internet connectivity. Everything just go to cynic -- networks again you -- call on it 83950118395011. Or go to anything with a wire dot com they are your -- call. IT department and you have my word border from but he sure here you'll love. These people call soon become networks your one stop technology source. We're back to buffalo means this this -- -- -- on news radio 930 WBA. And -- powered by blue rock energy stuff -- which can -- with blue rock energy on FaceBook or go to blue rock energy dot com. Welcome back to buffalo means business news radio 930 WB EN my name is putting Shula here with the English pork pie company Dickey and -- Parker. Who are the owners of English pork pie while another show first of all. Thank you pretty Ricky but he now. Now first of -- you have high English accents and it's nominates our audience right now so you know you got to listen a little more intently because. Even even you know I have to make it out sometimes you know but they're good exits a I like him opportunities they -- with -- yeah these are the exciting things are right so. English pork pies tell me about your business. Our sucks it up five years ago. Came over from England sold at this thing had. Decided to have stuck to an authentic British food company. Apps claimed that ex pats have in the US with proper authentic meat pies. And we'd Pringle we import till the season you know -- -- England's. -- everything about this is English. Facilities in in England are two people know what pork -- -- activity it's -- found -- and in no way in England to heavy gas station and basically ceased on ABC promote it as a selection pot pies in the Downey's. And and nobody makes an America's so we thought we would try. And go the whole hog and in -- all the seasonings that all of these the same equipment and notify trimming the US but the British ex pat community. And -- because of US coast the base who just want to try something different. And tipping the -- -- -- of an America. Why don't we make pork -- in the US I mean I know you do but why don't we why did they have different taste buds and in. England rises so popular there I mean so everybody loves. -- -- -- All pars that traditional British picnic I attempt. I think that was originally invented the sixteenth century for the gentry to take it into -- queens cause a mile route took him pastry. But the always being -- at -- product and for some reason the they do never transitioned into the US. So you have your company here in what kind of pork pies do you sell. We do live at variety of -- -- at different flavors and reduced on that plane -- we do want to stilts and cheese which is the blue cheese. We do -- looks like kind of Thanksgiving meal and one mouth for example -- Apple's. Souls and stuff and and that's a very popular especially of them locals and try to pull pipe is focused via traditional meet and championship. The caddie and -- well if you speech in English pensions say that it's hot looking funny well it really -- and you can eat them hot. Well it was a great classic and picnic item. Because you can eat him you slice -- McKinney to -- If you want them while we can this pub menu and Kevin motto of the event so you have an actual location where is it. What are and 1176 South Park avenue. I am just in between -- and -- OK so you can walk into your location. And you can and you have these pork pies in the -- of all different kinds are ready to go yet we have them all right now. And you sell in stores as well. I was surprised Stoltz and -- -- those. -- international -- but across the US Richard out and regular like top to -- or anything like that not yet not an elected president some British full price. -- and I have -- for everything now all kinds of food put. So you so to get the real deal you have to go to the English pork pie company can 1176 South Park avenue. In buffalo you couldn't they got a great website at English pork -- company. That town that you go to is well and you could see all the different types of pork -- what is your best seller. Having his best so would be that traditionally is a classic playing -- hi we appease them. Which is found -- every every supermarket back in the UK. Really so every supermarket you go wide receiver every every single supermarket every small convenience time -- -- most of the major gas stations also. Paul highs of British meat pies. And so what is is in England is at a site -- -- as they say it's a grab and go snap -- him OK so that's why the found in those kind -- go to areas. Quick lunch. If you happen it's just something up. With Steve food pot is cold corrupting its PC seen people -- news in this thing -- So it may be kind of be like a sandwich here. In the US horror kind of equivalent to that it's now full meal. Pretty much as well that is what -- parties relieve back in the olden days these two pastries and we premiered in -- filling in the middle. And you also have bangers. Right tell me about paying her back to -- -- -- It just me. Different -- mean. Make different Americans. How like what's Izturis and spicy difference in them -- ID sliders over -- what principles fighters as the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think soy protein or anything that we use a traditional book has -- which -- eggs excels with a taste so he's really juicy. And these to come by on his back in the day because these explode in the open because of all the juice content. I you are you glad you said you sold everything years when you left. The UK he sold everything to start a business of -- are you glad you did that. Yeah I mean and I dedicate -- would have moved anywhere else. In America -- it would be in the same effect for a couple of people in us politics are local companies. On the local people and tried different things. It's food as well so they -- come in and try to put food to. And even local supplies we have had an 85% of what we use a path from the seasonings and machinery. A facts and what we use in up front tree is locally soft. Then meet them fishbowl so organically grown west and you Leo for a highs in our products. And we used local packaging companies -- mode call in Iran Contra corrugated boxes and so what completed local ball company. And they would do we cutting -- gaining a lot of them this advice from a how many employees you have. We have found and -- ten well men always acting on long. Especially with the news and fishing Egyptian that would just open which were. And actually not about to happen next and and we -- -- this that they actually. Dickey and -- probably some fishing ships now I used to be a big fan of Arthur -- creatures here in buffalo -- -- couple locations or as a kid. That I mean that was great fish and chips but that wasn't like authentic this. You brought me an example today. This is the real stuff fish and ships on the proper. When will we have to go but this sauce so we have to -- -- to England and find off have been teach frying range and then. From that we have -- British cheapest to give you the priciest and style chip. And we so over Falwell will build out training room inside the pipe factory as we mate. The world's first British version cheap shot inside out pipe factory in buffalo incredible and we opened it two of them we opened that nose at them but 23 weeks ago now. And and we uses up pilot stars were trying to you train and -- train staff in China the Barrow a British GP generally. So so so that the restaurant's called the British chipped up the British ship ship. All the British GP -- would -- he's just a British slang word -- and it just means efficient chip shop. So tell me about fish and chips and he would have been a lot of people don't know with a real way and it's what are what's the proper way to -- He tees it might take tennis to -- capitalize. And by the way I could tell when -- the chips you can tell they're like a French try. But it's different. We we am we UC -- potato. As the using England's. But the -- should not imitation same sentence right there same with cook take two's exactly the same thickness in shape the ship because. Plan. We Friday -- natural. Oils as well just let -- due back in little while the good ones due back in England. And then the fish with so Stan the highest quality constantly combined comes directly from the vote -- -- -- -- -- local company. -- so except for us and -- directly to us. I mean this Todd is absolutely. Incredible. I mean I'll tell you if if our listeners are looking for regional fishing ships -- of the Vinocur that you brought to axle and they let it isn't from. Right from England as well and yeah. I've been of some bullpen everything to it -- the newspaper that's traditionally use we've we've we've been expected everything -- to get -- -- experience that what is officially -- show. I mean are you surprised that there's not. More efficient chips places around like Q did you ever hear Arthur creatures are now we've heard of them by the but devote all the chains that we've had in the past have always been. Pan American American take on a British efficient shape shop while whereabouts is trying to bring. The true grand -- efficient chip shops to the US. So as fractional in new frying range so from the US secret site malls and -- scenario -- the accident UK. The inside US malls. And then would you try to bring a true British experience. So you can. -- the real thing. And Europe your fishing ships are they're actually not bad for you. Now that -- really am class health iffy at this pro -- 600 calories propulsion. That's a lot potion. In this -- in the NC in -- portion. But that is. Chips and then in an orange -- is the way that with cooking. Man and the fitness of the -- since. It seals that takes dozens of -- -- and potatoes and eggs and Anthony facial shields as a kind of coached in the back to. I can't tie go hat in the world because we -- We cocaine and natural oils. -- -- and we -- his vicious and way dash of the deficient and had been staying in his own juices which gives a really really nice. Fishy taste to it. -- can't tell you I mean for people were looking for fish and chips and I noticed people listening who'll -- of them. This is such a great compliment to your English pork pies I mean this is the real deal this is some. You know change trying to be. You know British retro kind of bring -- than the progression whole British -- currently. To the US and we just commit every -- seem to just get out in Canada announced -- lines so you do take out and people can sit down and -- new restaurant tyranny. It -- picnic tables outside the people to attack an Angel and look at some Atlanta. And that we have them some teaching insiders the -- -- it's mainly takeout you just coming in order take out for lunch at Dana. And then we have the seeking people in tennis and you opened it's a six day seven days a week -- six days a week I am right now -- sent between. Eleven and -- Opened till seven on Friday. And again you're building is right across from the new riverbend project. Now that that'll employer couple thousand people eventually with the solar products in the clean rooms. I mean got a good location. You're really do that's a growing area right. -- is currently only -- into an abandoned it -- at least secede then. The development of the area and can beat them and I and I -- and I'm saying it's good for us. -- established it some man some local people so do you have a favorite pork pie that you like. My properly eat chicken mushroom I find my favorite fashion personally. Damian is as opposed. Having him well real mind state can really send dice state testing Coke too narrow home pale gravy. And that's one that we just finished filming the food fluctuate that's Chilean TV you know that's. Yes let's we have a couple more minutes you guys are actually going to be featured in a documentary and the eighty any network tell me about that. A couple of weeks ago we M -- in the -- of the from the food factory in films how we make -- they killed by the old fashioned way. And that's going to be shown in August and it's how we may cast they -- no -- step by step all the way through to being -- efficient -- show. I mean that this has got to really be a big thing for you where can people see it -- they can see it on eighty any here in the states. -- Indy Lights -- and -- and -- issue times. They -- -- by Tennessee the next four years. One -- times a year for the next four years. So apparently we're very happy you know it's like how is paid on Discovery Channel but just the fruit. Justices. What's the program called -- -- factory. The food factory and the -- any network and wind can we start seeing you guys and their innings in his. Plan to be shown the first time this coming August and also post on -- -- -- -- page again English pork pie company dash -- and that's pretty big deal. That you guys are so like relaxed about it. And it com thanks so much to film and at the part -- -- and that parliament stadium range how we make 3000 highs in Iowa for US stadiums. The greenback middle of August again to film and the documentary just over. Well that's something else you guys are doing great good luck with the that chippy. -- what is it in the fishing trips at the British -- the British ship being which you gave -- sample of outstanding I can't recommend it enough. In the pork -- to. Are just incredible soul go to the website in which pork by company -- com or go for lunch or dinner something which is get to this place if you want a change your foods and authentic. British stuff -- Damien. The English pork -- company right here in Western New York watch for them on the any network. As well. And you can call -- 82337728233. 77. To the English pork pie company that Serbian on the show and thank you and it's been -- another edition of buffalo means business next Saturday at 6 PM right here in news radio 930 WB yen. You've been listening to buffalo means business -- buddy Shula on news radio 930 WB CN. The weekly radio show that spotlights local business and the people who make it happen and brought to you by the Amherst chamber of commerce. The health insurance resource for small business and feisty ball go forward and Steve -- should be Buick Cadillac. Driver assure them that this team follow umbrella. And the law office of Ralph C will rebuild the team that's on your side -- New -- court. Tune in every Saturday at 6 PM only. On news radio 930 WB --