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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Taste of Buffalo Preview - Ansar Khan & Ann Hackett

Taste of Buffalo Preview - Ansar Khan & Ann Hackett

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is tastes of buffalo weekend coming up this weekend and we're gonna begin a five day is. Just thinking about food and look look look forward to this wonderful weekend. It happens every year and our guests this year here in studio and a -- is chairperson of the issues -- -- buffalo. And each morning we're gonna feature it is to buffalo vendor and the sporting we have been studio OnStar com. With a kebab and curry in his brought some wonderful dishes and for us to drive. Hello let me start with really -- you are. The big chief news this year are you nervous when you were secretary last year right Lester was first Meister -- vice chair. -- -- the big Kahuna in -- arms. No I'm prepared excited it's been a big year we've been making lots of changes so I'm not that ex partner now and it's you know you've really been preparing for this. -- -- there are big changes this year just tell our listeners about some of them sure sure we actually -- seventeen new restaurants this year which is a huge number. We also have our new large launching its out here attack inside and -- square that we put our top stage underneath. And it's gonna have about Buffalo's best party bans all weekend long and there and it's open until eleven on Saturday so it's open after the -- yes yes Saturday night. Going to be a big big meetingplace censure from -- people be the place to be seen. OK let's just no other other in studio guest is -- common and charged with kebab and curry. Welcome and so is she your first year on the system buffalo -- you've been there before we've been there before ultimately moved there about eight years of -- OK I have never won any big prizes we have we've noncallable for food prices one for -- -- pickup. In 2000. And then we also on. Best dessert and doesn't in ninth for our rights footing with who wouldn't be featuring this year's -- or can -- tell us about the addition issue brought them this morning I'm holding in my hand shares of that is the other kebab. It is Philly chicken marinated in ginger garlic lemon juice and hit a -- -- And we're going to be grilling that fresh with a taste point it is also that McCain and you've got. Ten year T kept correct that is pieces of our cheese and that's -- be marinated in her house spices and going to be -- that fresh as well with some bikini. Now you brought in to. Sauces or dips. One of them is green sort of like -- -- type correct and the other one has dark brown. -- so the first loss as are Korean ourselves in a bit on the spicy site. And then we've got to Cameron -- which is sweet and -- -- going to sweet and sour one would be of the darker one chorus. -- is also cut and then -- putting is such a favorite people's -- that's one of her favorite -- at the restaurant and also it's won the award so we're very happy about that so you must keep busy this week and you know what -- what it takes to get prepared -- a lot of preparation and in doing -- -- last week says it's going to be very -- forests and a very busy week and -- are when you're not in detestable -- tell our listeners where your restaurant is located. And where in the system buffalo lineup. Do you expect to be this weekend. Carelessness -- you were going to be at 1052. -- square. I'm so we though we can -- you to sprain in the circle corrective. And now and expect you need the changes everything getting ready for this what did you set up. Is it resource summing up on Thursday but we closed the streets town on Friday at 1 o'clock for her and -- OK so will be telling people about that later in the week. Another thing that's new this year is if you buy your tickets ahead of time it tops -- get a little bit of a benefit. Jessica by fifty dollars a -- so who ticket vouchers at the register at -- you can get for free beverages at the tastes okay. Okay of Ian thank you for coming in this morning and no thank you for bringing in and sarcoma. Bob -- And several other way. Has been militants to buffalo for many years before this and he is a perennial winner. Any idea who will be in studio with us tomorrow and I think it's admin user and Allen and -- that are really to the other and Israel house are in the studio guest tomorrow morning and you can tell. When the line starts forming outside of studio door here and things. -- nuclear Romo wafting through the studios. This these little creature brought an -- are they won't last long thank you for coming in those of you.

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