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7-7 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A bat whereas majors coming up sandy beach weather you like a president or you don't like a president you'll like what they doing you know like what they do one thing we expect all of them to do is who honor and respect the office. I think that's that's what we're -- we all look for. And when they have when they're not presidential. I hate to use that term but it's a term that conjures up somebody who. Has dignity somebody's. Who has. An attitude about the presidency. That it's it's a prize it's a job. If your filled with pride to do and we don't get that -- Barack Obama at all not setting a president can't be plentiful. I can't have a sense of humor can be a real person and bouncing at all. I'm just saying that beneath all that I'm has to be feeling bet they really. Admire this this job. And they're gonna do their best to do it. And when this president tells people congress -- don't like what we're doing goals who don't assume me that means. Iowa is that a fifth grade response. What you say oh yeah same to you. I mean it's ridiculous it's juvenile and and and that's just one part of it the other part is that John Boehner points out that the president takes the same both as he takes. To faithfully execute the laws. That's that's what they're supposed to do -- anybody watching Obama. From even a distance can understand that he's not doing that and neither is Eric Holder to be honest with -- now certainly as attorney general. Holder has -- some leeway as to what to pursue what not to pursue. But it's ridiculous I mean it's just ridiculous two -- in a pod. And so there's no checks and balances. Is and we got another couple years of this stuff. And I don't know -- Doug turner who is usually. Not on the same side offenses I am. Talks about to have the fact that there is no respect from this. From this president to -- Oval Office. And later he talks in his column saying. About -- -- She was cited for contempt for congress Eric Holder didn't move now the -- is climbing all over emails and those six other IRS officials. And lost. This cries out for a special prosecutor. Holder is not budging not going to do and then this sentence. This is banana republic stuff. And that's exactly what it is too bad Noriega is in the around to being able to do that -- because I think he would have done a better job that we're getting from these two clowns. So my editor of my question is. President Obama does he have respect for the office in in in your -- mine. Is he presidential. And should Boehner so -- I mean this is a game of chicken now time obviously is -- president's side. And Boehner. But it what do you do when the president doesn't do his job. And the job is. To faithfully execute the laws of the land he takes an oath to do it if you don't wanna do it why did you take the job. If you find it distasteful why are you now why haven't you resigned. It's gonna happen okay. So were also asking. Is this turning a banana republic because things are happening now on our country without we never see the before that's exactly what it is. We have absolute deadlock in Washington. There is gridlock nobody's moving anywhere. There is a disrespect for Java a -- -- from the presidential point of view because that's the highest office. He obviously has no respect for the Supreme Court. In fact they gave him two more defeats last week. He called a mild and in a State of the Union Address when Maria. They gave according to him the wrong verdict they were sitting right there and he called them right out. So he doesn't doesn't respect -- Supreme Court doesn't respect congress. The Justice Department as a joke. It is an absolute joke. And that's -- My idea my thoughts are that. I'm telling Doug turner may be right on that this may be a banana republic of my time for our country. Let's hope that it's not fatal hope the country doesn't go down the drain. But what I am saying is that this is the wrong guy for this job against that. And I wanna know if you agree maybe you disagree in oak tree on -- 3018061692. Through six and start I'm thirty. Other questions does the president have the proper respect for office. Is he presidential showed should Boehner so. I would like to see it's a ver risen first of law I don't know how he's going to do that saying that that would have to be instituted. The short of something amazing coming from congress. By the Justice Department lawsuit the Justice Department even thinking about that but in the banana republic thing I think is important for all the people. Who fought for our country and many of them did not come home and some of them came home willow would have fewer limbs and they left with. This to me is. And we Obama better country than this is turning into because of this one man. I don't know but you know but I was that I gave I thought that the it even under the worst president. That there or are enough checks and balances. Built in with a constitution bill then -- our laws. That indeed we're going to be okay no matter what caused the longest period it can be as eight years aren't. And this is what we're looking at now lower in the six year. And it's committee having a really detrimental effect. On not only how we view the country about how. Foreign countries view us as well. People take advantage of something they consider weekend let's hope that nobody takes a military advantage. Because of what they see. With the president in 0309301806169. Through a six iron and thirty. Let's go to Keith and not a one back Keith you're on WB yen. All the -- and I -- any act the Canadian citizen who all -- looked more triple over 25 years all have the failure. And I do not understand -- We can allow one person one -- in the press. It or not. To destroy bring down a country like like Clinton Obama is not in Canada they would simply have called for a new election. I'll end it worked over that quite well. I just I don't understand he obviously does not have been in this job. And I think he has some hidden -- All home. That might fear is that in the next year to. Get something even more than what he's been doing. Well I do first of all I agree with you I I am amazed by it as well. And I don't know why we don't have more checks and balances in it because. We know he's tried to take this path before I don't think his agenda is that hidden I think it's pretty obvious by now. The vet that when he said he would totally want him it would change. The look of America he wasn't kidding he was telling the truth. But he didn't tell us how he viewed America at the time. And now we're learning the hard way we put this guy for a second term some will say we deserve what we get I think we don't deserve him a thank you for your -- appreciate it. Yeah I wish we had the vote of no confidence. Things like that. Because I if you looked at the of this race last week came out. They're remarkable because even those who were diehard Obama fans are here are not being fair it's the press blob blob blob -- law. Aren't there falling off of via band wagon in a hurry. Because what they're finding out is nothing is nothing is progressing. Right now it's it's were stuck in the mud. And we -- if we got two more years of this that that's going to be very. Very detrimental it's in the future our country. 830930180616926. Start I'm thirty. He does that he thinks that whatever he wants to get done he does indeed congress he doesn't need the Supreme Court he's got. He's got his funeral lateral action called the presidential pan. And the presidential phone he's that I don't need -- about it at the panel -- phone rated ago I think it should disconnect his phone and is then eventually restaurant having. Will be back with more with -- -- company. There's an -- them. -- we should exits out the afternoon show producer. And then it's very warm and here and maybe he wants to Wear the same outfit that he was wearing in that picture posted on line I think you're is that underneath his outfit and time is expressly during the summer sat. And Tuesday's Super Bowl. It. Interesting photo. I'd now we're talking about a billion out of all people Douglas -- says Obama's tone risks this respect for the office. And I think that's true whether you like and voted for you don't like him and his involved form. I think we expect a certain level of respect for the presidency and it's not there. He acts like school boy is what it does the acts like somebody is the fifth grade. You know Bob Bob Bob blob that kind of thing when he tells. Tells the speaker of the house basically assume it. -- -- Really and -- in this column by Doug turner at the end when he talks about Eric Holder not wanting to do anything. Legally. To blow hole though the IRS accountable laws -- specifically. He says. Holders not -- this is banana republic stuff. So when's the last time you heard the USA described is. Heading toward a banana republic -- I'm asking if you feel that way. The president by and large remember. Took the same -- than everybody else takes. That pledges to serve the country to faithfully execute the laws but he doesn't. And it's obvious he doesn't he picks and chooses the laws wish you could do that church in pick and chose these sins that we -- to -- Actually reduce that it's about example -- be the public officials. Don't get to pick and shoes. Keep in mind -- how they get the laws that are supposed to be executed. Yeah congress passes them president signs them -- become law. And now this president -- various reasons not to enforce them and if you don't enforce the laws then the law doesn't exist. I mean if the speed limit is 55 miles an hour on the argument which it is. And everybody's doing 75 but the cops turned there there right glance somewhere else. And they don't stop anybody from going 75 instead of 55. Does the law actually exists if it's not enforce the answer is no. You have to be able to enforce and be willing to enforce -- Now Ian the and it's a well written letter. It says. All the -- Supreme Court ruling that President Obama overstepped his power and authority making three recess appointments of the national labor. Relations board in the senate was not actually in recess. Elated most conservatives. Who might have little impact considering that the Democrat controlled senate recently. Reform filibuster rules. It is encouraging to see record in some members of the House of Representatives speaker John Boehner in particular finally stand up to this president. Obama not only cram the Affordable Care Act through. But he also has altered it through executive. Action yeah. He transit through he bribes or are threatens people we got a global -- And then -- T allows all kinds of people to opt out. All kinds of groups that opt out and he's not a forcing parts of acts as the Affordable Care Act he has -- through executive action he apparently has no regard for the constitution. That he sort of preserve protect and defend and that's right. Letters while written except the guys. Name. Is -- Benz -- Now. You're name is -- bends the -- is just when you write a letter like that you'd change. Maybe true Richard bans. Or Mercedes-Benz. Or something other than -- density. Can you take it takes seriously Chris. A letter written by somebody named -- -- I sounds like somebody like westside story exactly out. The sharks and jets to -- benzene is either shark or jet net trying to get Maria today that it. -- gone wanna name but anyway and say hey that's his name -- -- -- -- Charlotte says says or Thursday and we agree with them. There's not respect for the office now and -- child or even says that let's go to Jim in Lancaster general W -- You're seeing here in new shipment routes through both associate penalties just respected the office of the presidency but also Lugar and all the controls -- veterans. Okay in his continuously using our executive power -- is only Europeans were introduced to the constitution. In with that in mind I mean his legacy humane you make people it is like he's taking going to be points are control our C not -- And I don't know -- -- they'll get it rarely. That's that that's quite a legacy you know you can disagree with the president but still feel that he is a responsible person. Who respects the office I don't get that he respects it at all. I think I agree to -- there in you know very -- in this is a lame duck in his last two years. It'll be a departure were not even looked up to in the eyes of the world what we used to be that only -- BK I think he's allowing its almost like he's purposely doing it. I mean he doesn't seem to know all the handle now league -- it is is polls are going down start popularity. Image so called job he's doing he doesn't and he can do except rejection he's been trying to create as much -- in the -- before it gets out of the office displacing at. You know you know what he does respect -- Jimmy respects power. He understands the power of the presidency he also understands that congress isn't really gonna go after him. For a lot of reasons but one of the reasons would be that he is a minority that he's black. You know they're that he knows that anybody goes against them is -- that's the first thing the video people who would -- -- -- would say. It's just because you didn't want him in office in the first place and now you're against them which is totally disrespectful. Supposedly a minority community. You know you don't see any that the that this is the thing also was -- so -- President Obama -- got elected. I don't the people you talked with the general. Spaces he's a good guy it was humankind was it'll it'll prejudged or anything but that which you know whatever he does in his presidency. There's little moralist dictated the future is toward the people all four people in the minority. To become president this country. Replied because if they -- on merit that's one thing but those who would be disinclined to do it the first boys to -- their argument reinforced -- -- don't wanna do bats so he's he's been I don't think he's been good for any aspect of American no life thank you very much. We'll be back what -- are the big questions. Does turner of all people from the bubble of those says Obama's home risks -- disrespect for the office he also says. What's going on now is banana republic stuff do you agree or do you disagree. The president does take that -- that oath to faithfully execute the laws. Is he living up to what he promised to do will be back after this. -- -- -- ago -- -- well. And that's pretty good that's -- on leakage are there. He has a right to -- that there -- when you play regularly that's. It has -- -- about President Obama because Douglas charter is talking about President Obama. And Douglas turner who is normally an ally and probably still is but. Is very critical of what's going on the White House now they had videos lead headline Obama's tone risks disrespect for the opposite he talks about. The president challenging it. Says speaker. Boehner to assume women. Things like that saying they're not doing too much and congresses -- they've not like they have other stuff to do and you know just like like -- school boy who has been rejected by his other classmates. Meanwhile a -- points out that what you like -- are not at least he keeps it cooler head. The president takes the same old he does have faithfully execute the laws and they feel like he is picking and choosing and I'm asking -- EB. Shouldn't be challenged with a lawsuit the problem is getting lawsuit rolling with Eric Holder as attorney general. Videos seem to work very well together not for the good but for the detriment of justice. I didn't you know fast and furious. Where does that go about this. If there's a chance holder -- a testify -- -- congress he does Andy has the same imperialistic. Thoughts. And in -- thousands over and carries himself the same way the president does and there's another ally which we'll get to after this call. A normal allies of the president and Kirsten Powers you've probably seen her she writes of for the USA today but she's also. On TV a lot seen on the Fox Network a lot as the contrarian point of -- She's very liberal. And even she sees the problem here so a lot of the traditional people. Who send out the information that helps you make up your mind. Are dropping off the bandwagon and -- let's go to Dan in south buffalo dinner on WB yen. Base in a good morning. Guys are going okay rated schools were being yes there. Page or something wrong and I can explain a pretty easily what's happening whether such a municipal state and federal -- -- Our federal attorney general's office orchestrated an out of court settlement about two months ago that promotes. Public -- cheering bribery inclusion of black now. And ensures that this will continue in advance neutral point of no return and they do you why he had been probably asking what yet. Two months ago I would. -- Well what it was it was the federal attorneys general's office. They actually. Contrived. An agreement with Credit Suisse. Pertaining to the well yes some of the well. Yes most influential on politically connected individuals that this country as secret. -- war squirrel away money. Avoiding paying federal taxes at a -- Credit Suisse and credit where in this agreement. Pay us billions of dollars. And it return our federal attorney general's office. Said that we will not disclose the name in this list until 2006. -- So -- To election cycles to go through all the way to find out. Maybe who got lest I sic get the games out now because these people are the ones that are. Contributing and controlling our government. Sit there were all lightning. And let's open it up now before we do real bloody revolution I say we should have -- bloodless revolution. Because I wanna know who these criminals are. Who are doing their nefarious actions. Behind the scenes. Which are driving -- all insane because of what's happening is nothing except saying. Well I agree with you Matt especially since my guess would be -- we finally do find out these names a lot of them a big political contributors so -- I I totally agree -- I I want transparency I wanna know who is there are sure I'm an event thank you I'm -- them on that one. Absolutely why not. Why why would they protect the names on there are surely there. Very wealthy and probably very powerful and influential. And why did they make that kind of that's good that's good question I believe in transparency. When you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar we should know who you are. What you did and how it affected us and make a proper decision as prosecution. But to kind of hold back. In them what is -- sixteen years something like that although both be dead probably so it will be beyond the reach of the arm of the law. Were asking is this I've become a banana republic I didn't -- bring this up it was brought up by a -- journal when he talks about the fact that. -- of the attorney general laughingly Eric Holder -- a joke he has and the reason we bring a lot a lot is is when he. The president formed the road block it's very difficult to get around that even though you go to congress. You got the Supreme Court. To institute lawsuits a bit difficult when their oh laying in the road trying to stop it. But he says the fact that holder isn't doing anything about lowest -- -- said this is banana republics of him and he's not talking about the called the year. The clothing line he's talking about. The countries that don't operate like we do usually. Now they haven't gotten better we've gotten worse that's the point and does not only is he saying that. We come back. Kirsten Powers of all people. She usually -- the line I mean she's an honest person but she I think she firmly believes in her principles are liberal principles. And she even -- is the kind of uncomfortable with -- -- going on and will organ and of that move when we return on those -- and I'm thirty WB. Okay the usual suspects. Are not lining up the way they usually do Douglas turner. Who is usually an ally of the president. Says that the Obama's tone risks disrespect for the office. And and he says quotes like as long as they're doing nothing talking about congress of from Obama's -- I'm not going to apologize for doing nothing social Sumi. That's something that probably your fifth grader. -- said do you. Johnny each agers cereal all Sumi you know like I mean estimate does the president not an not a fifth grader okay. And he says that the lowest Lerner. Obviously he feels -- -- should be looked in two with a special prosecutor but Eric holders are gonna do that. He said -- hold it didn't move now the irises is claiming all of her emails. And those of six other IRS officials have been lost. Which allowed to have them lose your records. In July that but that's happening -- is very oppression but strangely enough. They're all -- files have become lost. He says this cries out for special prosecutor holders not -- this is banana republic stuff. And so when -- and an ally like a Douglas turner starts with a banana republic that sesame. We also have Leo and a Twitter here regarding Kirsten Powers article in the USA today -- Kirsten Powers. Very attractive young lady very Smart to -- liberal. And you see here on -- she's usually a contrarian opinion. To is someone else on fox and she's pretty consistent and as a says she's bright. But it is she's been a fan of the president's so far. In in the Twitter section of -- USA today person powers column Obama's executive powers seem imperialistic. A generated heated discussion on line. I do not always agree with Kirsten Powers politics but respect her integrity President Obama has over reached. And this is true. He's overreacted he's overreached he's over everything. The article I read the article when it was published says he seems imperialistic. It's like when you and don't agree with him it's not a matter of two people having different ideas it's a matter of the second person being you. Not understanding his brilliance. He is very I mean you could tell. Body language tells a lot from the very first days Obama holds his chin up. That's very much like Benito Mussolini in World War II oh and I think it's a power assigned. I would take it if I met him didn't know anything about him. And he walked toward me with his -- up like that one would suggest that this is a guy who takes himself very seriously and his authority very seriously. Who has it and turn out too well from Mosul about quote. -- who knows but that's the impression he gives not a president and he's -- king. Well he's not a king he's not even good -- he is a lousy president and that's the best way to describe it in -- on -- Common words okay Chris we have a couple of a FaceBook postings why don't we go through Eagles this one comes from. David he says Obama has never been right for the job unfortunately I don't think Boehner. Is right for his job either I think we need to -- all of them on start over. Well if you c.s -- approval ratings. Of congress and the president there are dismal. And we'll get into some of those but they're giving congress -- 7%. I don't ever writer from area quoted earlier. -- guy and the president has his lowest approval ratings he's the lowest approved president since world war. Who. Which ended in 1945. Okay. And the Supreme Court is not held in high esteem either so the poster is right almost another boys. This one comes from Paula is as Obama has an agenda to convert this country away from capitalism. He's in way -- said he doesn't seem to care what the taxpayers wind he needs to be prosecuted for deceiving the American people. I like that post thing is not gonna happen but I like it I really like it and you're right. You know perception is reality. And when there when you it was blowing up the perception is the president should be at the White House. Why dwell -- today it's -- that's where. The people in authority are gathered. There as you go to -- -- is Romo the Oval Office or wherever they're going. And we know that wherever the president is he can communicate with people here as the special communications equipment -- in order and yes order being in the White House. But the image. Of the team being together at the White House is very important. What does it really goes up golfing. I mean truly and and also that the things that are important US a during a certain events. I instead of looking patriotic or even trying to fake being patriotic. Remember one holiday he and his wife were painting a room. Symbolically of course we don't know if there were good handers or not but that's it shows that they have nothing. -- don't know care about the traditions of the country. Don't care about the feelings of people. Who's a great pride and joy from his country probably stem from the affected relatives of theirs -- for. Doesn't matter to him really doesn't matter to him he seems like any time he's around the military person all the military active military. You're not probably gonna hear much public comment about Obama because he is the commander in chief he's the man. A day he's in charge. There's nobody above him in the military he is on top of the mountain. But it doesn't seem like he's very comfortable that. Bit just basically the way he greeted the ports and so -- conduct themselves so we said. When he first threw his hat in the ring after we learned a little bit about elements are among the big campaign some. Whatever this guy is not the right guy for this job he's over his head. He didn't. Didn't present himself as somebody who could just get in there and take charge. He seemed like a college professor witches. Basically what it was. -- taught constitutional -- you would think he might have a -- more respect for it he probably talk loopholes. Or you know how to Stonewall. How to get around it because he also hides behind the fact that he's a minority. And I don't think that does minorities and -- -- as I said earlier to a collar. If you know I had a warped perception that minorities aren't equipped for a lot of jobs. The last thing you need is a first minority president who wasn't equipped for the job because it will it will. Are kind of backed up with those people thought and that's the last thing we want because there are what people are equipped for a who didn't get the chance to do it so. It's -- not doing anybody a favor when I say hides behind. He is a minority status what does that mean it means that he doesn't have to say it everybody will say it for him. People who criticize him seriously. And might be making some inroads are pointed out as as being racist it is done it is still open and is ignorant but that's that's what it will be. We've seen it before organs yet again so there's no threat of impeachment or anything like that happen not going to happen even if there was enough time left on the clock before the game was over it's not going to happen for that reason. The at the of them thought will be you didn't want him in the first pay place because he's black and yet had to impeach him didn't you. Mine you know Posey knows how to play that card. And if our minority I wouldn't be happy that he's playing their -- he should play the competence card instead. But that's a card does not in his -- We'll be back after this.

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