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7-7 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hot -- -- -- thank you know our fellow employee buy it no. You cannot always felt. I was online the other day there was a picture of someone who will remain nameless. Wearing an American flags. -- The problem was I think it was in mourning because it was a half mast. Not the -- now I'm just telling him. Now most liberal raise the flag and -- -- out of this guy's capable of -- so we're not we're not going to say who it was we're not gonna say. What we have a saying this about radio personalities. And food that just astounds me. Whenever this food brought in and I guess -- face the buffalo so every day this week John Susan we'll have vote people bring in food. It's it's like you're leaving gold coins out its appeal as Russia and as like I've ever show us what lies about the what are my about Jordan's. This is because I don't have. Your home. So they're Chris have you had -- -- four bit brighter today I have and it's it's not bad. It's that's all you can see the acknowledged it was very good but it's it's like a Pakistani Indian food okay and it's always exotics are you to this awesome wrestler in the morning yeah. Early in the morning there's something about it when we used to be in the other building. Went in with channel four. All right I was on one -- at that time. And Freddy's moralists user who show on B and the night before. And they were sponsored by a Mexican restaurant -- Burleson has. And what they would as the food they didn't eat they just leave -- there. Have you ever check that out at like 4:30 in the morning if it's been there since 7 o'clock the night before. It takes a strong constitution. Every now and then if there's a big storm here now or maybe election deaths are up over becoming the next day and there's pizza doing. And often Randy bush over it will take a bite of -- hours after the fact the thing that is suitable the next day all the time is beats. I mean these wings forget it about pizza yeah I can he -- in the next day can have morning pizza. But as far as the rest of -- forget I was that something. -- week -- I gotta tell you this my conscience that Melamed a dual aren't always test driving a car. And as I'm test driving the car and I'm paying attention okay is this again a week. Ago I drove by -- -- And I -- Should stop and because it's usually packed. And this time there weren't that many cars in front of -- is honest I should stop and get honest but that I'm thinking what's that dealer going to says I -- -- out of his car. I have to test driving this wonderful machine and and bringing air bag Apollo is donuts he's -- that guy who's just for transferred to Asia and so I didn't let took a lot of it took a lot of courage for me not to do it. Yesterday I was -- Dunkirk. Four area our car show now I've been to a lot of car shows but most of them -- worked. In the -- -- -- all these stations so we sponsored every car show in the book and I've made a lot of appearances commercials and I loved classic cars. And so is recognized with this the first time I had a chance to go to one. Where I wasn't working -- it's going to look at them and first of all what a big show it was in Dunkirk. You never know the art shows sometimes you have a lot sometimes you don't. But it was at a park that I didn't even know existed. In Dunkirk have been down five a gazillion times and went right by not knowing it was there was a great car our show. And it had a lot of classics. That's a modern classics but mainly. The fifties classics which are the ones that -- If -- ship the you know the older core vets the all the team members whatever just beautiful. The the very first retractable metal hard top. There's -- -- those in the in the interiors on it for quarries would you use this in the -- just great but that the cut that knocked me out. Was an idea of I think it was 55 bird okay my reference not sure but it -- it was Siebert and it was turquoise and white. Exterior interior just beautiful so I'm standing there trying not to drool on the paint. And the guy who obviously owns it and his friend were standing nearby and I said that a is is this your card gaga notes it is it's his -- beautiful car beautiful. The guy wasn't in Hamburg -- food and I've figured out why and I'm sorry. This is yeah that's a beautiful carved them they won't start now I -- -- -- out here and wanna do that you know -- that would have a beautiful car like that. And it's it was being admired by everyone. And then you'd see that truck coming and and and when you up. And goes out flat bed that's not good but it's dangerous because several cars there that were for sale. And they are nice and you know it's it's really attempting. -- the -- I've had and I think my total as the best that I can come up with -- -- 82. Amenities who cars that's arm broke all the time because -- armament cars. A butt out of all of them. I'm I'm thinking that I wish I kept this one out of that one. But I've never had a classic car actually won a problem as I am not mechanically inclined at all. At all I would join the club for which the car belongs. And as club members -- isn't. -- you know people left the hood when you don't even though you know what you're looking at a U mechanically inclined I am not and I have lifted the hood I don't know what I'm looking -- honored. Business it's Mao's little -- and what's going to -- manly thing. Analysts and some things on fire we really can't tell we really don't know what is the -- thing especially if you're trying to help a woman. As we're supposed to know. A lot about cars but not the innards of a car OK and when you left. Love that -- okay let me take a look at that David. -- a huge call a total. Of but it was wonderful nice tonight show I I'm going to bugger down there a connection or they -- again. Wasn't sure what to expect when it was a nice day for that it's right on the water. And had a great time. I mean I know what -- is they're going on here well. I'm just telling you you do not mess with certain celebrities and Joan Rivers is one of them. She was being interviewed on CNN with Fredricka Whitfield. And Fredricka. Was was asking her about why she was photographed. Wearing fur. They get all the politically correct thing you know blah blah blah blah blah blah Jones lost that she lost its exit. I've made people laugh for fifty years on what on earth to make people laugh. My book is funny. I Wear fur that was killed fifteen years ago I work for animal rights you're not the one to interview a person by those Schumer goodbye and she left. She left him before she -- at. Do you Wear leather shoes. With a whole lot of enthusiasm that and John also said it was not in this club was she said. Well when you start wearing a paper bow belt call me. As a that's it often is a lot of hypocrisy because we -- -- -- of one's shape or form. Some people like employees here who produced afternoon talk shows used leather on the weekend and then post a picture of themselves. A you know why I mean if Aldridge and immigrants and regular it's great he's been working out he says. The big prize there are. A break it will be -- more -- -- company under straighter and I thirty WB. Is region company I always like -- program. The Amherst -- because in the hammers the as the police blotter and it shows what kind of dangerous situations. People are required to respond through. Air and the -- -- always have a great reputation you know why because they crush crime like I'm going to. Reports you right now according to Amber's beyond Thursday June 26 we remember it. -- resident of countryside -- reported quote. A strange acting skunk was spraying his motor on the sidewalk. I'm now. And later -- temperature in his Speedo and posted it online so that's that's the worst of that one. A resident of capable of -- on June 20 reported jewelry and an Xbox video game system where missing from her home. She suspected the person who stole the items may have been. Her brother. Suggest not inviting your brother of the house of vis a -- yanking your Xbox a while he's there are not a good not a good thing to do. This one really gets to me because it's one of my pet peeves I'll tell you. Approximately four or five teenagers. We're walking in the middle of debt rose drive while carrying a latter and acting suspiciously. Always suspicious about. According to the resident all of the -- is where wearing shorts. Summer T shirts summer. And backward baseball hats that is big giveaway right there ladies and gentlemen our call screener today. Chris at the end of day check major all the equipment is still hear me -- -- a and anybody that wears a hat backwards I got a Jack Davis -- -- you know I have this thing. He backward baseball -- it's okay it's it's gotten a lot of good jokes but anyway. I'm on this car -- some when I get into the zone and crazed okay. But here's what I found out because the sun was yesterday and I have no hair. OK I decided I'll Wear a based blog about. And that's okay given to me is gives them at target somewhere in the hat. And now I'm in a lot one of the dealers' lots and I'm looking at the other sticker OK there's a sticker. Well I think -- see what it looks like side while when I went to look inside of the the bottom of the how to obviously keeps me too far away from the past. So I said. Now have to do this I too well. Had a hat on backwards I felt so ashamed. I rarely -- I'm thinking. Somebody sees me you know this is an age where people get pictures click click click click sandy beach a man who wailed against backwards. Baseball -- Doing himself I couldn't believe it but I felt strangely like chick magnet I didn't checks were gathered around me saying okay. Your American pretty -- that was my dreams of course but that was -- I got to Wear it backwards -- gonna look at inside the car. Here's a story. The video. A person visiting the buffalo mullah -- named Margie -- Ronald. Wrote a letter to the editor of buffalo knows. And I agree with her point of view 'cause this has been one of things going on for a long time. She says great job new -- basin marina owner and city of buffalo. I'm -- -- you I have visited the marina for over forty years and of park my car in the parking lot to enjoy the waterfront and restaurants. My first visit was on June 20 after -- friendly wave hello from the guard are parked as usual. All come back to -- fifty dollar parking without consent ticket. Apparently the new owner doesn't want you there after 10 -- it would have been nice to be told this by the guard. Perhaps the city should close off the marina to boat owners on late or at the very -- at least use a thirty dollar beyond the posted time option. I didn't see such aside if we have to punish visitors which is what they do know this is what the city does it do it all the time. I'll enjoy the waterfront and spend my money elsewhere from now on signed Margie camera no. A Grand Island good for you -- it's like you're not to be welcomed the buffalo you're like to be pray. And your much bigger much like you know spider waiting for the next a bit of lunch to walk by. And descend upon you meanwhile Paul McCartney is back on tour it was off for seven weeks with the flow. And he picked a great place to return I mean Paul McCartney one of the most famous faces and names in the world one of the richest men. It and in England. It decided to come back. To Albany. -- expect that more glamorous place them all but he. We don't want the politicians -- -- Paul's always welcome in Albany I have a giveaway right now here it is are you ready wanna see Smokey Robinson. He's going to be these Seneca Niagara events center. I'm we have repaired tickets 6449875. To be given by the guy with a baseball hat backwards so say nice things about him that Ryan can I win cannot win this contest. CA true Detroit classic that occurs after all of these years. Are you calling Smokey Robinson a -- The -- Smokey Robinson probably the miracles while is still in high school and though was the first number one hit by -- -- -- about that. Shop around and so he's got he's a legendary guy of course tickets available at the Niagara casinos dot com is in town on July 26. So I give us a call right now and their random person will win the tickets smoky. So multi stereo was though -- work and after all these years. Now Democrats did you do anything exciting wonderful innovative drug noteworthy over the weekend. Just typical family stuff one house to the next okay I was once I went to a graduation party and that was nice to. That was nice to -- except for this is going to be awful. There was a woman at the graduation party from out of town. And right in the middle and everybody's having a great time everybody's having a great time good food nice -- million dollar. She lost -- crown a true. Luckily she didn't swallow. -- she didn't she she she managed to again it before it fell down -- -- -- Here you are on a holiday weekend in a strange town miles and perhaps hundreds of miles away from your dentist. While I mean you know you how much that would throw you off can you imagine that it always happens at the worst time I lost the crown. And I was nearby dentist I gonna happen at my house and I called them up I think I went there within hours now he's good but even then I was panicked. Are you out because when you -- -- first it is the most important thing in the world it's worse than the -- say falling on your head and a cartoon. When you it was a a crowd like that. Even if it's a back rally could be bad is bad enough if it's a background on him admit -- a Frank Brown -- I don't know heart function so I felt badly for her but that that's that's the way it is sometimes are out of town I remember one year. My wife and I were ready to travel cross country. Had many motor home packed and everything I've got up early we work twenty miles outside of buffalo and she broke a truth. Broken -- luckily it was a weekday. Usually they -- on holiday but it was a weekday we turn the motor home around then drove. Have a Dennis I mean that's equipment. As always happens at the wrong time. It is Beijing gotta say I'm sandy beach and will be talking about something fun fun fun after the break on news -- 930 WB yeah. Well I guess I guess I was wrong. I guess that was Barack you now why I said well the US whose -- and the the World Cup. I say that I thought soccer was boring and that of the US wasn't that nobody care about it and we're being solo though it's the hottest latest thing it's finally caught on an America with -- -- on -- bubble won't block. But I city even this morning soccer fever. Find out who's -- I mean really it Ottawa affords names right. And now Chris would know -- -- -- every. Half hour whose whatever. But these soccer fever seems to have subsided. -- considerably. -- without a visit from their doctored you would see this and that immigrants yeah there's no or viewing parties and I've known no no 5000 people out of Milan. These as the morning goes on on Sunday which is a good show. Even those there is left wing but it's still very well done. Had a a woman doing a piece which was really funny she said now it's okay to hate soccer. And Jesus you know. It's fine and we're looking and you know it's nominee running down. -- And up. And down the field would nothing -- back. Oh yeah. As soon as it turned away to get a snack or something to break the board of somebody's ours in humans that's that. I mean that's slow while. So are my honeymoon in -- -- had just a minute somebody scores and hopefully you know. But that there as -- out of wood out of final four teams in -- closely I think of at a viewing party today it might have been dampened somewhat anyway. -- will see where that goes who was gonna win this thing Chris Brazil. Now don't result of the host country and I think they're supposed to be good it's -- yeah I hear that and I hear there also good at producing very beautiful women. Yeah that's not that's another popular and our party party party is there so it -- give you go dot. Tony often will just bring up a random picture of a Brazilian beach volleyball players you know -- -- you know why does that. He's there at all. Tony is very lonely and he's and his man cave and he's up there and they he has second floor of the executive man -- And he runs across strangely enough I'm sure his computer. He missed type something and suddenly strange bikini clad women appearing on it is on is a fabulous game -- In -- surprise me that he does that are real is known for. Beautiful women and party party party. Result although is enormous and is pretty terrified to me outside the major cities are result most countries. It is. Good -- to Brazil not that I have a rooting interest. Policy Italy and Finland and on and now Italy was final and Finland may have not 32 team you know they'll help either. And there's only got going on here Douglas turner. Douglas turner writes for the lovely nose and generally when Harry Douglas turner I don't agree it would Douglas. Now every once -- he gets a home run out of the park. And as far as I'm concerned I'm sure if if you like it is philosophy it's a -- park all the time but as -- it for me. Every once in awhile he can actually get solid wood on that and boom it's out of the park and that's what the article is today in the Buffalo News. And it's of the headlines says Obama's home. Risks disrespect. For office. Keep in mind there's some famous things about the Oval Office besides Bill Clinton's. Adventures -- that -- one problem is that Ronald Reagan. And I don't think this is this is -- I think it's true. Ronald Reagan never Wear and in the Oval Office without. Here -- -- -- -- Because he always felt that he all of the office that much respect. Now that that's very unusual since then we've had people in the Oval Office that perhaps don't give it as much respect as Ronald Reagan. One of them of course would be Bill Clinton and the other is Barack Obama. And when he talks about Barack's. Lack of respect for the office you've got that charm acting presidential. You know press OK it's an appearance thing. But too many people appearances are realities you know if you -- times have you seen. A doctor it doesn't look like a doctor or lawyer doesn't look like a lawyer or -- cop that doesn't look like a cup you'll expect people will look a certain way. I want my doctor to look distinguished. I want I want my doctors to look. Like this doctor has treated other patients before me. -- as graduate OK -- like that. I want a policeman. Rough and ready ready to take on the the ills of the world that's what I want and I want bankers -- Less -- Smart. I mean I just want these things. Well with the president you want the president to look presidential why. Because he might easily and probably is the singular most powerful person on the planet. He knows what the codes are Maria Maria. Among the briefcase which is always near him. He can do things nobody else can do and -- expect even if you disagree with him to have a certain respect for the president. And that certain law about the office. What Obama has done is he's embarrassed. Himself I think. As president of the United States. He does not appear presidential at all now we're not saying. You can have fun surely we've had presidents who are. Jokes and things like that fly the human beings and their real people. But you just get the impression when he tells anybody who disagrees -- them in congress to show him. I've always. You know and egos he goes to remember our commemorative. Service for. -- all the world leaders there -- talk about Normandy you're talking about sacred battleground you're talking about some very sacred memories is showing them for now. I remember in school you couldn't chew gum at all QBs and given that answer as the president has -- chewing -- as Monet. Maybe he was nervous who knows what but it certainly doesn't look presidential. And so that's what. Turner brings up in his column but he brings up more than that. That's just what we city. One of the actions like and we're gonna get him some of that and the actions are not presidential either as a matter of fact they are so I'm presidential. That at the third of from the bottom arts are the fourth from the bottom line of this paragraph he says and this is his quote. This is banana republic stuff. Is. Saying best. This president George well this is Doug turner saying this is banana republics -- And what he's talking -- time we -- back on news radio I'm thirty WB ENN. It is a major governor have said -- -- agents were talking about. You know when not the usual suspects chime in on -- subject. It's usually people who have given their point of view before and and the point of view is consistent. But when somebody you don't expect to say something says it. He got a -- little bit more attention and that's the case would Doug turner Doug turner traditionally is a is on a different this side of the issue than I am on most things but I think -- this. Where in total calories. Total. I was sort of what you were saying synchronization. Obama's tall risks disrespect for office as we said we've had presidents -- life with the president's freedom like. We've had presidents that have -- a good job presidents and heaven and those who fit in between. But I don't think. Short of Bill Clinton a Monica Lewinsky escapades. I've seen person who. Represented. The presidency. As poorly as this one it's. A forget about the content of work has not been anything sizable. Always done has bludgeoned or bribe people -- surpass Obama care. That's about it not not much on his resonate and his time is running out he's a lame duck everybody knows that. But the point is he has not approach he has not made the presidency. Look is grand or as good or as you know powerful or as anything as previous presidents here's Doug turner. -- one. Unmistakable legacy of president Obama's era is its home. Call -- spontaneity. Or spark some see it as carelessness or arrogance. The -- I said. He has he has a deadly combination. Of arrogance which you can have you can have arrogance if you have a good track record he could have arrogance of your creative you can have arrogance and yet turn something around. But when you can't get the job done and your arrogant that's a bad situation. Arrogance and incompetence just don't work well together. And I and I think he's -- The president's recent presentation on the failure of house Republicans to renew the a highway trust fund in a timely manner could be a case in point. He said that the president. Didn't understand why the Republicans haven't acted quote it's not that they're busy with other stuff he says. As long as they're doing nothing. I'm not going to apologize for doing nothing so assuming. Being really. What does that Bob Bob Bob Bob well does that eighth grade is that what it is is this man is supposed to have been teaching constitutional law. And these and these so assuming. What's next you know it'd its fixed tomatoes -- -- about that I mean really ridiculous it's schoolyard stuff skies the president of the United States for granola. Getting back. The president's cheering section including the Washington Post time and slate. -- the sarcasm was just the right response that house speaker John Boehner is doping threat through challenge the president overreach in the Supreme Court. Doping because even at bay and Boehner has a lawsuit in mind it would never reach Obama until it left office. The other wheels of these record -- virtual. And he doesn't have a lot of them want. What the president's increasing use of sarcasm and cat calls risks is growing disrespect growing disrespect for the office it's self. This to be reflective in two new polls. Gallup reports public respect for all three branches of the federal government has reached a new low congress' 7%. 7%. For respect for congress Supreme Court 30%. 30%. And the presidency 29%. These are the people ignited our destiny these -- of people that lead us into tomorrow. And while 7% 30% and 29%. Not good at all and that's exactly what's going on in Washington now it's toxic it truly is. And you get both sides dug in into both sides are staying where they're saying in no signs of getting any better. Getting back to Doug turner one has to -- back to president Richard Nixon defined achieve -- state who emotional allies and -- around the offices but will also freely. And that's when he was facing impeachment. Yeah at the end at but at least Nixon. Had the sense. To step down all right he had the sense to step down. And and keep in mind anybody think Watergate. Is as bad as some of the stuff going on now. We have the lowest learner and the tennis today and all of these things that one after another after another which we recovered last week. I will look take Watergate any day. Not want a longer lasting impact of what this president says is the corrosive influence on our political culture. That's what Obama and attorney general Eric Holder. Adults say about lowest order now this is a combination this is a tag team deal. You get the president and Chief Executive Officer Eric Holder of the chief law enforcement officer. There are two peas in a -- in the -- exactly alike. And usually the checks and balances. Mark but in this case there are no checks and balances when's the last time. Use the attorney general even remotely. Challenge any thing. That might not be a favorable to the White House he doesn't do pass in Paris. I don't I have Alex sergeant Schultz OK I don't think. 'cause he doesn't do anything. Our congress. I was looking for some special prosecutor and nothing's going to happen because he's not gonna go it is say so when you have those two. Blocking the road it's really -- Let's get back to be final two paragraphs Lerner was cited for contempt of congress holder didn't oh. Now the IRS is climbing all over emails and those of six other IRS officials. It's strange view Obama dollar 42 they notified you. And they got all the emails to back it up going back to your birth certificate but they can't. It's amazing. And says laws. -- cries this cries out for a special prosecutor. Holder is not budging special prosecutor. You'd go. -- that happened. And then he says. This is banana republic stuff and it really is meanwhile Obama is launching taunts. From France's Scott Hebert. A got a there but anyway that's that's that. A nothing's happening in Washington there is no respect for the office of the presidency and no respect for the president about it at least. He's learned that. He's -- no respect. The office doesn't deserve. The office deserves better than Barack Obama on YouTube give it the idea as a matter of fact that's a straight as I can be he's an embarrassment. Is a banana republic. Or at least. We have we have sites we can see from here. As far as our great country is concerned we'll take a break we'll be back -- -- Beijing company and his regiment thirty WVU.

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